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  1. I'll be there on Wednesday propping up the bar 🙂
  2. Dave just bought my Zoom recorder, super fast payment and an absolute pleasure to deal with 🙂
  3. Only used twice to record rehearsals so like new, I can't find the original box or Wavelab software CD but it comes with some additional extra cost items like the soft case (one rubber tab on the working zips is missing) foam wind shield, wired remote and mic stand holder. £75.00 £70.00 including delivery. https://1drv.ms/f/s!An4ogWELaxK6gqxYssaR-LW6n68DhA R.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. HEADS UP: I've just listed the parts from my black Gypsy Rose for sale.
  6. I had two Gypsy Rose basses one I have stripped of it's paint, rebuilt and I'm keeping, the other is in bits and I don't have the time or inclination to put it back together as I'm no longer in a band! So for sale is basically all the parts to make yourself a fine playing medium scale bass, I can't guarantee that every part is from the same bass as I've taken both apart and even swapped bits over the years , you might need a screw or two but I'll do my utmost to supply everything needed. The body, neck and scratchplate are definitely from the same bass. The body has sparkles in the black paint on the front as does the headstock if you remove the thin carbon fibre wrap I added. The headstock has an extra set of holes from alternative tuners I had fitted. The scratchplate is white/pink/white with a pink rose on it! This would make a great bass as it is or an ideal start to a medium scale project bass. £175.00 sent via courier, less if you'd like to collect it from London SE26. Feel free to ask any questions. Pics https://1drv.ms/f/s!An4ogWELaxK6gqwDkYbPGusTJV7iyw R.
  7. @Merton That is gorgeous!
  8. If you can find a Gipsy Rose they are well worth giving a try, they make a good starting point for a 32" scale project bass, they do come up on ebay once in a while, I got both of mine for about £110 each. Not sure if they will ship to the UK https://www.rondomusic.com/grb1kcpb.html I might try taking a heat gun to my orange/yellow one to see what the wood is like underneath the finish.
  9. I bought theses for a project Epi SG guitar that never got off the ground, they are new and were only fitted for a few minutes using block connectors, they have never been soldered. £22.00 delivered or you can collect them from SE26 for a couple of quid less. PICS HERE Info from Vanson: Vanson '59 Alnico V Chrome PAF style Humbucker Set for Gibson ® Epiphone ®* Based on the classic P.A.F. designs of old with a modern angle. A classic pickup, offering timeless tone and subtle warmth with a full, even response. Capable of grinding, punchy Blues & Rock, and lovely rolled-off cleans. Utilising an AlNiCo magnet will always produce a more open and dynamic tone, than can be found with typical ceramic magnets. We’ve chosen AlNiCo V magnets to provide a more powerful, attacking tone with a full bottom-end. This set has a balanced output, and avoids the pitfalls of many 'over-wound' pickups that can mask a guitars natural character. A classic all-rounder with a quality of tone you’d expect to hear on Custom Shop instruments, at a realistic price-point. Perfect for your upgrade or custom build project. Magnet: AlNiCo V, Resistance: Bridge 8.30k, Neck 7.30k ( +/- 10%), Brass-backed & Wax-potted 4 wires for coil-split, if required, or can be installed as a regular 2-wire humbucker.
  10. Generic Stingray style 5 string bridge with screws. Generic Stingray style control plate, wired with 2 tones and one volume pot for some reason, I can't find the screws for this. £14.00 delivered to the UK mainland or you can collect them from SE26 for less. PICS HERE
  11. Another smooth and pleasant transaction with Johann who now owns my medium scale MIJ Squier Precision.
  12. I lusted after that bass when it was up for sale but in no way could I justify buying it! Seen Norman play quite a few times over the last decade or so, always a joy. I might go to Margate Rocks in September where both Wilko Johnson and The Blockheads are playing, sadly not on the same day.
  13. Why not, then I can share my 33" 5'er 🙂
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