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  1. SOLD and in the post tomorrow!
  2. Standard stompboxes that i've aleady got.. plus maybe a bonkers filter of some kind! I find i rarely use most of the crazy stuff on the zoom, except for the times i do use them..!
  3. Its still for sale but i'm using it while it awaits its fate... So probably quite a lot like being on death row! 🍆
  4. I've actually got a patch on my B3n that goes Octave up, Fuzz, Octave down, auto-wah, SVT, whammy. It sounds like Satan's fairground organ... ;D
  5. Plus, didn't this question come up when they invented synths? and we're still here...
  6. Bumped! Also will throw in M-audio expression pedal, which works with the Zoom very happily...
  7. Haha! I wish.. I was basically that shape in about 2000ish though.. Plus or minus the odd lump or bump here and there...
  8. Melissa Auf Der Maur, obvs.. #iwish! (profile photo is a bit out of date, i'm not blonde anymore...)
  9. Zoom B3n, does all the things a B3n does - latest firmware updated, will reset patches to factory. No box but i have a neoprene zip cover (originally for small laptops) that i'll pack it in. Very good condition, will post to UK. Pics below!
  10. Hmm weird! No i have a B3n - i think most of the effects are the same though!
  11. I think I may be the crazy...
  12. No.. ;D If you look, you'll probably find it.. I've also been quite specific as i fancy doing something properly gothy (Nephilim/Cure, gothy, not Manson/Evanensence metalgoth) so i've pitched it that way. If i found something more randomly i'd be for doing lots of other different types of stuff though. I have to admit i am still slightly scarred by my one previous JMB experience with Mr 'I don't like modern music' when asked 'so what about grunge?' 😨
  13. Ok, well i've taken the plunge and posted an ad on JMB... Waiting for the abuse to roll in..!
  14. Thanks for the replies.! "Local music shop!'.. yeah I remember those used to be a thing... also I'm quite shy, so 'chatting to people' and 'going out...' um... I feel like what there is of my local music scene is pretty incestuous... there used to be a punk band called "the bus station loonies" and if you're a music person in Plymouth and either haven't been in it or don't know someone who was in it at some point, you're probably dead..
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