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  1. Knowing the bass sound you want?

    Whilst gear and settings have great influence I find that I pretty much sound like me on any rig and dare I say bass....... Oh dear, think I just debunked the entire foundation of all the GAS I’ve ever had.... my point is your attack/how you hit the string/left hand technique etc. is a large part of your “sound”. So actually my biggest achievement I feel has been to embrace MY natural sound and then select gear that supports it. I am pretty much there.
  2. Zon Legacy Elite 5

    Looks like my lifelong infatuation with Zon’s is not over. Gorgeous bass, GLWTS!
  3. NPD: Helix HX

    It is superior, but to be fair to the B3n the Zoom’s HPF is good.
  4. NPD: Helix HX

    Actually I get the comment re B3n to HX if you need a headphone, aux in and amps/cabs. So probably good to add the caveat to my comment: “in regards to fx and switching in a live /gigging environment”. I am keeping my B3n for at home.
  5. Sander De Gier Custom Bass 6-string

    Good price on this. Very reasonable.
  6. NPD: Helix HX

    Have waited a few days before writing this up until I was able to use if at home and out in a gigging situation. So what is the Helix HX? It is basically all the effects you get when buying a full fat or LT Helix, plus some more added from the big 4 button and M series pedals, minus the amp and cab modeling in it’s bigger brother. In addition the HX can be used to control your pedalboard switching and routing needs. It has 2 FX loops to incorporate and switch existing pedals. There are 2 basic settings, stomp box mode and scene mode. In stomp box mode you switch individual pedals/loops on and off with the foot switches, in scene mode 1 button would switch on/off a specified group of pedals and loops. Very flexible and both settings give you real control of your pedalboard. At 43 I have one foot in the analogue era, but have been exploring DSP based effects for years. I am happy, although a little melancholy at the same time, to confirm the hype is real. Line6 have cracked component level emulation and the end result is that the HX delivers 117 or such emulated pedals that can fully compete directly with their stompbox (often analogue) brethren. There is a lot on BC and other forums on Helix, so it makes sense to not spend too much time on the technical aspects and focus on what it does for me as a frequently gigging, sometimes depping and periodically recording part-time musician. How have I set it up? Bass goes to my preferred compressor the Keeley Compressor Pro (the onboard compressors actually are very good, but I own the Keeley so might keep using it), into the HX. Loop 1 has my Future Impact and a COG Octaver (the FX loop has a blend function which is so handy), loop 2 has my long time favourite low gain Bearfoot Blueberry BOD and a DG Duality. These loops can be allocated to any position in the FX chain, so e.g. the Dirt loop can be the latest in the chain or earliest as required. My main issue with DSP effects WAS that dirt, octave and filters were generally okay but not a viable alternative to my stompboxes. I am amazed to report that I would be perfectly happy for Helix to cover my dirt. It is that good. So much so that I no longer have a B3K in loop 2 and use the emulated B7K instead. I simply cannot tell the difference in a real world situation. The Duality and BBOD are still on as I prefer them over equivalent emulated pedals, but if Line6 would emulate the Duality and BBOD I am comfortable they could be replaced. There is a really good Octaver in the HX, but I doubt the COG (or FI for that matter) will ever be replaced. But I have 2 switchable loops so who cares right? The envelope filters are very good. I use filters only in combination with octave and fuzz. Built in are more than acceptable for my application. Other may feel they still need a separate filter pedal, difficult for me to judge. All in all the HX is a compact (slightly larger than an M9) multi that doubles as a control centre for your board. Sounds great, is intuitive, is flexible and appears to be built as a tank. Some Zoom B3(n) users might think, why pay so much more for getting rid of the amp and cab emulations etc? Understandable question: I own a B3n, great fx unit in it’s own right, but totally and utterly put to shame by the HX on application, flexibility, sound quality (especially dirt and filter) and construction. DSP is here to stay and I am fully bought in.
  7. FS/FT: Several FX

    My Line6 Helilx HX has replaced a few bits and bobs and I have some bits spare so trying to find them a new home. Sharp prices for quick sales. TC Corona Chorus+ - this is the limited edition black version of the Corona with the Tri Chorus setting - in very good nick. Great chorus, looking for £65 shipped. Hotone XTomp, incredible full metal DSP pedal that can be anything from an EQ to a filter to a Noisegate pedal. In used but very good condition, comes with box and all original content. You upload fx to the XTomp via an app on your phone. Great pedal if you have limited space and want several pedals in one. I found it vastly superior and easier to control than the Zoom equivalent (but for the price the Zoom is awesome). £120 shipped Korg Mini Kaoss Pad 2, excellent fx processor that you can use for bass, voice etc. In excellent condition, comes with EU adapter and with box. £60 shipped Rolls PM351 Personal Monitor, great bit of kit that can be used to mix/monitor voice, instrument and line. In used but good nick, comes with 15v EU adapter. £60 shipped XVive ABY pedal, no nonsense pedal switcher in mini size. Used condition. I used it to switch between basses. £25 shipped Open to partial trades against: Bass Distortion pedals (not OD or Fuzz), Octavers, Compressors.
  8. I owned one of these for a while, lovely neck, good balance and the 2 band EQ is nice. A great bass. GLWTS
  9. Possible ebay fraud coming my way.....?

    But what to do with the 4003 now Chris? I would repost under an alias or 7
  10. I caved ....Helix HX ordered.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. HazBeen


      To get to this point has been a journey... I owned a Bass Pod XL that was good and obviously have done the Boss multi several times over. Always felt that I missed something. But 10 years on even my B3n is just a really viable alternative for most custom pedals I own, perhaps the HX will mean DSP over analogue from here on in. Exciting and scary at the same time.

    3. owen


      Helix HX, Helix LT + Helix Full Fat. What is the difference? I know google will tell me, but real world is always more useful.

    4. LiamPodmore


      Owen as far as my reading tells me, HX is the effects section only and much smaller, LT is identical to the Helix software wise, just missing the scribble strips and less IO options.

  11. So ... who are Sire Global?

    It’s Gibson.... lol
  12. EDITED TRADE PRICE, A REVISED LOWER NEW PRICE MEANS A TRADE VALUE DROP IS IN ORDER £240 I love the DG AO, but to be frank I do not need the EQ section as that is covered by my Mesa preamp pedal and can use the "space". If you have a Alpha Omicron and want to trade up (obviously trade + cash) for an Alpha Omega, please PM. The Alpha Omega is around 7 months old, and has been fixed to my pedal board so looks good as new and comes with the original box. For clarity: I am not interested in any other trades than against an Omicron.
  13. New Wingbass

    @ped your inner gear nerd is coming out. Who knew
  14. Navarone.45-43"multiscale headless

    I am officially intrigued:)