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  1. They are Harry Haeussels, I used to own this bass so am sure. Or at least it had them in when I owned it.
  2. I have decided to keep the Palmer, great travel headphone amp.
  3. Another Keely Compressor Pro/Bassist or GC2 supporter. Also the Markbass Compressore is very good. Did not like the Spectracomp at all, to offer some balance against some of the above. Point is I guess that compressor preference is very personal. I generally like DBX160 based compressors (the Keeley's are), others like Urei based pedals, others like Multiband compression.
  4. Oh no, RIP and strength to his friends and family.
  5. Thanks for making me feel normal! I just buy lots of stuff and find myself modding/upgrading almost everything, be it basses, amps or fx,
  6. I often take my little 30” Hohner travel bass. The mrs supports my “need” and as long as I practice when kids are in bed she does not cause me any grief, nor do I cause here grief with her need to read the most depressing quasi-literature she takes along for her enjoyment
  7. I bumped into a 2000 built L2500 a few months ago, and bought it for nostalgic reasons (I used them for many years). Great bass, great sound. Certainly not new, but not too many scuffs/dinks. However, I am 90% 4 string focussed nowadays and my Bogart 5 is really all the 5 that I need. As such I am looking to see if anyone would be interested in trading my L2500 against their Musicman Stingray 2 band EQ (not the 3) G&L L2000 or something similar like a Bongo or Dimension....Not looking to sell. The bass owes my 825 quid, so that is the rough trade value I am giving it. More pics upon request.
  8. Ernie Ball Cobalts, my favourite flats by some margin.
  9. It totally nails the Tim C tone..... I must admit I prefer it over the DG B7K emulation on my Helix, which already gets very close. Nice job EBS!
  10. Most certainly! You are the grand master of seller’s remorse dodging for which I respect and salute you 😁
  11. The game is called musical chairs 😛
  12. I have - as you may know/may not - procured a replacement ........ I was wrong, cannot do without it
  13. What a great page, nice one Herr Quatschmacher! Das ist gar kein quatsch
  14. Yep, well at least it will be a cool experience. I generally take what I would get during a local gig and multiply by number of days you are there. 4 days = 4 gigs x 800 quid = 3200-ish Have fun!
  15. Since the WR Goliath gives a little tube compression already I no longer have the need for my Studio Compressor. The Markbass Compressore (this is the newer model btw) is one of the best compressors I have ever used. Really easy to dial in, quiet and highly musical. Pedal is in good as new condition, it has never left the studio and comes with the box, adapter etc etc. These are 160 quid new (significantly cheaper than in the early days), so your change to save lots on a great pedal. If you have the space, stick it on your pedal board. If you don't use it for recording. You will not be dissapointed. Looking for 100 shipped o.n.o., will also consider a trade against high gain distortion pedals, good fuzzes and musical choruses.
  16. One just landed on my doorstep today, need to see what the fuss (or should I actually say fuzz) is about .... am doing 2 largish festivals in August (RATM tribute) and September (Audio/Rage tribute) and am thinking this box can really cop that high octane treble rich Timmy C tone of the 1st album.
  17. I like this a lot, great rendition of the song.
  18. With the WR Goliath proving itself I no longer need 2 Radial JDIs. For those who don't know. The JDI is a Jensen equipped passive DI box that is 1 indestructable, and 2 great sounding. I will let go of the back-up, which is in very very good condition and comes with the original box. These are at least 200 quid new, so a good chance to get a JDI for the price of a Radial PRO DI. Price includes shipping throughout Europe. If sent from UK (I am there twice a month) I will knock off a fiver.
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