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  1. I had to give up brewing and this is left over from those days, used to control temps during fermentation but Idea for any situation that needs to be temperature controlled. £10.00 collected from SE London, postage by Yodel would be another £3.50. PICS HERE R.
  2. From a project I never fully finished after deciding to go down another route. I'm pretty sure it's a Squier Affinity body, that's what it was listed as on eBay, it's in pretty good used shape with a few nicks in the finish hear and there, the pickups are Vanson Hunbuckers that can be coil tapped if that's something you wanted to do, scratchplate came from eBay, wiring loom is a quality @KiOgon solderless VTT one with a 3 position switch. A few of things to be aware of are the bridge is screwed down so it's more like a hardtail Strat, it would probably need replacing if you want the use of a tremolo system, Something isn't right about my wiring as the volume knob only turns the sound down a little bit not off, no idea why but I'm sure it's an easy fix for someone who knows about these things. The scratchplate is secured by only a few screws, basically the ones that lined up with the holes in the body. PICS £65.00 posted via Yodel or less if you want to collect it from SE London, might also be able to meet up at a London mainline station. R.
  3. Welcome and I think we all need to know who you've worked with 🙂
  4. In excellent condition, I even found the box! it has some very decent sounds but I just use my G1 FOUR for both bass and guitar now. £20.00 posted via Yodel. PICS
  5. I had to give up brewing so this is surplus to requirements now, not had a huge lot of use. Free if you collect it from Sydenham in SE London, or I can send it via Yodel to the mainland UK if you want to pay pay for shipping.
  6. Maple fretboard, 70's style headstock, most of the neck has a satin finish, the front of the headstock is gloss, it's in great condition, I used it on a bitsa build but ultimately I prefer Rosewood necks with gloss lacquer. £50.00 collected from SE London, meeting near a mainline London station is an option, I could probably find some bubble wrap if you wanted to stump up for a Yodel delivery. MORE PICS
  7. Remember folk these can be adapted with a cheap adaptor to work on modern mirrorless cameras.
  8. To be honest I Can't remember, I'll have a look under the bed later.
  9. Pulled from a working desktop workstation, only the cables shown are included, it's a little dusty but otherwise fine. Free to anyone who wants to collect it from SE London or I can post it via Yodel at a cost of approximately £5.00. More pics HERE
  10. I believe this started out life as an OLP neck, Stingray 5 Stylie but it's been extensively messed with, mostly before I got it....... honest 😄 Headstock has been reshaped, the paint applied has crazed. Profile has been sanded down, it's been on loads of bodies and had various tuners fitted by the looks of it, frets aren't bad but might need attention, truss rod worked the last time the neck was used. Treat it as a project or maybe use it as a rounders bat! Free to anyone who wants to collect it from South East London, I do venture into town on occasion or I could wrap it in bubble wrap and post it via Yodel if you're willing to pay for courier. PICS HERE
  11. Drat I don't have the motherboard, so no I don't - sorry, does that make it useless?
  12. Used on an Intel Core i7, sorry I'm not sure if it can be used with other processors. Anyone want to rescue it from landfill for the cost of the postage?
  13. I still haven't got around to putting it on eBay 🙄
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