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  1. Hah. Wait until the tactic becomes: 'Fine. Don't sell it, I'm not bothered really.'
  2. I'm sure he makes a decent wage from the Stones Tours though, as did Ronnie before becoming a real member. I dunno - on the one hand it sounds tight that Darryl is only paid for his time, but most of the reputation comes from the early songs before he was on board, and most of the sales since are in a large part based on that early reputation. I'm sure he is paid handsomely and is (on reflection) pretty happy to have a permanent spot in the band.
  3. Yep - you'll not be living that one down; it may even come back in slightly terse conversations with in-laws when you mistakenly think you've bested them in a field of expertise like gardening, crockery collecting or having a room for best.
  4. You mean you didn't immediately crush the box and then put it at the bottom of the recycling box? FAIL!
  5. "I swear the ebay ad said 'keyring sized.' I know £39 was a lot to pay for a keyring, but I was determined to win and you know how it gets in the last minute...'
  6. So if it's standard Amazon style packing, you'll discover that the Amp is a keyring sized version
  7. As a comparison - how would that compare to buying the same bass direct, i.e. without you building it or them training you? I like it though: teaching building skills with assistance to craft your own instrument. You must feel proud every time you noodle on the bass now, knowing you did most of the fiddly bits on it.
  8. Nice! You’ll have to give details of cost and options when you’re all posted!
  9. I think (unless I am mixing conditions) that TMS host Jonathan Agnew suffers from this. He tweeted lots of advice taken from links and his own thoughts a few years ago. I did have some random tightenings in one finger of my left hand last year - it would be stiff on waking, and then slowly fade in the morning. I'm 42 now, so things are falling apart/seizing up - but I don't think it's the above condition.
  10. Perhaps there will be a reprint in time? I am feeling quietly happy I have mine. Not smug - coz I am a massive Geddy fan and know how much a book of this pictorial giddiness would mean to you lot.
  11. Nice - I'd love a VM5, maybe that pale blue with white pickups.
  12. So you plan to wait until it's quiet and then break the used Spector market by flooding it with your collection ;0 Question: unless the answer is, so there's a spare on stage, why do you have 3 Nikki Sixx Spectorbirds in the same colour?
  13. Just consider the price plus p&p as the total you pay. Let the seller worry about how it's split: they pay fees on the lot, so there's not really much to gain from overcharging p&p unless they have priced the item keenly.
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