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  1. I haven’t brought anything yet.... I’m hoping we all stay true to the cause🤞😏
  2. And why wouldn’t he be happy to play bass? IMHO I thought both the guitar playing and bass were dated and unoriginal and in the case of the guitar; overly self indulgent. Yep, not really my cup of tea, but each to their own. 😉
  3. I’m hanging on by a thread. If I can get through the current bought of GAS without cracking, I should be ok for a week or two! 🥴
  4. Want One! But I’m not supposed to be buying anything this year! ☹️
  5. Sounds like this thread needs reinforcements! I didn’t join as my track record is woeful, but as I’ve not purchased anything yet.... I’m in!
  6. I made my Hipshot fit my Retrovibe and added Gemini pickups. It’s good!
  7. Guitarists are 10 a penny; the others should have said goodbye to him when he threw the toys out and you could have got a new guitarist.
  8. In a nutshell the 4001 was the earlier version of the (current) 4003. It was similar, but the model evolved over the years and at some point the name changed. 4003 is the main version with the shark tooth inlays, bound body and neck. It is also wired for duel outputs, so you can have one pick up out of one amp and the other out of another. There is also the 4003s which is similar, but does not have the binding, inlays or stereo outputs. This originally was a UK only model and was used by a certain Mr McCartney. The 4004 is a modern version. It doesn’t have the scratch plate, binding or stereo and has a different bridge, and pickups in slightly different positions. It is a much more minimalist design but is still the same basic outline. These are not as common as the classic 4003 and 4003s. Recently there has been a 5 string model introduced with a different bridge, but still based around the same outline.
  9. Thank you for the info, You could be right. Thats great.
  10. Just wondering if anyone can tell me if Hipshot HB3 tuners are reversible? (For a 5 sting Sterling Ray 25). Any info appreciated.
  11. I’m thinking of getting one, but wonder if they’re neck heavy?
  12. No, just the DB sounds on a synth, can’t recall which one but it sounded quite authentic. Good point though; latency would likely be an issue for midi control 🤔
  13. Thanks, that’s the sort of info I’m after 😁 Thanks also to @Al Krow excellent info. I’ll be checking all these out.
  14. Thanks guys, I know about foam and hand muting, I’m really after info about if there is a pedal that replicated the tone of a DB and/or the 80s synth sounds. Thank you @Leonard Smalls for the pedal advice,👍 this is what I’m after. Anyone know of any others, either for the DB sound or the 80s synth sounds?
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