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  1. Very nice. Cue lots of ‘but I just bought v1!!’
  2. Eddie-related Freebie for those with the software: https://store.two-notes.com/en/smartblog/139/theking.html?fbclid=IwAR2dC_QhscGCxJvlRe99tvAamcEi6fCjT9-Fdq6-Oe5KsE5s5ooZs7h5XZo
  3. I wanted someone else to do that one! Use your Illusion : 1 album of great songs spread across 2 discs
  4. Love Ben Folds (Five). Mr Sledge has a great tone. I am listening to Clan Destiny by Wishbone Ash.
  5. Yes - I had that putting a rawl plug in for a mirror. 14mm plug, had to use a 13mm bit and 'wiggle' it adventurously in the hole. Luckily plasterboard is more forgiving than shiny, on-view, wood. Looking very nice btw- I've been getting CWS* recently, so good to see build progress afoot. *Clamp Withdrawal Syndrome (unscrew before withdrawing...)
  6. Great album. My fave Lizzy track though is the bonkers the Hero and the Madman from Vagabonds.
  7. The third was only offering a 6 in the US (afaik)
  8. looks very cool. Want! https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2020/10/04/electro-harmonix-announces-the-mainframe-bit-crusher-pedal/?fbclid=IwAR0wqlniKP7qDVtP__N6iCGpIyWkqd-59lxFx5b7uSn54VSDbE1X_9cuym8
  9. My gateway with Yes was Keys to Ascension: bloody hell what a sound! I prefer the pre-Drama stuff; Relayer is a particular fave. It’s jazzy, clangy, dramatic prog at it best.
  10. Gah - there's another one now! Simpler even than the Mini, but still 2 large knobs, 1 small one and a switch... https://becosfx.com/product/compiq-mini-one-pro-compressor-pedal-for-guitar-bass/
  11. Daz39


    Tony Levin only needed 10!!!
  12. Crikey £337 vs £619 new. Good job it’s not a 5.
  13. Imagine Michael League playing this? Not sure his face could handle the Square of Bass Face/Stank Face This does sound very cool. They do make tasty pedals.
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