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  1. HazBeen

    MySpace loses 50million tracks.

    Oh no, my songs from early 2000s ....
  2. Since the difference between 40-45 Hz is negligible, the difference in low end frequency response will have nothing to do with 1 sounding brighter: "I think we could expect it to be because the LNT is voiced to go lower (40Hz vs 45Hz)." Without wanting to derail this with too techical waffle that I only grasp slightly, I think McNach is not indicating that 40 Hz is dub territory per se. The fundamental in the 30-40 Hz range you feel more than actually hear. The predominant energy comes from 60-80 Hz range and probably the octave above (hence a low B at 30.87 Hz will still sound good on a 40 Hz cab). Coincidentally double 20 Hz = 40 Hz, which may be what McNach was referring to when he mentioned 'dub". But really we are getting into territory where we have some real specialists on the forum (BFM, Alex Claber) that will be able to provide much better input than I would be able to.
  3. HazBeen

    NBD (incoming)

    I keep them on for ages.... they are quite bright (for flats) to start with, so you roll off the tone and open it with ageing.
  4. HazBeen

    NBD (incoming)

    The Cobalts are pretty low tension. I used TI flats for years, the Slinky version to me have very similar tension (40-95), maybe even lower...
  5. HazBeen

    NBD (incoming)

    Nice! Can’t go wrong with an SB1. I like EB Cobalt Flats a lot, perfect P flats imo.
  6. I would expect 5 Hz difference in bass response does not make a big difference in how bright the cab “feels”. There may be other factors, but the 5 Hz will not make it much deeper.
  7. I am not sure why you feel the MNT would be brighter? The main difference will be dispersion, as the LNT is a vertical config and the MNT a diagonal 210. I have alway highly preferred vertical 210 (2 of them stacked) so would probably not go for this combo. More importantly as both cabs I believe have the same efficiency, 1 would be louder than the other. About 3dB or so if you are feeding both from 1 amp if I am not mistaken (on absorbs 33% the other 66% of current).
  8. HazBeen

    Paul McCartney: Overrated or What?

    Ehm, okay. We have gone from Macca to slating some of bass’ greats. You have probably only seen them shred..... incredible feel, timing and harmonic understanding in all the names you mention. Back on topic, Macca is a great bass player with an “own” voice. Utter nob I hear from somebody who has met him, but great great musician.
  9. HazBeen

    Feedback for Al Krow

    Sold Bas a Fwonkbeta, solid buyer, totally hassle free.
  10. HazBeen

    NBD: 1993 USA G&L SB-2

    I am sure we both have several, GAS and such ...... ah well.
  11. HazBeen

    NBD: 1993 USA G&L SB-2

    The SB1 I sold you btw? Still miss it sometimes .....
  12. HazBeen

    NBD: 1993 USA G&L SB-2

    Just picked this up...... immaculate for a ‘93. Neck from Aug, body from Oct ‘93. Plays like butter and sounds like a PJ on steroids. Now am I doing the tone mod .... did it on the last one I had.
  13. Checking out a ‘93 US G&L SB-2 tomorrow ....... it would be nice to have a G&L in the arsenal again. Great basses.

    1. Romeo2


      jealous! Hope to see a NBD thread soon


    2. gary mac

      gary mac

      Did you get the SB2 H?


    3. gary mac

      gary mac

      Just spotted your NBD thread, off to check it out.