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  1. I have always found having a regular day job ( no shift work ) seems to be a barrier or obstacle to some other musicians when auditioning for a band . Some start up bands are already planning their world tour , even before doing their first gig down the local boozer . I do work weekends , so no Sunday lunch time gigs for me ( thank goodness ) but I happily commit to any evening gigs . I am always upfront about my job taking priority , the mortgage and bills need to be paid . The best bands I’ve been in are with fellow musicians who also work , at least we all understand the demands of work on day to day life .
  2. This sort of thing restores my faith in humanity , with all the nasty stuff going on in the world , there are still some good human beings out there .
  3. Seen 2 episodes , it’s almost as if they are setting the bands up to fail on purpose , choosing musicians more to do with age or their background story , rather than their ability to play rock or reggae. The two guitarists are probably the most credible musicians for a rock band , I hope they do well out of the series .
  4. I use as many platforms as I can when selling gear , BC is good , but not 100% free of low-ball offers, people who agree to buy , then go radio silent , and people who change their mind . I have made some great sales on the bay , but their exorbitant charges are putting me off. As some-one who works with the public , I don’t pull my hair out anymore ( there’s none left , anyway ) , I just accept that there are lots of people who will take their chances ( to put it politely ) Playing devils advocate , I live on the Isle of Wight ( which is pretty far South ) and all the gear that I like seems to come up for sale in the North , so yes , I will politely message sellers who are doing collection -only to bear me in mind , or re-consider postage options . I’m OK with a polite “no” , but sometimes I have won them over and made the purchase.
  5. This is my contribution to the short scale society, I bought the CV Mustang just at the beginning of first lockdown , I did not really get on with the narrow neck at first , but it’s growing on me the more I play it . Put some ground-wound strings for a bit more thump , makes a nice mini-rig with the Ashdown and the EA whizzy .
  6. Probably not . When you turn up to gigs / auditions / jam nights with posh basses , people expect you to be some brilliant virtuoso . If you take a cheap bass , you tend to exceed their expectations .
  7. My weakness is classical guitars , I originally learnt guitar on my sisters neglected guitar , my parents would not buy me a guitar and I learnt from books or mates who happened to know a few chords . Second weakness is Precision’s .
  8. I suppose if you are a singer / songwriter /lyricist /bass player , then you may feel that your musical contribution is not being appreciated . If I am just playing bass lines to other peoples songs (even if they are my bass lines ) , I don’t really have a problem playing in a band called “Colin” or “Nigel “
  9. Buy a bass in her favourite colour , it’s amazing how accepting women are if they like the colour . Keep to the same model , if they look vaguely similar , you can say you’ve had it for ages . Occationally sell a bass , this helps with the “one in , one out “ theory . My wife is acutely aware of my buying and selling habits , if you buy well , you will rarely loose money , and you get to enjoy a great instrument to boot.
  10. Good day to you as well , hope you are well . Are you gigging much ?
  11. Bang on , he was the Sheriff of the Isle of Wight a while back , good thing there was no Robin Hoods around then .
  12. It’s probably well known that Mark King was originally a drummer when he was playing as a youngster on the Isle of Wight . When he moved to London , he blagged a job at Macaris claiming to play bass , ( Macaris did not sell drums ) and that’s where he developed his percussive style of bass playing . As a resident of the Isle of Wight for the last 20 years , I have not had the pleasure of meeting him , but he is the patron of the IoW bass players society and all round good guy , unlike some of the unpleasant famous people who move down here .
  13. 7 Precision’s , including the 32” scale Squier . 1 Jazz - ( lives in case under bed ) 1 Mustang May have a Steinberger in the airing cupboard ? I think it’s the 12 or 13 classical guitars that gets the most sniping comments from the wife .
  14. Similar to me , with my limited abilities , they get a loose rendition of Beatles ( taxman ) blended with Jam ( Start ) until they get sick of it and move the song along .
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