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  1. @Dad3353 to the rescue! Will update when it arrives 🙂
  2. I'm becoming increasingly more annoyed at the sloppy routing that I did on the bass I recently built. Does anyone know of anyone who does 3D printing or the like for a pickup surround? Struggling to find anywhere who makes them for bass pickups. Cheers!
  3. One thing I forgot to mention - the B string. I've always erred on (what I thought was) the side of caution when it comes to scale length on a fiver. But despite being 3" shorter than most other B strings I've played, it's actually tighter and more focused sounding than some 35" scale B strings I've played. No real floppiness or "flubby" sounding notes. Chuffed!
  4. Had some time to properly (I think!) set up the filter preamp @mhoss32 kindly provided. Firstly, although it took me a while to get my head around, I find it really intuitive - like a "super tone control" almost. Very happy with how it sounds, can coax so many different tones out of this with just the one pickup. I don't have any recording equipment - which will be a blessing for you all considering my sloppy playing - but if that changes I may post some clips 🙂
  5. Edit: reduced to £400 for quick sale. As the title suggests! Bought last year, had home use only. Mahogany body with flamed maple top, matte finish in black cherry. Maple/wenge neck through, wenge fretboard. Has licensed Hipshot Ultralight tuners and a Hipshot Transtone bridge. Took out the slightly lacklustre Bartolini MK1 electronics and replaced with Delano SBC Driver pickups, and Sonar 3 3-band preamp. Super versatile setup, pickups are switchable between single coil, series humbucker and parallel humbucker with 2 3 way switches. Bypass switch for passive operation, and 3 way mid frequency selector switch next to mid control pot. Set up with Ken Smith Rockmaster strings, .45 - .130. Action is between 1.5mm and 2mm @ the 12th fret at the moment, plays lovely. Reluctant sale but needs must unfortunately. Any questions, please ask. EDIT: price is now including postage - I'll happily package in the original cardboard and bubble wrap, or if preferred I can courier in a hardcase for an extra £30.
  6. That looks amazing! Congratulations!
  7. benh

    Got wood?

    Spalted alder top, self build 🙂
  8. Now sold. Edit: Price drop to £25 including UK postage. 5 string Sandberg Bridge in black. Bought new for a project, fitted and strung up once before changing to alternative bridge for tighter string spacing. Includes screws, allen key, cloth and instructions for use. Adjustable string spacing from 58-60mm. Price includes postage.
  9. Thought I'd post this as I did a fair bit of trawling online (not trolling) and emailing back and forth with EMG to find wiring diagrams for non "Quik Connect" wiring, so I thought I'd share it in case anyone else has the same setup as me. In this case 2 diagrams, for wiring the pickup to a dpdt 2 way switch instead of a push pull. Also, wiring for resistors to normalise the volume between single coil and humbucker modes. Hopefully it helps someone!
  10. Looks great! I agree with the above, much prefer the small control plate & no scratchplate 👏🏻
  11. Thanks Mark - eagerly awaiting plugging in and playing with the preamp!
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