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  1. Clearly not the smallest pedal out there, but a wonderfully rich and creamy old school fuzz.
  2. To quote Southpark, “they killed Kenny, you b**tards” RIP Mr. Rogers
  3. EXACTLY! I have a few basses that are not beautiful, they play beautifully. Much more important, but there is no denying that gold hardware often does not look quite right..... well at least in my eyes.
  4. Only for Essex girls innit?
  5. White and Gold should be disallowed ..... that is all.
  6. The Daily Mail a source of dribble? Surely not ....
  7. Yep, 2 cancelled for March. Am expecting April to go down the toilet too..... ah well, better safe than sorry.
  8. Hi all, time for some spring cleaning. Up for grabs is my Source Audio C4. A great Synth pedal that has some very cool features, but I am finding I mainly use my Future Impact (as I can also control it via Controller/Keyboard). Comes in the box, with the cables and adapter etc. In very good condition, I can hardly see any signs of use. Price includes tracked shipping in Europe (and UK ), looking at 2nd hand prices I think this is very fair. Looking to generate some cash to fund other purchases, so not really interested in a trade. Unless it is a Novation Bass station, Moog Taurus or a 49 key polyphonic synth, I might consider trades in that arena.
  9. Don’t be so ready to disregard it, I was very apprehensive when I got my 800 but it works remarkably well and is very musical.
  10. Great amps, used one for many years. Good luck with the sale.
  11. Loving this build diary yet again proper job!
  12. I was not on the fence. But if I was I would hope it had not been built by Gibson
  13. Great amps, must say I am a little tempted as a backup for my BB800 I basically use this for all my gigs (instead of my Mesa Big Block) where I have PA support. Great tone and just so light and compact.
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