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  1. So this looks a bit nice; nothing too daft, plenty of features including sweepy high and low mids, 3-voice drive with blend and a compressor.
  2. Power Windows is my most played album. Although the best song they ever did is Subdivisions; I could listen to the original and live versions on endless loop. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son is bang average; I much prefer Somewhere in Time.
  3. Well you only need one foot to tap to the beat...
  4. It is utterly gorgeous. *even for one of Alan's builds. That colour impregnation-thingy is sublime.
  5. Same. I often turn down trying a bass based on its pickup placement, knowing that i’ll struggle to rest my thumb.
  6. *must not think smutty thoughts about a 'hardening cupboard'*
  7. I too would have been extremely awkward and self-conscious but I guess I might have offered a high-five or asked how long he'd been into the band, or what significance it held. Depends on how busy the store was and if you;'re prepared for a 20 minute tale of teenage angst and nostalgia I'm not sure I've cried over a long anticipated release but some purchases have left me silent in awe on first listening, so I can see the importance of music to people as touchstones in their life - good on him for being able to express himself.
  8. Mastodon - now, I do like many of their songs, and I love their themes. But listening to an album is hard work - it's just noise. The drummer overplays far too often, the riffing gets too sludgy a lot of the time, and many songs have no breathing space and if you're not concentrating (i.e. listening on commute), you lose track of what you're listening to. I don't dislike them - the dual singists thing is good, the soloing is often very tasteful, I love Troy's bass noises. I prefer Megadeth to Metallica in terms of number of songs I'll listen to. Little Dave wrote some brilliant basslines that you can actually hear. Yes, Dave M is a gigantic plonker, but he's got some good tunes. My favourite Metallica albums are Load and Re/Load. I have a blank spot for acts that sound like they're between Rawk and Metal - Hard Rock? Heavyish Rock? Metallish? *takes deep breath* Thunder, The Almighty, Black Stone Cherry, etc. The Tragically Hip ought to have been successful everywhere. I wish Jordan Rudess hadn't joined Dream Theater.
  9. Wowsers!! And I thought @stewblack’s custom pedal was immense.
  10. *tugs collar nervously* crikey!
  11. Millions of UK viewers, that’s why it’s still on. pretty much all of my UK facebook friends were either at ‘eurovision parties’ at theirs/friends houses or were watching it and live-posting their opinions.
  12. what’s mallet finger btw? That’s insane action; you just have to wave your fingertips at those strings.
  13. You just need to get the scientists to develop Quink in Vantablack. 'So black it hurts' - Imagine pointing that at your guitarist, that'll stop 'em winding up for another unnecessary solo.
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