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  1. dougal

    Barefaced post-sales support

    Problem solved (I think). Only had to go as far as the speakon connectors: one of the yellow clips was lose: two minutes of gentle crimping with some pliers and it all seems to be functioning correctly again.
  2. dougal

    Barefaced post-sales support

    Alex has just replied to my e-mail in person. I shall try what he suggests and see!
  3. I've got me a compact from 2013 that's been a pretty stable companion. It's developed a fault where by the sound drops in & out and varies from clean to distorted. I don't think I've done anything particularly nasty to it in the past couple of weeks. Two questions: has anyone had a problem similar to this? and, has anyone got experience in post-sales support from barefaced ? Next gig is the 17th November so I need to get something sorted pretty quickly...
  4. dougal

    Feedback for Pearl_Jammin

    Yet another good review. Bought a bass off PJ. Good comms, arranged everything nicely. Seemed like a really nice bloke too. Cheers mate!
  5. dougal

    IEM as ear protection.

    WRT the umbilical cord: I recently constructed a 2 cable snake using two 8m cables bought from ebay (1 instrument cable, one a headphone extension), 8m of 10mm expandable braided tubing and two bits of heat shrink to stop the braid uncoiling. I got the idea from a youtube video of a pit bassist who had made one for himself. If you're interested I'll dig out the links. I've only tried it once (in rehearsal) into Ultimate Ears moulded plugs: it resulted in DI-ing the bass and micing the guitar so I could get a balanced level as they were a bit occlusive. I'll let you know how it pans out live.
  6. Have an "oooooohhhhh, sexxxxyyyy" bump on me.
  7. dougal

    *** SOLD ***

    Sorry for the delay. All PM's now responded to. Books now listed with prices.
  8. All the books that didn't sell went to a local school's music department. *********************************** Having just sold my double bass I've now got a whole bucket load of accessories that are no longer of use to me. I'm open to offers and am probably willing to trade for pretty much anything electric bass / drum / guitar related I will use. ********************************** neumatic Gaines double bass wheel (with 10mm shaft): £50 + shipping *** SOLD *** ********************************** French Style Brazilwood Bass Bow (bought from gollihurmusic many moons ago): £70 + shipping *** SOLD *** Link to new bow: https://www.gollihurmusic.com/product/1410-BRAZILWOOD_DOUBLE_BASS_BOW.html All Weather and Soft bass rosin (Kolstein) - £3 each (they've been used but about 90% left) *** UNDER OFFER *** ********************************** NOT PICTURED: Padded Double bass case (black): £20 + Shipping (may be quite expensive to ship as it's quite bulky). This was the one that came with my bass. It's functional. ********************************** Lots and lots of books. Prices aren't including shipping / packaging but we can deal. ABRSM Double Bass Scales & Arpeggios Grades 1-5 - FREE but you pay shipping + envelope ABRSM Double Bass Scales & Arpeggios Grades 6-8 - FREE but you pay shipping + envelope Charles Mingus - More Than a Fake Book (link) - £10 Stravinsky L'Histoire du Soldat (incl CD) - £7 Simandl: 30 Etudes for double bass (incl CD) (link) - £8 Double Bass Solo 'Techniques' (link) - £10 Double Bass Solo 1 (link) - £5 Double bass solo 2 (link) - £5 Accompaniments for Double Bass Solo 1 & 2 (link) - £5 Suzuki Bass School Volume 3 Bass Part - £2 Suzuki Bass School Volume 3 Piano Accompaniment - £2 Suzuki Bass School Volume 4 Bass Part (link) - £2 Suzuki Bass School Volume 4 Piano Accompaniment (link) - £2 ABRSM Time Pieces for the Double Bass Volume 2 (link) = £3 Rufus Reid Bass Lines transcribed from vols 1-3 of Aebersolds play-a-long series (link) - £4 Improve your sight reading (link) - £5 ABRSM - Specimen Sight Reading Tests for Double Bass Grade 1-5 (link) - £2 Music Minus One - The Trout Schubert (link) - £3 Yorke Solos for double bass and piano (link) - £8 Yorke mini-bass book 2 Bass Is Best! (link) - £10 Yorke Studies for Double Bass Volume 2 (2nd - 4th positions) (link) - £5 Vance Progressive Repertoire Vols 1-3. (Amazon is selling for £18.50 each) - £10 each SOLD The Evolving Bassist - SOLD All Star Bluegrass Jam - SOLD David Heyes Daily Exercises - SOLD So...You want to make a double bass (link) - New is CA $95 - £20 SOLD Simandl - New Method For the Double Bass (link) - £10 SOLD The Setup and Repair of the Double Bass for optimum sound (link) - £30 SOLD Trinity Double Bass Scales, Arpeggios and Studies (link) - £4 *** SOLD *** Giovanni Bottesini method for the double bass (link) - £10 *** SOLD *** *********************** Google photos of the above: https://photos.app.goo.gl/cGh2Gjg1P9lhDYm82
  9. dougal

    Feedback for W1_Pro

    Bought my Ashbory. Good communications. Paid. You know, he did the good stuff well. "Deal with confidence" indeed.
  10. Guidum, I've just had an offer, I'll pm you if it falls through.
  11. I believe it's a 1422C. Carved solid spruce front Laminated maple back and sides Ebony fingerboard and tailpiece Full plate machines
  12. *** SOLD *** Up for grabs is my Ashbory Mini Bass. Comes in a fetching Red with gig-bag, packet of slyde-rite (talcum powder), spare new-in-the-packed official E-A-D strings and two off-brand G-strings (well, one bit of silicon long enough to make 2 - the G string is notorious for snapping in the gig bag so I bought enough to make several but haven't had an issue since putting this string one). Bought in the USA from LargeSound.com and imported sometime around 2008, it has been in my collection ever since. Gigged twice, rehearsed with a couple of times. Played sporadically. Reason for selling is that it has lived on the wall for the last year and it should be moved on. It's fun to play, I just don't have a band that utilises it any more. It's located in Chertsey and I can deliver to Woking or Central London. Postage is possible - ping me a message and we can negotiate. Sale preferred. £140 £120 £100 is the price. The history of the Ashbory bass is here if you're interested. https://photos.app.goo.gl/QxFvuJ2TpJFuymVp2