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  1. Power Windows is my most played album. Although the best song they ever did is Subdivisions; I could listen to the original and live versions on endless loop. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son is bang average; I much prefer Somewhere in Time.
  2. Well you only need one foot to tap to the beat...
  3. It is utterly gorgeous. *even for one of Alan's builds. That colour impregnation-thingy is sublime.
  4. Same. I often turn down trying a bass based on its pickup placement, knowing that i’ll struggle to rest my thumb.
  5. *must not think smutty thoughts about a 'hardening cupboard'*
  6. I too would have been extremely awkward and self-conscious but I guess I might have offered a high-five or asked how long he'd been into the band, or what significance it held. Depends on how busy the store was and if you;'re prepared for a 20 minute tale of teenage angst and nostalgia I'm not sure I've cried over a long anticipated release but some purchases have left me silent in awe on first listening, so I can see the importance of music to people as touchstones in their life - good on him for being able to express himself.
  7. Mastodon - now, I do like many of their songs, and I love their themes. But listening to an album is hard work - it's just noise. The drummer overplays far too often, the riffing gets too sludgy a lot of the time, and many songs have no breathing space and if you're not concentrating (i.e. listening on commute), you lose track of what you're listening to. I don't dislike them - the dual singists thing is good, the soloing is often very tasteful, I love Troy's bass noises. I prefer Megadeth to Metallica in terms of number of songs I'll listen to. Little Dave wrote some brilliant basslines that you can actually hear. Yes, Dave M is a gigantic plonker, but he's got some good tunes. My favourite Metallica albums are Load and Re/Load. I have a blank spot for acts that sound like they're between Rawk and Metal - Hard Rock? Heavyish Rock? Metallish? *takes deep breath* Thunder, The Almighty, Black Stone Cherry, etc. The Tragically Hip ought to have been successful everywhere. I wish Jordan Rudess hadn't joined Dream Theater.
  8. Wowsers!! And I thought @stewblack’s custom pedal was immense.
  9. *tugs collar nervously* crikey!
  10. Millions of UK viewers, that’s why it’s still on. pretty much all of my UK facebook friends were either at ‘eurovision parties’ at theirs/friends houses or were watching it and live-posting their opinions.
  11. what’s mallet finger btw? That’s insane action; you just have to wave your fingertips at those strings.
  12. You just need to get the scientists to develop Quink in Vantablack. 'So black it hurts' - Imagine pointing that at your guitarist, that'll stop 'em winding up for another unnecessary solo.
  13. Thank goodness it's left handed. I nearly opened my wallet to shake the dust off!!
  14. You got that from Wish.com didn’t you…
  15. Ooh shiny. I already have unnecessary hankerings for the Zio Front End & Boost!
  16. Phwoar - check the knurling on that!! I like the nickel actually - good colour.
  17. Alpher are based closed to me in West Yorkshire I think. They are 2? guys in a smallish workshop, and def. not paying NY rent. I bet they're not paying themselves much either as they're building the business - they do make some amazing instruments. Health Insurance is a massive cost in the US - especially if you're providing a comprehensive plan with good coverage for your staff. (This is why wages are generally higher for jobs in the middle salary and above, because many affordable healthcare plans are not amazing, but enough to keep your employees with you for decades for fear of being uninsured or not getting the same/better coverage if they move jobs. But that's a whole other story.)
  18. That’s coz it’s scared of Mods.
  19. Yeah - not a fan of the half a head but it is a beautiful thing, and he makes it sound great too. *looks down back of sofa for hundred dollar bills*
  20. It looks really nice, classy. How much was it btw?
  21. Yes! That’s why I love Prog. I’m still utterly impressed that Alex went from his blues-rock soloing that he grew up with on Working Man to his technically epic noodling in multiple styles all over La Villa Strangiato, in about 4 years.
  22. That's next decade though, not sure I want to think about my age by then.
  23. The Necromancer is one of my favourite tracks. It's just, everything. Shush. I learned to play the long players like Fountain of Lamneth, 2112 and Xanadu when I first got a bass. Once I got to Hemispheres part 2 I realised my limitations I guess there's not much variation in Live stuff from back then - CoT was written on the road while touring Fly by Night, and 2112 was very soon afterwards. It's nice to listen to Geddy's voice from this era too - while the recent live albums are amazing playing, he's obviously struggling to reach those 70s notes with his voice.
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