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  1. Someone is being optimistic as usual...
  2. A lot of bass for the money, LTD = great price/quality.
  3. I will let others buy it first and then see. Personally I am starting to think that an all-in-one solution actually is not possible, at least re the synth and octave sounds I am looking for. But, open to being surprised and amazed..
  4. Whilst I love my LT, it doesn’t fully fulfill my amp/fx needs, so I use a number of pedals as well. This will be the same, great at some sounds but not all. Can’t say I am GASsing yet.
  5. Awesome midi switcher, i love mine.
  6. I played a gig that didn’t happen (cancelled last minute) ...... and I even got paid for it. Pretty weird.
  7. Me no like...... sure they last, but I do not like how they sound. Horses for courses.
  8. I did a part trade with Alfredo. An absolute pleasure to deal with, very patient, good communication and just a really nice guy. Would buy/sell/trade with him again without any hesitation. Gracias amigo!
  9. I agree, among the best out there.
  10. How can this still be here? Mind boggling.
  11. Oi, keep trade offers to PM or the mods might go “nuts”
  12. Keep your OC2.... is all I have to add. The Helix is very good, but my LT still does not match my pedals wrt Octaver, Synths and some Drive pedals (some are great on Helix btw, but I have a specific requirement). I have owned or own ALL Helix models, none covered 100% standalone. But that was for my specific setup and needs, I know others are perfectly happy with just a Helix.
  13. Done, you can now post in the other thread.
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