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  1. Hi Stef - huge apologies, this has been sold. I'll mark it as sold now to avoid further confusion. Gary :0)
  2. His Ebay feedback is good: https://feedback.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=vintageinvestments&ftab=FeedbackAsBuyer&ftabfocus=true&searchInterval=30
  3. I have a guy on Ebay who wants to buy my Aria SB100. His username is "vintageinvestments" Is he a scammer? He keeps asking how "we can proceed" and to meet up in Bognor to hand the bass/money over. I see he has his own section on here! As he is buying he can't really scam me unless its dodgy bank notes.
  4. Erm I have a guy on Ebay who wants to buy my Aria SB100. His username is "vintageinvestments" Is he a scammer?
  5. 1082 views and no sale, so I have reduced price down to £800 to sell :0(
  6. Hi - just bought a beautiful Status Empathy 5 string headless. I have been happily using Elixir coated strings for years and they last a very long time before they lose their brightness so I'd like to continue to use these on my headless Status. The grub screws came supplied with the bass but I'm just after guidance as how to fit the strings using the grub screws before I wreck an entire set of strings! Do I simply hook a string into the bridge, pull the string under the grub screw at the headstock end and pull it so it is straight, then tighten the grub screw and cut off the excess string - is it that simple? Or do I cut them to rough length first? Don't particularly want to have 5 very sharp string ends sticking out the end of the bass either. Any comments welcome!
  7. Just sold my Gibson G5 to Paul. Great chap, great coms and all round nice guy to deal with!
  8. Was up for £1200. Price now reduced to £1000 for quick sale.
  9. Fantastic basses. Good luck with the sale! I don't think it will be here long....
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