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  1. dougal

    Squire Bronco (Black) - £110

    Bump. I don't particularly want to drop the price any further as this is lower than what they seem to go for on ebay. Would I be better off there with a low value bass?
  2. dougal

    Feedback for BMBR

    Fantastic Bass-Chatter. Bought a second Orange Terror Bass from me (for his son). Clear comms. Turned up on time. Everyone happy.
  3. dougal

    Big Box EHX Q-Tron

    Up for sale is my 'big box' Electro-Harmonix Q-Tron. It's an old design so maybe I should class it as "vintage"? Bought many moons ago after having met Mister freekbass and having had a go on his. Comes with the official power supply. Reason for sale is that it's been in its box for the last ?3? years and it really should be used! In perfect working order. I'm just not in a band that needs its funkilicious feel. There's still a piece of velcro on the bottom which used to attach this to my pedal board. Technical details here: https://www.ehx.com/products/q-tron - it looks like they've changed the design slightly. Price includes shipping. Local pickup from Chertsey, Woking or Central London possible.
  4. dougal

    Morley Dual Bass Wah

    Up for grabs is my Morley Dual Bass Wah. Had it for ages, from new (must be ~ 10 years?). Saw light use at both rehearsals and live for a few years then went into the big plastic box of effects I may use again someday. Working fine. The bottom's a bit tatty from when I stuck on some velcro when attaching it to a pedal board (see photos). Tech Details and sound demos here: http://www.morleypedals.com/dual-bass-wah/ Priced at £50 including shipping. I'll knock some off for local pick-up from Chertsey, Woking or Central London. Not interested in trades.
  5. I will post. Where are you located?
  6. Up for grabs is my immaculate Squire Bronco. I bought this for my son 3 years ago from Wunjo music in Denmark Street - I tried all of the squires they had and this was the pick of the litter. It's been lightly used ever since, but at practice last week I noticed how small it was on him, so he's graduated to stealing my basses. It's a shoulder saving 3.5kgs. Perfect working order. I can't see any major dings. Comes with a soft stagg case. Happy to ship at buyer's expense. Bass is in Chertsey and I can drive a reasonable distance for petrol money. Original listing at £140 - now £130 £120 £110 Happy to listen to trade offers. Unlikely to be taken up, but tell me what you've got. Yeah, this is in proportion 🙂
  7. This is the second Gibson bass I've owned, and I think I finally have to admit I'm a Fender man. Although I still have to admit, I love the way they look. Bought on here a few months ago (see link at bottom of post) for £600 because I wanted to try it out. I've played it at 4 rehearsals and 2 gigs, and whilst it's not a bad bass, it's just not quite what I'm looking for. Doesn't quite sit right, either physically or sonically for what I want. I think the original post says what needs to be said more succinctly than I can. These were a very limited run (400 of two colour variations) in 2007. This one is was born on June 5th of that year. It sounds like a good Gibson Construction wise it's a set neck, Mahogany body, a layer of Walnut, and then a lovely Maple top. Mostly original chrome original hardware. (strap buttons replaced with Schaller-style lock buttons. Originals included.) Dollar sign truss plate (includes spare 'Les Paul' plate ). Condition wise it is in very good nick sparing some buckle rash on the rear of the bass. The neck is straight and true. Trades wise if you have a dirty P-bass, a stingray, a bolt on Warwick Thumb, or something interesting that you value in the same ballpark and willing to give/take some extra cash to make a deal, hit me up. Four strings only. Bass is in Chertsey. Come - drink tea, play basses. Happy to ship at buyer's expense. Happier to meet up within sensible distance. Here are some up-to-date-pictures.
  8. Back on the market. Price drop to £325