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  1. Love it, it looks great! Love the shape even though never used to like Alan’s shapes, but they’ve grown on me and I’d choose something similar (but with 5 strings). Would Alan do a multi-scale do you think?
  2. I got a slightly disappointing 103. I had hoped to do a bit better than that. 😏
  3. Yes, def the first two, same band. The other reason was it looked like a toy on my 6”6’ frame.
  4. Talking of knobs. Does anyone have an ehb with knobs that turn smoothly? Mine are a bit stiff and so were the ones on the first ehb I had which was returned due to the cracked “head stock”. I have just followed suit and got a set of the East knobs and they are nicer, but still stiff on the two stacked knobs. On further investigation I find that the shafts are not vertical, so the knobs are rubbing against the body. Are they all like this?
  5. My Japanese mustang was possibly the best sounding bass out of the fifty or so I have had over the years and I wish I still had it! I had a white stingray which I played in the first half of a gig and struggled to get it to cut through. I swapped to my mustang for the second half and it was brilliant, cut through and sounded great. I decided there and then that the stingray had to go. (I have brought another Special since though 😉)
  6. Neck is now sold, but body available loaded or unloaded.
  7. Yes, I had one as my main bass for about three or four years before I sold it a year or so ago. Its a good bass. Good weight, balanced well. Neck is quite wide which is good if you like wider string spacing. It’s a 35” scale so good B string. It does feel a tad bigger length wise than a 34” scale, but not hugely so. Also it flattens out the further up the neck you go, so it’s a C shape at the nut and more of a U shape towards the body. There were some rehearsals and gigs where I played it and it sounded fantastic. I’m not sure what I did on those occasions but it always sounded at least like a good Jazz bass. (Mine was passive VVT). It’s well built and slightly smaller body shape than a traditional Fender.
  8. I have had interest for the neck separately and I have agreed to hold until the weekend. So I can sell the body separately now, or after the weekend, I am happy to sell complete. The body wood is alder, and the weight is good, less than 9lbs from memory and it balances well.
  9. It sold and hopefully is being used by its new owner. It was a great bass though.
  10. Thank you. I’m pleased to say I’ve now sold it, but it was a really nice bass.
  11. You might need extra long strings if you string through the body. I’d guess you could get away with it despite 35” scale through the bridge.
  12. Very nice! I imagine the upgrades would be very worthwhile and would make this bass as good as any.
  13. Hi thanks for all the interest; the bass is now sold and hopefully being enjoyed by a new owner.
  14. Contoured body brought new and finished in this lovely “antique white”/cream by Bow Finishing. Oiled neck imported from USA has Jazz width/D profile. Seymour Duncan SCPB-2 pickup. Bespoke custom pick guard/scratch plate designed for this rear routed body - ideal if you want to remove it for that “Dusty Hill” look. Vintage style through body bridge. KiOgon wiring harness. Cost over £1,000 to put together. What more to say? It’s a lovely bass. Offers invited. 😉
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