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  1. Ooh a Warr in the background too.
  2. I was genuinely expecting it to be a new model, like the Dimension, but yeah - someone's hit the random configuration generator a few times and this is what you get, with another sneaky £100+ on the price tag.
  3. Yes - echo all this; he comes across as an occasional twonk and quite sensitive - but he also has a lot of sensible stuff to say, and he's survived! *ignore the dodgy '00s Metal-pop stuff. He's also a brilliant riffmeister, player of widdly solos and writes some fine tunes. Good luck to him - he's probably just as hard to kill as Bruce so he'll be fine.
  4. He sounds like he's trying really hard not to let slip that a) he lives in his mom's basement and b) he's an Incel.
  5. Jinkies that’s gorgeous.
  6. That'll be the Deluxe version, or v2.0, or remodelled X2, or the Ultra. *coughs innocently*
  7. Yeah - they do look nice, bit of a grab at the medium box, multi-option unit thing. The EQ one looks cool with the screen. /nerd
  8. *shakes fist at eude* ‘curse you and your lovely gear!’
  9. Agreed. I think JB is of the 'Go big or go home persuasion,' and also very much in the 'this is how my heroes did it,' I can see where he's coming from, he and some fans will want to hear that sound, but it's not fair on those who want to enjoy a rawk/blues concert without bleeding ears. Hope his band wear protection!
  10. I downloaded the show later: the Gedmeister is on from approx. 2hrs - 2hrs 25m, after which they play Headlong Flight. \m/ Nice interview - focusing on the book and temperament of Bass players and Geddy's journey from 'I have some basses I use to make records with,' to 'what have I done, I have 250 down there now...'
  11. Valeton do an OC-2 copy for not much, but again, that's not different.
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