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  1. And the headstock needs a rethink.
  2. Hmmmm, I am not at all sure about this..... body seems a little skinny. But then again that is what I think of Fender Mustangs too. It clearly needs a proper P pickup, that much is clear.
  3. Approx headstock. Modern vintage 😂
  4. I am staining it red as well, so should pop
  5. Took some time away following my last build, but now started on this bass. Only got as far as designing the body, keeping it nice and small, but it should be balanced due to the upper horn. Not making a routing template for this one, so just traced directly into a block of rather heavy ash (may need cavities). Then decided to saw, but my bandsaw clearly needs a new blade as it was more crooked than Eastender’s Dirty Den (oops, showing my age here aren’t I).
  6. Bogart Blackstone 5 2001 - GBP850 2001 (so still the old semi-headless design) Refinished by Bogart in 2018 34” scale 18mm spacing Bartolini soapbars Noll TCM3 preamp Graphite neck 24 frets Blackstone (polycarbon) body with dense acoustic foam - sounds like wood! Weight 4,5 kg - standard 5 string territory Just an absolute tone monster Condition is very good for a 19 year old bass, standard little cracks in neck pocket (all my Bogarts have it) due to the pocket design (square corners) of the older models. I have an email from Stefan Hess the builder confirming these cracks have been fixed (when he did the refin). Noticed some minor paint scuffing on the back. Just minor stuff otherwise. Price includes shipping with detached neck in Europe. BARGAIN!
  7. I contacted Ed several years ago, he basically only does repair work on the Collier basses he built. Great builder, but it would take a long wait if he did decide to do it.
  8. I have seen Stefan make the necks, so that I am sure of, if he still makes Shack necks I am not sure of.
  9. Didn’t Bogart make the Schack necks? Certainly worth considering, although ideally I’d want multiscale headless.... which will not be possible. Hmmmmm, I should probably just do the neck in wood, as then I can do as I please.
  10. I’ve also dropped Stefan Hess a note @Bogart. Who knows...
  11. So I am slowly starting to think about my next build. I have to admit that I quite like the quick attack of graphite necks, so whilst I was thinking of building a neck as well as a body I am also contemplating getting a graphite neck (I understand wood, not carbon fiber :)..). With Moses gone (not that I mind too much, as they were not the best) is Status the only remaining place to order graphite necks? Modulus still isn't doing loose necks. Or are there other options? Whilst I would not be too unhappy using a Status MM5 neck as the basis for my next build, a bit more choice would be nice. Open to any suggestions.... may end up just building a neck as then I can have the exact shape I want.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. The 5th string ........ 😂
  14. I doubt you would notice in a band setting
  15. Don’t apologise, a question us never bad nor irrelevant. And you don’t need 35” scale either. I have had good B’s on 33” and bad on 35”.
  16. This topic has been done a few times, you can absolutely tune your bass to BEAD. Tim C in Audioslave is a good example of BEAD in action, and there are many many more. Often you do not need to modify the nut. I have 5 string basses, but I also have a 4 tuned BEAD. Just because....
  17. Yeah, a Decade! Lovely basses. Glwts!
  18. HazBeen

    Shaggy's feedback

    Greg helped me out with some tuners for a bass build. Charged me postsge only, and they are much better than expected. Absolute star!
  19. Yes, out of tune ..... lol I really need to keep my working on fretless, some people are naturals I need to practise in order to do the instrument justice. But hey, such is....
  20. Okay so the challenge was how to record something high quality that does not take up all BC's space and gives an indication of the overall spectrum of tones of the bass. Unprocessed 20 sec clip with some slides, harmonics etc. Man I need to work on my intonation again.... Straightus Clip.wav
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