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  1. @Dood: it’s an icon. Or an effigy, depends how well it plays!
  2. My favourite tone is condescending and bitter... wait up...
  3. So are Kinder Eggs, apparently. Savages.
  4. In his book ‘Roadshow’, Neil Peart describes all 3 of them working out during pre-tour rehearsals who would trigger each noise, clip, effect etc. based on who had a ‘comparatively quiet bit’ at that moment with their main instrument(s). They left the challenge to their techs to match up the pad, pedal or switch to the right noise. They were determined that while their songs would have bits of borrowed noise or effect from whatever they found interesting, it would always be played (triggered) live by one of them.
  5. It’s a catchy tune but the lyrics are repetitive dross, and I like the Killers (generally).
  6. Dream Theater/Nightmare Cinema
  7. Just watched The Go-Go’s. Great story of a great band; damn they did some drugs...
  8. Niiice. Love the shape, bet all 3 pickups at once sounds amazeballs colourflip? *cough* @Dood *cough*
  9. Love the layout; what does ‘Chaos’ do?
  10. Got the email last night: had not realised they did one for the guitarist too. Is their manual in duplo font with more pictures? Have watched Mr Navarro’s demo video - he’s a lucky geezer to develop and play with kit like that.(a darn fine player too) The features are amazing: I liked your patch too @Quatschmacher: portentous noise!
  11. And the entire album is basically a feminist manifesto: smart, and musical to boot. The other tracks aren’t that different, just not as ballady.
  12. I read, a long time ago, that he would sometimes audition touring guitarists live on stage by making them keep up with the setlist via sheet music of the songs. Is this apocryphal?
  13. I went to check this on Andertons. "'ow much?!!" (Yorkshire tone) Sigh. Looks lovely though.
  14. Fantastic review; love the angles your pics have shown, especially the bevelled rear. Nice neck too. How much is this model btw, and is it 32” scale? (I missed it if it’s mentioned)
  15. He really ought to monetise his No Treble stream...
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