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  1. operative451

    How Much?!

    Now don't get me wrong, i really like my one of these but i paid £25 in my local 'used gear' emporium..! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/192486679531
  2. operative451

    Whats on your 'no limits' Christmas list?

    The Millennium Falcon, in the condition it was in when Lando had it. My tinnitus to go away To look like Helena Christensen People to shut up about the beatles.
  3. operative451

    How do you play reggae?

    Two things: first, Bob Marley's dad was a white guy from Liverpool. Second: you live in a flipping colony!!!
  4. operative451

    Best Sounding Bass Recording

    Thanks for this thread, its made me remember things! Personally my ideal sound is basically anything REM have recorded, particularly Orange Crush. Or Duff Mckagan on anything Velvet Revolver. Its a shame Scott Weiland was such a nong, VR were good up until the occasionally WTAPF?! jarring lyric... See particularly: and:
  5. operative451

    How do you play reggae?

    Bounce, and hit the notes on the bounce. And wind the tone knob back aaaaaaaaaaaall the way... In self-pluggage as an example news, we done that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCiwFVon05k (warning. sweary!) and it was originally intended to sound like Motorhead (we were very very cross). Its 'donor song' for feel is Ghost Town by the Specials which our Canadian chum might be unaware of, and is an example of Two-tone*, pretty much the first UK multicultural youth culture (probably) - that was basically ska, reggae and punk all mixed together... Equally reggae massively influenced the Clash, the Police and obvs UB40 so its really been part of protesty type music and alternative culture in the UK since Windrush! And apparently the Queen Mother had a massive ska collection..! *Black and white, geddit?
  6. operative451

    When you accidentally invent the fuzz bass solo

    It'd be fun to speed that up, remix it with the bass going all the way through and then claim its an early Muse demo...
  7. operative451

    Interesting FRFR story..

    Had a similar experience with Parliament Funkadelic/George Clinton at the Roundhouse... Bassist was stood in front of two ampeg 8x10s and the sound was basically like a Fiat Uno with a subwoofer parked outside..> Way too loud so they had to scoop it to death. As an aside, i'm now wondering, i have a little amp (Warwick BC15.1) which makes a sound i like but is 15 watts and an 8" speaker. For gigs, what's the best thing to do, show up with it and take a DI out to PA (while ignoring the laughter of the sound person- if there is one!) or slave it to a bigger speaker? Or mic it, as i think part of what i like is the compression from the little speaker?
  8. operative451


    'RollingStone Syndrome'?
  9. operative451

    Zoom B3n amperage requirements

    I got one of these! https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07CS6T95Z/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00 which i use on the branch of a daisy chain than has the zoom on, with other pedals (see my many posts over on the pedalboard thread) and it really nicely chops out the 'eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee' noise. It can take a little bit of swapping plugs as there's probably something about where the zoom is compared to other the pedals in the power sequence but it does the job for less than 10 quid..
  10. operative451

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    The Fuzz is stock.. Its just sort of nasty in a way that the zoom fuzzes aren't- i don't use the octave much! I like the fuzz in front of the wah too, so i can do that thing you get in EDM where it goes 'muffled muffled nasal fizzy BOOM'... Which is fun.. Yeah the EQ does a thing that's different somehow to what the Zoom EQs have. The sliders are different frequencies, that might be it!
  11. operative451

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    And yet another one... Compromise between being able to save stuff and using basically the fuzz i like...
  12. operative451

    US "touring band" gets found out in Bristol

    International... Also, top tip, Canadian shouty man is funny and has good recording tips...
  13. operative451

    Bass through guitar gear...myth?

    Some people recommend it for recording:
  14. operative451

    Best cheap bass for John East preamp project......

    I've got a white one of these: https://www.staggmusic.com/en/products/view/MB300BK which seems to be discontinued but there's a natural one as well. And its the same one as this with a different logo on for some reason! https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/eastcoast-mb300-4-string-electric-bass-guitar-in-black But i have seen people being very excited about how Stingray-ey they are with a pre-amp in..!
  15. operative451

    Duffer's guide to writing lyrics....

    Top tip: Don't write songs about being really depressed or they'll make you miserable every time you perform them!