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  1. Thanks again @EBS_freak. I'm trying to find my compromise before I get to that situation, so I can make it easy for everyone with no further compromises necessary. I'm thinking of effected but clean DI out, before gain stages, then gain stages to the amp and mic'ed. Then a high pass filter can be used as DI will have taken care of the lows.
  2. Thanks for the answers @EBS_freak! So by that rationale, if the bass amp's contribution to tone can be achieved simply with an amp sim at the desk, why isn't this also done with guitars? DI post FX, and amp sim to achieve desired colouration. If the same compromise can be made, why is it always a given that bass players will make it? I'm not trying to split hairs - just trying to reconcile it in my own head.
  3. These are really interesting answers. It seems that this mainly comes down to what is lost by using a DI - so if nothing is lost, why not make life easier? I can get on board with that. So 2 follow up questions (I'm the OP): What if the bass player uses effects to function similar to a rhythm guitarist, like Tim Commerford, Chris Wolstenholme etc, and uses a bunch of effects which generally sound better with pushed air, and a bit naff without - Does that change things? And what about styles of music, like jazz/fusion where the bass player often has a brighter sound and doesn't just provide the "dum, dum duh dum" role?
  4. Does a bass amp not have the same colouration? What if its an effects-heavy bass sound?
  5. Hi all! Was deep in a YouTube hole yesterday and sat through a few videos of how certain live music channels record their audio, and sure enough, EVERYONE just used a DI/Line out from the bass amp.. Is there a particular reason this happens? Is capturing a bass sound more difficult with microphones than DI? Does this not also apply to guitarists as well? Not looking to rant, just genuinely curious as to why this is such a tenacious occurrence. Thanks!
  6. I think you've misread the tone of my message. It was so you could learn WHY the people at the top of the thread took umbrage with your video/title/post, and what you could do to make your posts more effective and ultimately get you more views next time.
  7. Ah, the ship of Theseus. Going to pretend I knew of it before Wandavision. Or as must of us UK 'chatters will call it - "The broom of Trigger". For feedback and future reference, I think the reason this has rubbed some people the wrong way is that the title of the video and sentence you left underneath the link just invites us AWAY from the forum, presumably to your benefit (Views etc), without contributing something to the forum directly. As a side note, I see you've since seen there was a more appropriate place to post it on this forum too, which shows that you didn't do your due diligence. You win or you learn.
  8. If you're looking for "Tube-like grit" you're probably looking for an overdrive, not a distortion pedal. This sounds like I'm just being pedantic, but it will give you a more specific thing to search for. As has already been suggested, I say split your signal, then you have the option of using anything without it colouring your sound when not in use.
  9. But if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask her or DM me!
  10. Feeler usually means someone's gauging interest in a bass, like if they have a couple they could get rid of, but only need to get rid of one. They'll see which has more interest. Long story, short - Yes, it's 100% positively, definitely for sale
  11. Happy to ship wherever, as long as the buyer organises it, so they're happy with it. I only have it's hard case to send it in, so I hope that would be enough
  12. That's useful, thanks! But also, I have an angle on the Big Muff that I havnt seen anyone do yet
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