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  1. I bought this quality piece of kit for a recent tour but it is now surplus to my requirements. Being Ampeg it is built like a tank! It comes with additional black canvas bag and mains lead.
  2. Just seen this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/194393941686?hash=item2d42c826b6:g:1FcAAOSwUhNiEVeR
  3. I bought this beautiful bass on Basschat around 10 years ago. The previous owner had distressed the bass which I thought looked authentic and well done. I also have Fender Pino bass and this AV bass is just not getting any use anymore hence it now is up for sale on here! It came with the original gold scratchplate but as you'll see in the attached photos I sometimes swapped it to a tortoise scratchplate which I will include. ***** UPDATE ***** I HAVE FOUND THE ORIGINAL FENDER HARDCASE! SEE PHOTOS BELOW There is a PDF attached to this post with the full Fender Serial Number Look Up. Fender Info Doc.pdf
  4. As are all replacement knobs etc. I'd never use anything aftermarket on such a beautiful bass! Gary
  5. Just to clarify this a right hand (normal) bass not left handed, just in case I'm in the wrong section! This site has changed since I last used it!
  6. OK so I bought this beauty back around 2011 - the owner had hardly used it. I replaced the white pickguard with a tortoiseshell and had a black pickup to try and add some more colour! I have recently replaced scratchplate to black and added black Ernie Ball knobs and switch toggle.
  7. I can post it to you if you are interested?
  8. Pretty much as new, with some small fine scratches.
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