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  1. Looking for bands to record / mix demos or EPs for costs only! As i'm a new freelancer, happy to take on some projects for experience. Hit me up!

    1. MonkeyTrick


      PM incoming

  2. Free recording / mixing / mastering

    bump - got time for a few new projects, hit me up!
  3. DR Sunbeam 40-120 SOLD

    bargain for a 5 stringer ;-)
  4. bump and price drop to £33 posted in UK. you won't find a cheaper one!
  5. Maybe try posting this on http://www.thefretboard.co.uk/categories/fx-for-sale as may be more [email protected] - GLWTS. Looks in perfect condition for the age.
  6. How best to mic a 2x15?

    I would typically try having the mic on axis / fairly central for a speaker - and play with distances. 1 foot +/- would be a good starting point - bass cabs do sound a bit better with slightly more distance than guitar cabs. If WA87 is like the U87, may be worth experimenting with different mic pickup patterns. Cardiod + figure 8 can be useful for minimising unwanted room reflections / bleed (by reducing pickup from back/sides, respectively); but omni may actually sound more natural.
  7. Deluxe Jazz active-passive switch

    Active preamps normally do boost the onboard volume, even at 'all knobs flat' - so would expect some volume loss, yes. Not sure how this would work with this specific circuit though. It's manageable on my MIA precision deluxe (2012) but no idea if that's the same circuit as what you have....
  8. Swift Lite 2 (sorry, another electric)

    loving this body shape more and more!
  9. Swift Lite 2 (sorry, another electric)

    looks stunning so far!
  10. SOLD Darkglass Vintage Microtubes VMT overdrive

    Pending payment
  11. Good condition, velcro on back. No box. sounds great; in fact my second time owning one - but just not getting enough use to warrant keeping. £135 incl recorded delivery in UK
  12. Lovely bass. Luckily for me it’s not lined!
  13. James is a great guy and EBS stuff rocks - have a bump
  14. Shuker 3. Extended db type fret board 😱

    IMO a far superior option to d-tuning! Subscribed with interest