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  1. operative451

    Small PA, Studio monitors, or something else?

    Awesome advice, thanks everybody!
  2. operative451

    Small PA, Studio monitors, or something else?

    Funny you should say that, we just did one:
  3. operative451

    Small PA, Studio monitors, or something else?

    Not really - they'd look silly on video and also there are two of us...
  4. Hi! So yes - what it says up there. My musical comedy duo have started doing regular-ish live-ish youtube videos, for which i got lots of help on the recording forum to make the sound better by going into a behringer UMC404HD 4 input audio interface, which is working well! But now we need to be able to hear it properly. As we're using a Zoom B3n and a POD for bass and guitar, plus backing tracks, its easier to DI into the audio interface and then use whatever amps to hear what's coming out the other end. Currently we're using a cobbled together mess of a Stagg acoustic practice amp and a Warwick BC15.1 to hear ourselves, which sounds predictably pants, and makes mixing and editing more of a faff... So i'm thinking either a little PA, one of those 'two speakers and a box with knobs on' jobbies, or some 'Studio Monitors', aka jumped up PC speakers. Basically they need to be able handle Di-ed bass without going PTHHBBBOOORP. And sound ok not-super loud as this all happens in my living room and i live in a flat! Thanks!
  5. operative451

    Musicianship vs Personality & Stage Appeal

    Vintage Trouble - i think you have just found my new favourite band for me! But then they had me at the opening guitar riff, the jumping around is just a bonus! I just went to see this lot: I guess its as much about theatre as musicianship? There's room for both i guess? I mean, i loved going to see the Dap Kings and Sharon Jones because of their whole old-school show-biz 'Hey there ladess and gennulmen!' shtick as much as the musuc but equally was quite happy with the JAMC just standing there hunched over pedal boards going 'WOHHAAAAARRRGGGGEEEE!!!!' ;D
  6. Hi! So i'm already in a band but... a: we don't gig much and b: i'd really like to network a bit through the local music scene and i sort of mostly don't know anyone. So - i am an adequate bassist, have transport, also play guitar adequately and keyboards not very well! Music-wise, i'm pretty open minded, except i really don't like ska. Ideally i'd be up for disco, p-funk, retro rock and roll type stuff, electronica non-grunty metal, that sort of thing. You can hear and see me playing adequately here: https://www.youtube.com/user/FunnySongsOrElse/videos Please PM me here! Thanks!
  7. operative451

    Ground Loops/HELP!

    I get running a Dell mini tower thingy into a mixer and then bass amp (never mind why). A DI box with a ground lift button in between the computer and the everything else sorts it...
  8. Interesting answer on the netbook as i was about to jump in with that too! After being helped on here and getting a behringer umc404hd so that i could record multiple tracks at once, i got annoyed with my desktop PC making amps do buzzing and resurrected my venerable HP compaq mini110 with windows 10 (and everything windowsy switched off!) and REAPER to record live guitar, bass and singing along with normally 2-4 tracks of backing track. It totally works...
  9. operative451

    Feedback for tonyclaret

    Oops, i forgot to do this! Tony bought my digitech BSW - paid immediately, very quick comms! Would deffo sell to / buy from again!
  10. operative451

    Using more than one input at the same time

    So i got the behringer thingy! First impressions are that its great, does what i want and as a bonus, makes Netflix sound a lot better!
  11. operative451

    Using more than one input at the same time

    I'm fine with Behringer - my hearing is rubbish and we're using it for stuff like this to get a better sound than just off the camera...:
  12. operative451

    Using more than one input at the same time

    All at the same time yes - I know, text is a bit impersonal isn't it! That behringer thingy could be the one! Thanks!
  13. operative451

    Using more than one input at the same time

    Ok, so just for my blood pressure/mental health/general rage issues - if i want to be able to record; Vocal mic Guitar Bass against a backing track produced in FL studio (ideally not mixed down so say 4 tracks of audio) All at the same time, and don't want to spent lots of money (say around £100 max) - is there a thing and what should i buy?
  14. operative451

    Using more than one input at the same time

    I'm using ASIO 4 All.. So far the best i've got is getting FL Studio to recognise all the input devices at the same time (hurrah!) but it will still only let me record from one at a time.. (booo!)
  15. operative451

    Using more than one input at the same time

    Ooh, that last bit could work - i'll give it a go, thanks!