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  1. Sounds good. I wonder how it compares to the Taylor GS mini bass?
  2. I’m looking for a heavyish “sandbag” (or similar) that I can stuff into the control cavity of a ridiculously light bass to help balance it up a bit. I hadn’t thought of the curtain weights, but that might work 🤔
  3. Storky

    Feedback for BCH

    I took a trip to Northampton today to pick up Bernard’s lovely Rob Allen MB2. Great bass and an easy transaction. Had a good chat with Bernard over a great cup of coffee.
  4. Yes, I’ve got a Retrovibe and I’ve just brought a set of Gemini pickups for it: Rougue Wave bridge pup under a Thunderbird cover with coil tap push/pull and Waverider neck pup. I’m looking forward to getting them in, should look great.
  5. That’s a great idea. I’m half way through a Bronco mod; it’s got an Amstrong custom pick up (with series/parallel pull/push) and a Musicmaster pick guard. It sounds way better than it cost. Just needs a respray to finish it off. My first gig was Motörhead in about 1980 and my hearing has never been the same since!
  6. Yes it’s annoying, it played ok; necks got a few scrapes which you can feel while playing; definitely long scale though. 😏 Going back to the OP, I had the Jap Mustang which was really nice. It was fast, easy to play and sounded great! I wish I still had it although it always felt very small to me. (I’m 6’6” though!)
  7. I think I tried this bass when I was in Gak recently. It’s mis labelled, it’s the jap long scale version. I pointed out their error. The staff couldn’t care less, just said “yes I know it’s a long scale” but did nothing to change the tag.
  8. Very nice, I’ve got the 5 string fretted mouse; maybe my best (I’ve got 15😁) sounding bass. I’d like the MB2 or Deep 4 to go with it though! I use mine a lot in my 50’s/60’s band. It’s not got the look, but cops the double bass vibe well for the rock n roll numbers. Enjoy!
  9. One really useful thing about this forum is that if anyone has a query niggling away, it’s really easy to fire off a quick question and get an almost immediate response from several others who know the exact answer. Real benefit. Good stuff! 😁
  10. Thanks for the answer guys, much appreciated. 👍
  11. Some of you may have seen my recent thread on my quest for a new amp? Well, I got the Messa D-800 and very nice it is to. I gigged it tonight at quite low volume and it was fine, but now I’m worried my cabs are not compatible. I’ve got two 8ohm cabs and the amp can switch either 2, or 4 ohm. Am I in danger of overloading something? As you can tell, I’m not very technical!
  12. 39 years, but had a break when the kids were growing up. I play more now than at any other time. 😁
  13. Well for better or worse, I’ve bitten the bullet and lashed out on a Mesa Subway D-800 head. I like the idea of a single unit, but this was available at Guitar Guitar and sounded great. I also tried a Mark Bass and the fender Rumble 800 head, which was good, but the Messa had the better sound. It cost quite a bit so I’m hoping it works out when I gig it next week. 🤞
  14. Not massively loud, but I must admit it feels like a backwards step. I’m thinking more about keeping the cabs and just replacing the head....
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