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  1. Aww. No way. I loved me some ZZ Top, especially the bouncing thump of Dusty’s bass.
  2. Conspiracy claptrap, that’s what!!
  3. Isn't the Forte basically the B|Amp without the DSP and screen? (The Luddites version, if you will.) I do know that every review/comment I've seen from someone who has either is that it's amazeballs.
  4. @Dood probably has a review of it online. I know he has one for the B|Amp
  5. £30 per month is the extra bit, for one pedal at a time. £55 for 2, £75 for 3.
  6. Nobody needs music? Why does it exist then? That’s along the lines of letting all creatives suffer as most seem to be doing in these constrained times: after all what have they done for us? (Goes the refrain)
  7. No. That’s defeatism borne of late-stage capitalism.
  8. But the option wasn’t there because the precedent was set by other bands willing to play for nothing.
  9. Poor analogy. You’re being asked to come to a gig and play for the benefit of others. Many such events may well feature paid bar staff, some of whom may just have started doing such work. They still deserve a wage.
  10. You could have learned the same skills while being paid: it’s not mutually exclusive, you don’t need L plates on your amps!
  11. There’s a difference between unpaid and very poorly paid. Also a difference between unpaid overtime (implicit in some employment contracts) and volunteering.
  12. Because they know better, apparently. Pressure not to complain. Go look at twitter; many small acts have a hard time having to play for nothing but feeling like they can’t do anything about it.
  13. And so you perpetuate the problem! Your practicing was in the studio/bedroom/garage surely. If you’re being asked to perform your skills for the entertainment of others, you ought to be paid.
  14. Nonsense! I’ve learned my career skills while working and being paid. If I needed training they would pay for that too.
  15. If I were to change careers I would still expect to get paid by my new employers, even if I needed time to become fully productive.
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