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  1. benh

    First build!

    Pickup arrived - single EMG 40TW rather than MM5TW. Lots to do before it gets fitted but getting close to having everything I need here now.
  2. Now THAT is a good looking neck, and I don't normally like maple boards - very nice!
  3. benh

    First build!

    Well, NPD (new plane day) today! Tooltique did a good job with restoration. Pretty much ready to go, just a quick sharpen/hone and away. Was going to start with the neck but the ash body blank was too tempting, so jointed and glued.
  4. benh

    First build!

    Not much happening in the world of bass building for me, as my no 6 plane decided to give up when I was getting ready to joint some boards 😡 good excuse to look for another though. Haven't got the time/patience for fettling a knackered old plane, so ordered from Tooltique who apparently do it for you. Will update when it arrives!
  5. benh

    First build!

    Templates MK2. Wanted to finalise a few curves and see how it looks/feels before cutting actual wood!
  6. benh

    First build!

    Not much of an update, but template making today!
  7. That's going to look great 🙂
  8. Absolutely mind boggling skills. Can't wait to see it finished!
  9. benh

    First build!

    Also after much deliberation I'm too tight to drop 200 quid on a pickup, so going for a single EMG MM5TW as mentioned earlier in the thread
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. benh

    First build!

    I've had a rummage through a few bits I sequestered away under the stairs from non-bass related projects. Forgot I had some 1.5mm walnut veneer, thinking of laminating them into the neck wood - similar enough in colour to the wenge fretboard to look OK I think. Should have some sawdust made and progress pics to post in the next few weeks.
  12. Clever, I like it! If only one could get away with that on a full headstock.
  13. It's coming together - inspiring stuff!
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