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  1. Daz39

    The Stick Thread

    Gosh I would love a Stick!
  2. Daz39

    Ibanez SR1006 Prestige 6 string

    I bet the 'Paramedic mid-range' really does come to your aid!!
  3. Daz39

    REM at the BBC last night

    Accelerate is very fine, the best since Monster I think. Yes - some early stuff is also amazing. Cuyahoga and all it's live, demo and altered versions on the various deluxe albums available is probably my fave REM track.
  4. Daz39

    REM at the BBC last night

    I listened to the BBC ‘album’ on spotify last month; basically a compilation of all their performances for the beeb, including live at MK Bowl. Some top stuff in there.
  5. Daz39


    Lots of pedals. Lots. Most of them far more than I can afford!! Mm shiny though.
  6. There are a lot of very nice finished boutique basses out there (we have it far better than guitarists I reckon), but Pedullas always look unbelievable (in a good way!).
  7. Daz39

    What would happen if...

    So - good for Metal then!
  8. Daz39

    Anyone been to Prague....

    I went to Prague a few years ago. It's nice, plenty of pottering about to do - echo above: If you don't/can't have red meat, then it'll be cake and chips for you! Airport has nice bus straight into town, Metro system very good. Oh - across the Charles Bridge from old town - then err left and in that area of little streets is an alley so narrow it has a traffic light installed for pedestrians!
  9. That sounds suspiciously like current goings on with people who have now discovered the mess is really bad, but fingers in ears will not admit it - it's fine. I knew the cost - any cost is fine as long as I get what I think I want!! Seriously though - there ought to be some form of decent comparison - you often try an amp in a shop at first polite and then a quick stab at noisy volume - but every amp can pretty much manage that and still sound ok. It's no use when you want to know how the sound will work at the sort of gig volumes you would need your Trace Amp turned up to 1.5 for...
  10. Daz39


    Pics or they’re imaginary!
  11. Daz39

    Eude throws down the gauntlet

    A cherry cupboard. Is the door glaced?
  12. Daz39

    Tech21 Red Ripper

    Band Witches! Awesome!
  13. Daz39

    Tech21 Red Ripper

    What does the r.i.p. knob do?
  14. Is it the Pick of Destiny?!