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  1. I love a bit of bleepy bloop synthwave as well as playing a real bass guitar. I know there are quite a few freebie vst instruments out there, but are there any good ones that aren't free but aren't as horrifically expensive as most music software seems to be. (not looking for a bunfight, but three hundred quid for something like Serum is way out of my price range). Thanks
  2. Thanks again. Now I'm wondering: is there a way to do this during a sequence where the part that's producing the effect (eg, kick) isn't playing but the compressed part is?
  3. I think I've got it thanks
  4. Ok, could someone explain how to sidechain because I cannot get this to work at all and al the videos seem to be from an older build of Reaper (or perhaps the mac version who knows). I can't figure this out at all and i'm watching lots of videos that all seem simple enough. I'm trying to do a bog standard effect of having the synth duck under the kick drum but I cannot get the effect to work and I can't see what I'm doing wrong. THanks
  5. It was, but the problem seems to have sorted itself out now, which is good, thanks
  6. I just got one of those. Seems to work fine but for one minor wrinkle (bearing in mind im' no Reaper expert), if I have the audio setup so i can record into Reaper through the interface I can't hear anything when i play my midi controller, but I can hear the parts already written. If i change back to the driver i was using before installing the interface I can't then record using it. I'm sure there's a simple solution
  7. Thanks, there's nothing wrong with simple music at all. Zappa is just one musician I like and if everything music was all like that it would be very boring. I like all kinds of stuff from Tangerine Dream early eighties synth stuff to Dream Theater to the Iron Maiden to the Aphex Twin. That's not to show off :d because I think most people are like this today, but it does make collating a variety of influences into a coherent expression quite difficult. I ike anbalog synth music, like Synthwave stuff (a guilty pleasure), but I don't just want to do that,.. If i ever get to writ music as complex as zappa it would be very rewarding I think intellectually, whether i'll ever be capable is another matter entirely. I mentioned Bjork because she manages to be simple music (relatively speaking) but it's also quirky and accessible. But that's just one example. Just imagine that but wiht Chris Squire bass licks. Heaven! It's not just a question of gluing bits together. I'm going to have (so to speak) to learn all the weird tricks electronic musicians use to lecture transitions: all the tricks you can do with this software i've never learned. Programming filter sweeps, pitch bends, modulation etc. All the quirky sound effects that disguise the fact your song is just a sequencer loop running round and round (hello Tangerine Dream)
  8. Thanks I did already download those. I think I have enough old school analog synths right now. There doesnt seem any shortage of such things.
  9. There are no easy answers to those questions. I want to compose music I enjoy. Probably more rhythm based and perhaps more ambient. Im a huge prog rock fan but I don't think i'm up to writing the next Close to the Edge on my own in my bedroom! The stuff I've written before (years ago) was very limited due to not even having a keyboard to work with and so it became more abient based, which is fin since I also like ambient music. I've been listening to some bjork recently and I really like the soundscapes she works with, they are very quirky, heavily produced but compositionally simple, and very accessible. The problem I've always had when writing tunes is that I can come up with a basic idea but composing that out into a full piece is very difficult. I woudl love to be able to write pieces as complex as Zappa but that's a loooooooooong way off in the future (if ever!). So it's a case of coming up with riffs or ideas and gluing them together and hoping they fit organically. But when you listen to 'proper' composes, people that understand what they are doing, you hear ideas develop and expand throughout the piece. For rock musicians it's often just gluing riffs from each band member together, or jamming a bunch of ideas. So far much of what I've found, in terms of free vst content, is kinda limited. It's cool people make free stuff but most of it seems to be various analog synth patches all of which are very obvious sounding and a bit hokey. II'd like something more subtle to work with, more atmospheric. I'm not into sound synthesis or spending hours programming a synth. That's not for me at all really. I found a load of great ENS files, but that requires Reaktor it seems. I guess the best stuff (YMMV) is inevitably going to cost money. That's fine but I dont have two hundred quid for a piece of software unfortunately. There are some patches out there, i found a good hang drum pad. But some of the ethnic vst patches are...not good. You can always tell when you hear somethng like an Oud played on a keyboard
  10. Sure, but I guess it depends on what you want to compose
  11. So it's a 30min demo. I don't think that's going to work for me
  12. You said "30 minutes", I asked what you meant.
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