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  1. Most excellent passive pickups, buy them now if you are looking ….
  2. https://www.kvk.nl/english/brexit/vat-on-goods-after-brexit/
  3. Cross Border tax legislation would beg to differ…. But regardless, I have seldom bought from a more disorganised, impersonal shop ever. They rarely get any of my money.
  4. They will not charge NL VAT, you will however receive a customs charge of UK VAT, PLUS HANDLING. I’d recommend going Thomann (and I live in NL).
  5. I am currently in process of moving to a new workshop, looking forward to when I can get back to the Streamer. Patience is a virtue right?
  6. My first bass was an 85 Squier Katana in white. The only bass I could afford in the shop …….. I think it is clear why it was cheap.
  7. Afraid this is a slow burner, but progress will be posted
  8. Have been working on the Streamer, unfortunately it looks as if the broken off headstock will not work as a basis for the new headless. I will most likely build up from Wenge “left overs” I have. I have plenty to make a stable “graft”
  9. This one is now 100% complete and working well. So full attention to the Streamer. The key challenge will be routing the bridge and tuner knob recesses as the body is curved. But I have already sussed out how to do that without issues.
  10. Look what just arrived from the wonderful @Andre_Passini Soon I will have 2 basses sporting Nova hardware
  11. Just parking this one here…… if you followed my tandem build thread you will remember I took the Thunderbird pickups out of my Bogart. Tonight I routed the Bogart body to fit a PJ config and made a new pickguard. Just waiting on a new battery box to be delivered and will then add a Noll TCM4XM pre to the Geezer setup. I need this done so I can focus on the Streamer.
  12. Get it. I would very much have preferred it to not be the case, but the brake was pretty bad to start with so reglueing would have been far from ideal. This way I can keep the soul of the original, but fix it so that it is actually ready for the next 37 years…
  13. BTW, it was 3.7kg to start. I imagine we can knock it down to 3.6kg.
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