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  1. Still available.
  2. This is the second Gibson bass I've owned, and I think I finally have to admit I'm a Fender man. Although I still have to admit, I love the way they look. Bought on here a few months ago (see link at bottom of post) for £600 because I wanted to try it out. I've played it at 4 rehearsals and 2 gigs, and whilst it's not a bad bass, it's just not quite what I'm looking for. Doesn't quite sit right, either physically or sonically for what I want. I think the original post says what needs to be said more succinctly than I can. These were a very limited run (400 of two colour variations) in 2007. This one is was born on June 5th of that year. It sounds like a good Gibson Construction wise it's a set neck, Mahogany body, a layer of Walnut, and then a lovely Maple top. Mostly original chrome original hardware. (strap buttons replaced with Schaller-style lock buttons. Originals included.) Dollar sign truss plate (includes spare 'Les Paul' plate ). Condition wise it is in very good nick sparing some buckle rash on the rear of the bass. The neck is straight and true. Trades wise if you have a dirty P-bass, a stingray, a bolt on Warwick Thumb, or something interesting that you value in the same ballpark and willing to give/take some extra cash to make a deal, hit me up. Four strings only. Bass is in Chertsey. Come - drink tea, play basses. Happy to ship at buyer's expense. Happier to meet up within sensible distance. Here are some up-to-date-pictures.
  3. Back on the market. Price drop to £325
  4. Under off pending the usual...
  5. Up for sale is my Orange Terror Bass 500 Head Bought on here ~ 1 year ago and used for both rehearsals and gigs. I bought it to see if I preferred this over the markbass III head that's in my rack. Whilst this is more portable, because it isn't in the rack it just tends to get left at home and the rack brought out (there's a tale involving a pedal board I won't bore you with). Comes with a kettle lead and speakon connector cable. It's in a passable but tatty bag. Available for local pick-up in Chertsey / Egham or I can meet locally. Feel free to pop over any try it out! I will ship at the buyer's expense. The gumph from Orange: Maintaining the size of the original Tiny Terror, the Terror Bass is a 500 watt hybrid amplifier with a Class D solid state power section and the same preamp as our all-valve AD200B UK bass amp. With the same great looks as the other Terror series guitar amps, and a rugged construction that will stand up to the road, bass players can now become a part of the famed “Tiny Terror Club.” Key Features: Single channel, hybrid – Class D power amp with valve preamp Variable input sensitivity for active or passive basses Balanced DI out FX loop Specification: Controls : Master, Treble, Middle, Bass, Gain Output Power (Heads and Combos): 500 Watts Preamp: 2 x Ecc83/12ax7 Speaker Output options (Heads): 1 x 8 cabinet (impedance switched to 8 ohm), 1 x 4 cabinet (impedance switched to 4 ohm), 2 x 8 cabinets (impedance switched to 4 ohm) Unboxed Dimensions: Height; 19cm/7.48" Width; 30.3cm/11.93" Depth; 15.3cm/6.02" Unboxed Weight: 4.75 KG/10.47 lb
  6. Up for sale is my 2010 RS5 (Rosewood Standard 5, Alder Body) It's a beautiful bass weighing in at 4.1kg according to my travel scales. I bought this bass new from guitarguitar in 2012 - according to the Sadowsky web site this is a 2010 model. It's been looked after and gigged fairly regularly - I just have moved exclusively to 4-string and it deserves to be played. It looks immaculate apart from a ding on the upper rear of the body which I don't remember giving it. I've tried to take a decent photo, if you want close-ups I can try and do better. The bass is located in Chertsey, Surrey, and I'm happy to meet locally if you want to try it out. I will ship but this will be at the buyer's expense and it will go fully insured. It comes in the original hard shell case which is as-new but a bit dusty as its been sat in the loft for 6 years. I'm not really interested in trades as I'm having a bit of a clear out. Still got the 'Made in Japan' sticker on it... just. The chip. Case (incl. original hex keys). I can't find any other case candy.
  7. dougal

    Barefaced post-sales support

    Problem solved (I think). Only had to go as far as the speakon connectors: one of the yellow clips was lose: two minutes of gentle crimping with some pliers and it all seems to be functioning correctly again.
  8. dougal

    Barefaced post-sales support

    Alex has just replied to my e-mail in person. I shall try what he suggests and see!
  9. I've got me a compact from 2013 that's been a pretty stable companion. It's developed a fault where by the sound drops in & out and varies from clean to distorted. I don't think I've done anything particularly nasty to it in the past couple of weeks. Two questions: has anyone had a problem similar to this? and, has anyone got experience in post-sales support from barefaced ? Next gig is the 17th November so I need to get something sorted pretty quickly...