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  1. Playing around with the laser yesterday… 1 pass gives you about .5mm dept. Also (because I could) tried cutting out an inlay in maple ….this was just for fun. I will either leave au naturel OR fill with epoxy/ebony dust. Also did a little print on back of neck.
  2. Building myself a 4 string headless PJ. 34” scale Nova headless hardware (black) Quartersawn Bubinga neck with graphite rods Kaya Mahogany body EMG Geezer pups Passive Wenge fretboard Stainless Steel frets Pics to follow.
  3. I bought a laser engraver, goal is to laser engrave the headstock…. Why not
  4. Building a Baritone, commissioned by a friend. Brief: 28” scale, but keep overall length same as a normal scale guitar, inspired by the Jazzmaster design. Just dropping some pics, as I haven’t been on the forum much. Alder Body 28” Maple neck Wenge fretboard Decent but budget black hardware Double humbuckers
  5. So this build does not appear to be happening …… I found a hairline fracture running from around the 12th fret to the nut. Increasingly likely this is going to end up being recycled. Shame….. On the upside I am building a Baritone guitar, PJ and have bought a laser engraver.
  6. Hi, I have to admit I have hardly been on BC for ages. It doesn’t give me the joy it once did. But importantly Iam still building,… Move to new workshop complete, the bass, well that is still as it was …. am doing a fretless 5 currently, after that is done I will revisit the Streamer.
  7. Shipping would be 15 quid, just dm me if you want to proceed. Am not often on BC nowadays.
  8. Most excellent passive pickups, buy them now if you are looking ….
  9. https://www.kvk.nl/english/brexit/vat-on-goods-after-brexit/
  10. Cross Border tax legislation would beg to differ…. But regardless, I have seldom bought from a more disorganised, impersonal shop ever. They rarely get any of my money.
  11. They will not charge NL VAT, you will however receive a customs charge of UK VAT, PLUS HANDLING. I’d recommend going Thomann (and I live in NL).
  12. I am currently in process of moving to a new workshop, looking forward to when I can get back to the Streamer. Patience is a virtue right?
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