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  1. Daz39

    Great band opportunity in Leeds...

    No paid gigs for me - it's raw, undiluted Exposure I'm after. That's the ticket to fame!!
  2. Daz39

    Fender USA 2005/2006 Precision bass deluxe V cherry burst!!

    That is beautiful, love the fretboard!
  3. Daz39

    Bass Direct

    Don’t get it: why is @mrtcat wrong? Poor customer service is bad PR, regardless of the customer’s intention.
  4. Daz39

    SA Manta alternatives?

    +1 - I've had a Dimension Reverb, Guitar OFD and an Orbital Modulator. All so clever and tweakable (I can't be bothered with the app stuff so the new One Series pedals don't appeal too much.
  5. Daz39

    A build for our own Len_derby

    Very nice; but you appear to have made a left-handed fretboard!
  6. Daz39

    I've had a P-bass moment!!!

    My issue with the P is that it looks just like they made a strat a bit bigger. It's unoriginal, even if that is an oxymoron as it's kind of the original. Possibly the prime reason gig audiences think you're playing the same as the guitarist but can't count past 4. Commercially - the never-ending model changes with above-par price hikes leave me feeling cold about Fender basses. (I have a Tele, but that's probably different as I never liked the Strat copy I had for years.) As for the sound; given the amount of modding people do to pickups, I'm surprised there is still a sound, and if there is, you can probably get close enough with any variety of bass with a P-pickup.
  7. Handy bottle opener at the tail there too...
  8. Daz39

    Joe Hubbard Warwick signature

    I like most of it, bit too busy with the hardware. He did look pleased though!
  9. Daz39

    Help! I have GAS for a Cort

    Oooh i had a go on the SRH last year and it was lovely. If the Cort is similar i will have bad GAS.
  10. Daz39

    The Les Paul Twins

    Yeah, very impressed. I made 2 small shelves for my daughter’s desk last month from mdf. They almost fit perfectly; that’s my woodwork-fu used up this year!
  11. Daz39

    Possible ebay fraud coming my way.....?

    I've had a couple of dipsticks on ebay who have lied through their teeth and messed things up, but I've managed not to get ripped off. More of a problem I've found is people who win an auction for a moderate value (>£50) and then drag out excuses for 3wks until they either vanish or admit they don't want the item anymore. Binding auctions my foot.
  12. Daz39

    What are you listening to right now?

    Blind Melon - Soup: meh The Amps - Pacer - not bad, could have tried less hard at trying not to care, but it was ok.
  13. Now that is spooky - I used to live in Colnbrook. *patiently awaits pictures*