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  1. Very well done! I use an electric jigsaw, dremel and bevel router and think your’s are even neater. Proper job
  2. Dave just bought my 8 string. What an absolute star to deal with, very understanding of delays caused by (what else) courier mishaps. Would deal with Dave again without any hesitation, it was a pleasure first time around. THANK YOU!!
  3. And a recent Nirvana Tribute at our own Festival (2nd year)
  4. So I am part of a collective of musicians called Grunge Garden presents, we do a number of tribute acts. This gig was our biggest of the summer, end of August with 1500 at the event. Not using our usual drummer so it could be a tad tighter but it gives a decent impression. The crowd
  5. Ah so you nabbed it!
  6. The moment you weigh all you basses (doctor’s advice) and realise your lightest is 4.2kg (9.2 lbs) and heaviest is 4.8 (10.5). Hmmmm.......

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    2. HazBeen


      Strangest thing: in 2012 I owned both a Lull MV5 and PJ5 .... makes you wonder.

    3. Raslee


      @The Greek, Got a SB310 5 string yesterday for these very reasons. Love my Cort but loving the lightness of the Bass Collection.....just about to plug her in and see if it sounds any good ;)

    4. TheGreek


      I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised...

  7. This IS the deal of the century, people just don't realise they can buy a Status or Modulus killer for this money. But heck what do I know.... I only own 3.
  8. My mrs and our savings account thank you
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Alusonic use solid aircraft alloy bodies, do not think overly weighty. Great idea! http://www.alusonic.com/aluminium-bass-django-supreme4.php
  11. Given what you have said I would suggest you keep the head and indeed get small cabs (or similar). I have nothing against Barefaced, but they are not the only option. Trace Elliot Elf 110 is 300w at 8ohm at 7kg (get 2 and you are pretty loud) or Phil Jones Piranha cabs (the C4 is 400w at 8 ohm and 13kg), or an Eich 110XS (which is think is also 300w at 8 Ohm and 10 kg). Especially the Phil Jones will handle your B string well enough and it is very clean and not too expensive.
  12. Or sell the lot and get a lightweight 112 or 210 combo? Say a GK or Markbass?
  13. Can I just comment on the fact that the C4 is also an awesome Envelope filter pedal? In combination with my Cog T47 this thing just oozes da funk. And yes, I still use an analogue Octaver, even though the OC2 can be closely approximated on both FI and C4. And yes, you need to use a midi switcher for the C4. It has really opened up possibilities.
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