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  1. operative451

    Using backing tracks live

    We don't have a drummer. Sorted.. . also the setlist thingy in the video up there ^ has a screen that shows the song we're on, does an on-screen count in and also shows the chords we're supposed to be playing. We're thinking of making it into an app and selling it, just saying... Because our stuff is mostly originals, we use FL Studio to make all the stuff we can't play, and everything we play live is stuff we've recorded already so we can use the same tracks. The setlist thingy can also play back midi files so in theory we could connect it to a (music) keyboard and have 'live' keys. But we don't...
  2. operative451

    Using backing tracks live

    We use a thing what we made: Not me in the vid, obvs! Also when i say 'we' , i mean the guy in the video not me.. Its probably overkill but we work in an IT company and do this sort of thing for fun... If you have a laptop/netbook etc lying about you can get also Ableton lite free. Or any type of DJing software works well.
  3. operative451

    Begging... Girls on Film?

    Hacky workaround: find a midi and then mute the rest of it in the DAW of your choice?
  4. My go-to "showing off" riff is Muse Hysteria which uses pretty much all the notes, open strings and the 12th fret at some point... but i still think widdling is unacceptable unless its behind closed doors and you wash your hands after...
  5. I've seen worse bass tutorial videos... Also Nik West says 'I try and avoid playing open strings' too... So does Scott off of Scot's bass lessons if i remember.. so it must be true... Also also: 2 things that drive me nuts on bass videos (like say, Anderton's 'All about da bass' which is otherwise quite entertaining) - playing up at the 12th fret: Like why?! Its called a BASS not a treble!! and extended slap jams. Argh! Its shredding for bassists, the teenage mutant ninja turtles had the right idea for what you do to shredders....
  6. a very good reason to avoid open E..
  7. operative451

    Ah, the naivety of a more innocent era.

    Fixed it...
  8. operative451

    Funk, Soul, Disco & Groove... Whats NEW!!!

    Never miss a chance for some self-pluggage.. (Ooer) Boney M pastiche.. .:D
  9. operative451

    There is life after 50

    My GF and i watching Kylie minxing her way about the O2: "So this is what 50 looks like then? Excellent..."
  10. operative451

    Stupid gobby comedy(?) songs!

    We're doing a thing!! https://www.facebook.com/events/254639745195581/ October 19th, Rock Bottom bar, Plymouth, 9pm. Stuff like this, only not in my kitchen!
  11. Saw Kylie at the O2 last night. Bleddy brilliant show! Lots of 'proper' instruments as she's in her 'country' period, but lots of re-arrangements of classics and some full-on disco too! No sign of amps on stage so i guess its either all DI or mic'ed cabs backstage somewhere... Rock'n'roll? Yeah. Let it die. This was joyful, no po-faced 'serious' music, just fun, entertainment, some great playing, singing and dancing and a genuine warm from the performers and the audience..! I've not had so much fun at a live event for a long time, if ever...
  12. operative451

    What Killed Rock & Roll?

    It occurred to me while lolloping in the bath that probably the definition of rock and roll is 'the older generation don't like it, and tell you're doing it wrong'. In which case, this thread suggests its alive and thriving...
  13. operative451

    What are you listening to right now?

    A playlist of my own band as we have a gig and I've forgotten how half of it goes!
  14. operative451

    What Killed Rock & Roll?

    Nah, you're thinking of 70s top of the pops...
  15. operative451

    What Killed Rock & Roll?

    " Why don't young people like the stuff i like?" ask some old men... Same reason they (probably) didn't listen to George Formby or Glen Miller i guess?