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  1. To be honest I Can't remember, I'll have a look under the bed later.
  2. Pulled from a working desktop workstation, only the cables shown are included, it's a little dusty but otherwise fine. Free to anyone who wants to collect it from SE London or I can post it via Yodel at a cost of approximately £5.00. More pics HERE
  3. I believe this started out life as an OLP neck, Stingray 5 Stylie but it's been extensively messed with, mostly before I got it....... honest 😄 Headstock has been reshaped, the paint applied has crazed. Profile has been sanded down, it's been on loads of bodies and had various tuners fitted by the looks of it, frets aren't bad but might need attention, truss rod worked the last time the neck was used. Treat it as a project or maybe use it as a rounders bat! Free to anyone who wants to collect it from South East London, I do venture into town on occasion or I could wrap it in bubble wrap and post it via Yodel if you're willing to pay for courier. PICS HERE
  4. Drat I don't have the motherboard, so no I don't - sorry, does that make it useless?
  5. Used on an Intel Core i7, sorry I'm not sure if it can be used with other processors. Anyone want to rescue it from landfill for the cost of the postage?
  6. I still haven't got around to putting it on eBay 🙄
  7. It is, DM me your details and I'll drop it in the post to you.
  8. Quality case, with 'sound proofing' included is a Corsair power supply, s good few years old now but I can't see any dents, it could do with a bit of a dusting 😊 I'll leave the old Motherboard, various cables, i7 processor and fan in there, It might be of some use to someone but I was getting a lot of locking up and the BSOD before this PC was decommissioned so assume these items are free and probably faulty. Too good for landfill but taking up much needed space. Collection only from SE London at this stage because it's big, heavy and I don't have any packing material at the moment. PICS HERE
  9. Great manual focus only lens that's not getting a lot of use since I getting the XF27mm, Excellent condition. Will come with the original box but no caps. PIC HERE £55.00 including delivery via Yodel. R.
  10. Bought my Zoom MS-60B, great comms, smooth and hassle free transaction, what more could you ask for 🙂
  11. Used but no longer needed, probably a .130 it is cut for a 33" scale bass that is strung through the body so it should fit 34" strung through the bridge? about 107cm long. R.
  12. Listening to Japan recorded at Hammersmith Odeon 1981, Mick Karn on fine form.

  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. Weirdly I get an e-mail that I've had a DM but no notification on the site.
  15. Using basic headphones: In 20hz out 11khz Not sure what that mean apart from I'm getting on a bit and also need some new earbuds
  16. Corsair Vengeance ddr3 16gb 1600mhz. 4x 4gb = 16gb in total. £30.00 including delivery via Yodel, delivery takes up to 5 days from dispatch. Picture here HERE
  17. I found these in the bits box yesterday, bought new for a long gone project bass but never used, they still have the protective film on them. Sorry no pics as I seem to have used 481% of my 'attachment quota' 🤯 Free to a good home. R.
  18. Strung a 5 string E to C for the first time ever today, liking it so far.

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