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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. roman_sub


    Super easy transaction, wish I had more time to stay and chat!
  3. Fast payment and nice comms, even despite postage screw-up on my part. Deal with confidence
  4. One of the most beautiful fretless basses I've seen. I was ogling it when it was on Jon's website - in fact came close to buying it in 2017 I think.... So sorry you had so much stress over it. Hope you fall back in love with it!
  5. Photos added. Rack includes bolts and washers for mounting kit. FRONT and BACK writing to help the orientationally-challenged like myself
  6. Yes I will do in next day or two - equipment currently living in the rack is just about to ‘hermit crab’ its way into a larger rack! 😆
  7. Decent quality 4u case, made by Black Rat. comes with 2u sliding rack shelf perfect application would be for 2u racked amp, with any pedals or non-rack gear mounted to the shelf photos below add £10 for postage in UK
  8. Help unleash your (/your guitarist's) inner Van Halen urges. Amazing bridge pickup by Bare Knuckle, hand wound in UK. A harmonically rich, PAF-type pickup that really rocks! 52mm spacing, reverse zebra, short leg. Only imperfection is that I gently etched VH2b onto the baseplate, as BKP does not label their pickups. Only selling as I just bought a matched pair of the same model, but now also including the neck pickup. This one is spare. £75 posted in UK, PPG
  9. Pair of wonderful Geetar pickups, coming out of a 2008 ES335. Good condition- bit of darkening on the serial no. stickers is due to the heat from the pickup covers being re-attached (they were briefly taken off, before being re-attached). Alnico 2's, designed for Gibson by Tom Holmes, and they sound superb (in both ES guitars and Les Pauls... and anything else probably!). I'm selling because I'm after a slightly more modern tone, may regret this but need some cash now! £85 posted in UK, PPG
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