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  1. Rumple

    Thoughts on short scale basses?

    There is THIS short scale Fender Jazz on Ebay at the moment, it's a rare thing.
  2. Rumple

    Hello from Christchurch, New Zealand

    Welcome to BC, my sister lives in Lincoln just outside of Christchurch.
  3. Rumple

    32" Medium Scale Bass Thread

    Really! there was a black sparkly one on there back in November that went for about £60, I was tempted but as I'm not playing these days it would have been stupid to buy it 😃
  4. Rumple

    32" Medium Scale Bass Thread

    There was a Gypsy Rose on Ebay over Christmas I think, not sure if it's still there, if you don't mine the girlie colours then they are well worth giving a try, I have two! That Yamaha 5 string is very nice @therealting
  5. Rumple

    Headphone heads up

    I'm going to take them for spin with an octaver setting on my Zoom B1on and a Jazz Bass tomorrow.
  6. Rumple

    Headphone heads up

  7. Rumple

    Headphone heads up

    Yup all OK now thanks, they sound great 😊
  8. Rumple

    Headphone heads up

    Doh! what a numpty I am cheers!
  9. Rumple

    Headphone heads up

    Just got mine and the two mini jack plugs that attach to either ear piece are a very loose fit, they don't seem to click in so are very easy to accidentally pull out, are anyone else's like that?
  10. Rumple

    Headphone heads up

    £30.59 delivered, thank you for the heads up and the offer code 👍
  11. Rumple

    Bands with Two Bass Players

    Not him then 😁
  12. Rumple

    STOLEN: Unique Dingwall Super J5

    Thieving bar stewards! what a nightmare, I hope they get caught and your property is returned to you safely.
  13. Rumple

    Bands with Two Bass Players

    I'm pretty sure the lead singer is/was a member on here.
  14. Rumple

    Bands with Two Bass Players

    Evil Blizzard have 3 bass players I believe, don't look them up though as they might give you nightmares 😃
  15. Rumple

    Feedback for Steve Browning

    Steve recently bought my Mesa Subway Di, super fast payment & friendly comms, what more could you ask for 👍