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  1. First rehearsal..... wow, this thing really sings!
  2. I am already thinking I might go 17.5" scale after watching the Basstheworld Mayones mini video with Ida Nielssen. I have a left over TC SubnUp Mini.... now imagine if I would build that into the cavity
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Thanks, but I have several soapbars in my “spares” draw. So am pretty well sorted.
  5. So after I built a 30” for my eldest son, now my 6 year old is asking for a bass. As it is well possible, even likely, that they will not pick up playing long-term I need to build something I could use as well. So why not build a mini Looking at the scraps I have left over it will be a swamp ash/dark ash/walnut laminate body (8mm strips and plenty wood glue), neck thru maple/wenge/maple 25” scale (maybe 24”), with a single soapbar pickup. He wants a blue & red bass .... ehm okay. This will be a slow build.
  6. As Borat would say, “very nice”
  7. Thank you Tony, appreciate the comment especially since you know a th8ng or 2 about fretless basses.
  8. Quick sound snippet..... Infinite Bass 5 FL.mp3
  9. I enjoy this thread, tinkering with wood is always a joy to watch.
  10. Thanks, much appreciated. I still need to finetune before I can fully answer that question. But first impressions are very positive. Today I worked on the nut (needed to sit a little deeper) and sorted the string height out. After everything has settled (give it a week or two) I will tweak again and record something. Thus far I am very happy, the wenge fretboard gives it a warmer rounder sound than my Status necked fretless. Acoustically it resonates well and there is ample “mwaah”. More pics and sound bites will come
  11. Still all the tweaking to do, but it is a bass....
  12. Love this solution! I went the easy option and bought a brass nut, but this is a really neat and clever solution.
  13. Poor poor soul, I really feel for you 😂 Well done so far!
  14. I know, what a horrible example of inept home building. It should be forbidden.
  15. Can’t believe I am actually GAS free ...... has it finally happened?

    1. DiMarco


      I had the same feeling after scoring my Fodera a few months ago... but I just ordered another bass again.

    2. ProfJames


      Give it a week or two...........

    3. Al Krow

      Al Krow

      Loss of sense of smell for bassists is clearly related to a lack of GAS. 

      You'll get both back once Covid-19 pandemic is over and gigs are back!

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  16. Doing 6 coats for this one, 4 on the neck. Coat 2 went on this am, am doing 3 tonight. Then 4 and 5 Thursday and 6 Friday am. Then will leave to cure, with a final coat of lemon oil going on Sunday. Will then wax, assemble and do the pre-requisite tinkering next weekend. No further pics until then
  17. I’d say Sire, Yamaha, Ibanez or LTD all give you great bang for the buck.
  18. Scratchplate material, sanded down to wood level.
  19. You missed it.... It actually is function dictating form. The body (where the neck meets body) is angled to ensure better access to the 21st fret (line). By making the neck cavity and neck heel follow that angle, ensures that both sides of the neck heel have the same length and can accommodate 3 bolts either side. Impossible if neck heel and cavity were “Fender straight”.
  20. Inlay cavity done.... I am not unhappy with it at all. Was afraid of messing up, but whilst I will obviously need to fill with some sawdust I got it pretty close.
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