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  1. Fantastic result, well worth πŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί!
  2. You get all the fun projects, last thing I got to build for someone was a finger ramp πŸ˜‚
  3. As an alternative to CNC price isn’t ridiculous, but I will stick with my 2 Tritons and Makita palm router just for now. There is no way I could get my mrs to approve πŸ€‘
  4. I iPads and Basschat upload don’t mix well .... that and I’m lazy
  5. In case you are interested. Body shape I am happy with and will keep as is. Neck dimensions, same. Headstock and tuner positions, still under review. I am going to be a bit creative on the bolt-on approach. My mini bass gave me an idea (which as later turned out I appear to have nicked off Claas guitars). Where the neck meets the body, I will extend the width of the neck by 2 cm. That enable me to bolt the body to the extended neck part, which in turn means I will have pretty much full access to the entire back of the neck up to the 24th fret both top and bottom strings.
  6. Operation turn this lump of timber into a 5 string multi-scale coming to a bass forum near you soon ...... 😎
  7. I stuck flats on, definitely the way to go with a super shorty (imo). Great little bass this thing.
  8. To compare size, my 34” fretless and the 27” side by side.
  9. And (bar some tweaking) done. Not perfect by any means (well the neck carve is ) but pretty happy with this.
  10. 4 coats on neck/body and pickup cover ...... and I have run out. I have ordered new finishing oil (much like Tru-OIl the stuff I use), but since 4 coats is ample for protection only I will let dry and then do 1 coat of Lemon Oil. I don’t want high gloss.
  11. The burgundy/purple or whatever I ended up with the finishing oil just gives such a wonderful deep brown/burgundy colour. I really like it.
  12. So neat this, I truly am amazed by this Origin thing.
  13. Keep as is, lovely wood.
  14. First coat on the body.... man it is looking nice. Will snap pics after 2nd coat tonight.
  15. I had blue and red stain left, I hand blended so if honest purple was a guess, ie I knew it would be some sort of purple, but had no clue exactly what. The burgundy I ended up with I will gladly take.
  16. A few things worth noting: this entire bass was almost entirely built from stuff laying around, just the nut, trussrod and frets were bought when putting oil on fretboard two darker lines developed between the 4th and 5th. fret. Almost like they are imperfections in the wood, they didn’t show when sanding. I played around with sanding them out, but that would cause me to sand the entire fretboard again. Since this one is just a fun bass for me I am not bothering. Character and all. i almost never grain fill, as I like the look of just the wood. There are some lovely surface fissures that should look pretty cool once oiled. had some minor tear out when I drilled 4 holes in my pickup/ramp. Needs a little touch up. My pillar drill is a heap of poo. I hand drilled the others, no issues. Should be fine, but just annoying when tools are not doing as they are told.
  17. I will snap some more pics when there are a few coats of oil on. Will show the final picture. It will get a touch darker.
  18. Purple Burgundy on Mahogany.... there, fixed.
  19. So, I am at finishing stage finally. A 1st coat of oil on the neck and the body will get the first tomorrow. Getting to where I need to be πŸ˜€
  20. Purple on mahogany, great look (in my opinion)
  21. Have settled on the 9th fret as the parallel one. Makes chords a little easier and since the fan is not huge it also still works on the nut end.
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