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  1. It’s not a lesson. It’ll be him demonstrating different techniques and possibly doing a meet and greet at the end.
  2. Thanks. Really want this bit then today a car got a nail in it! Timing!!
  3. Saw Feeder last night at the inaugural Vibrations Festival in Falkirk. As always they were excellent. Taka played brilliantly all night, full of energy and his sound was great. The Rickenbacker sounded grindy but with too much bottom to start. Sound guy sorted that. He also played a cool looking gretschy shaped bass that sounded killer. Have to say, for a wee event in Falkirk, dubbed as a family festival, Feeder really turned it on. It was great seeing some of the kids first experience at a gig with a band like Feeder🤪🤟 I missed all the other acts due to family stuff but The Coral were there as were Alabama 3 even though their front man, Jake Black, passed away only a day or so before.
  4. I had exactly the same problem when I had a G&L L2000. Pretty deep neck. Width at the nut wasn’t the problem. I sold it and bought an American Special Pbass from the same era as the Ps you love. I chose the American Special over the American Standard as the neck was a bit less deep and never looked back. It also had a much better (to me) feeling satin finish. About two weeks later and I didn’t get pain anymore from playing and never had since.
  5. Was helping my brother fix something at his house. He got a phone call from someone at work who’s dad was having a clear out. It was a bass cab needing gone as it was in the way. I agreed to take it without knowing what it was. I have the guy a bottle of wine for it. It was a very old Marshall 4x12 and had Hendrix era drivers in it. Gave the cab to a custom amp builder and he sold the drivers for me for £1300!!! Couldn’t believe it. It was well worth the bottle of Tesco’s Finest!! Used it to buy a custom cab and a new PC.
  6. Then he got a signature guitar from Chapman called the Cap10.
  7. The new one is supposed to do clean much more effectively.
  8. My American Special from 2012 is 8lb 5.
  9. Red Dog music in the Grassmarket too.
  10. This is my non educated view...though i do have a materials engineering related background so it makes sense to me... Strings vibrate when you pick, strum, etc... They vibrate at a frequency and are held between the nut/fret and bridge. Everything else in the instrument acts as a mass damper absorbing some of the frequencies produced by the vibrating string. This in turn affects the vibrating frequency of the string to affect the tone of the instrument. Simply put, the materials that make up the instrument take away from what’s Beijing produced and remaining vibrations is what’s heard through the pickups.
  11. Is there a pedal that does something like the EHX bass soul food but with an XLR and Cab sin that would make it suitable for recording?
  12. You might have luck here.... https://agreatread.co.uk/geddy-lees-big-beautiful-book-of-bass-9780062747839/
  13. There are a couple on amazon marketplace right now.
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