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  1. That deal from Kenny’s is great. Why do I never have any money?!! I’ve been hankering after an all valve amp for ever and it’s even on my bucket list! The Ampeg sound seems to cut through the mix too so this (PF50) would be great in my 3 guitar loud band for rehearsals and off course for recording.
  2. Thunderpaws

    Genz-Benz Streamliner 900 SOLD

    Can’t believe this is still here. I love mine!
  3. Thunderpaws

    First Band what amp set up (purchase made)

    Cool rig. Well done. Do ashdowm have a web page with seconds for sale?
  4. Thunderpaws

    Fender Jazz Bass Deluxe Vintage White

    Cool bass. I have the same case and it rocks. What year is the bass from?
  5. That’s a pretty cool head. I’d love it if I had the reddies ready.
  6. Thunderpaws

    Suggest a PC

    I’ll be going 64 bit as it’s better fo CAD work. Thanks for your input everyone. I’ll let you know how I get on. I’ll also need to get some monitor speakers so most likely KRK I guess though I see there are lots of other brands at the same price point.
  7. Thunderpaws

    Suggest a PC

    Haven’t ruled AMD out, didn’t think to mention them!! What’s i just don’t know anything about them. Whats a VST?
  8. Thunderpaws

    Suggest a PC

    Hi everyone. Calling all computer experts! I am about to spend about £500 - £600 on a computer. This budget is for the tower and monitor if I go that way or for a complete All-in-one. My main priorities for the computer will be: vector graphics and DTP CAD (though not to large projects) Recording guitar based music using a usb audio interface Photo editing then the usual stuff like internet, excel, etc... So, based on this I have a few questions as there have been a lot of changes since I last bought a PC. Is it worth the extra for i7 over i5 or should I look for a different processor? (I’ll try and go quad core) is it worth looking for 16gb ram or will 8 suffice? The graphics software I run recommends minimum 8gb Is it important to get SSD instead of a hard drive? Are refurbished machines from Amazon reliable? What’s a decent monitor for that sort of budget? What sort of graphics card should I go for? I’ve heard that latency can be an issue when recording (most likely using Reaper), what has the biggest influence on this? Finally, if anyone can point me in the direction of someone who builds computers that would work put good value please share a link here...... thanks everyone. Paws.
  9. Thunderpaws

    Ashdown ABM 115T Compact 2 SOLD

    I would have it but I live hundreds of miles away!
  10. Thunderpaws

    Ashdown ABM 115T Compact 2 SOLD

  11. That’s lovely!!
  12. Thunderpaws

    What the **** is this?

    I managed to watch 10 seconds. Sounds like me having a back spasm!!
  13. Played around with one of these a few years back....sounded absolutely beautiful, warm, a bit dirty and powerful.
  14. Thunderpaws

    Genzler Magellan 800 Sold

    How does the tone/sound/heft of this compare to the Streamliner?
  15. Thunderpaws

    Valve Heft! Ashdown CTM-100 £575

    Thanks for your helpful knowledge dad. I’m interested but pending the sale of something I have ongoing at the moment. Good luck with the sale!