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  1. ok, so analogue* is just better... *alright, the Mod Station's digital, but you know what i mean...
  2. Some patches for you (in attached Zip) Green is based on Mike Dirnt's sound in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwVKj3whFcs Duff Slap is trying to get a tone like Duff MCkagen circa Velvet Revolver Blood FST started out trying to be a sort of Royal Blood thing but then went a bit 'Satan's fairground Organ'/'Choir of Angry Robots' DrFkenstein is basically the sound of 1970s blacksploitation movies. And some Guitar Sounds too! Stangry is an attempt at ST Anger Period Hetfield Gun is a Slashy cocked-wah solo tone. There are screenshots of Zoom Guitar Lab for each in the folder too. Have fun!Basschat.zip
  3. BTW this is in my Harley Benton amp i changed the speaker on a while back... First experiment: take the front off, shove a pillow in there. Result: less honky mids, but a bit dull. Took it out again. Heard neighbours crashing about, decided to watch the Handmaid's tale instead.
  4. Well yes, short question but gets it across! I saw someone on another thread building a cab and it was full of roof insulation looking stuff? What does that do and should i do it?
  5. #blatantselfplug And they won't play this on the radio either: Help help i'm being censored!!
  6. "You're 16, you're beautiful, and you're mine". Ew. I guess a lot of it is that now we're more 'woke' and post-saville, stuff that was 'ok at the time' is now creepy AF... Not to mention those sings were sung by maybe late teen/20somethings and now the original singers are like, 90, and still singing the same songs... As it was the anniversary of Rik Mayall's death the other day, i have to contribute: "Gonna lock her up in a trunk!" "I still feel that locking girls up in trunks is politically unsound!"
  7. Wear a dress? Works for me... I do wear my bass at Trujillo level too... more seriously, stick some masking tape on the back of the bass? Comes off easy. Also useful for stopping shiny instruments sticking to leather trousers!
  8. Back in about 2000ish my band got 'demo of the month' in kerrang. I was on the train and a kid recognised me and asked me to sign it... I felt silly. I hadn't actually practiced my autograph!
  9. Disconnect one of the guitarist's speakers so hes less loud and his amp head plays up, and put weights in the bottom of his cab. Then start complaining of a bad back so you can't help him with it...
  10. I'd fit wheels and a motor and drive it about..
  11. I'm actually currently listening to Bring Me the Horizon at Radio1 big weekend... Seems quite healthy! Admittedly i think the main thing Rock has ever said is 'Yeah?! Well i didn't want to be your stupid friend anyway!' which is always going to be valid, sadly! (feel a bit like that at the moment)
  12. Thing is, skiffle and music hall are dead too. So what? I'm currently watching Billie Eilish at radio1's big weekend and ver kids are screaming and crying down the front just as much as ever. Music evolves, I don't really understand why that upsets people so much...
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