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  1. Maybe it's my mood, but I do not think this comment is appropriate for 2 reasons. - It is my Status Electro now and I am free to do with my property what I want - "What's left" indicates that this is somehow less than the Electro. I am very proud of this build and the balance and weight of this body is an improvement over the Electro But to answer your question: no, I also still have the Electro.
  2. I’ll do a quick demo at some point, but I just plugged it in and it absolutely sings with plenty mwaaah....
  3. Almost..... just wiring/strings and the required “tinkering” and we are good.
  4. I will most likely use a soapbar pickup at around 650. At least that is what my 1st mockup looks like
  5. It sure is, as said I was blown away by how close these are to MIAs.
  6. I acquired this rather lovely P recently in a (part)trade. Whilst I am amazed at how well this Mexican Fender holds up against my MIA I think it makes sense to pass this one on. Candy Apple Red with a Maple neck, whats not to like? Am using the pics from the original owner, it is still in the exact condition although I have fitted a black pickguard I had lying around to it a la a Nate Mendell P. Will ship with both pickguards. Price includes shipping with neck detached tracked/insured. More pics on request. Tape wrap flats fitted. Will happily trade against a semi-hollow, electric acoustic or such.
  7. So my son Harvey came up to me last week and said: “Dad, I’d like to play bass just like you”. At almost 8 clearly he can’t use my basses, but then I remembered I still have a 30” Hofner neck in storage, and almost all the wood and hardware required. Tuners are the only thing I would need. Thanks to @Shaggy I now also have these sorted, so once I have finished the fretless I will be doing a shortscale for Harvey. It must be red, but for the rest I can do what I please the Guv’ tells me. Okay son! If it turns out he isn’t picking up the instrument, then I have a travel bass I’ll remodel the headstock and stick on some bookmatched facings, do a body in ash, and for the rest I am thinking single pickup in a P-ish location. Watch this space.
  8. I have to say that I have zero feel with “artist” provenance of an instrument, I wouldn’t pay more or put any effort in securing one. Not sure why, but it is what it is.
  9. Coat 3: especially the grain on the back is starting to be more pronounced. 1 more and I think we are good.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. Fugly guitar by the way, but aren’t they all 😂
  12. Your’s like mine is indeed the 1400watt MOF, the JOF is just over a thousand watts, but also capable. They also do a 2400watt version 😱. What I like about the MOF is the built in lift, which meant I could make this out f some scrap I had.
  13. Exactly this. A good template and removing most with a Forstner is the way to go. You can do it without drilling, but the chances for chip out increases. Do it in 5 mm passes if you do. I also have a Triton, they are excellent. I have the bigger version, but was contemplating buying your model. Just make sure your bit and the collet are the correct size, potentially you need to buy another collet.
  14. Well strictly speaking Bailey cannot fret [email protected] as he is on a fretless
  15. Aria most likely, as they are in front of and playing Arias
  16. Coat 1, lovely Tung Oil..... such a great finish. Check out my little tripod too 😂
  17. You only need a cab this size if you have roadies, so we can probably not worry about the weight
  18. Shortened the screws to the correct size and sanded the body to 600 grit. Looking to do a coat of Tung Oil every day until Saturday from tomorrow, and then 000 Steel Wool to finish on Sunday. Then hardware/electronics install Monday or perhaps Sunday. Getting there......!!!
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