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  1. As are all replacement knobs etc. I'd never use anything aftermarket on such a beautiful bass! Gary
  2. Just to clarify this a right hand (normal) bass not left handed, just in case I'm in the wrong section! This site has changed since I last used it!
  3. OK so I bought this beauty back around 2011 - the owner had hardly used it. I replaced the white pickguard with a tortoiseshell and had a black pickup to try and add some more colour! I have recently replaced scratchplate to black and added black Ernie Ball knobs and switch toggle.
  4. I can post it to you if you are interested?
  5. Pretty much as new, with some small fine scratches.
  6. More options and fatter bass sounds than Boss!!
  7. Fantastic fat synth effects! In very good condition with very faint marks.
  8. Re- advertising this great effect.
  9. Please let me know how we can proceed with this? Gary
  10. Pretty much as new, barely used. Fantastic range of fat round analogue synth sounds!
  11. I've had this possibly from the last century! Built like a tank and endless moogy fat synth sounds. Comes with 9 volt adaptor lead. £100.00 posted
  12. Selling this as it is no longer being used. Probably had 6 months of use. I have 3 spare leads for it, manual, spare batteryplus cover for the receiver and box to keep it all in. Plus postage
  13. I guess I need to speak to a moderator somehow re this issue. I bumped my ad for the G5 Korg Toneworks yesterday and also added 3 new items to sell yesterday: Future Impact Aguilar Octomizer Keeley Tru Bypass Looper Then I got locked out. I've been a member for years and years and not had an issue. I assume I have been naughty somehow, for which I apologize. I am having a bit of a clearout and have 4 more items to sell. Can you advise me of the best way of doing this without breaking any rules please. Many thanks in advance. Gary Williams
  14. Great invaluable pedal for creating effects loops to disable certain effects on your pedalboard.
  15. Fantastic Octaver - far more options and better tracking than the Boss Octaver! £120.00 plus postage in UK.
  16. Selling this as I just don't need or use it anymore. Fantastic synth sounds! I dabbled with creating my own synth tones with brilliant results - synth tones from heaven! It's just not used or needed anymore, so best I sell it to someone who wants one!
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