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  1. operative451

    How good is the Zoom B3n? I brought one to find out.

  2. operative451

    How good is the Zoom B3n? I brought one to find out.

    Ish.. Duo with guitar and singing and backing tracks, but mostly video recorded live. Plus a lot of general mucking about in my living room.. I've made some nice guitar patches too, generally using the Bassman and a 4x12 cab with the SM57 turned up. It takes a bit of imaginative drive pedal layering but it works...
  3. operative451

    Cracking live albums but a bit meh in the studio

    I'd be gouging out my eardrums..
  4. operative451

    How good is the Zoom B3n? I brought one to find out.

    That's pretty cool! What's the pre-amp you're using? I'm just about getting to grips with my B3n after about a year...
  5. operative451

    Cracking live albums but a bit meh in the studio

    Slightly sneaking in under the 25 years, i love Metallica S&M, the orchestra just adds an epicness. I know lots of 'fans' hate it, but they probably also downloaded it off Napster so can bum off. I watch a lot of live stuff on youtube now - Muse live at 2018 Rock in Rio is pretty awesome... See also St Vincent - still super slick but i like there being extra band members and dressing up. What's the point of being in a band if you don't get to dress up?!
  6. operative451

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    Latest iteration... For those 'don't know if i want to use the B3n' moments, plus OCDily flipping back and forth between amps - The A/B/Y pedal goes into the B3n input and the AUX, so the B3N is effectively bypassed And its also a sneaky way of getting a clean blend if i switch to Y mode...
  7. operative451

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    One of the things I find the most interesting on this thread is the extra pedals people choose to use with multi-effects....
  8. operative451

    Ok, that's impressive...

    A self powered PA speaker, set flat.
  9. operative451

    Ok, that's impressive...

    I'm probably more likely to use mine live than drag an amp actually..! Just going from the fact that pretty much every gig i've been to, i've had to suggest that the person standing in front of me shuts the funk up so i can hear the actual band... Even when its bastardingly loud! Clearly audiences don't give a toss and go to gigs for somewhere to yak loudly about football or how many times they've seen the band before (and talked all the way through presumably)...!
  10. operative451

    Ok, that's impressive...

    So i'm A/Bing my Zoom B3n and my little Warwick Blue Cab 15.1 trying to work out exactly what it is i like about the Warwick. I have a hunch its the speaker as the DI out the back doesn't have the same thud to it. So i start with cabinet emulations by themselves and pretty much immediately find that the SVT8x10 emulation sounds super close to the Warwick. Chuck in a bit of no-messing about compression and that's effectively the tone i like. So basically Warwick managed to tune a 8" speaker to have similar enough tonal characteristics to an 8x10 that a cab sim sounds virtually* the same**. I don't know what's more impressive, that they managed to get that amount of thud into a little box with titchy speaker, or that the Zoom is able to fake it! I will also need to have a conversation with myself that goes something like: 'That does not mean you need an ampeg stack. You can't afford it and the nice goddy lady who lives upstairs currently says hello to you, which she will be less likely to do if she's being vibrated around her flat.' *ahaha! See what i did there! **subject to my crappy ears
  11. operative451

    Strap twist

    Even with USB C which is supposedly symmetrical!!
  12. operative451

    What are you listening to right now?

    Found this lot recently - not normally into shouting but its sort of post-grunge punky shouting so i'll let it pass...
  13. operative451

    Further ZOOM B3n Observations required

    How many different noises do you want to make? My main reason for using my zoom less is that it just does too much..! Oh yeah, top tip for bypass! Get a Y-switcher pedal thingy and a patch lead with a small jack at one end. Stick it in the 'aux' input on the zoom and you're sorted... I haven't tried that yet...
  14. How much for a P/J with a switch?! https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2019/02/16/fender-revamps-the-duff-mckagan-deluxe-precision-bass/
  15. operative451

    What floats your boat?

    I noticed the other day that the common denominator for me is massive string sections! So, Chic and pretty much any classic disco, Pet Shop Boys, Nightwish and other symphonic metal type things (although i find her out of Within Temptation a bit whiny). And probably one of my favourite albums ever is Metallica S&M...