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  1. If you could only choose one overdrive pedal?

    Cancelled my order for a Pork and Pickle and got a Deluxe Bass Big Muff Pi instead. Initial impressions through my 2watt all valve guitar amp with my bass in the living room are great. Can’t wait to plug it into my bass amp!!
  2. Drum software?

    Thanks folks. I can now go and look into those. Initially itll just be for getting basic song structures and ideas together at home. It’s Ableton Live Lite for the DAW.
  3. Drum software?

    Hi, looking to to get into some recording at home for the first time. Have an interface and about to buy a mic. I am looking to find out of there are any reasonable drum simulators out there that don’t cost much? Cheers, TP
  4. Greta Van Fleet

    Apparently the bass player has only been playing four years!! There’s hope for us all!!
  5. Way Huge Pork n Pickle dual drive/fuzz pedal....any info?

    Yeah, that’s correct. Though I haven’t made up my mind yet......keep waiting or pick up a bass big muff and something else. Main confusion was Way Huge telling me the issue was with Guitar Guitar, though it seems it’s not.
  6. Greta Van Fleet

    So, I’ve been listening to this band for about a year now, have bought their EP and had it shipped from the states, kept tabs on their progress as they tour America, and somehow missed the fact they are playing a short uk tour and going to Glasgow. Would love to see them, but £13 tickets are on resale sites for £100! Anyway, if you haven’t already, check them out, they bring that vintage rock vibe right back up to date with similar phrasing to Plant, JPJ and co. The bass guitar Kiszka brother uses simple effective gear with the bass frequencies cut a fair amount by the sound of things There is a gear review online with premier guitar which is pretty cool and lots of recent live YouTube action. Like this... PS: anyone have a spare ticket for Glasgow on 1st April?
  7. Way Huge Pork n Pickle dual drive/fuzz pedal....any info?

    I love vouchers. Forces the money to be spent on something fun/selfish rather than stolen by her indoors for something less important like food and clothes.
  8. Way Huge Pork n Pickle dual drive/fuzz pedal....any info?

    I used Guitar Guitar vouchers...I don’t actually know how that works!?
  9. Way Huge Pork n Pickle dual drive/fuzz pedal....any info?

    Unfortunately have to swap for Guitar Guitar credit.
  10. Way Huge Pork n Pickle dual drive/fuzz pedal....any info?

    Wondering how close I’d get with two separate pedals for the same money. If I take my £185 and buy a Bass Big Muff, what other overdrive pedal would do something similar to a Pork Loin for £100.
  11. Way Huge Pork n Pickle dual drive/fuzz pedal....any info?

    Have an email today saying the P&P will be shipped at end of March or beginning of April now. I hope it doesn’t keep getting shifted back. Enjoy your SA, it’s a shame 🎸 🎸 don’t sell them as I would have considered swapping.
  12. Way Huge Pork n Pickle dual drive/fuzz pedal....any info?

    That SA Aftershock does sound awesome in videos and audio clips I have heard. I’ll wait another week or two and see what happens. I contacted WayHuge and they got back saying they have been shipping the P&P since December and that the issue must be with Guitar Guitar.
  13. Ashdown ABM 600 EVO IV Amp £400

    Are you interested in trades?
  14. Way Huge Pork n Pickle dual drive/fuzz pedal....any info?

    I’m getting fed up waiting for this to arrive now!!
  15. Which Audio Interface?

    thanks for your feedback folks. I found a great deal on the Roland Rubix24 so went for that. It seems to offer all the things I need and then some and I got four outputs so helpful for my needs and my available money. I’ll report back once it arrives and I have spent some time with it.