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  1. What is the second to last one? They’re all beautiful but that one is the prettiest imho.
  2. Yes, I’m basically with you on this, I’d loose oh bla di and yellow submarine but Elenor Rigby is great
  3. Very nice brood you’ve got there! 👍
  4. Lovely, does it make the 5 string corvette redundant?
  5. Interesting about the preamp. I reluctantly sold my 5 string fretted in the end. I do miss it though. I could be tempted by the fretless if I could get a convincing DB tone. i replaced it with a fretless Spector core which is definitely less nasal, but the piezo doesn’t work with nylon strings or even Labellas, so can’t get the sound I want from that either (although it does sound good).
  6. I’m more a P guy, but in my band with two full on guitarists, the P is too fat. The combined sound almost too big, so I’m doing more on my jazz which seems a narrower, more defined sound.
  7. Storky

    EB0 type bass

    That’s great, thanks for the info.
  8. Storky

    EB0 type bass

    Cheers, good idea, but I’d have thought it would be a bit neck heavy?
  9. Ibanez? Maybe something like this, but maybe second hand? https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/181218336176008--ibanez-sr650e-abs-antique-brown-sunburst-semi-gloss
  10. I fancy an EB0 type bass, but don’t want anything heavy or that neck dives. Does anyone know of a short scale EB0 type bass with the right sound that meets the brief? cheers folks
  11. Sixteen at last count, having just sold one. Have to sell some others though Fender De luxe Jazz Fender classic 50s P Fender Areodyne J Fender Am Delux Dimension 5 Squier Cabronita P Squire Bronco Bitsa 54 style P Rob Allen Mouse 5 Rib Allen MB2 Sterling Ray 25 Spectorcore fretless 4 Harley Benton Semi Acoustic Ibanez SRC6 Epiphone De luxe masterbuilt Sandburg VS5 Retrovibe Renegrade
  12. Looks like a good buy. I’d be interested to hear how it compares to your MIM Jazz
  13. I’ve always really liked the look. I’ve had three of the Squier ones. They work particularly well with pedals I think. The first I played a bit then sold. Then I had a notion of adding a stingray type pre, so I brought a second and added a retrovibe “stinger” - that worked pretty well, but once I’d satisfied my curiosity I sold it on. I still like the look and saw a guy in Spain making replacement pups using p type magnets and wire so I got it and brought a third! Added a KiOgon loom - it’s good! Has a nice focussed sound with the pup being a bit closer to the bridge. I also put a threaded bbot bridge on as the high mass type always seemed out of proportion. Never seen a MIM Fender one second hand, but would be tempted I found one.
  14. I’d be interested to know what your other basses are for a bit of context. I like a Precision, like MM (especially Stingray) but not sure about the shape of these. However the price of some examples look to have dipped. Looks like a great bass, well done on a good find.
  15. Thank you kind sir; I’ll consider myself yellow carded and try and do better in future. Now where’s that hair shirt, I had it here a minute ago. 🤔
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