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Community Answers

  1. Oh - suits you sir! suits you!
  2. Proof that relying on computers too much is foolhardy. They need a better copywriter too; it’s a bit cobbled together.
  3. Yep - I am def. intrigued to hear it in action.
  4. If it can make my fingers play half as noodly as him, I’m in!
  5. i was thinking that garden could do with some decking, and Binky has so many excess musical planks…
  6. The volume on that one only goes to 5 to make sure you can almost hear him on albums…
  7. Do we even need basses? Or amps? What even is ‘music’? (wanders off in a haze)
  8. Hah - I used to like watching Zingzillas with my eldest when they were ikkle.
  9. Inertia is the reason behind most 'why didn't I?!' things. Very nice bass.
  10. Oh my… (George Takei voice)
  11. Oof that fingerboard!
  12. It’s a pity we’ve not sussed ear transplants.
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