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  1. New range from fender.

    Over £1700 gulp!
  2. ROLAND R8 Drum Machine Manual

  3. Call Me - Go West

  4. Feedback for P-ZARN

    Neil bought an XLR cable from me, very fast payment and excellent comms
  5. Hello from West London

    Welcome to BC
  6. Short Scale, Left Hand, Beginner

    I found that thread but some of the pics are missing, still it might be worth contacting @blablas for his thoughts
  7. Short Scale, Left Hand, Beginner

    For a cheap and cheerful route Harley Benton P HERE I don't have any experience with them personally but if you look through the Build Diary section there's a guy who owns several that he's modified.
  8. Conversation with Marcus Miller.

    I enjoyed that, thanks for posting.
  9. Bacon's Bass Place

    Sadly I was put off by the titles, both the look of that font and the fact it's another slap video so I didn't watch it but don't let me put you off though young man That Stingray is a lovely colour.
  10. I can see their point about you having taken the neck off though. Hope you get your money back. I've just bought an Ibanez Classical and the fit and finish is excellent, weird for the shop to take they are never perfect!
  11. Jazz bass pull pot wiring help

    I get my mate to do my Series/Parallel wiring for me using this diagram for reference, it might be worth checking your wiring against it.
  12. That's a lovely looking piece of Ash. Good luck with your sale.
  13. Fave and unfave music noises

    I recently stumble across the Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, some pretty funky bass pedal work from the main main, love it!
  14. Bought for a project that didn't really work out, lovely sounding pickup, in excellent condition, I installed it temporarily directly to a jack plug by twisting wires together so the cables haven't been soldered or cut. I don't have any of the packaging just the pickup. £50.00 plus £3.00 postage to the UK mainland. Note: I can generally only get to a post office on a Saturday morning. I'd happily trade for a 4 string version.
  15. London bass guitar show 2018

    I saw that on Twitter last night, I might go again after a few years of not bothering