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  1. Yeah - it'll have been a PhD for some student of medieval history or sumfink. It was certainly less risky than Blacksmith. /tangent
  2. Wonder what the life expectancy of Middle Ages Bowyers was!
  3. Crikey - do you ever stop for lunch?
  4. ooh - nice. Is the finish glittery? The pic isn't quite clear enough. What are the controls?
  5. Shmexy! That does look nice.
  6. You are the 3 TSB Precision of jobs...
  7. I’m a Finance Analyst for a large Construction Services group. Before that I was an accountant of sorts for an airline, and some less exciting jobs before that. presently I get to design dashboards, do process flows and after 7 yrs have still not got rid of all the work I improved and am overpaid to still be doing. It could be worse: I earn a lot for sitting down, the benefits are great (paternity pay was 2 wks full pay the last 2 times I used it) and we have enough feeders to ensure there is always cake and biscuits aplenty.
  8. Thanks. Err. I'll have a play. Does it fix it as you flick the toggle or do you mean it turns the sweep off? It's annoying because there's no manual or mention of it in reviews. I have a few Donner and Mooer pedals - compressor, tremolo, auto-wah, delay. So small and non-fuss.
  9. I have the Donner Jet Convolution, which is a copy of the Electric Mistress: it does the job, doesn't whoosh unneeded that I know of. Although - I've no idea what the Filter toggle does, apart from make it squeak if you turn the Colour knob up past 9 o'clock...
  10. At least it's better than the stupid symbols Orange use!
  11. So you named your band after the only safe way out of Salford?
  12. Put some tort on it, it’l be fine.
  13. Damn! I’d drink any beer, even Stella, if it gave me the ability to sing and play like Billy Or Dusty each gig!
  14. Think piano as opposed to guitar for string length.
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