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  1. On closer inspection, I can see how the bridge could be attatched to screws on the underside of the flame area. Afterall, it'd be a lot cheaper to attach a bridge piece to a flat piece of brass instead of carving it out like a sculptor.
  2. I get where you're coming from with this. If I had another run of the mill low-to-mid-priced Korean instrument that played as well and sounds as good as this does, I'd play that. The neck dimensions, pickup placement and preamp all just click for me. I aim to get all mine set up like this, now.
  3. Just remember that just because someone's "selling" it for that price, doesn't mean anyone will buy it at that price. A couple of DOD pedals have gone up in value, and it's made everyone think their DOD Grunge pedal is worth £75 on ebay.
  4. If this is to sell it, you want to post it, HERE. Good luck with the sale!
  5. I agree it's just heresay as I think they're underrated, but can't speak to the attitudes of Americans.
  6. Generally the analogue pedals seem to do a better job at cloning the originals than the digital ones. I think it was mainly poor timing for them when they were released. Nowadays clones of pedals are much more commonplace, and are looked at as serving a different price point, whereas Behringer have a poor reputation for quality, and being a cash-grab when they were released.
  7. It'd be interesting to do this on TB as well, as I get the feeling that's generally a younger crowd. If any of you are interested, Reddit seems to be where the younger gen talk about bass
  8. I feel this comment is making OP's point..
  9. Personally, I'd recommend against this and to try an individual pedal you like the sound of.
  10. I know, I was trying to bait them in with that
  11. Ignore them, and the "bUt JaCo DiDnT UsE eFfEcTs" crowd
  12. Also, to be a bit more helpful to the OP: If you ask this question in the effects forum, you're likely to end up with a vastly different consensus of opinion. If you're curious about effects, perhaps try an overdrive, distortion of fuzz with a great reputation for bass. Fundamentally though, this is about art - either it's all unneccesary or none of it is.
  13. I always used to play with effects - as the music I loved often had them on - and the sound of clean bass bored me to tears. It was fun to play with all these different sounds and have different options, but I definitely found my clean tone boring. Now I'm a little older, a little wiser, and have a great P bass and Stingray, and honestly? The pedals sound EVEN better!
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