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  1. Lulls are just really really excellent basses,.. period. Cannot go wrong with a Lull.
  2. Yep , I have the SA dual... so handy with the SA pedals too.
  3. I like it, how long does the tape stay luminescent?
  4. A 5 string will always sound a little different than the exact same 4 string version, higher mass, wider neck etc all impact the tone a little. Same with other pickup routings. The best 5 string Ps I have heard are light with a shallower than normal P neck. My theory is that this offsets it being a 5er a little. Lull P5, FBass VF series P5 both I felt sounded amazing. But perhaps a little too “custom”.
  5. Yes, it also makes it cut so very useful in band settings.
  6. Player One, Kitchen Sink (4 I believe)!
  7. Afraid you will have to come to Holland mate, we have currently 2 dates confirmed for February in the Hip in Deventer and Roepaen in Ottersum. I am part of a tribute collective called Grunge Garden Presents, and we do different acts under that name (Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine, Oasis and now “newly added” Faithless). Happy to share more details, be a good weekend over????
  8. Horrible with names, will double check and let you know asap!
  9. HazBeen

    Boss SY-1

    Well yes actually a Juno is actually more correct. But we agree on it being 80’s oriented. And that is precisely not what floats my boat, whilst it inspires others. Let me make one thing clear, the tracking on both the FI or C4 is very good, certainly not far off the SY300 I had, the better your technique the better the tracking btw so results may vary. For my ears they also sound a bit warmer probable due to them being monophonic. But the great thing is: we have choices! Hurrah to bass.
  10. HazBeen

    Boss SY-1

    Maybe @Al Krow can loan you his for a few days?
  11. Spent some more time with the C4 today. I am liking it a lot. Tried some of your patches as well @Quatschmacher, some are truly gems. Been mainly focussing on splitting some of the key sounds I use between the FI and the C4. With upcoming Faithless tribute gigs booked I reckon I will be getting plenty use out of both
  12. HazBeen

    Boss SY-1

    @Al Krow tracking not being flawless is not any issue. It never was an issue on my OC2, the FI nor is it an issue on the C4. It gives the pedals character and you very quickly are able to work with not against their quirks. Having had experience with the SY-1s bigger brother I can say it is a very different approach to a bass synth pedal than the FI or C4. Very 80s/DX-7-ish and whilst it did track better than any of the above it just didn’t inspire me at all. I am sure the SY-1 is a really great pedal for some, but not for everyone.
  13. Like many “this bass is this or that” threads to me it seems we are overlooking what actually makes up a large portion of your sound, your fingers and where you hit the string. Whatever bass I play, it will always sound like me and any 1 pickup bass (be it a P or Ray) has many different sounds in it by changing your technique.
  14. In my very short experience - as yet - with the C4 I think may actually track a fraction better than the FI with the current firmware. It is splitting hairs, but I was doing some AB-ing of sounds (as you do :)..) and I felt it was just a fraction better. But I have not tried it with different basses, a million patches etc. so Herr Quatschmacher is probably the better judge. Comparing the two is very difficult as they clearly are trying to achieve different things. The FI is intended as a full fat synth that is invinitely tweakable, the C4 I feel has been developed to be easy to use and excels in a smaller ‘bandwidth’ for lack of a better term. To me it is more like a Micro Korg, just totally excellent in many ways but not in as may ways as the FI is (which has ADSR, better sustain, more oscillators, separate LFOs for every oscillator which I do not think the C4 has.... not sure though, need to spend more time with it). So fun, ease of use, size all very nice on the C4, FI the MacDaddy of bass synth pedals. But you do not always want or need the MacDaddy. Hope that makes sense, and I want to reiterate that I am only just getting into the C4.
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