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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. I'm really keen to give one a try again having very briefly playing a Dingwall years ago when buying an amp from a fellow BC'er.
  3. Does anyone know who has my old orange 5 string Roscoe Century?

  4. Wilcock B90, a slight nod towards the old Shergold Marathon, not sure how readily available they are though.
  5. Now scheduled to go on eBay. 'Your listing will start on 20 Jan, 2022 15:00:14 GMT'
  6. Today I mostly have Dingwall Combustion GAS

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Rumple


      You and your YT video's are partially to blame 😉

    3. Bigwan


      Nice original series Combustion appeared on Bassdirect's Facebook feed last night...

    4. Rumple


      Thanks for the heads up 👍

  7. Fender Vintera Fiesta Red Telecaster body, comes with Wilkinson bridge and Warman bridge pick-up, strap buttons and output jack. I put together a lovely Telecaster using this body back in 2019 but as much as I love the look and sound of a Telecaster I can't get on with not having a belly and forearm cut on a guitar, I'm keeping hold of the neck etc. for now. In great condition with only a few minor marks and scratches, see pics, I have taken a pic of the worst 'ding'. £275.00 plus a fiver towards P&P, less if you want to collect it from SE London or do a weekend meet up in central London. Might trade for a Fender Stratocaster neck, Mad Professor Sweet Honey OD pedal, Mustang Bass, Fujifilm XF or Canon EF lenses, decent Hi-Fi CD player. Usual story from me I'll try it on here for a week or so then list it on eBay. R.
  8. The local UPS guy takes all deliveries to the Parcelshop because he can't be bothered to deliver them to each home according to the Mr Shopkeeper, you just get a message saying you were not in when they (don't) try to deliver. Parcelforce took over 10 days to deliver something that was meant to be 48 hour delivery. Sadly none of them are particularly good, Royal Mail still haven't delivered stuff ordered at the beginning of December. You can easily call Interparcel (broker) if there's an issue with a delivery or collection and they sort it out but you never get a refund or a follow up after reporting a situation like the UPS or Parcelforce one mentioned above.
  9. Same with Interparcel who are also a broker, often the tracking info is well out of date, it's likely your pedal is closer than you think 🤞
  10. Child's car booster seat, it would be a shame to send it to landfill, free to anyone who has a use for it, sorry collection from London SE26 only.
  11. Taken from a bitsa Jazz Bass I put together a few years ago, I had a friend wire it up, small pots, push pull Series/Parallel Switch on the volume pot, all pots smooth felling during operation, nice PIO cap, mostly cloth covered cable, black metal knobs, a bit grubby and scratched but worked a treat before being removed, I can't test it obviosly but no reason it shouldn't still do a sterling job, sorry no mounting screws. £!6.00 to the UK mainland via snails pace Yodel or you can collect it from SE26. R.
  12. I kinda like the simplicity of GB, I've used Cubase and Reaper in the past and enjoy their advanced functions but I get more music done with the (slightly) limiting features of Garageband, I'm just messing around not doing anything serious mind, maybe I'm slowly regressing and will eventually go back to using Cubasis on an Atari ST 😃
  13. I bought this second hand for my young Nephew who was taking up electric guitar but it was a bit OTT for his needs so it has sat under the bed unused ever since, sorry but I know very little about these but it sounds great. it's in pretty good condition apart from the obvious slightly annoying faulty half of the LCD display, there's a bit of Velcro on the bottom of the power supply. £35.00 delivered via Yodel to Mainland UK, a little less if you'd like to collect it from South London. I'll happily try to answer any questions you have. R.
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