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  1. He probably plays bass about as well as he sings. Not the world’s greatest singer, not the the world’s greatest bass player, but can he play bass? I reckon he can play it a bit.
  2. Storky

    Bass iv

    Yes, I am! I have looked out for one of these, but no luck. Saying that the Rascal is more “surf” style than I’d ideally like, I prefer the more “Indy” style of the Bass VI, but yes, it’s pretty close to what I’m after.
  3. Storky

    Bass iv

    Yes, agreed. I’d keep the same strings (minus the B and high E) and keep similar pickups- maybe something custom made or a strat bar type pick up
  4. Storky

    Bass iv

    Thanks; I’ll check them out. 👍
  5. Storky

    Bass iv

    I’ve recently got my 2nd ever Bass VI and I’m enjoying it very much; I like the vibe/style, 30” scale and most importantly the tone, which is vintage but cuts through. Only thing is I don’t want the extra 2 strings. I want a bass 4! How hard would it be to convert it to four strings? Or is there someone out there who could build me a Bass IV? 🤔
  6. Only purchased in October last year this is a recent model and has only been used at home. The Ibanez EHB1005MS is a 5 string bass guitar with a headless design which keeps the weight down and allows it to balance perfectly on a strap. The multi scale fret board is roasted maple with some nice “bird’s eye” markings and it is a thick sounding 33” scale on the G string and a tight and defined 35” on the B. It is easy to play and takes no time to get used to. The bass features 3 band active EQ including a mid sweep, pared with two Bartolini soap bar pickups. It sounds great, plays great and looks great. What’s not to like? Reason for sale: upgraded to similar EHB1505MS as I like it so much.
  7. Love it, it looks great! Love the shape even though never used to like Alan’s shapes, but they’ve grown on me and I’d choose something similar (but with 5 strings). Would Alan do a multi-scale do you think?
  8. I got a slightly disappointing 103. I had hoped to do a bit better than that. 😏
  9. Yes, def the first two, same band. The other reason was it looked like a toy on my 6”6’ frame.
  10. Talking of knobs. Does anyone have an ehb with knobs that turn smoothly? Mine are a bit stiff and so were the ones on the first ehb I had which was returned due to the cracked “head stock”. I have just followed suit and got a set of the East knobs and they are nicer, but still stiff on the two stacked knobs. On further investigation I find that the shafts are not vertical, so the knobs are rubbing against the body. Are they all like this?
  11. My Japanese mustang was possibly the best sounding bass out of the fifty or so I have had over the years and I wish I still had it! I had a white stingray which I played in the first half of a gig and struggled to get it to cut through. I swapped to my mustang for the second half and it was brilliant, cut through and sounded great. I decided there and then that the stingray had to go. (I have brought another Special since though 😉)
  12. Neck is now sold, but body available loaded or unloaded.
  13. Yes, I had one as my main bass for about three or four years before I sold it a year or so ago. Its a good bass. Good weight, balanced well. Neck is quite wide which is good if you like wider string spacing. It’s a 35” scale so good B string. It does feel a tad bigger length wise than a 34” scale, but not hugely so. Also it flattens out the further up the neck you go, so it’s a C shape at the nut and more of a U shape towards the body. There were some rehearsals and gigs where I played it and it sounded fantastic. I’m not sure what I did on those occasions but it always sounded at least like a good Jazz bass. (Mine was passive VVT). It’s well built and slightly smaller body shape than a traditional Fender.
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