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  1. Ed purchased a bass from me. Great comms, fast payment, nice lad all round.
  2. I've added that photo for you. Thanks for reminding me, I've been meaning to add that I've also added a recent photo that shows how the purple heart has deepened to a kind of chocolatey purple colour. Happy to add more photos of any particulars but I can't see any imperfections, other than aforementioned ding. I really think this is unbelievable value, it's a lovely bass. It would have sold in record time were it not for the weight! For a shorty, she's a bit of a fat lass. But you'll put up with that given the performance and looks... {insert ubiquitous mum joke here}. X
  3. Yea same. It also has an asymmetrical neck profile. That, combined with the spacing, makes it really fast to play. And it's great for chords. £1300 delivered in a Hiscox case.
  4. Hipshot Type A 16.5mm spacing. The bridge spacing is adjustable. https://hipshotproducts.com/products/a-style-bass-bridge?variant=31565311752
  5. Thanks. No idea about his other designs, I have only played this one, but it sure is pretty. It's also very easy to play and it has a great variety of sound.
  6. Back on the market! For those interested, the reason the sale fell through was due to weight; 4.1kg (9lbs).
  7. Aye, she's pretty. Buckeye bur and purple heart have always looked amazing together in my opinion. They individually have other-wordly looks, but also contrast so much. It's almost like they're at opposite ends of the timber spectrum. I decided to go for this look after seeing it in other guitars and also furniture. The guy who built it uses some spectacular woods, and he did a fantastic job.
  8. A custom build made for myself, completed in 2017. https://www.acguitars.co.uk/project/0269krell-4/ Body Wood: Black Limba Top Wood: AI Buckeye Burl with Purpleheart accent Body Finish: Satin Lacquer Neck Wood: 5 piece Maple/Purpleheart Finger Board: Purpleheart Scale: 30.5″ Neck Finish: Satin Lacquer Pickups: ACG RFB humbucker bridge. ACG PB split coil neck in a Black Limba/Purpleheart/Buckeye ramp. Hardware: Hipshot Type A Dunlop Dual Schaller Straplocks, Hipshot Ultralites with Detuner on the E. Pre-amp: ACG DFM 4K Weight: 4.1kg (9lbs) One small ding by the strap lock at the bridge end. Sounds amazing, plays like butter. I also like that the neck doesn't encroach too far in to the body. This means it feels like a standard scale bass and not like a toy, but with the benefit of the short scale. My collection is getting too big and I don't really play it. £1300 delivered in a Hiscox hard case. Price negotiable for those of y'all that can come and view before transacting (NW3). I might be interested in swaps or p/x for pedals and SMALL cabs/amps/combos (i.e. MicroMark/PJ Double 4). Crypto-friendly - ETH/DOT/UNI/WOO, pretty much any ERC-20 that is top 200. Or bank transfer is fine. Available for Zoom if anyone wants to see it and get some more details. Thank you for viewing.
  9. I bought a pedal from Alain which arrived really quickly, well packaged and as described. Thanks!
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