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  1. EBS black label pedals for sale

    James is a great guy and EBS stuff rocks - have a bump
  2. Shuker 3. Extended db type fret board 😱

    IMO a far superior option to d-tuning! Subscribed with interest
  3. Feedback for thebrig

    Sold Brian some tuners, immediate payment and very straightforward. Recommended
  4. The Jazz bridge bottom plate should help balance better with the P! Nice set by looks of it
  5. Merlos Custom 5

    MOM... upside-down WOW
  6. For Sale / Trade - Withdrawn

    I think he was asking what trades you may be after...
  7. Bass ports and monitors

    I think speaker positioning may be a more significant factor here. I'm guessing the room is rectangular, rather than square, so you are likely to have different reflections and different standing waves when 'firing' sounds from these different positions. Have you tried swapping over the speakers, to see how they perform in each others places? I also wonder whether the HS7s are too close to the wall, given they are rear-ported. They look to be almost touching the wall, which would likely contribute to the uneven bass response. Something like a foot away from the wall should help...
  8. Feedback for CygnusX2112

    bought a pedal from Patrick, fast shipping and all as expected! thanks!
  9. SOLD

    dat case! and nice bass
  10. MXR CSP-028 Compressor '76 Vintage

    I would have thought something like this could be used to power it via 9v DC adaptor... https://www.fxpedal.co.uk/accessories-c31/power-supplies-c44/fxpedal-9v-battery-clip-adaptor-p209 GLWTS
  11. hi - you can check dimensions here: Pickup Dimensions http://www.dimarzio.com/node/2135
  12. I also prefer this proposed new shape but also wonder whether the top horizontal cutaway - i.e. opposite the lower waist you are planning to deepen for knee comfort - should also be made slightly deeper. i think that may look a bit more balanced and will complete the new shape.
  13. Hand "built" - botched more like..

    Nice tight action there.
  14. Midi File Drummer, Or Finger Drummer?

    Impressive as full-on finger drumming is, for recording / programming purposes: remember that you only need to be able to play one drum at a time, and just loop the part :-) Though it's hard to beat Futureman for finger-triggered drums!