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  1. Cheers - I have a bit of a thing for second hand tools so won't be a problem. The Japanese pull saws are beautiful, fancied one or two of those for a while. Got my eye on a few bits on eBay so you never know!
  2. Thanks for all the replies. Fortunately most of the hand tools in that list I own, apart from a Shinto rasp - they look awesome. The router and bandsaw may be the two that I'll have to wait a while for - I've learned the hard way in the past that buying cheap is rarely a cheap option, if you know what I mean!
  3. Thanks. I wasn't sure whether to post there as this isn't a build diary (although you never know - it could turn into one).
  4. Had a niggling idea for some time now about building my own bass, for the experience of it and to play myself (rather than any grandiose illusions of making something desirable, or possibly playable for that matter!). However, I'm a bit stumped as to where to start with collecting the required tools for building, without wasting money on things that turn out to be useless. I have some bits and bobs and am generally quite handy when it comes to woodworking/manual tasks. Is there a definitive list anywhere to point me in the right direction?
  5. Great so far! Looking forward to seeing how the top looks with a few coats of finish on.
  6. Lovely! Cort make some cracking basses. Love my A5. Lots of options for changing pickups with Bart P2 shape being compatible too.
  7. I like the Ken Smith strings, I believe they are made by GHS - amusingly I've never liked any of the self branded GHS strings. Currently using the Rock Master set, about £30 from Bass Direct and last ages.
  8. Good shout. I've ordered from Kenny's Music before, although FedEx destroyed my parcel they sent another one straight away, really excellent customer service, and good prices.
  9. Dug my copy of this out too - bought a while ago and never opened. Been going through Ariane Cap's Music Theory for the Bass Player too, highly recommended!
  10. I nearly ordered a new mat. But to be honest the best thing I've found (that I use regularly for any bass/guitar related stuff) is a non slip cushioned table protector, about 10 quid off eBay - does the job just fine!
  11. I think I would be rather out of my depth with an acoustic, in kit form or otherwise! Sorry for the thread derail @Andyjr1515, looking forward to seeing the next steps.
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