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  1. So they've just put the B string in the wrong tuning peg Looks very nice though.
  2. I remembered another one: Gillian Welch - country singer, she has a really nice voice and writes some great tunes.
  3. Ooh Glou Glou sure do some tastily equipped pedals.
  4. Regina Spektor - slightly mad, adds in Russian lyrics, lovely voice, great songwriter.
  5. Love the finish. Schmexxy. What sort of ballpark price was it (shipping etc included)?
  6. It can be done within a specific time frame - but the kids need to be asleep, or downstairs watching TV/arguing/emptying the fridge, and we both need to be not knackered. So once a blue moon - and that's a very specific shade of blue, mind. There's not even a lock on the bedroom door! I do like that bass - so wot's the preamp do the - 3 band eq with mid-freq control, plus blend and volume? (counts knobs)
  7. Hah - I was supposed to get zapped in the Spring after #4 (he's 15mths now) - but Covid put paid to that for a bit. My Wife's done the: 'are we sure?...' thing a few times... We already had to have one bedroom split to make 2 so we had 3 bedrooms for 4 kids. Gah! So - you'll definitely never sell this new shiny MM bass then. I do love the colour - does it have an official name (i.e. was the person who refinished it working to a guide?)
  8. Hah - he speaketh truth. We have two preteen girls and it's awful: one is Kevin the Teenager and the other is manic and angry all the time. That's a nice bass - what's under the square pickscratchguardplate section?
  9. I had a red one of these for the best part of a decade. Comfy neck; good eq, solid bridge, made a good noise, even with me playing it.
  10. He’s also a very patient chap to put up with Mr Mustaine all these years. There’s some youtube vids of him playing promotional slots at US guitar shops and he does some classic Megadeth tracks to backing: Five Magics shows what an epic pick player he is: total control and consistency. Megadeth when he hasn’t recorded with them are just a boring thrash band.
  11. That's nothing! *4 Yorkshiremen tone* I have a 4 bed semi with 2 lounges (converted the garage), a decent garden, a drive and it's worth about half what yours is. Blinkin Waitrose effect needed sharpish here!!
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