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  1. You said neck carving was satisfying out loud! *cringes as a large sack of potatoes is lobbed down the basement stairs by MrsAndyjr1515 with instructions to get that lot done by teatime*
  2. Ooh, a full internals shot. It's not even after the watershed!! Looks like a clever piece of kit.
  3. It depends on whether the UK's stance was to approve or veto the EU regulation, as we once had the power to do.
  4. *munches Sovereignty-sprinkled popcorn*
  5. So basically a business trip for a week is fine if you're an employee, but if you're a contractor or self-employed it might be tricky. As if IR35 wasn't complicated enough!
  6. I was just about to post the same article. And yes; they have no idea at all.
  7. It looks like it means business (the same way the triple pickup Dingwalls do.) Of course what it really also needs is a button that switches the pickups between the 3 settings in a wave pattern (like the Source Audio EQ1) - maybe with colour-matching flames coming out of the head. (It's snowed too much here today, I'm losing my marbles...)
  8. Thanks for that; that was a lovely piece. *sigh*
  9. Can't believe it's been a year! What a great article - shed a tear there - what heart and passion - what friends he touched. I'm feeling distinctly diminished and miserable now. (Thanks Obama!)
  10. Not once it's dried out. It has a higher water content, so the same volume of wood weighs less. /amateurscience!
  11. But enough of your cadaverous GAS...
  12. Anyone who’s been told to write up their processes at work can attest what an ache it is to make them detailed yet succinct, self-explanatory but not simple, simultaneously.
  13. He works for Source Audio too doesn’t he? He does some great videos of their devices and is one of the regular responders on the SASS threads on talkbass whenever midi stuff comes up.
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