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  1. Ive been studying from a MI book entitled Encyclopedia of Reading Rhythms. It says you should count along while you play, is that a common technique for learning? I find it harder to play the parts while i'm trying to count. Especially at speed. Is this a good way of learning? I can't imagine that in a professional situation (ha!) you'd be welcome to count out loud!
  2. Thanks, but I'm really not looking to pay. I'm sure there's something free oot there
  3. Couldn't think of a more accurate title. I've been working with Soloing Concepts for Bass a musicians institute book. Its got a cd with a few backing tracks to practice ideas along with. BUt constantly replaying the mp3s i ripped is a bit tedious. Are there any free software/apps/websites that allow you to program a chord sequence to practice soloing and stuff over? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the responses. It's a bit of a pain in the donkey when you don't drive either
  5. Don't think I can manage time travel. Too busy learning to read music. Perhaps the two are connected
  6. None of that where i live But i'm talking specifically about setting up a band
  7. I live in North Somerset The shops I've spoken to are quite up front about it taking weeks. So presumably they are that busy. Finding a local tech who could do it directly would be very good and probably quite instructional.
  8. Thanks, i've heard of shimming, but I'm not comfortable taking the neck off at this time. 1. Because I don't have the money for any more. I'm not a professional/gigging musician either, so any more would probably be an indulgence . 2. I don't know if the guy I mentioned (whoever he or she is) is any good. I would hope so. TBH that was my nearest shop but I have no idea if they have a good reputation for setups. They seem to have positive reviews on google, but I can't really find anything regarding techie stuff specifically. 3. of course
  9. I'd like the string action to be a bit lower without buzz, assuming that's possible
  10. Unfortunately the local techs are so buys (so I'm told) that it will take weeks and it'll be out of my possession then which means I'm not involved in the setup process. Yes I've commented elsewhere on following these videos. The problem is I can't get the action as low as I'd like. I don't know whether that's beause it's just too low in general, or its uneven frets (which I can't fix anyway), or something else entirely. Or just a question of getting used to a slightly higher action. It's no good endlessly tweaking truss rods and string action
  11. Most of the shops/places (ie those local) that I've enquired seem to want you to hand over your instrment for 2 weeks while the tech puts it in the queue and deals with it in turn. This doesn't seem desirable to me, not least of all because I only have one bass and I don't want to have nothing to play for two weeks (or more). More importantly, perhaps, since you the player isn't present, how can you be sure they'll set it up right? Is this practice the norm?
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