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  1. Oh yes you are very local to me. You would be welcome to come round and have a go if you’re interested.
  2. I’m going to have to move on my Handbox WB-100 all valve amp head. Many of you guys know about these great amps; 120W solidly built and ready to gig. I’m playing more “doubling gigs” and use double bass as well as electric, so my two channel head is getting most of the work. But the Handbox is loud and sounds great. Importantly it’s not too big or too heavy, so it’s a practical choice if your want a proper valve amp.
  3. I had an older one of these a few years ago, but it was 32” (medium scale). I know the more recent ones have been 34” (long scale). I could be potentially interested if it was the shorter scale and if it was less than 9lbs weight. Would you mind checking if it’s not too much hassle?
  4. I got mine online without trying it out as they weren’t available and in stock at the time. I put an order in and waited. I think it’s safe to order online, they are very nice instruments, but if you get one with the well documented faults (cracked headstock, knobs that rub due to the shafts not being vertical) you would have to return it. So maybe best to order from a local retailer. My first 1005MS had the cracked headstock but I just got it returned and replaced with another. I sold that one and brought the 1505 instead which was perfect.
  5. Hi Rick Yes, I like the EHB1505MS, the pickups are a bit better, but the others weren’t bad in my opinion. Otherwise they are similar to play, despite different woods. My only issue is finding occasions to actually use it with a band as the two I play in are a bit retro for this futuristic beast! Ade
  6. My first one (also returned with cracked headstock) had stiff knobs (!) also due to non vertical shafts (!) but the replacement was fine, although the East knobs I brought did not fit as well as the original plastic ones and rubbed a bit, so I have kept the plastic ones at the moment
  7. Are the pickups and electrics, preamp etc not based on the Sadowsky designs of Roger Sadowsky even though they are not manufactured by his company?
  8. No, not a baritone as that would be A-a or B-b, this is like a Bass VI and would go as low as a standard 4 string bass guitar or (double bass for that matter). This instrument would just have an additional two higher strings (a B and an E).
  9. Yes, I’m sure he was; I was thinking the same thing
  10. Thanks Mr TC Great advice, I kinda know that the Helix has great potential, but as I said at the top of this thread, I’m a bit of a Neanderthal and I haven’t got to grips with it properly, to the extent that my sound is possibly better going straight to amp. 😏 If you lived nearer, I’d be hitting you up for some 1:1 help as you sound like you know how it works?
  11. That sounds sensible, I haven’t got to grips with how to use the Helix LT not having used any kind of effects in the past.
  12. Last week it was boomy, lacked definition and clarity. As I mentioned earlier, it was better once I removed the Helix LT which surprised me. Even then the speaker was a bit “farty” like it couldn’t handle the power from the valve amp (120 watts vs 600 watts that the speaker should be able to cope with).
  13. Reassuringly it sounds like quite a few go straight to amp. I take the point about getting a good clean sound before adding anything though. I think part of my issue is too many options; I’ve got about a dozen different basses, from Fenders to Rob Allans and Stingrays to Harley Bentons. I also play a bit of upright. My amp set up is a compromise. I use a Euphonics Audio head and 12” cab. It sounds good for double bass but I wanted a bit of colour for electric, so I got one of those Handbox 120 watt valve heads. I’ve also been playing around with a Helix LT, which I’m struggling with. I used it with the Handbox last week at a gig and it was very boomy, took out the Helix and it was better, but not great, the sound was a bit “farty”. I was in GAK a while back, a guy was trying out a sans amp pedal and it sounded great, although a modern sound and I play mainly 60s and older stuff, so I don’t know, but it got me thinking.
  14. The shortscale stingrays, both the US and S by MM both have reduced body size as well as shorter scale length, so they should be lighter?
  15. When playing live I’ve always gone straight from my bass to my amp (except for a tuner). I often find I’m not happy with my sound and I wonder how many of you folk use pedals or if there are many Neanderthals like me who don’t understand them?
  16. Pop music derived from rock n roll was always music for teens done by teens (ideally). That type of music is not aimed at older folk and it is light and fun, simple and easy to play (generalising). So if you’re looking at the original question through the prism of “pop” music, yes many of these bands etc will have had their best (most successful) years before they turned 30. As others have said, other art forms and even music styles, do not have that age constraint and often the better stuff is produced post 30 as artists develop.
  17. Gold Tone M-Bass25FL Fretless Acoustic-Electric MicroBass
  18. He probably plays bass about as well as he sings. Not the world’s greatest singer, not the the world’s greatest bass player, but can he play bass? I reckon he can play it a bit.
  19. Storky

    Bass iv

    Yes, I am! I have looked out for one of these, but no luck. Saying that the Rascal is more “surf” style than I’d ideally like, I prefer the more “Indy” style of the Bass VI, but yes, it’s pretty close to what I’m after.
  20. Storky

    Bass iv

    Yes, agreed. I’d keep the same strings (minus the B and high E) and keep similar pickups- maybe something custom made or a strat bar type pick up
  21. Storky

    Bass iv

    Thanks; I’ll check them out. 👍
  22. Storky

    Bass iv

    I’ve recently got my 2nd ever Bass VI and I’m enjoying it very much; I like the vibe/style, 30” scale and most importantly the tone, which is vintage but cuts through. Only thing is I don’t want the extra 2 strings. I want a bass 4! How hard would it be to convert it to four strings? Or is there someone out there who could build me a Bass IV? 🤔
  23. Only purchased in October last year this is a recent model and has only been used at home. The Ibanez EHB1005MS is a 5 string bass guitar with a headless design which keeps the weight down and allows it to balance perfectly on a strap. The multi scale fret board is roasted maple with some nice “bird’s eye” markings and it is a thick sounding 33” scale on the G string and a tight and defined 35” on the B. It is easy to play and takes no time to get used to. The bass features 3 band active EQ including a mid sweep, pared with two Bartolini soap bar pickups. It sounds great, plays great and looks great. What’s not to like? Reason for sale: upgraded to similar EHB1505MS as I like it so much.
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