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  1. Apologies people - been in hospital. Going to withdraw this for now.
  2. Selling this fantastic bass it is just not really getting the use it deserves since I bought my MusicMan 5. Here is the link (below) to the actual bass on the GAK website and for some odd reason it's not been removed even though was sold a few years ago :0) Marcus Miller 5 on GAK website I remember the day I tried it out and found myself smiling to myself as it felt so good to play compared to all the 5 strings I have owned before. Sadowsky etc etc. It "feels" like a 4 string somehow - something to do with the neck profile which is different to every 5 string I have played previously - Sadowsky etc etc. I had a tortoiseshell scratchplate custom made as the original black scratchplate always seemed so huge and tortoise is much prettier than plain black! (original black scratchplate also included in sale) The stock pre-amp really let it down so I also fairly quickly upgraded to the John East Marcus Retro which transformed the sound spectacularly! I am based in West Sussex and don't really want to put this beauty in the post or travel too far to deliver it to the lucky new owner. I'll let the photos do the talking.......
  3. Apologies people, I have been in out of hospital the last 3 months with kidney stones. This pedal is sold!
  4. Another great bass I shouldn't have sold!!
  5. This used to be mine - my old favourite bass! Fantastic tone! Good luck with the sale.
  6. String spacing at bridge is 15mm across all strings
  7. Hi Gordon - the Status has a lot of interest and I have 2 people very interested. As the bass is original I’d say they are Status Hyperactive pickups. I hope this helps!
  8. Hi there - no truss-rod in this model. Just had a complete set up by Rob @ Status and the action is very very low with very little fret buzz.
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