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  1. Enfield Avenger 4 string bass, swamp ash body, natural silk finish. 2018 model. Maple neck, ebony fingerboard. Sims super quad pickups, which offer P bass, J bass and MM sounds from each of the 2 pickups. LEDS show which state of the 3 options is chosen, Red is P, green is J and blue is MM/humbucker. Can remove the 9v battery if all passive wanted, with no light on. Active/passive push/pull on the volume control. 9 volt 3 Band Glockenklang pre amp. Blend control for the 2 pickups. 15 pickup combinations possible, enough for most people.... no tone control in passive mode. Babicz bridge, Hipshot lightweight tuners. White pick guard, magnetic battery cover. Hiscox hard case. 2018 model. Rotosound RS 66 swing bass strings. Amazing all rounder. Bristol area/in person pickup/cash only.No dings/immaculate condition. But come and try it out.
  2. Sterling Stingray 5, Pearl White, double Humbucker from 2019. 3 band EQ, active pre amp.Tusq nut. Black Pickguard. 5 way switch. 22 frets.34 inch scale.Roasted maple neck and fingerboard. 12 inch radius neck. Soft case by sterling with shoulder straps. Perfect condition, no dings or scratches. Cash only, in person, Bristol area.
  3. Sadly not...need to sell it with the bag, nice idea though!
  4. Would go down to £250...if you can get to bristol...
  5. Looking like a done deal with scrumpymike at the moment...
  6. 4 string, jazz style bass, short scale, 30" Elwood 4P from Maruszczyk . Maple neck. Perfect condition. With Seymour Duncan quarter pounder replacement jazz pickups. Replacement heavy mass bridge. Passive electronics. Control for each pickup and a tone control. Zero fret. Blueburst. Original Pickups included. Bought from Bass Direct in Jan 2018. Weighs 8 lbs. Soft case with rucksack straps. Cash in person only, Bristol area or somewhere nearish/negotiable.
  7. Ahaaa..yes, have seen this film and robot ....all makes sense now !
  8. Nice...! Haven't come across Johnny 5 but Wall - E.....yes...
  9. Barefaced One Ten Cab, little used, bought in August 2016. 15" high, 11.5" wide, 11" deep. 7kg/15lbs. Silver cloth grill. 95db sensitivity. 100 to 250 watts RMS but will run up to 500. Metal corners, handle, Black. 2 Speakon Sockets. Personal meet up/cash only.
  10. Excellent condition, little used. Phil Jones BG 100 bass cub combo. Black. Bought in may 2018. 2 channels, 2 x 3 band EQ, mic input, headphone out, DI out, pre amp out. 12" by 10.8" by 7.8". 2 x PJB Neopower type A speakers. Weight is 13.2 lbs/6 kilos. Volts 100 to 240 AC. Tilt option. Padded Phil Jones Carry Case. Personal in person for a cash sale only/no posting possible...
  11. I have a gk fusion 500 hybrid amp paired with the barefaced 1 ten...which is a great, small and lightweight rig. The fusion amp has 3 valves in the pre amp and a bass extender switch, if you like boosted bottom end, which i sometimes do...
  12. Sorry for delay in response, on hols in Sardinia.....!
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