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  1. GONE cream bare knuckle p covers

    not needed. some wear on plastic but perfect fit for bare knuckle '58, and may fit others. will post for free in return for small donation to Cancer Research, or another charity of your choice.
  2. So I just quit the band I started six years ago...

    i guess bands often fear some sort of ugly retaliation when someone leaves. sounds you made the right choice. enjoy!
  3. Peavey T-40 £300 on Gumtree

    seller also has a few pedal at cheap prices.
  4. Suspect it's due to the recent site "update"
  5. It's 13 hole, I can provide specific measurements e.g. horn to horn if it would help. It came with a pickup I bought, I never fitted it to a bass body myself. I tried to get in touch with prior owner but he has not got back to me.
  6. Evolutions sold, HS3 and Cruiser still available
  7. Feedback for Mike.Kennedy

    Sold Mike two moogerfoogers. Super quick payment and fast comms. Deal with confidence :-)
  8. NBD: Wal fretless goodness

    What a beauty :-)
  9. Unique custom Overwater jazz bass

    Stunning bass, and sorry to read about your injury. GLWTS
  10. Is it just me or...

    As the joke goes... we like to have standards in pro audio - that's why we have so many of them! I had to work through issues with most paid software providers I've dealt with: so, many reinstalls and once a 3 hour call with Waves support. Not sure as to causes - perhaps chaotic marriage of industry and art?
  11. MESA BOOGIE D800+ vs GK MB FUSION - gig review

    To the OP: at matched / equal volume, how would you compare the tones of the Mesa and the GK? thanks
  12. I don't get compressors

    [quote name='Osiris' timestamp='1510254407' post='3405124'] I've not heard the argument that compression is needed less when playing in passive than active before. And I'm not sure that I agree with that, although admittedly I don't know the detail of the arguments either way. [/quote] I suppose one could make an argument that active circuits buffer and feed a lower impedance signal downstream, which better preserves transients (signal spikes). If you then add active pickups to the mix, which normally have weaker magnets (with less deadening magnetic pull on strings) but have their own amplifier circuits, that would further increase the available dynamic range.... more dynamic range = arguably greater need for compression. Entirely passive circuits may be more naturally 'lossy', albeit, perhaps in a rounded and musical way.
  13. I don't get compressors

    Lots of great points here - I would add that compressors were originally designed, and IMO are best seen as problem-solving devices. Are the peaks too loud? Does the sustained note die too quickly? does the initial attack of the note need more definition? Do you want similar volume when slapping vs playing with fingers? is the playing somewhat uneven? do the low notes overpower the higher notes? If so, a compressor may help. A compressor may even *purposefully* colour the sound - e.g. 1176-style compression (like a Cali), or perhaps a tube compressor. Where it gets complicated is the different types of circuits and setting the parameters.... but I'd say if you can't hear a problem, and aren't looking for specific compressor colour, leave it off. p.s. Ovnilab is indeed a superb resource.