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  1. No, I am using pure Tung. It takes a while to cure (like a month .....), but to me it gives the best finish. Tung bought from my local specialist paint shop, not a big brand.
  2. https://tlcguitargoods.com/en/sustain-dragon-s-blood-no-47-concentrate.html Just diluted it, very similar to the Crimson stuff available in UK. TLC is quickly becoming my go to resource for everything but wood.
  3. 1st coat of Tung Oil ..... check! Only 4/5 more to go 🤪
  4. Glad you are enjoying it
  5. Feck me, zero movement... last drop to £725
  6. If you can get on with a 4, you can get on with a 5. It just takes practice in my opinion. Ask yourself, are you perfectly comfortable on a 4, i.e. you can play what you want/need relatively effortlessly? If so practice will ensure you become as comfortable on a 5. But you need to stick with it. 2 pennies...
  7. I just bought a Warwick LWA1000, special deal on Thomann. £275 for a 2 channel 1000w class A preamp powerhouse. Bargain!


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    2. HazBeen


      For 275 it could look like a boring shoebox and it wouldn’t matter, besides that it is function over form

    3. Nibody


      Are these any good? There is the usual moaning on Talkbass about them - I had persuaded my friend to sell me his retired SVT 3 Pro for a good price, but looking into this it could be just what I need (I run a Royal Blood type  set-up, so the "fake guitar" could run through the second channel with different EQ to the Bass side - would save me carting two rigs around). Cant buy both sadly.


    4. Nibody


      Well I guess Im going to find out.. my poor bank account...


  8. 2 things 1. I think I have hit the brief “it needs to be red” 2. I clearly had a hole in my glove..... 😂
  9. This time around I was the seller, Peter the buyer, but as always just an absolute gent and pleasure to deal with. Top class BC-er!
  10. I’ve done 2, great outdoor locations and decent pay (but not as high as normal). Not sure if we will have any more this year, all depends....
  11. To me it looks like the nut on the bass side (E) is not flush with the side of the neck, and there is some overhang of the nut on the treble side (G). If that is the case (I cannot 100% see it from the picture) I would try to reposition before thinking about replacing the nut.
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