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  1. Rumple

    Fender JB62M medium scale jazz SOLD

    These are great basses, have a bump on me 🙂
  2. Rumple

    Scale lenght

    32" scale for me, 34" is fine but my 32" scale basses are more comfortable to play and tend to be slightly smaller & on the lighter side.
  3. Rumple

    Mark King & the 'new' Status T-Bass?

    I enjoyed the gig at The Scala as it was good to see top musicians up close in a small venue but I wouldn't buy the CD/vinyl/download.
  4. Rumple


    Looking good!
  5. Rumple

    Hello from New Mexico!

    Welcome to BC world.
  6. Rumple


    Very much looking forward to seeing how this refinish turns out.
  7. Rumple

    Mark King & the 'new' Status T-Bass?

    Plus more Police/Copeland/Kent songs than I realised at the time!
  8. Rumple

    Receipt for second hand buy

    Back in the days of buying/selling second hand gear in Loot it was always accompanied by a receipt but I can't remember ever getting or receiving one on eBay or BC sales/purchases/trades.
  9. Rumple

    Mark King & the 'new' Status T-Bass?

    Yup and I think they did a King Crimson song too
  10. Rumple

    Mark King & the 'new' Status T-Bass?

    When I saw him play a few weeks ago he was using this red Status jazz bass.
  11. Rumple

    Do you get nervous??

    I get incredibly nervous, to the point I stopped playing live more than 20 years ago as it's not worth the stress.
  12. I seem to have GAS for a Nord Stage 2, I've nowhere to put it, I can't play keyboards and I don't have that kind of money going spare WHAT THE HELL!

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    2. Rumple


      I'm not sure I can ever afford to retire but I could take up knitting during down time xD

    3. SpondonBassed


      Knitting.  It's the future.

    4. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      Well, whatever you do, don't watch the video for the Stage 3....


  13. Rumple

    Top Tips and DIY Hacks

    I use these strap locks that come with free beer!
  14. Rumple

    What’s all this about?

    The damage wouldn't bother me at all, I've owned basses in a lot worse condition. When you sold it you rightly showed the damaged areas
  15. Rumple

    What’s all this about?

    Blimey! you'd be pretty p'd off if you bought it without knowing about that amount of damage, by removing those of yours from their listing it's an obvious case of deception in my opinion.
  16. Rumple

    can you guess what it is yet?

    You dip it in washing up liquid then wave it about to make loads of small bubbles.
  17. After my recent conversion to medium scale basses I thought I'd start a 32" scale (only) bass thread as I'd love to see what people have. Here are my two, a MIJ Squier Precision Bass and a MIJ Fender JB62M Jazz Bass. [attachment=238899:P1010845 lr.jpg]
  18. Rumple

    Any Marcus Miller fans in?

    I'm not a huge fan but I did enjoy the RFH gig a few years ago, I managed to get 3rd row tickets which helped. Count me out at that price though!
  19. Rumple

    Any Marcus Miller fans in?

    Numan still puts on a very good show, I think you'll enjoy it BTW his Daughter often does backing vocals.
  20. Rumple

    Zoom B1 on. Sliced Bread for bassists.

    I'm one of those people that bang on about how good it is on numerous threads
  21. Rumple

    Best Courier for a high value instrument

    I used to use UPS for anything of value but they totally trashed an amp I sent to France recently, I can't even work out how they managed to destroy it! now I don't trust any off them.
  22. Lovely looking bass that would compliment my white MIJ Squier's nicely.
  23. Rumple

    Olympic white jazz with a difference

    Blonde bursts do look good but very tricky to do well, I had one done by Bow Finishing it was lovely but it wasn't cheap.
  24. Rumple

    32" Medium Scale Bass Thread

    I have an A series Squier P with flats on you are welcome to try but not buy
  25. Rumple

    JV jazz basses. Thoughts

    I'm rather fond of my JV Squier instruments, I have a Strat which I've owned from almost new and a medium scale Jazz that I got last year, both are excellent but I don't think I'd pay 900 notes for either.