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  1. I don’t think popularity has anything to do with it. And yes Billie Eilish is huge, guitar based music not so much. But the OP stated Rock is dead it has nothing more to say. This is incorrect on both fronts. If topic stated, Rock is no longer as popular as before, many responses would be different.
  2. I fail to see why “impact” is a measure of if rock is dead. In this prefab, instant satisfaction, shallow age we are in no music genre has the same impact as band had 40/50 years ago. 3 minutes, get to the chorus fast is the norm. But I certainly can name bands in pretty much every genre, INCLUDING ROCK, that are changing the game and therefore widening the genre. Go to any rock festival and you will see huge crowds of all ages enjoying a myriad of styles and genres.
  3. Yet if you are a DJ, you can get gigs anywhere...... it is a phase. My 90’s tributes turn down gigs, my originals band does 5 real gigs per year. Why? Because the audience wants instant satisfaction and want to sing along to songs they already know. It will get better as there will come a time when people appreciate art more than they do now.
  4. I think we need to look at what we understand rock to be, looking at some of the comments my frame of reference appears significantly wider than some others. For me it is everything starting from things like Hendrix/Sabbath (or Little Richard/Bill Haley if you want to go back further) into all the genres that evolved from it. How can you say rock is dead when rock has evolved into Metal, Core, Doom, Sludge and what have you. I only need to listen to how bands like QOTSA, Karnivool, Mastodon, Intronaut, Tool, Animals as Leaders, continue to develop and define themselves and I know rock is in good shape. What are seeing is popular culture increasingly being based on “instant satisfaction”, which I believe is why kids will rather pick up a sampler than a guitar and the music industry is stuffing homogenous meaningless autotuned rubbish down their throats, doesn’t help. ....but there are still kids who step away from that and I am certain new quality music will continue to be written and new styles (be it rock, rap etc) will develop. Now some might see the band names above and say, these bands consist of 35-45 year olds..... doesn’t mean they are not evolving with every record they put out. And bands like Code Orange, Birds in Row are in their 20’s and are spearheading the development of Punkcore. So yes, 80’s hair rock is dead..... but other rock based genres are still relevant and evolving.
  5. Rock is not dead, nor does it have nothing more to say..... it is just no longer as mainstream as it was and therefore you need to look a little further to find the good stuff.
  6. I really like this bass, chunky neck, good pickips... can only sound mahoossive! GLWTS, if I was looking for a P I would be very much considering this beast.
  7. Scott Thunes .... with a hologram Zappa!
  8. Use the original screws. Generally the head of that screw does not fit into the straplock button. But instead of weakening the button by drilling it out I grind down the screw head to size. How? Dremel grinder, then to evenly grind the screw head I use my cordless drill. Insert screw, into drill, tighten so it is fixed and then grind down with dremel whilst screw is spinning in the cordless drill. Works a treat, even grind and means the thread is not too large or small. Hope I am making sense.
  9. Fender Custom shop I really like, also the EMG Geezer Butler signature is a really really excellent pickup (classic sound, not EMG like).
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. I find this quite shocking and totally logical at the same time....... I wish autotune would die, expose 99% of the so called singers in an instant.
  12. I thought the entry was akin to Brexit, messy and seemed to drag on for ever. I also do not get what Israel and Australia have to do in Eurovision so me thinks once Brexit finally does become a reality you will still not be rid of the horrid ordeal.
  13. I use 1 finger technique for effect quite often. Nothing wrong with that, although mainly use 2.
  14. I love playing fretless, am in a “ feeling really positive about my intonation” phase, which means I use it as much as possible. Won’t last, but such is... just keep on practising
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