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  1. Exactly.... whilst D class has come of age the old big beasts still have something more 3D in their sound under certain conditions. I think it is down to the protection circuits (hard limiters or such) built into the D class power stages, when pushed hard they kick in. At lower volumes the D class heads I tried were a close match to AB, when pushed hard they lost. Personally I like the Mesa, Genzler, Trickfish and DG D class amps quite a lot, but the Jules Monique for me is the most reminiscent of a big Aggie or Mesa hybrid. You can buy them in a powered rack head version as well as loose pre/power amp. But all opinion aside, use your ears when choosing and if possible do a lot of A/Bing with the DB751. I use a Dclass head in low stage volume settings, full fat Mesa Big Block otherwise.
  2. HazBeen

    Yamaha BBNE2 Nathan East 5 String Limited Edition

    Wow, these are such great basses and this finish is just perfect. GLWTS!
  3. HazBeen

    Dingwall Super J5/3 Candy Purple £2000

    I hadn’t expected it, but I like this colour a lot. Very nice.
  4. And get a graphite neck:)
  5. HazBeen


    I’d go Kay M1 upright, or thinking outside the box have a luthier build me a bass from wood (tree, old furniture etc ) dating to that year?
  6. Who’s Simon Cowell...
  7. HazBeen

    Yamaha BB2024x

    Best passive bass available for Rock (for instance) in my view. Outstanding quality. GLWTS.
  8. HazBeen

    Frank bello

    That is the difference between musicians that have to work for their living and pampered over produced pop stars who think the sun shines out of their behinds because someone else wrote a hit song for them... .bit like footballers vs rugby players.
  9. Loving the one I have so much I want another for my other bass. Ideally the parametric version, but will take the standard 3 band too. I would also be open to suggestions if you ahve a 5 knob 3 band pre lying around (but it is replacing an OBP3, so no interest in an OBP3 or Glockenklang as I used those exclusively for years). Thank you much!
  10. HazBeen

    YAMAHA BB5000A

    This brings back memories! Used to own one of these in the esrly 90s, fantastic basses.
  11. HazBeen

    read the small print!!

    I totally disagree, 40 is the new 20 so at 44 I am so close to making it big with my electro emo punk jazz funk..... now where did I leave my glasses? ........
  12. HazBeen

    Ibanez BTB 1825 NTL - 5 String w/ Case

    These basses punch so far above their weight, outstanding instruments especially considering the price. GLWTS