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  1. Just been reading up on XTC, inspired by the above posts, gosh music managers in the 80s were a special breed of t**ts weren't they! I hope they all died of horrible diseases in their villas on the Costas.
  2. TMS Podcast: View from the Boundary. I love these chats with people of note who happen to be cricket fans. Today it was Toby Jones; actor, master of a thousand weary expressions, and lifelong cricket fan.
  3. I was just reading that in my inbox. @Quatschmacher you rule!
  4. Nice - what construction cable is that for the Low F#?
  5. Wow! Are you sure there's enough neck bolts though?
  6. Lovely noise, i’ll have to cheat and get the ehx pedal instead!
  7. Oh well that's bargainous then! I love the contrast of the back of the headstock and the neck. Also - I do not envy you the electronics exam. I'd have melted trying to remember my pre-GCSE physics.
  8. Lovely work - questione though - presume @wwcringe provided the H pickup - it would have been cool to have exposed poles like the others: was one not used due to preference of quality of pickup or not wanting a headache at all the extra poles?
  9. I was just waiting for the location of the inevitable duel! Surely honour demands it!
  10. Ofc! Who do you think’s under all that bronze, holding the bass!
  11. My brain is over-sensitive just reading all this! I, and many players, would probably just want to listen to a couple of cabs through the same amp to hear the difference in volume and tone at the range of volumes you're likely to use. (boring answer!) I think the marketing and design is often the biggest factor in swaying preference on how 'good' a cab is: e.g. (3 random brands at 3 price ranges) - Vanderkley, Markbass, Bugera. - even though if you can bear it long enough, a detailed look at what specs are decipherable would probably leave them in that order of 'good' anyway.
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