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  1. Yep, my last bass purchase was a second hand (bought from Guitar Guitar though so had that back up if it was a dud) Geddy Lee jazz bass MIJ and I have to say it’s a pleasure to play. It turned out to be in perfect condition apart from a truss rod adjustment and the quality of fit and finish is amazing. The paintwork, frets, everything is amazing. Even smells nice! The only niggle i would say (and am lead to believe is the same on any jazz) is that if you have one pickup less than full there is some hum depending on your surroundings. Not really noticed at home but do in the rehearsal room.
  2. How did it compare to a US Fender?
  3. Quite like the look of these Fano JM4 basses. Hand built for the price of a decent Fender. Does anyone have experience with them, how do they sound compared to any other well known bass? FANO bass at a shop
  4. I’ll be using the Adat feature for drum tracking with the band at some point too. Not a huge feature for me as we’ve always managed before with a portable multitrack recording desk bit this might give more flexibility.
  5. Yeah, so I’ve been using my ID14 for a week now. It’s solidly built and I can get used to the knobs and buttons being on top rather than on front. i had a bit of a guddle getting Cubase to install correctly but it does seem like a good bit of kit, just functions differently from Reaper which I had been using. Back to the iD14, having the Di which is jfet as well as the two combo jacks on the back is brilliant. The best bit here is that you can D.I. either straight from a bass/guitar and add some tube type emulation gain at the input. What a difference it makes for bass parts especially. Or the other thing to do is record d.i. from the Xlr output from the amp and mic up at the same time. I’m going to try using the Xlr out from my Genz Streamliner and use TwoNotes Torpedo (which comes with it) as the cab. See how that sounds. The functionality of the inifite wheel on top is great. Hover your mouse over anything in your DAW and adjust the level from the wheel...great feature and very adjustable. Sound quality appears to my ears to be clearer and more lively across the frequency range in reference to my Roland interface that this is replacing. Things I love....d.i. is a step up from what I’ve been using. Build quality is excellent. Ability to set up your levels with the iD14 mixer plugin that comes with it before it reaches the DAW. Sound quality rocks. I paid £171.
  6. I know, too true. Amazing vocals, brilliant melodies and harmonies. Solid foundations... not too rocky or too poppy just right.
  7. They have got back together to play an online gig for a one off. It’s live right now. Always loved the mix with these guys, strong bass!
  8. My ID14 has just arrived. Away to unplug the slightly broken (headphone input) Rubix and replace with the new one. Looking forward to hearing the new one.
  9. Ended up going for the Audient. I’m probably quite gullible for marketing talk so talk of better converters got me hooked. Good software bundle too. Looking forward to unboxing in the next few days when it gets here.
  10. Hi there. Considering either of these for recording mostly bass for band tracks, plus electric guitar and acoustic for myself. Does anyone have experience with these. The sound quality of the Audient is supposed to be a class above. Does it matter that it only has 96 kHz capability vs the Focusrite 192 kHz?
  11. Big Wreck....can’t believe I like rock guitar based music and have missed this up until now. They were biggish just at the right times too but have flown under my radar UNTIL NOW. Ian Thornley on guitar and vocal duties is a song writing machine and fretboard wonder. His band are great too and there’s a decent number of absolutely glorious bass lines too. Too many good songs to mention so here is the first one I heard....enjoy! Turn it up loud and just wait for the drums to kick in
  12. The body is a shrunken Jazz bass.
  13. That’s pretty cool looking. What pups are in it?
  14. So, it’s Jazz bass shaped but it’s not a bass. Went to by a Gretsch, tried a couple of Teles, a Reverend plus others. This played the best, sounded the best and is so comfortable. The guitar section wouldn’t let me create a post so I’m sticking this here because it’s bass shaped!
  15. Here’s a look at a couple of the new Ashdown bass guitars at NAMM. A bit of the story behind them too.
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