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  1. Up for grabs is my Ashbory Mini Bass. Comes in a fetching Red with gig-bag, packet of slyde-rite (talcum powder), spare new-in-the-packed official E-A-D strings and two off-brand G-strings (well, one bit of silicon long enough to make 2 - the G string is notorious for snapping in the gig bag so I bought enough to make several but haven't had an issue since putting this string one). Bought in the USA from LargeSound.com and imported sometime around 2008, it has been in my collection ever since. Gigged twice, rehearsed with a couple of times. Played sporadically. Reason for selling is that it has lived on the wall for the last year and it should be moved on. It's fun to play, I just don't have a band that utilises it any more. It's located in Chertsey and I can deliver to Woking or Central London. Postage is possible - ping me a message and we can negotiate. Sale preferred. £140 £120 is the price. The history of the Ashbory bass is here if you're interested. https://photos.app.goo.gl/QxFvuJ2TpJFuymVp2
  2. I've used them in Bluegrass and orchestral situations and they've been fine. The have a nice pop and growly tail.
  3. FS/FT Lull Tbird T4

    Oh my goodness. Have a "if I were a rich man" bump.
  4. 3/4 bass for beginner

    My 13 year old son loves his Squire Bronco (went to Wunjo bass shop in London and played every one they had before picking out the best). Truss rod needs the occasional tweak due to seasonal variation but it's a cracking little bass. Before that we tried him on an Ashbory Mini-Bass, but that was not a great success.
  5. Road worn jazz bass? Sounds too thin!!

    I love playing jazz basses right up until I get them in a band situation, then exactly this. I'm sure with the right combination of pre-amp and pups you can get it to sound right, but it's always been easier for me to resort to a P-ish bass.
  6. Feedback for basscell

    Bought a Maruszczyk PJ from Dennis. A true gent throughout the process. Bass exactly as described. Excellent communicator. Have confidence when dealing with him.
  7. No love? Sad face. Bump and a price drop. £700
  8. SOLD

    I bought the OBT, I tried it out through this cab and it's in perfect nick. I've got one myself and it's a steal at this price!
  9. Feedback for CJPJ

    Bought the same Orange Head Mentioned above from CJPJ. Smooth transaction, left to my own devices in his man cave to try it out. Good communication. Everything excellent. Deal with confidence.
  10. Feedback for pburrows

    Phil bought a midget-t cab from me. Excellent pre-meet conversation and turned up on time at the right with the correct amount of cash. Nice bloke too.
  11. Up for grabs is my 2004 Zeller Double Bass, including: Bass Bow Gewa Case (not pictured) quiver All this for only £750 £700. I bought this many years ago (I recon 2008), and it has served me well in orchestral situations, and taken me as far as ABRSM grade 6 classical. It's strung with orchestral strings at the moment. This bass was set up by Malcom Healy of Healy violins. This Zeller double bass features a carved solid spruce front, laminated maple back, sides and amber gold varnish. It is fitted with an ebony fingerboard and tailpiece and full plate machines. This is local pick-up from Chertsey / Woking / Central London only. I will deliver for petrol money within 100 miles. It does show signs of having been used for 8 years by myself. The previous owner was extremely careful of it so most of these are a result of having been left on the floor. Reasons for selling: I haven't played it for 2 years. I left the orchestra after moving house and having a child. I keep promising myself to go back one day but it hasn't materialised. This is too nice (and cumbersome) to have sitting around. I'll get photos of the gewa case if it's a deal breaker. Upper body bashes. lower body bashes. Dated. Easier than taking a p-bass neck off. The back is ply. There is a discoloured band on the fingerboard.
  12. For sale, one barefaced midget-t with adjustable tweeter (mk 2). Bought new from Barefaced direct several years ago, and it has had some good use. I bought it to go atop the compact, but I prefer the sound of just the compact so I'm moving this on. The details are on the barefaced site, and I'm pretty sure you know what you're getting into. http://barefacedbass.com/product-range/midget.htm There are a few scuffs in the tolex, but nothing too bad. Collection is preferred from Woking, Chertsey or Central London. I will deliver within 100 miles of TW20 for petrol money or train fare. If you are further afield I am happy to ship, but at your expense, and it will be UPS direct and insured to the full value. Trade options: Fender USA P-bass (+ balance of cash to you). Feedback is here: