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  1. If I can get the Doubler, I may very well be interested in this...... 🤔
  2. And so it goes on. I appear to have accidentally brought a fretless SpectorCore! (Arrives tomorrow hopefully!)
  3. I have to admit I’m in the same mindset as the OP. I’ve got 2 Vanderkley 1 x 12 and a Mesa head. And I’m thinking of a Rumble or Ashdown, or Mark Bass! GAS is a terrible thing. 😏
  4. I went for the Waverider and Rogue Wave. Very pleased with them 😁
  5. I’ve just fitted a set of Gemini’s to my R** copy 😉
  6. I quite like the idea of a smallish light weight combo for smaller gigs or to put through a P.A. and use as a monitor for larger ones. There seems to be a few examples but these two caught my eye markbass cmd 102p vs ashdown originAL C210-300 i wonder if anyone has any experience or opinions on these or other alternatives?
  7. Well you’re definitely not too old! But that Schecter is very heavy! I’d say too heavy but interesting that it has a great tone, brings up that whole mass = tone question
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. I play in a duo and have played DB in an acoustic trio. It’s a fag to take twice the kit, if it were me I’d develop a very percussive bass style possibly on an acoustic bass guitar or DB and get the singer to shake a tambourine; a tambourine goes a long way to adding some rhythm in an acoustic combo. I’ve also used a foot tambourine yo good effect whilst playing bass. If none of this I’d get myself a cajon and find another band for bass outings.
  10. If you want something like a Chowny, buy a Harley Benton semi. It’s cheaper and I’ve got one I’m very pleased with.
  11. Sounds good. I wonder how it compares to the Taylor GS mini bass?
  12. I’m looking for a heavyish “sandbag” (or similar) that I can stuff into the control cavity of a ridiculously light bass to help balance it up a bit. I hadn’t thought of the curtain weights, but that might work 🤔
  13. Storky

    Feedback for BCH

    I took a trip to Northampton today to pick up Bernard’s lovely Rob Allen MB2. Great bass and an easy transaction. Had a good chat with Bernard over a great cup of coffee.
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