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  1. This came with my Classic Vibe Mustang, no idea of the make. In great condition, it quite a bright green! PICS HERE £10 delivered within the UK. R.
  2. Good luck with your quest 👍
  3. Sorry I can't annotate your picture as I don't have a clue 🤣 but this is what I used when I got a mate to do this mod for me a few years ago.
  4. I think this is a genuine MM plate but I had a lot of SR5's back in the day so can't guarantee it. As you can see from the pictures a small piece has snapped off I tried super glue but it didn't work unfortunately, you might have better luck. Kinda semi-matt black. PICS HERE £8.00 delivered in the UK. R.
  5. Me too, I'm still undecided on the neck and my well swap it out at some point assuming it's a standard sized neck pocket.
  6. I've had plenty of Squier's over the years I still have this 80's JV 32" scale Jazz, strung with some sort of flats, I had a SQ 32" scale Precision for a while which was rather nice. I now prefer short scale basses and I'm happier playing my Classic Vibe Mustang.
  7. I bought this years ago with the intention of putting it in my 5 string project bass but didn't get around to it and never will now so it needs a new home. It's never been used as far as I can tell. See pics for further info but if I've missed anything let me know ☺️ £70.00 delivered within the UK. PICS HERE R.
  8. Cheers - no e-mail was needed for the Win installer.
  9. I happened to pass by Rough Trade East on Saturday morning and couldn't believe the size of the queue! here's a few phone pics of it, you'd have to pay me good money to wait in that.
  10. If you do change the tuners for Ultralites, I could be interested in the JMJ ones for my Squier if you were to move them on. I do have a soft spot for lollipop tuners.
  11. Inside the Burns factory 1965 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuuIF6mmRLA


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    2. Dood


      The clip was also in the absolutely brilliant guitar documentary from 1987 - I must have watched in back then hundreds of times!




    3. Rumple


      I'll check that out later 👍

    4. BigRedX


      Why is this interesting discussion hidden away in a status update instead of being in the main part of the forum where everyone can see it?

  12. Owned by me from new and has served me very well over the years, I'm only changing it as I find myself needing a separate volume control for the headphone socket. It's in great condition, the sale is for the unit only, no box, cables, manuals.... £38.00 £35.00 including delivery to mainland UK PICS HERE If there's no interest I'll stick it up on eBay on Sunday.
  13. Picked this B stock Andertons own brand Strat up just before Christmas as it was an easy way to get a white body for a project guitar but I'm having second thoughts as it's rather good! I find myself playing it more than any of my more expensive guitars. I'll change the strings and put some Lemon Oil on the rather dry (12" radius) fretboard and live with it as is for now. Amazing what you can find for little money these days. Excuse the window reflections in the main head on pic.
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