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  1. 32" Medium Scale Bass Thread

    It just popped up on Ebay, BIN or Make An Offer, I expected it to be exactly the same as the yellow/orange one I have but there are differences.
  2. Feedback for Oggy

    Tim bought a 32" scale neck from me, such a smooth and pleasant transaction
  3. Do you count when you play?

    If it's not in 4/4 I count whilst learning a song until it becomes second nature.
  4. 32" Medium Scale Bass Thread

    Arrived yesterday, 8lb of black sparkly SX Gypsy Rose which I think I'll mod using the black scratchplate from my orange/yellow one, new pick-ups and wiring loom, Ultralites and maybe get the neck refinish in the new year.
  5. 32" Medium Scale Bass Thread

    Another SX Gypsy Rose inbound! might move the MIJ Squier P on, lovely and light but I can't get on with one pickup basses for some reason.
  6. BUMP for a reduction in price.
  7. I bought this Eden 32" medium scale neck with the view to using it on a Squier Jazz body I had without realising the fact that it has 21 frets means it's not as straight forward a job as I thought well beyond my abilities so I'm moving it on. It's as new and can be used either to create a left or right handed neck as it has side markers for both. All the details can be found HERE Looking for £45.00 shipped to the UK mainland, a little less if you want to collect it from Sydenham in SE London. R.
  8. So .... I built a Tele

    That looks great, uses recycled wood and it's a fantastic nod to your Uncle's memory
  9. [quote name='Conan' timestamp='1505811820' post='3374415'] I would say that Joe Dart gets fairly close (at times) on here (except when he is playing directly over the bridge pickup).... [/quote] That's a lovely bass tone.
  10. Is this the future of music?

    I like that, a good tune and a video that had me watching to the end.
  11. Wiring your pick-ups in series produces a nice big tone IMHO not a P sound granted but more so than the usual parallel setup.