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  1. I thought VW was pretty good, but I also though Julia did a great job. What a cool, intelligent and genuine person. Obviously loves what she does and is a great bass player as well.
  2. This has got to be the same “Cardiacs” I saw live in local pubs around 1980/81. I thought they were fantastic and just thought they were a local band. I always wondered what happened to them. RIP
  3. Love these. Mine seems to have risen to the top of my pile as number 1 go to; not bad as I have about 15 other basses! GLWTS
  4. Yeah, I’ve got the same model. Very good basses IMHO. GLWTS.
  5. I tried both elite and mex deluxe jazz basses. I went for the mex as couldn’t justify price difference for two very similar sounding/feeling basses. Although the finish was nicer on the US, the sound was only slightly better. Still want the US version though in that “Texas Tea” colour!
  6. Six string bass tuned E:e so like a FenderVI. Very nicely made, active electronics, string through, 30” scale. Lovely tone with strong fundamental from EMG pickups and three band EQ. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.
  7. In very good condition with carry bag. 800 watts, class D amp head. Very light, we’ll made and great sound.
  8. As we are a bass forum, I feel the need to add some solo bass. Anybody for Jaco?
  9. item now “Sold” Thanks for the enquires!
  10. I got a second hand Suzuki Jazz bass, actually it was very nice, the neck was good quality and felt nice but the head stock 😱 I replaced it and subsequently sold the bass with the new neck. Now I’ve got this neck hanging around. Anyone interested? It’s a good neck 41mm at the nut, 63mm at the heel.
  11. G&L do something with a jazz bass set up; I think it’s the JB2?
  12. Price reduction! £300 one day only!
  13. Yes, I’ve used Gemini. I had a Rickenbacker type pickup inside a Thunderbird case. Pretty good and first class service.
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