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  1. This has been very interesting as I have been looking for a more compact set up for small pub gigs etc. I have two bands; a 60’s trio (vox x 2, bass, drums, guitar) with just the vox going through the PA and an acoustic band with vox x 3, acoustic guitar, double bass, and violin or mandolin, all of which would need to go through the PA. I brought a RCF Evox 12 yesterday, got it home and it’s massive - too big with its large sub for the small gigs I’m planning to use it at. I spoke to the store about an exchange and they suggested the Bose Pro 8, but I’m worried because of the negative comments about Bose on this thread. I’m confused as they really rate it. I spoke to two other stores and they also came in with the Bose Pro 8 as first choice (along with the Yamaha StagePAS 600, but I like the idea of the linear column systems. Advice appreciated….
  2. Hi Yes, now sold I’m afraid.
  3. I must admit the same thought had gone through my mind, but I was also allowing Ashdown, which I’m not sure are built in UK? Put it together with a Barefaced cab and a nice bass from one of the several UK builders and I think you’d have a great rig.
  4. Oh yes you are very local to me. You would be welcome to come round and have a go if you’re interested.
  5. I’m going to have to move on my Handbox WB-100 all valve amp head. Many of you guys know about these great amps; 120W solidly built and ready to gig. I’m playing more “doubling gigs” and use double bass as well as electric, so my two channel head is getting most of the work. But the Handbox is loud and sounds great. Importantly it’s not too big or too heavy, so it’s a practical choice if your want a proper valve amp.
  6. I had an older one of these a few years ago, but it was 32” (medium scale). I know the more recent ones have been 34” (long scale). I could be potentially interested if it was the shorter scale and if it was less than 9lbs weight. Would you mind checking if it’s not too much hassle?
  7. I got mine online without trying it out as they weren’t available and in stock at the time. I put an order in and waited. I think it’s safe to order online, they are very nice instruments, but if you get one with the well documented faults (cracked headstock, knobs that rub due to the shafts not being vertical) you would have to return it. So maybe best to order from a local retailer. My first 1005MS had the cracked headstock but I just got it returned and replaced with another. I sold that one and brought the 1505 instead which was perfect.
  8. Hi Rick Yes, I like the EHB1505MS, the pickups are a bit better, but the others weren’t bad in my opinion. Otherwise they are similar to play, despite different woods. My only issue is finding occasions to actually use it with a band as the two I play in are a bit retro for this futuristic beast! Ade
  9. My first one (also returned with cracked headstock) had stiff knobs (!) also due to non vertical shafts (!) but the replacement was fine, although the East knobs I brought did not fit as well as the original plastic ones and rubbed a bit, so I have kept the plastic ones at the moment
  10. Are the pickups and electrics, preamp etc not based on the Sadowsky designs of Roger Sadowsky even though they are not manufactured by his company?
  11. No, not a baritone as that would be A-a or B-b, this is like a Bass VI and would go as low as a standard 4 string bass guitar or (double bass for that matter). This instrument would just have an additional two higher strings (a B and an E).
  12. Yes, I’m sure he was; I was thinking the same thing
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