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  1. Stunning Warmoth/Allparts fretless

    yup looks like it!
  2. *SOLD* EMG GZR P/J set

    Great pickups, not surprised these didn’t hang around
  3. EMG 40P or 40J

    Thinking about trying out another 5 string soapbar EMG - looking for J or P versions only please (to replace the 40DC). thanks Roman
  4. Sample rate for recording

    Unless there is a specific reason (e.g. label wanting to make 96k files available for high resolution downloads), 44k should be fine in most cases. There is much discussion on relative merits of higher sample rates and whether or not people can hear differences... I stopped bothering with the 'audio quality' side of the argument when I realised I couldn't reliably tell 88k vs 44k files apart. Unless there is a production reason, IMO extra system demands and hard-disk space is not worth it.
  5. Bongo-esque.......

    I bet it sounds like a$$..... I'll get me coat
  6. A £7,500 Yamaha?

    Only 5k now! Where's me chequebook...
  7. Feedback for tonyxtiger

    Bought some strings from Darren. fast postage and all as expected. many thanks!
  8. Very good preamp for the money
  9. Free recording / mixing / mastering

    gentle bump, available for costs-only location recording and free mix / master.
  10. Costs-only (location) recording + free mix / master available to Basschatters! Drop me a PM! :)

  11. Sorted

    Spector Tonepump: Ideally with pots, knobs and trim control - but let me know what you have... Something else: let me know what you have, but needs to have EQ controls via two holes only - so either 2 band, or stacked 3 band. Again, ideally with pots and knobs Thanks
  12. Totally killer pedal GLWTS
  13. All sold - Dimarzio pickups

    Sold sold sold
  14. All sold - Dimarzio pickups

    bump - price drop