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  1. Love that you have a Frostwave Funk-a-Duck clone. I have an original of these and as you say tricky to dial in but the sweet spots sound awesome.
  2. Yes great demo, both modes sound really good and the tracking seems excellent...count me interested
  3. 4 is an unlucky number in Japan so I don't think they'll ever be a OC-4.
  4. Seems to track very well, although everything is through the BC-1X compressor. I'd like to hear the OC-5 just on its own.
  5. @GisserD you're killing it with those Steak clips. Loving it. Sounds like a monster of a pedal 👾
  6. That sounds awesome, and absolutely filthy... exactly how a great filter should sound 🤩
  7. Bo0tsy

    Boss SY-1

    Is the Chunk Octavius Squeezer an exception to this? It's all analogue circuitry with a digital preset system, and wonderfully responsive. I do wonder why we don't see more analogue pedals controlled by a digital preset system? Is it the higher cost to manufacture? Are there any other analogue/digital preset pedal hybrids like this? I read that you might be working on a similar type of solution for storing presets on analogue pedals @GisserD?
  8. My list would change daily as I always have music on in the background whilst I'm working. I've been doing a lot of digging in the crates of old some pretty obscure old funk and jazz and break beats recently as well as some newer stuff... Lonnie Smith - Spinning Wheel Labi Siffre - I Got The... Kleeer - Intimate Connection Bernard Wright - Haboglabotripin' A Tribe Called Quest - Jazz (We've Got) Medline - Tiens le an mouvement Thundercat - Show You The Way Apache - Incredible Bongo Band George and Gwen McCrae - The Rub Roy Ayers - Everybody Loves the Sunshine Edit: And here's a playlist...
  9. The Micro-Tron is pretty much a Mu-Tron III in a 9v small package. If you liked the original you'd definitely like the Micro-Tron. I like the MXR very much too, (as I do most filters 😂), but it's band-pass and up sweep only and sounds quite different from a Mu-Tron IMO.
  10. Yes, that's definitely the case with the Micro Tron III and IV. Whilst I don't find it difficult to dial in either the up or downsweep, having it as a footswitch is a strange decision. I have both original Musitronics Mu-Tron III's and a Mu-Tron 3x and for both of these the up/down drive switch is all you need to flip to change direction, with little else in the way of adjustment, so it is possible. Both the Musitronics and Mu-Fx versions are much bigger though so wonder if this is part of the circuit that they had to sacrifice as they couldn't squeeze it into the Micro-Tron? The Micro-Tron is a killer filter regardless though.
  11. The Matryoshka is definitely usable as a mini sized synth IMO. If you crank the Out2 yes it gets pretty out there, but dial back on Out2, dial in the Out1 and add some Blend and there's some great sounds in it. There's a distortion setting too, though it's pretty synthy, glitchy sounding. Amazon are selling the Bananana pedals now too, so if you don't like it you can always send it back
  12. Two of my favourites (Artists and Envelope Filters) new and old: New: Thundercat using a Moog MF-101 LPF... Old: Bootsy with a trusty Mu-Tron III
  13. I can vouch that the Mu-Tron Micro-Tron is excellent and excels at finger style funk. It's pretty flexible and has a lovely slightly dirty quack. It's incredibly close in tone to an original vintage Mu-Tron III. The MXR BEF is ever so slightly smaller and has a nice rubbery snap to it too. No Downsweep though and you really need that blend control to thicken up your sound as it is bandpass only. I wasn't a huge fan of the Proton v1 (I found it to be an anaemic sounding Mu-Tron clone) but suspect 3Leaf has improved it since then. I tried the Fwonkbeta a few months ago and it sounds great with all the settings maxed, but less good at subtler sounds. It's digital but it sounds analogue and filthy. In lower settings you can also potentially blow your speakers with some of the lows it can output. Up sweep only too. If you are looking to go even smaller than that then your choices are a bit limited. There's the 1590a sized Mooer Bass Sweeper which is a Bassballs clone and the Mooer Envelope Analogue Auto Wah. Both sound pretty decent on bass, but don't expect them to sound like a Mu-Tron or Moog or be particularly flexible! 😆 Also the harder to find Malekko Envelope filter which sounds pretty good if a bit limited. Other than those I've not found any 1590a sized filters that really bring the funk.
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