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  1. I think that’s ok considering the analogue spec and the digital stuff. The new walrus audio doesn’t do half as much and it about the same.
  2. Looks like 399 USD. So probably the same in GBP!!
  3. It’s got my attention for a one stop recording, rehearsal, gig, in the loop, four cable, etc… option. I wonder what the uk price will be?
  4. This just popped in to my inbox….liking the spec…. https://www.two-notes.com/en/revolt-bass/
  5. Hiya. I’m using Torpedo Wall of Sound in Cubase LE 10. Usually when I’m recording Bass (amp is di in to my Audient interface) I get latency that means I’m struggling to record in time. would buying an ir loader pedal before my interface help reduce latency and solve all of my worldly problems?
  6. What are your thoughts on this being legit? American Prof 2. Dark Night on Reverb for £715. Says it’s brand new. Even with import duties it’s a great price.
  7. I wonder if they’ll do these gigs with a replacement (maybe with someone they know like Rufus Taylor) and then call it quits. I can’t imagine the foos without him.
  8. Just watched him perform his last ever moment in the spotlight with Somebody to Love a couple of nights before he passed. Can’t quite believe it even more with each passing moment. He seemed vibrant, happy, relaxed and having the time of his life. Make each day the best you can!!
  9. Thanks. Had done that already. Anyhow, I seem to have fixed it now. Took the amp cover off after reading a little more. Unseated the valves and reseated. Seems to be fine now and the issue has gone. I’ll re contact aged horse and let him know not to waste any time on it. Good to know a little fiddle can sort issues out.
  10. Hi everyone. Been ages since I visited our lovely forum. I hope everyone is doing well. I plugged my Genz Benz Streamliner 600 in at bandcamp on Thursday and it wouldn’t produce any noise. I had plugged into a beringer 810 as it’s the only cab there. No issues with the same cab previously so don’t think that’s an issue. The amp had been working fine at home only a few days previously. so, what should I be trying first to remedy it? New tubes?
  11. I use a Genz Benz Streamliner head which seems to suffer from a very bass heavy scooped sound when I have used it with some other cabs (trace Elliot, Ashdown MAG, beringer fridge, Laney). The Focus cab seems to be better at coaxing out some mids with my head so maybe it’s got a mid hump. Could be talking shite though.
  12. One of my cabs is a Focus 210 and it sounds great. The horn is great too. A really punchy sound. Lightweight too considering it’s a ceramic magnet.
  13. That’s beautiful and I’m sure it won’t be here long. Yet again, if only the cash was sitting around at home!
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