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  1. 7 Precision’s , including the 32” scale Squier . 1 Jazz - ( lives in case under bed ) 1 Mustang May have a Steinberger in the airing cupboard ? I think it’s the 12 or 13 classical guitars that gets the most sniping comments from the wife .
  2. Similar to me , with my limited abilities , they get a loose rendition of Beatles ( taxman ) blended with Jam ( Start ) until they get sick of it and move the song along .
  3. Reasons for being replaced/sacked , in my own experience . 1. Being too old , -never made it past the telephone interview , the phone went dead when I mentioned my age . 2. Being bald , not much I can do about that , unless I wear a wig . 3. The new guy had a bigger amp , and wore a long leather coat , ( think high plains drifter ) . I did get a phone call about a month later apologising for the “misunderstanding “ and would I reconsider joining .it seems Lee Van Cleef could not play very well . 4 The other new guy had a massive PA , and access to numerous vans , his dad owned a builders merchants and was rather wealthy . 5.Having a job that I don’t want to quit , so the new band can’t do the World Tour they have planned , ( when they haven’t even played in the local flea-pit down the road ) I’m sure I have a few more , it sucks getting the boot , but it’s just part of life , especially now in the internet age . best wishes , Martin
  4. This is pure genius , so reminiscent of those crazy keytar players in two tone shell suits , I would happily quit bass and become the “bez “ / scat dancer with drum box strapped to a stripped out Indonesian strat . I would probably add a bad homemade EVH frankenstrat paint job just for effect . Lots of votes for beat buddy , I’ve seen one in action before , but not very user friendly to those who are presbyopic / over 50 , small display area and constant reading specs on + off to check patterns /bpm . When I came to the Isle of Wight 20 years ago I hooked up with singer /guitarist and did loads of duo work with a drum box , this was dropped as we progressed , and relied upon foot stomping / tambourine on ankle and giving out shakers /tambourines /percussion to the audience to join in as they see fit . We did have a drummer for big gigs ( Cowes Week / corporate stuff ) but we did a lot of gigs with just the two of us . I like the idea of a 80’s / 90’s drum box with large display /user friendly screen / easy workflow - see , I’ve watched reverb videos on drum boxes . As Bigredx says , it’s down to the operator to get the best out of any unit ( which ain’t me , I’d rather re-wire the house , plumb in a bathroom , strip down the top end of the motor bike ) , If anyone’s drummer is coming south to the Isle of Wight to retire , we have first dibs .
  5. Monitoring is pretty good ,we have a well equipped /sound proofed rehearsal shed at the bottom of the singers garden . We tend not to do dance floor /disco music , our set list is mainly 70’s eclectic /oddities that people know , but have not heard for a while . As previously mentioned ,a live drummer is massively preferable , but they are in short supply .
  6. Probably not , with my own limited experience of drum machines . Our band has been without a regular drummer for about 2 years now , we rely on a “professional “ drummer who will cover our gigs , and will occasionally do one rehearsal before said gig , but otherwise rehearsals are generally drummer-free. I would not consider the band to be bad , we all have 30 plus years of playing /gigging experience ( each member ) and our gigs are well received by audience and landlords , but we just cannot seem to find a drummer . ( I live on an Island , so we cannot cast our net very wide ) We are just fed up of not having a sticks man when working out new material , or just cranking up the volume for a blow-out rehearsal . Anyone using a drum machine ? What are you using ? Anyone using a percussionist ? Many thanks in Advance
  7. Enjoyed watching Steve Miller live at Austin City Limits , always liked his music ,and he played all the great hits . Mystified by the lack of bass player ( probably the keys player playing bass lines ) until Mr Renham ( from Renham Industries ) played a Stingray 5 on Livin in the USA .
  8. It was John Taylor who inspired me to play bass ( the Reflex official vid totally sold it to me ) , but it was Alan Lancaster who allowed me to play along with my brothers record collection when playing to records was the only way to learn . RIP Alan .
  9. I used to use Markbass amps and cabs , but switched over to Vanderkley cabs when I was in a loud two guitar rock band . A P-bass and Markbass head seems to work well (to me )
  10. Just buy an extra long strap for your P bass , get you best pick out the gig bag , practice a few sneers in the mirror , and your all set . Man , I would love to be in a punk band , but I don’t think it will go down well with the resident pensioners here on the Isle of Wight .
  11. THIS ! I play mainly in cover bands , but have done stints in original music bands ,even had a go myself at writing songs .Most original songs I came across were vague variations of a more famous song , with cheesy predictable lyrics . I think people totally underestimate the skill of a good lyricist , it’s a real talent to write something fresh that captures your attention If you’ve written a great song , it will surely stand on its own merits and go down well with the audience.
  12. For one reason or another , I just keep listening to Tom Petty ( and the heartbreakers ) A bit like Bowie , when they have gone , I seem to value there musical contributions more in the knowledge there will be no more to come .
  13. Many thanks for the replies , the 3 way cross over is quite a weighty beast , but apart from the serial numbers there is no other identifying features or labels . Many thanks to itu , I did not know they were relays . Seems the best item is the eminence cross over , any idea which speakers it would be best suited to , I have a few dotted around the house .I have a soft spot for old vintage drivers . I suppose eBay will decide their market value , any sale will be a profit . Thanks Martin
  14. I recently purchased a McKenzie 150watt bass speaker locally , the chap who sold it to me had fell out of a tractor , injured his back and was in very poor health , so he was just trying to off load his stuff. I agreed to buy the speaker , and he asked if I was interested in some crossovers . I don’t know much about crossovers , but he started just giving me stuff , I think he just wanted all his music related stuff out of the house as he could no longer play ( keyboards ) There is one eminence crossover , the other 3 way one does not come up on google , so I have no idea about it .There are 3 pod type things and a small transformer .I suppose I just want to see if I can re-coup some of my money spent on the driver .Any help appreciated , many thanks in advance .
  15. Back in the early days , when there was no internet , music teachers were either non existent or prohibitively expensive , and the local WHSmiths did not stock any bass books , you learnt from records . I owe a debt of gratitude to Alan Lancaster and the rest of the band , as I could play along to my brothers Quo records and feel like i was playing in a band , far better than just plunking away on my own . I later progressed to the Adam Clayton school of bass playing , and 30 years later I still enjoy jamming along with both bands . ( but I don't worship them )
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