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  1. Wow, that is SL indeed. My only small gripe is that I prefer the old straight control plate shape to the newer rounded. But others will likely have it the other way around. My old VM was 4.5kg......
  2. HazBeen

    Status Graphite Neck Bitsa P

    Weight difference minimal, graphite is not a lightweight option so to speak.
  3. HazBeen

    El Cheapo Fretless

    Yamaha BBN4iii fretless, hands down best bang for the buck
  4. HazBeen

    NBD soon.. after paypal delay!

    Ken who? Smith you say? Never heard of him, now Joe Bloggs that is one to watch..... Congrats on your new finger puppets!
  5. HazBeen

    PSUs under Pedalboards

    RIP doorstopper Nice solution. I actually used to have a wirless underneath my pedalboard, and would fold antennas out when using.... go for it.
  6. HazBeen

    Status Graphite T-Bass 5-String Jazz

    Lovely bass, absolute cracker of a modern jazz. GLWTS!
  7. HazBeen

    Strandberg - somethings cooking - boden bass

    I see a lot of “this is not a proper fan”, so how is a 34-37” proper, and 34-35.5 not? To me it is mistaking convention with reality. The ideal G string length many would argue is 32” whilst the best B I ever had was 36”. Should proper not be 32-36” then? Ibanez and others have just taken a different view of what works best in their eyes in my view. Why is the Dingwall Super Jazz scale different than their NG?
  8. HazBeen

    Strandberg - somethings cooking - boden bass

    GAS building, must admit
  9. HazBeen

    Roscoe LG3000 Fretless

    I so have the hots for this bass.
  10. HazBeen

    Problem with P bass wiring

    Have you shielded the cavity? If so you may be shorting the jack input if it touches the shielding.
  11. HazBeen

    Navarone.45-43"multiscale headless

    I am truly intrigued about the scale size, apologies if this has been answered already: what is the main reason you have a 40” P and are building this even longer scale bass? Is it all due to down tuning?
  12. HazBeen

    Status Graphite Neck Bitsa P

    No, Status uses a very thick graphite bottom layer, 6-8mm thick. This provides enough stability to fix the neck, but hole diameter and counter sinking to prevent cracking is key.
  13. HazBeen

    Status Graphite Neck Bitsa P

    I would use a larger diameter bit to do that mate, you don’t want the 5mm to bite and widen the hole. An 8mm or special counter sink bit and just lightly take away a little material is best. Then, if the screw gets really tight do not force it. Maybe use the 5 to widen the hole, but I think you are fine with a 4.5mm.
  14. HazBeen

    Status Graphite Neck Bitsa P

    I just checked, for a 5mm screw I would use a 4.5mm bit. 4mm is too small and you may crack the neck.
  15. HazBeen

    Status Graphite Neck Bitsa P

    Especially the counter sunk bit is important. HSS metal bit also works well.