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  1. Daz39

    For sale FBass BN5

    Crikey, that’s stunning!
  2. Daz39


    Pics or it’s fictional!!
  3. Why are you selling this?!?! It’s lush!!
  4. Daz39

    Your Favorite Bass Prevalent CD?

    The problem with DT (and i say this as a big fan) is that yoy can rarely hear the bass properly without really focussing, prevalent it is not.
  5. Daz39

    Your Favorite Bass Prevalent CD?

    Rust in Peace - Megadeth: totally audible and musical bass lines, rarely buried under the guitars. Hold Your Fire - Rush. Oof, what a sound.
  6. Daz39

    Another Rush Re-issue...Hemispheres

    Oof - I looooove Hemispheres. It's a glorious peak of noodling. My current favourite re-release is Replay x3 with 3 live tour dvds and the GUP tour CD - it's utterly awesome.
  7. Daz39

    Drummers = nutjobs. I have proof

    This is cool. Nowt wrong with big kits; guitarists can turn up with 3 guitars and 25 pedals. I especially like Professor Peart’s tour kits with 2 seats and more cymbals than a drum shop.
  8. Daz39

    Mini Helix - HX Stomp...

    Hah - Pastor of Muppets. I like that.
  9. Daz39

    Mini Helix - HX Stomp...

    Shiny. That is all.
  10. Daz39

    Eude throws down the gauntlet

    Well yes - more than my 7yr old car is worth, still. Droolworthy Wood.
  11. Daz39

    ibanez SRF 705

    Where are you based? How much does it weigh?
  12. Daz39

    Eude throws down the gauntlet

    Oof - do you think I can get a discount off Fodera if I only want to buy the back of a bass?
  13. Daz39

    Eude throws down the gauntlet

    Is this why you have loads of ACG basses, because you live in the same vast forested bit of Scotland? (You do have a few don't you?) Jiggery and pokery is the backbone of bespoke ingenuity.
  14. Daz39

    Valeton pedals.

    There's a Valeton Delay on ebay at the mo too. I too am tempted by their range - particularly the preamp strip thing.
  15. Daz39

    Eude throws down the gauntlet

    Ooh - tinkering and amending, sounds good!