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  1. Reading this as I am playing/noodling on my Lull M5V.... Lull basses are just a joy to play. If I were in the market for a 4, I'd know what to do.
  2. On the whole I think this is such a cool build. I was skeptical about 3 larger pickups in a compact body, but it just works. And the build itself is just lush.
  3. I think it looks gorgeous! Agreed on a dry body it can be very difficult to spot little dents and inconsistencies. I often use a damp cloth to highlight.
  4. I want to only use left overs ..... maple cap it is
  5. Hmmm, I like this a lot.... Okay, Mahogany with a Wenge top ramp/cover required.
  6. Neck pocket routed (the scariest bit)..... and looking nice and tidy. Even though I used my best 3 flute bit, I do have 2 little chip outs unfortunately. They are small, but it is rather unfortunate. I will fill with a little sawdust and since I am staining the Mahogany red it will magically disappear Such is.... still pretty happy. Still not 100% on the ramp/pickup cover idea. Think I will just make one, and then decide what to do.
  7. There isn’t much more relaxing than drilling a bunch of holes with a Forstner bit and Pillar Drill 😂 So today I cleaned up the neck a little and finished the scallop. I was worried for nothing..... will not cause any issues at all. Then drilled a bunch of holes, drilled the earth and bridge holes (fingers crossed I route the neck pocket right .... ), routed the control cavity. I am pondering if I should make a wooden ramp/pickup cover in one instead of the single jazz pickups. Have a nice a light bit of maple left over and mahogany. Also have a nice bit of Walnut left and some Wenge.... hmm, might go for a ramp thing... why not.
  8. Okay, next bass build will need the Nova system. This is a really smart solution.
  9. Man it was a late one... So I waited 2 hours and unclamped. The fretboard slip is actually even smaller than I thought. Pretty much zero and no gaps either. So feeling okay now I think I might also get away with the headstock thickness. 12mm is minimal, but just enough for the Gotohs.
  10. Every so often I am confronted with the fact that I am an amateur builder, not a pro. ..... Today has been so so. Good news, fretboard is glued on. Opening for trussrod (allen key) made, started scalloping the headstock (will complete when fretboard has dried). Bad news, like the amateur I am I decided to not use locator pins. Fretboard has slipped by about half a mm. Normally not an issue, but as I correctly sized the fretboard to the neck it will need a little work. No disaster, but I am annoyed at myself. Also, I may have sanded/scalloped a bit too much. Touching on 12mm thickness. May need to stick on some veneer to gain a mm or 2. Also not a disaster, just more work and annoying. Building is not about perfection, it is about mitigating imperfections.... well at least in my case.....
  11. You can remove the fretboard, see my 5 string or @Andyjr1515 Wal neck build thread for info, then replace the trussrod and stick on a new fretboard. Very satisfying job to do and not super complex.
  12. Further progress! - Neck and headstock cut/routed to size - Truss rod channel cut - Fretboard also cut/routed to size
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