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  1. Daz39

    Changing top bar

    Second bar is the extended editing bar - which it will assume you don't need for a simple reply.
  2. Daz39

    Geddy's Lee's Big Beautiful Book of Bass

    Loving the quick peek I took last night. Obvs Alex’s backword is daft and Geddy’s intro suitably irreverent. oh crikey, the pictures! The photographer’s a genius.
  3. Daz39

    Geddy Lee pedal

    Well I'm vurry interested, that's for sure! Daft question: what exactly does the Tight button do? (or rather, what is it doing, technically?) I think the complaint that X's tone is in their fingers, strings, basses etc. is moot. You could make a Jaco pedal that accurately captures the noise he generally made and you'd get loads of complaints about how you can't distil his genius. Why buy anything endorsed by/designed with/recreating the tone of, anyone if it can't be done? /2cents
  4. Daz39

    Mark King on Jazz FM.

    Insulation tape? B&Q Also - spotted the TC Spectradrive in the first pic. Wakka wakka.
  5. Daz39

    Some music just sounds best in the car!

    I rarely listen to music in the house unless I am doing DIY, because I get left alone then. So all my music and podcasts are pretty much consumed on the 30-45min commute.
  6. Daz39

    Geddy's Lee's Big Beautiful Book of Bass

    It's arrived - ermagehrd!! 3.6kg in a big box - although going by standard Amazon packaging randomness it could be the size of a toothbrush.
  7. Daz39

    Dingwall Porn

    I drooled over that colour when I saw it too... Yum! Thankfully I'm about £4,500 short...
  8. Daz39

    Geddy's Lee's Big Beautiful Book of Bass

    Arriving Monday Note: it doesn't say which Monday!
  9. Daz39

    New Yamaha Nathan East signature

    “Crikey, that Bongo is ugly!” ”Hold my beer,”
  10. Daz39

    Pedals to go!

    What does the Waza-addition do to the Vibrato and Delay pedals?
  11. Daz39

    Ay up, from Leeds

    Aaah. I have seen it then,. but only when driving on the Loop. Thanks!
  12. Daz39

    Ay up, from Leeds

    Where's Northern Guitars? I have only found Dawson's in Leeds (much larger now they knocked through to next door.) Welcome too btw!
  13. Practice at home is limited by space and young kids. Going out for personal quality time is frowned upon. I could, theoretically, go out to attend lessons or jam with my mate, but is it worth the cold shoulder(s)?
  14. Daz39

    Fbass BN6 NT of the 90'.

    Yowzers, that's nice.
  15. I’ve never gigged. Was briefly in a band at uni but it turns out to have been an audition as they all made excuses the next week not to meet up with me. Thesedays I have little free time, my wife won’t let me go practice with my friends who are in bands or having lessons (they even have an insulated garage/drum room, and I have far too much anxiety to seriously consider looking for a band.