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  1. The 27mm pancake lens is ideal for that I'd say as it's very small and there's a new version out so you might be able to pick up the original for a good price. I've seriously considered picking up a 18-55, seems like an idea compromise lens. I have the original X100 and that just about fits in my back pocket 🙂
  2. You certainly should, some say it's the best version of the X-T range, something about that older sensor producing more film like images.
  3. I have two tickets for Bauhaus at Alexander Palace on Saturday 30th October up for grabs, it been reschedules a couple of times because of Covid and I was hoping it would be again as I can't make that date but alas it's going ahead, I've wanted to see them live since I was a teenager but it's not to be ☹️ I paid £70.00+ per ticket including booking fees but I'm happy to take £75.00 for both including postage. Trades possible. Ally Pally gig info HERE R.
  4. Now on eBay sans the lens. HERE
  5. Still not got around to putting it up on eBay 🙄
  6. My white fretless stereo version is the only bass I really regret selling but back then it was a strict 'one in one out' policy, so tempting 🤔
  7. My days of putting together bitsa bases are over (probably) I don't have the time or inclination to sell all these bits and pieces individually so offering them as a job lot. There's a few photos HERE of the main bit's and pieces, I also have some screws, pots, neck plates .... I'll include but didn't photograph. 4 sets of used long scale strings, 3x 5 string bridges, 4x 4 string bridges, various knobs, cheap MM style control plate, quality Jazz Bass plate wired with a push/pull switch for parallel/series, cheapo MM 5 style pick-up, unknown Jazz pickups, new 4 in-line tuners probably from an SX bass, 5 scratch-plates, the Musicman Stingray five has the corner missing, the pearl Jazz has a messy extra half hole near the bottom horn. Any questions just ask. Quite a heavy box so collection from SE London would be best but I can get a courier quote for you if needed. R.
  8. BUMP before listing on eBay tomorrow.
  9. The only reason I'm selling this excellent 24.3mp APSC camera is because I bought an X-T2 instead, this X-T20 is more or less the same but in a smaller form factor. Full specs available on-line. It's in excellent condition with just a couple of small marks on the bottom. One down side is the focus mode switch on the front has lost it's button, when I got it I used a small pin to move the setting to manual focus and that's where it's stayed, I mostly use adapted vintage manual lenses but the camera is set-up with 'back button focusing' enabled so it's works fine with auto focus lenses too, takes a bit of getting used to if you don't usually shoot like that but I actually prefer it now and have the X-T2 set up like that. Comes with a free Meike 28mm manual lens to get you going, not a great lens to be fair but it will get you going if you are new to the Fujifilm system or fancy trying a manual focus lens, it's a 28mm (roughly equivalent to 40mm on full frame) F2.8 I use an ols adapted Vivitar for this focal length now so it's surplus to requirements. Also included is a half leather case, hotshoe mounted thumb rest, a cable release thingy and original box. PICS HERE
  10. Just found these 3 lens adaptors and a body cap in the camera draw, I moved over to Fujifilm from Lumix a while ago now so these are no longer needed. 2x generic Minolta MD and one Gobe M42 screw mount. Great for opening up the world of cheap vintage lens on your M4/3 camera. R. now on eBay http://ebay.us/vjdYCU?cmpnId=5338273189
  11. That body shape is very reminiscent of a Shergold Marathon, which is a good thing 🙂
  12. You can pick the original tune up on Bandcamp, I too was surprised it was a cover as it sounds so much like a Stranglers song.
  13. Thanks, the Marshall belonged to the main acts bass player 🙂 I promise I stopped tucking my t-shirt in by the 90's 😂 The pink Tele was a refinished 70's one and I wish I'd bought it when it came up for sale a few years later.
  14. This old thread needs an ancient pic of an extremely nervous me playing a Thunder IIa (I think) at the 100 Club in the late 80's.
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