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  1. Single 12" bass Cab

    What do experienced designers/builders think of this for cabs... http://www.kiravans.co.uk/index.php/aluminium-corner-profile-for-15mm-plywood-morland-220cm-length?___store=admin&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIjcjXmavK1wIVQTobCh1xdA5EEAQYByABEgLNmPD_BwE
  2. Hi everyone. My band, Sula Sula, will be playing at the 13th Note in Glasgow city centre next Saturday the 18th Nov. We are supporting a new Band called The Zombie Economists in their inaugural gig and they are followed by Psychobabe FREE entry, good range of drinks, vegan restataunt upstairs and we take the stage at the back of 8pm hope to see some of you there if you are looking for a free night out in Glasgow next weekend All three bands will be sporting rock type originals with the odd cover.
  3. Ampeg scrambler bass overdrive pedal

    I just bought a Scrambler pedal today. Can’t wait to try it with my Streamliner. It’s replacing a Bass Soul Food that blew a few weeks ago. Tried it against the NM2 Ashdown pedal. Sounded fuller and richer to my ears with nice response to fingers and pick. If I had £200 to spend I would have tried lots more. Was playing through an Orange OB1 300 in the shop. That’s an impressive sounding amp! Will post back when I’ve used the Scrambler in anger at rehearsal on Wednesday.
  4. Rock/metal cover of Sancing Queen...

    Check out Paul Gilbert’s live version. Was on one of his live albums a few years ago. It was a Japanese recording. Just looked, here it is: https://g.co/kgs/LkFqwn
  5. Darkglass Vintage Microtubes SOLD

    Hi Higgie, where are you based?
  6. Does anyone have experience of both these for a low mid gain drive? Always on at low gain occasionally with gain up a fair bit? Which one cuts through better and high sounds creamier?
  7. EHX hot wax

    Thanks danbowskill. I need a new drive pedal and now I am torn. Think I'll just have to try and get to a shop and try some out. I play a P Bass too, grungey kinda alt rock. I play with three guitarists though we have a few bass driven songs. Will look to try this versus others like the Way Huge Green Rhino, EBS MultiDrive, OCD, and anything else quality below £150.
  8. EBS MultiDrive

    Preferably one of the newer versions.
  9. EHX hot wax

    [quote name='danbowskill' timestamp='1505156882' post='3369916'] Arrived today .only had a 10 min blast before going out ......sounds ace, quick impressions are the hot tubes reminds me a bit of the dod250 and the crayon screamer Esq? Both sound lovely . [/quote] What're your thoughts after a few days with this pedal? Sounds pretty good on YouTube! Does it do the subtle thing well?
  10. EHX Bass Muff Deluxe. Immaculate. SOLD

    Where are you based?
  11. Here's a link https://www.gak.co.uk/en/carl-martin-bass-drive-bass-overdrive-and-preamp/94386?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI6trJ1eGn1gIVypPtCh1Plg4wEAQYDSABEgJxS_D_BwE They make it sound pretty convincing in the blurb. Does it do what it says on the tin?
  12. EHX Bass Soul Food overdrive

    [quote name='WeeWheels' timestamp='1496584821' post='3312452'] Hi. The for replying. I was using a daisy chain on both occasions. Seems to be luck of the draw from what I've read. It's an Ebayer too. Pretty gutted as it's a great pedal. Is there a way of plugging this in to avoid blowing it. The power was on both times I used this too. [/quote] I blew mine last week. Using a daisy chain from a Diago supply. Have used the same supply for two years. EHX suggested the power supply was the problem. U.K. Ehx haven't got back to me yet
  13. EHX hot wax

    Was just about to post the same pedal here. My Bass Soul Food just died so fancy a shot with this. I'll never buy another drive without the blend pot, so this is great....two drives and a blend pot! Doesn't seem too expensive either for what it is, £110 ish from what I can see.
  14. EHX Bass Soul Food just died!!

    Contacted ehx via messenger last night. They got back within 2 mins. Suggested the power supply was the problem. Funnily enough I just replaced the daisy chain on my Diago supply. Anyway EHX put me on to their uk people so I'll see what happens there. I'll also contact Diago and see what they say. It's a replacement daisy chain after all since the last one stopped working.
  15. EHX Bass Soul Food just died!!

    Playing at home, turn my bass soul food on and a spark came from the pedals power socket. Electrical fire smell. Dead. Power light still comes on but nothing happening. Anyone else have experience of this? I bought it two years ago so I'm thinking warranty is stuffed. Not happy. No money for a replacement. It's been well looked after too and looks in perfect condition.