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  1. Wow: they really went Ultra on the Stella. That’s a whole heap of compression twiddlyness!
  2. Edited! Didn’t know one wasn’t the other.
  3. Ok - (had to go desktop to post this, as my mobile was being annoying) Lookit - new '51 P Bass model in 32” scale announced from the ever inventive @Chownybass Reading further: Retrovibe will offer a Custom version too. This could be very GAS-inducing!
  4. Has anyone else seen the Facebook update from @Chownybass about the '51 P-Bass 32" scale in the works? (Route 51) Oooooh, nice...

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    2. Bigwan


      Now that's interesting....

    3. Daz39


      Managed it - blinkin technology.

      Yeah - they look really nice in that scale length.

    4. acidbass


      Lovely!  Would love one with tapewounds for recording - bet it would sound ace!  Nice to see the proper bridge as opposed to the ridiculously poor traditional design.

  5. Yeah - that's really poor customer service; shafting your own suppliers to try and cover your mistakes to a customer. They're also a bit more than daft trying it on with a supplier the size of Ibanez (not that I'd expect it to happen to a small supplier either, but they have less clout.)
  6. Well if it's one of @Dood's previouses - it must be good!
  7. I Should Coco - Supergrass: love M.Quinn’s punchy tone.
  8. Gloryhammer - it's bonkers parody medieval heroic metal (quality noodling though).
  9. No one tell @cetera then; he'll be unavailable for work for a week!
  10. 11 months, not 12. Transition ends 31/12/20. /pedant, but don’t want anyone to get caught out.
  11. Yeah; not remotely fictional. Quality musicians, all.
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