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  1. In quarantine in my GF's sisters garage (it has a converted loft above it!) out in the sticks. She insisted on pulling me out of that London before the road blocks went up, and i didn't argue too hard! Also working on a 'self-isolation' song with my band-mate via glitchy AF internet..!
  2. Berating myself for quitting my job somewhere literally in a field, where they have home working and sick pay and moving to bloody London and accidentally ending up freelance!
  3. I'm not super sure how you make money off youtube but she has over 44,000 subscribers... https://www.youtube.com/user/hurricanenita/videos You can definitely make a living at that level!
  4. Well, its a long and slightly boring story... The response i got was from a guitar guy and a singing lady.. After a load of emails and a missed meeting we ended up in our local rehearsal space. They were nice enough... and the singing lady didn't sing all the wrong notes, just most of them. The guitaring was kind of shimmery and totally unheavy. If anything if they toned down the 'ALL the effects on at the same time' guitar and the singing lady learned some notes (her tone was quite nice, sort of Lana del-ray meets Kirstie McColl?) they could be quite enjoyable. But not what i'm looking for so i sent a polite 'thank you no' message. I'll probably not bother again...
  5. I want Zia La Zinger Zua to be my friend.
  6. Replacement Zoomer arrived!

    I feel like it sounds better than the other one, might just be me justifying it to myself though.. :D

    1. Daz39


      Newer software?

      Or just less dusty? ;)

    2. operative451


      It still had the V1 software on but i did the firmware update.

      The dusty thing is quite possible!

  7. I find this guy quite annoying, but i followed some of his hints about EQ and making spaces for other sounds on a recent recording and it sounded really good! I also rolled quite a lot of bass off the guitar sound - by itself it sounded sort of shrill and nasal at the same time, but with the bass and guitar together it really sat nicely!
  8. Hi! Thought i'd say hi again. Hi! Just cos i wandered off a bit - you know the drill. Brain wobbles, work, relationships, band-mate/BFF keeling over with kidney failure, sudden interest in acrylic nails, that sort of thing. Basically i lost myself for a bit. And yes, you can play bass with acrylic nails! Although they're coming off at the weekend because i miss being able to use my thumbs...
  9. Only metal is silly and overblown enough to think 'hey, lets write a song about how cool Carl Sagan is!' I think thats why i love it... (Nightwish - Sagan) Make me wonder Make me understand Spark the light of doubt and a newborn mind Bring the vast unthinkable down to earth Always wary of a captive thought Beware the very first unkind word See who you are, where from, what of Entering the unknown Sending all the poets to the stars Daring to see beyond the manmade Woe to you who evade the horizon Listening to Sagan Dreaming Carl Sagan Unseen streams With understanding no poet is trapped Woe to all who stop at the horizon What kind of world would we call home Our own Oasis of love, humility and hope Eradicating all that`s not for life What kind of aim would we call high What kind of life would bathe in the brightest white A limitless world will rise Son of man, dare to let go of the cowardice
  10. Ok yeah, so i'm replacing my B3n.. with a B3n! Oh well, at least the resale price seems about what i sold mine for so i'm not losing anything!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. operative451


      Basically! Its not perfect but the things i thought 'well i never use these' like the drum machine and the looper, i suddenly found myself wanting to use...! And while i can faff about with a laptop and do that, its too much faffing about.. :D

    3. SpondonBassed


      I have never used any effects other than those onboard my combo such as compression, overdrive and sub-harmonic.  If I owned a B3n, would I still need to carry a DI box?

    4. operative451


      I don't use one when go into an audio interface.  Its got jack outputs, no XLR, so, i guess, probably? I've noticed any difference using it with and without a DI box though...

  11. Best, definitely 'money ' by the flying lizards. Worse: same song by the Beatles....
  12. Well what else can you do under the circumstances?
  13. SOLD and in the post tomorrow!
  14. Standard stompboxes that i've aleady got.. plus maybe a bonkers filter of some kind! I find i rarely use most of the crazy stuff on the zoom, except for the times i do use them..!
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