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  1. Bump - not anything I'm after but I'd like to commend your thoroughly informative and detailed post: I am a noob with filters and eq but even I followed this!
  2. Welcome from that Halifax!
  3. TBD - Live, from Throwing Copper. Ok - one verse riff, one chorus riff. Still pretty hypnotic.
  4. Ok ok - maybe not you. I was playing on the more butter-fingered members who can't seem to hold onto a pedal longer than a week and a half. It does look amazeballs.
  5. Ok - but you should have said NSFW! Now there's drool all over my keyboard...!
  6. Srsly though: PSA? What's the idea with the save/presets - the counter has 3 digits - is that for adding other effects or would I actually think up 999 variations of noise?
  7. Finish Him! - is that the Kill/Mute switch?
  8. As a fellow Dad of 4 the answer is - are you having a giraffe? You know we need to damp seal the X/replace Child #3s whatever/the gas bill is due.
  9. Crunch, Buzz, Punch, Gain and Drive: is this not a virtual reality controller for an MMA game?!
  10. Top Trumps! It’ll have to be added to pedal specs in the for sale section now!
  11. Crikey - that's actually reasonable by comparison. I guess the lack of distortion bits help, and it's a smaller box.
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