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  1. Oh wow, juicy! GLWTS.
  2. HazBeen

    Could the BC get added to Tapatalk?

    We can develop our own app Crapatalk
  3. Holy mother of 6 strings..... wow. GLWTS
  4. HazBeen

    Andyjr1515 meets his Nemesis?

    Subscribed! Interesting concept.
  5. HazBeen

    For Beatles Fans Over 65 Only

    Beatles? I only ever listen to the Quarrymen.
  6. HazBeen

    Feedback for Mr. Zed

    Andy and I met up in good ole Leigh (... hmmmm) yesterday to complete the purchase/delivery of a Future Impact. Top chap, would deal again in a heartbeat. Thanks for the chat and effortless sale mate!
  7. HazBeen

    ok really boiled my p1ss, need to let off steam

    So we “book the gig” then show up with 10% of total BC members plus gear. Think it should fit nicely, a 4000 strong mega bass jam.
  8. HazBeen

    Mike Lull M5V Jazz Bass - 3,9kg / 8.6lbs

    Gorgeous bass! Still miss my Lulls sometimes, just excellently cracted tone monsters. GLWTS
  9. HazBeen

    Is it an 8 string or a 4 string?

    Not had the time yet. Simple as
  10. HazBeen

    Fwonk Beta SOLD PENDING!

    Forgot to add my Fwonk to this, in very very good nick. A really juicy envelope filter if ever there was one.
  11. HazBeen

    identify my Vigier?

    What he said....
  12. I am finding that my Helix LT can replace more pedals than I thought having put in the time to really get to grips with it. So for your viewing pleasure stuff that I have multiples of OR have an alternative for (Helix or analogue). Evidence Audio SIS Patch cables - I have at least 12 patch cables spare (various lengths, so 24 plugs). This stuff was a significant step up from my George Ls. These are not cheap at GBP75 for 10 plugs and cable. I need to check exactly how many/how long etc. but I would be happy with 60 quid for the 12 patches (I can check how much more I have, may have even more). SOLD! https://www.thomann.de/gb/evidence_audio_sis_kit_10_rd.htm COG T65 (custom) - THE Octaver in my book, bought this one off this parish. It is the gen 1 version (so with the TRS loop). GBP90 I reserve the right to withdraw. SOLD! On the fence about this one, as it is most excellent. Keeley Compressor Pro (basically a GC2 and Bassist in one). Great DBX160A based compressor, fast, clean, musical. In good condition (was firmly attached to my board for 3 years) GBP190. I reserve the right to withdraw. SOLD! Lehle [email protected], great tool for when you have 3 basses and 1 amp. volume control on 2 of the 3 input to match volumes between instruments. In very good condition. Like all Lehle stuff, bullet proof but not cheap. Looking for GBP100 TC Electronics Corona Chorus+ (limited edtion one in black, 1 of 2000 units worldwide) - great chorus from TC, a Tri-chorus tribute. GBP55 SOLD! All prices include shipping. Happy to send pics, answer any questions.
  13. HazBeen

    NBD: My SR range continues

    Well, the handbuilt “prototype” version. I had seen this vid before (love a bit of Nitti every so often), sounds good eh? Very jazz bass on steroids.
  14. Just lovely, hope you find a solid 34” replacement for them. These will make someone very happy for sure.
  15. A shout out to Adrian Maruszczyk of Maruszczyk/Public Peace. I ordered a replacement bridge and Noll preamp for my Bogart on his website on Sunday afternoon, the good man replied in the evening - and even corrected an error by vetting that I really wanted what I ordered - today I transfered funds by bank and sent him payment confirmation and he just gone and shipped the parts to me already! Maruszczyk make great basses, AND provide great parts with a whole lot of service behind things. https://www.public-peace.de/