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  1. Thanks @Quatschmacher I do already have one of these. I can confirm these are fantastic, great sounding very funky Spacebasses. GLWYS @marcblum I really like the custom made flight case for this bass and that the strap has been repositioned. My one has some neck dive issues, so it makes total sense to do this.
  2. You can program the Chunk Octavius Squeezer on the fly too, but you need to seriously understand synthesis to do so.
  3. I think the vintage Musitronics/Mu-Tron effects would apply here. If they weren't used by so many pro musicians I doubt the vintage units would reach the prices they do today. Mu-Tron III - Bootsy/Parliament/Funkadelic/Eddie Hazel/Stevie Wonder/Grateful Dead/Jerry Garcia/ Flea / George Duke / various 70's funk musicians Octave Divider - Sly and the Family Stone/Larry Graham Bi-Phase - Smashing Pumpkins
  4. Yes completely. I tend to play a lot of funk and through a lot of effects with these. That said, I also play funk with my "normal" shaped Warwick Corvette$$! 🤩
  5. That was a great deal on the Squeezer. No wonder it was snapped up. If you are willing to spend time programming your settings these are fantastic synth pedals.
  6. Cheers @Al Krow🤩. The Chunk is an excellent envelope filter. A little tricky to dial in with sensitive controls, especially the down sweep. Very wet and squelchy compared to most if not all other envelope filters. Most similar sounding to an IE Xerograph Deluxe or the even rarer Frostwave Funk-a-Duck. If you can find a Brown Dog gated fuzz to go with it, or an Octavius Squeezer, it is synth heaven.
  7. I have one of these and they are excellent envelope filters, best bang for your buck for a budget filter, pretty versatile & much better than the newer Micro Q-Tron. Good price too, GLWTS.
  8. Of the two I actually liked the sound of the Wonderlove better. Both filters sounded pretty subtle in that demo. I wonder if the Wonderlove or the Chromatron get any wilder than that? I like my envelope filters pretty unruly 🤣.
  9. I'd be keen to hear your comparison of these filters. I didn't think there was much in the way of decent sounding (on bass) 1590a sized envelope filter, but it sounds like you've got a few promising ones on the way
  10. I buy a lot less bass gear than I used too. I think all I've bought are two pedals this year and they were both envelope filters that admittedly I didn't really need, but was curious about. That doesn't stop me wanting to spraff about new gear though and see what else is out there... I'm just not really gassing for anything currently. I love the gear I've got and have been instead focussing on improving my playing and learning new songs, which is kind of refreshing (for me anyway).
  11. Bo0tsy

    Meris Enzo - ooooooh!

    Metis Enzo on Bass demoed here... It sounds good to me, if a little thin on bass. Maybe that's just the settings they've used?
  12. That's a shame Q. I bet that means the prices of these go up second hand, though hopefully not as much as the MF-104 Delay when that was discontinued! I only have the MF-101 LPF and I rate that very highly in the upper echelons of envelope filters.
  13. The M81 is a great little preamp. I use mine at the front of my board so that if I want to change basses (from a hot active to a lower output passive or vice versa) then I don't have to readjust all my other settings/levels on my other pedals, just switch the M81 on or off. Its very clean with a wide range to its EQ controls On that basis it can definitely make your passive bass sound just like an active one.
  14. Really nice @dodge_bass. To add to the thread, here's a couple of quick demo's I did of my most recent acquisition, a vintage Frostwave Funk-a-Duck...this thing is crazy fun to play around with and is one of the most extreme analogue filters I've ever come across. Please excuse the sound quality and sloppy playing... Chain is very simple (like me): Warwick Spacebass > Funk-a-Duck > PJB Double Four
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