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  1. roman_sub

    Xotic BB Bass Preamp

    Super pedal! Glwts
  2. roman_sub

    Coffee table

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bass-Drum-possible-coffee-table/202368653623?hash=item2f1e1c9937:g:MfcAAOSwtrJbSJgn Wonder if he's got any metallic 'plates'?
  3. roman_sub

    2U rack case

    Good quality, easy to carry / shock-proof would be a bonuses. I'm in Surrey / SE London.
  4. roman_sub

    Split signal recording

    I wonder if we're talking at cross-purposes. Double-tracking of performances is a good idea as you can select best performance for each section, try a few different licks, etc. This also gives an insurance option, eg if one take is suddenly affected by noise or dodgy cable. You'd select a single take per section, most of the time, though - unless you really want a less defined mono / some sort of stereo-panned bass sound... Recording multiple sources, during the same performance (DI + amp etc) is also a great idea as it gives options for the mix; many rock bass tones are a combination of several sources. What I meant is that doing several passes using two different sounds e.g. combining take 1 of clean bass with take 2 of distorted bass over the same section of music, may not be as good as capturing both clean and distorted at the same time. Most of the time, the timing / string attack discrepancy in performances would be an unwanted artefact. That's not to say that some songs don't have a fretless P via DI in verse, whereas chorus is a picked Jazz through an amp... or even blend of the two. Just trying to be realistic here...
  5. roman_sub

    Split signal recording

    You could also try splitting the signal into clean and dirty digitally - there are plenty of good plugins that can simulate the distortion pedal. Common practice is to keep the pure low end from the cleaner DI, and grab the mid-range grind from the 'distorted / amp channel'. If you want add an analog drive pedal but also record clean sound, you'd need to put a DI as the first thing the bass plugs into - then record that DI, and then mic up the amp. The amp signal will be some milliseconds later than the clean DI, so will want to check phase alignment between the two. Check if it sounds much better with phase polarity button in / out as a start, and if you really want to get deep into it, you can play with time-alignment of the waveforms in the DAW.... alas, I digress. Personally I wouldn't double track bass as was suggested above - in 99% cases, bass would be panned straight down the middle, so overlaying multiple performances would likely give a less tight sound as result of timing/performance differences (however slight).
  6. Yes just get him to bounce down the individual WAVs per song; just making sure they are exactly the same length (start/end at same point) - then anyone can work on them, with any software. may be best if these are exported without any processing. i would be willing to work on the mix, if I could have unprocessed WAVs - pm me for details.
  7. roman_sub

    Jazz fretless signal boost needed

    Turn down the active P volume (emg should not change in tone as much as passives would) or just use an outboard preamp to boost up the J volume (eg sadowsky) - imo easier than any bass modifications.
  8. roman_sub

    Hagstrom Viking Bass

    Think there was someone looking for a Hagstrom bass in Wanted section, though was a while ago...
  9. roman_sub

    GK MB 800 DI not working

    If you're in London highly recommend you take it to Guitar Aid in Putney, for them to fix it...
  10. pm'd and working up prototypes with mr jebroad
  11. roman_sub

    How to do promo videos?

    I would agree with above, if you are looking for one-off video, you'd probably spend less time/money/hassle and achieve a better result if you hire someone to do it. As a shameless plug - let me know if you want any location recording of audio. I have just finished setting a full, pro level location recording set up to record anywhere.
  12. they do look pretty blingin' $$$$! GLTWS
  13. Hi - sorry, not sure if this is the right forum. Not really an 'items wanted' - and am specifically hoping one of the basschat builders may be able to help me with a small job Basically, I would like to make a set of Acoustic Pressure Equalisers for my omni-directional microphones. Basically these would focus high frequencies somewhat and should help me record orchestras a bit better ;-) Here's a professionally made set, for a different pair of microphones: Unfortunately I can't order them directly for my set of mics, so what I am thinking of doing is: - buy 2 Delrin spheres, e.g. from here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Single-Delrin-Plastic-Ball-Metric-Sizes-1mm-to-50mm/372119091645 - have a skilled member of basschat drill them (I expect this would require a drill press / forstner bit drill). Probably will need to be 40mm balls originally, with 21mm hole. I think this video shows a possibly simple way of doing it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BH5CfA3NClc (optional additional steps: spray paint them black; come up with tight-fitting mechanism around edge of capsule*. something like a ring of felt seems to have been suggested on forums. But if these could be bit more fiddly so I could tackle them myself) * they need to be taken off / put on with relative ease, but need to sit very tightly around the microphone (21mm tube) - especially at the the edge, around the capsule. I will pay for balls and all postage costs, plus a fee to cover your time (hoping it wouldn't take much more than an hour for the drilling? - but do correct me... Obviously would be a bit more for spray painting and coming up with mechanism for them to fit tightly around 21mm tube - little more of an engineering challenge). Hoping this will be a small but rewarding project for someone with the right tools! Please PM me if you're interested, or just reply here for a bit of general discussion around how to do this... would be grateful for any thoughts or advice. Thanks Roman
  14. Need a few more mic stands - good quality, in working order (Beyer / K&M) / etc Need to be around SE/SW London, or Surrey please - unless you can post cheaply.