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  1. That body shape is very reminiscent of a Shergold Marathon, which is a good thing 🙂
  2. You can pick the original tune up on Bandcamp, I too was surprised it was a cover as it sounds so much like a Stranglers song.
  3. Thanks, the Marshall belonged to the main acts bass player 🙂 I promise I stopped tucking my t-shirt in by the 90's 😂 The pink Tele was a refinished 70's one and I wish I'd bought it when it came up for sale a few years later.
  4. This old thread needs an ancient pic of an extremely nervous me playing a Thunder IIa (I think) at the 100 Club in the late 80's.
  5. An I've just bought yet another guitar on eBay bump and price drop 😊
  6. A still knocking about getting in the bloody way type BUMP!
  7. During my time in Penge that shop was the local off licence before becoming a music shop.
  8. Damn, ended getting the Soda Stream out of the loft instead of putting the EUB up there 🤣
  9. Hello! welcome to BC.
  10. Found these in the spares box yesterday, they are no good to me so free to anyone who uses this system. R.
  11. Nordstrand - Acinonyx I quite like the body but not the headstock design.
  12. Last price drop before I remove it from sale and stick it in the loft next week as I need the space, sad as once it there it will will probably never see the light of day again, like the video player or Soda Stream 😄
  13. I think I had a white one of those for a wee while, must check back at old pics 🤔
  14. New Squier medium scale, Quite like the grey one with Laurel fingerboard. https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2021/04/06/squier-unveils-the-affinity-series-jaguar-bass-h/
  15. I still love seeing live music but would rather no one else was there apart from the band these days 😄
  16. Dug it out the SX Gypsy Rose, played it, it's bloody great so I'm keeping it as it is 🙂 so I'll have to think again re upgrading the shorty.
  17. I'm gonna dig my SX medium scale out of storage and possibly nick some parts from that, I think I put Hipshot lightweight tuners on it and a ceramic pick-up 🤔
  18. I think I'll have to do a little work to the fret ends as well, they are a tad rough but for £100 delivered I think it's a great starting point for a project and with a few upgrades will make a fab little bass.
  19. Forgive my ignorance but what does JMJ stand for please?
  20. I don't usual like blue basses and had a notion to strip it and see what's underneath but it's a good looking instrument, The tort isn't bad, it doesn't look like salami thank goodness, it still had the protective film on! Had a very quick play and it has a bit of a rattle on the G string that needs sorting, also I'm guessing the strings are steel and sound quite brittle so they will have go in favour or some Chromes or very old dead nickel round wounds I think, So far I'm liking it 🙂
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