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  1. Doug Wimbish, a pioneer in using effects to sculpt his sound, a founding father of rap bass lines with Sugar Hill records, an artist who chose freedom of expression over money (so not choosing the Stones when he could have) and an all around rock beast with Living Colour.
  2. Aboslutely cracking instruments, probably the best 5-er I ever owned. GLWTS.
  3. It makes you want to send an email to the provided address. Art and musicianship is no longer valued at all.... great. A footballer makes several 100k a week, but a musician should beg. What an interesting world we live in.
  4. I think this is a 2004 or 2005 SSD period bass. As per the Spector Resource page. Edit: 2006-10 due to black hardware
  5. Or the toxic York air
  6. Just bizarre! I have just checked over my 3 basses with them on..... no rust. And the “freshest” are a good 3 months on the bass. QC issues or something in a certain batch perhaps?
  7. Drat, too late. 100% Peggy Lee
  8. Who knows, it isn’t normal in any case. I sweat like a little piggy under stage lights and never had any rust issues with the cobalts......
  9. Been using them pretty much exclusively on fretless for years, never any rust..... you have acidic sweat mate 😂
  10. Certainly is a gorgeously smooth neck, but actually it is also the pickup position, ergonomics of the body and sound I am totally rekindling a love affair with. Like an old girlfriend 😂
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