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  1. Some people just prefer lined fretless……. Bunny Brunel, Gary Willis, Kyle Eastwood, HazBeen ….. okay the last one is a joke 🤪
  2. I get them local, so not of much use. Dimension wise, I always use 5mm x 2mm magnets, same size for cavity and hatch. Trussrod covers I use 2mmx1mm ones. The pull on my 5x2s is a little higher, 0.5kg.
  3. Having owned many Lulls over the years, I will go out on a limb and say this is the best P on BC at the moment ….. if you disagree with me, prove it
  4. Smart, I do not know anyone who has built from scratch to stop after one. 😀😎
  5. Has to be said, not bad attempts. With frets in much more complicated, so well done.
  6. Horses for courses, but block inlay appears to be your best bet. In my experience pre-radiusing works, but you will almost certainly need to sand a little once in place. Not an issue if you do it carefully. It will be a challenge to route the block cavities with the frets on. If it were me, I would likely take frets out, do the inlays, radius and then refret. More work, but easier to get right. All part of the process, so hope you can forgive yourself and enjoy the journey. Mistakes are what drives progress.
  7. Really if you mess up, first thing is to see if you can fix it and make it (near) invisible. Have you already taken the 2mm off? If so, can you reduce the other side with 2mm also? 5 strings, mean 4 string spacings or 1mm reduced spacing per string. That may still work, dependent on your starting point. Otherwise block inlays may work, but that is another challenge to get right then…
  8. Much appreciated! I suspected it was a water based lacquer, I will finish my current bass project body (which will be stained black) with Colron if I can find it. Otherwise I have a local alternative in mind.
  9. @spacecowboy what finish did you use on this bass? I simply have to try it on my next bass.
  10. These are great amps, never a commercial success story but man the combination of a passive Fender/Alembic type pre, with Tube power section is ridiculously sweet sounding. TE got it very right with the V series.
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