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  1. Rumple

    Mesa Boogie Subway Bass DI-Preamp

    Cheers! weirdly I can't confirm that as I never got to use it in anger 😐
  2. I bought this just before my band folded and it's only been used once at home to test it! absolutely pointless it sitting under the bed unused so I'm moving it on. Collection from Sydenham South East London or meet up at a Central London Station preferred, a courier is more risky but can be arranged. Cheers R.
  3. Rumple

    Vulfpeck Pilgrimage

    I was there on the Thursday night, it was a very good gig indeed and the crowd (mostly bass players?) really seemed into it. I was surprised at how much love the support band were getting, stupid me didn't realise who it was!
  4. Rumple

    Fender JB62M medium scale jazz SOLD

    These are great basses, have a bump on me 🙂
  5. Rumple

    Scale lenght

    32" scale for me, 34" is fine but my 32" scale basses are more comfortable to play and tend to be slightly smaller & on the lighter side.
  6. Rumple

    Mark King & the 'new' Status T-Bass?

    I enjoyed the gig at The Scala as it was good to see top musicians up close in a small venue but I wouldn't buy the CD/vinyl/download.
  7. Rumple


    Looking good!
  8. Rumple

    Hello from New Mexico!

    Welcome to BC world.
  9. Rumple


    Very much looking forward to seeing how this refinish turns out.
  10. Rumple

    Mark King & the 'new' Status T-Bass?

    Plus more Police/Copeland/Kent songs than I realised at the time!
  11. Rumple

    Receipt for second hand buy

    Back in the days of buying/selling second hand gear in Loot it was always accompanied by a receipt but I can't remember ever getting or receiving one on eBay or BC sales/purchases/trades.
  12. Rumple

    Mark King & the 'new' Status T-Bass?

    Yup and I think they did a King Crimson song too
  13. Rumple

    Mark King & the 'new' Status T-Bass?

    When I saw him play a few weeks ago he was using this red Status jazz bass.
  14. Rumple

    Do you get nervous??

    I get incredibly nervous, to the point I stopped playing live more than 20 years ago as it's not worth the stress.
  15. I seem to have GAS for a Nord Stage 2, I've nowhere to put it, I can't play keyboards and I don't have that kind of money going spare WHAT THE HELL!

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    2. Rumple


      I'm not sure I can ever afford to retire but I could take up knitting during down time xD

    3. SpondonBassed


      Knitting.  It's the future.

    4. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      Well, whatever you do, don't watch the video for the Stage 3....