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  1. Biffy Clyro Mountains or Many of Honour? Still rock, more contemporary.
  2. My absolute hero. RIP. Inspired more than one generation! Left many memories and a huge legacy.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to write that. I think it’s something I’m going to look into for home recording (for bass and guitar). That or the Benson Preamp. I like the thought of the extra headroom with the 24v model too. I’m also a fan of the BSF, it had a mid hump which works well with my Streamliner amp.
  4. As per the title? Anyone used this as a preamp for recording or in front of their amp? liking the sounds it makes on guitar and it can be powered up to 24V for increased headroom so should be cleaner for bass...any experience out there?
  5. Nice one. Glad you like it. loving my Audient for the most part. One very annoying trait though, if my PC goes to sleep I have to set up the drivers again....every time. Super annoying. Never happened with my Roland.
  6. Hi everyone. My band write and record our own tracks. This is our latest song to be released. We usually do an album every three years or so but with Covid decided to release some of our fresher recordings as singles. Anyway, here it is... hope you like it!
  7. Here’s an MB150 in great condition at a reputable shop for £299 https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/pxp200830361618006-5555864--gallien-krueger-mb150e-pre-owned-118665
  8. If this is still here in two months I’ll be all over it! Good luck.
  9. That’s beautiful. If only I had the funds I’d snap it up. Good luck!
  10. Thanks very much. Looking forward to playing with this now😀
  11. Where are you seeing this? I went to the website and it’s asking for £99.
  12. It has a jazz bass body reduced in size and the neck is a great shape.
  13. Hi. I have this....Fender Sixty Six made in Mehico. Love it to bits. Neck pup is brilliant and bridge hum bucker too. Middle position doesn’t get much use on its own but tames the humbucker nicely if the amp has lots of treble.
  14. Why have you drawn arrows and circles all over it with yellow marker? That’ll be. A bugger to remove😂
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