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  1. Looking great, lovely job on that fretboard!
  2. Totally forgot about this thread. It's been finished for a while now, already picked up a few dings around the house! The joys of children. Here she is! Sounds great too, in my opinion - I won't subject any of you to my awful playing though 😁 BC straplocks as standard of course. Edit: And according to my bathroom scales, 8.1lbs
  3. https://www.wood-database.com/rose-gum/
  4. That is a thing of beauty! Love it 😍
  5. Looking forward to seeing pics!
  6. Cheers! Yeah it's just a test really, I figured if it didn't work I can always relocate the jack socket and make a new cover. But surprisingly it works really well, haven't noticed any catching but then it hasn't been used in anger yet. Will have finished pics soon, waiting patiently for the finish to fully cure before a few coats of renaissance wax
  7. Sneak peek at the back - the four screws visible are for the pickup cover, didn't want them visible from the front.
  8. Just caught up on this, watching with interest - impressive already!
  9. Trial fit before the last coat of finish, just to be sure. It's coming together!
  10. I've had a bit of a break from this, I decided I wasn't happy with the Osmo on the body. Love the feel of the neck but felt the body was a bit too "spongy" - I'd never expect an oil finish to be particularly hard wearing but it turns out I'm just not careful 😂 so I've sanded back to bare wood and wiped on 2 coats of shellac, 2 coats of oil based satin poly brushed on and it's getting there. Just needs a quick denib and one more coat of thinned varnish to wipe on and I'll be good for assembly when it's cured!
  11. Very nice! Personally I prefer the smaller headstock 🙂
  12. Unfortunately no to the dog pic 😂 cheers. Sticking with JJ for now but certainly room to experiment in the future! Thanks - the more I look at it the more I like the single big cover. Piece of cake to make too, although I had to make the top out of 3 separate pieces of oak. Looking forward to seeing the singlecut come to life!
  13. Things sent to test us - rather stupidly I left it perched between two chairs while I went to find some string to finalise the bridge placement. The dog then knocked it off 🤦🏻‍♂️ leaving a large, unsightly - and most importantly unsaveable - gouge between the pickups. My own fault really. Couldn't bring myself to take a picture! Ummed and ahhed about letting in a piece of contrasting wood and making a feature out of it, in the end I knocked up another pickup cover to cover both routes, and routed the cavity for it - rather happy with the outcome!
  14. Bit of a slow burn due to other commitments, but getting there now! All fretwork done, just the last of the wiring and hardware to fit.
  15. Just read back through this thread @mhoss32 - still boggles my mind how good it turned out!
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