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  1. Hi mate, I’ve marked the post as Sold for you. We generally do not delete postings, so marking as Sold hopefully is fine.
  2. Great heads, just super reliable, powerful, great sounding and still relatively light.
  3. Nice work so far, the wenge is really lovely and it will surely have an aggressive bark when complete.
  4. I love that bridge design too, such a simple but smart solution.
  5. Wow, that is a nice (and heavy) piece of 12 string.
  6. Love it! Although 3 Sims is just showing off
  7. I just completed a scratch build, was about 600 quid in wood/parts/electronics etc, Depending on your choices it will quickly cost you anywhere between 200-250 on the lower side and if you go for really expensive woods and parts you can spend 1000 quid easily. And you need the correct tools of course.....
  8. A few years back Cort brought out this top of the range acoustic, the NTL-B at a for Cort pretty steep €998. For the money it is a ridiculously good bass, on par with some much higher priced acoustics, but as I am no longer using it (Covid killed the gig I bought it for) I would like to see if I can sell or trade. Price includes shipping (basic) within Europe, and for distances up to 150km or so I will even consider delivery/personal hand-over (socially distanced of course). 34" Scale Solid Spruce top Rosewood body Rosewood fretboard and headstock with binding Hipshot ultralite tuners Fishman Sonicore cable-pickup Fishman Prefix Plus Preamp Comes with quality hard case Elixir bronze strings Would absolutely consider (part)trades, mainly 2x10 cabs, 1x12 cabs, a good amp (can be "heavy", no need for D class), a high-end preamp pedal, maybe a quirky drive or filter pedal. I have all the basses I need really, so unlikely I would go for that. I hope @HumblePie you do not mind me using your pictures in the original thread below (the lighting is good on them). Please let me know if that is an issue and I will substitute immediately.
  9. My old bass! Can absolutely vouch for how good this thing sounds and plays, it must have done at least a hundred gigs with me. Fast slim neck too. And great seller.
  10. It only took 2.5 years for anyone to notice my comment was ambiguous. We agree and it is not limited to only D class.
  11. These pre-Euro basses are absolutely great value. I have owned NS5/NS6s, Euros and these and I have to say that these came very very very close to my US basses.
  12. A fan fav, and now it fits on a pedalboard too
  13. Bass silver version! https://www.andertons.co.uk/guitar-dept/guitar-pedals/compression-pedals/empress-effects-bass-compressor-pedal-silver
  14. HazBeen

    25” mini

    More a happy excuse
  15. Infinite Bass IB-1.5FL and Infinite Bass/Status Hybrid 4 (I built them).
  16. First rehearsal..... wow, this thing really sings!
  17. Watch tinkering then?
  18. HazBeen

    25” mini

    I am already thinking I might go 17.5" scale after watching the Basstheworld Mayones mini video with Ida Nielssen. I have a left over TC SubnUp Mini.... now imagine if I would build that into the cavity
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  20. HazBeen

    25” mini

    Thanks, but I have several soapbars in my “spares” draw. So am pretty well sorted.
  21. HazBeen

    25” mini

    So after I built a 30” for my eldest son, now my 6 year old is asking for a bass. As it is well possible, even likely, that they will not pick up playing long-term I need to build something I could use as well. So why not build a mini Looking at the scraps I have left over it will be a swamp ash/dark ash/walnut laminate body (8mm strips and plenty wood glue), neck thru maple/wenge/maple 25” scale (maybe 24”), with a single soapbar pickup. He wants a blue & red bass .... ehm okay. This will be a slow build.
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