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  1. Bands - Queen , unless by some miracle you have found another Freddie . Song - Hotel California .
  2. Welcome to my current band . So far so good , but I do charge extra for taxi service's and relationship councilling .
  3. Things haven't improved since , Neil Young was the Sunday Headliner for the Isle of Wight festival a few years back , reports were everybody starting leaving early and the fireworks that normally close the festival at 11 pm went off at 10:30 ..
  4. I am slowly becoming a convert to using shops to sell any high-end gear on commission sale . Takes all the hassle of low-ballers , tyre kickers and people who go " radio silent " once they've agreed to buy your gear .Quite often the better price the shop gets offsets the commission they charge . I do think the market place is a lot tougher than it used to be , too many guitars and not enough guitarists ???
  5. Many thanks to your replies , especially to BigRedX for his encyclopaedic knowledge the bass vi . It sounds like it's neither bass nor guitar ,but a different instrument in its own right . The squier seems to be the best way to enter into the world of bass vi without breaking the bank , Many thanks Martin
  6. Sorry , my mistake , heading corrected . cheers Martin.
  7. Any one play one ? I am in a standard 3 piece band ( bass/ guitar / drums ) and just looking at bringing a fuller sound to the band , are they a viable alternative to a regular bass , or are they more of a guitar type instrument ? I play some guitar as well , so looking to throw in some basic chords as well. I have watched a few YouTube clips , most seem to play them through guitar amps with distortion pedals as they would a regular guitar . Would a Squier bass vi be a good introduction to the instrument ? All comments welcome .
  8. It helps if you play another instrument . When I'm not in a band , I pick up my Acoustic guitar and work out new songs , my only audience is the cat and my deaf 94 yr old neighbour .I find it helps to keep my brain musically engaged .
  9. I would love some Mesa stuff , but looking at the specs of the cabs , they weight about the same as my car , Interested in the 1x15 , but 35kg is a bit of a heft ?
  10. Hey ,it sucks when you are given the elbow in a band , especially for some rather random reason like getting the old bass player back in. These days bands seem to chop and change members at the drop of a hat , wrong bass, wrong image , wrong hair ( in my case , no hair ) . As difficult as it is , try to stay on good terms with the others , as soon as the band implodes ,they may be getting in touch with a " new project "
  11. I tend to agree with this sentiment , and agree with some of the points lemonstar raised. Sure ,it just a pub band , but musicians tend to be a fairly close knit community, and word gets about who's reliable and easy to get on with , and who's a bit unhinged . Life is loaded with rejection , sure , it feels pretty lousy , but sometimes you can turn it around to your benefit . Good luck which ever way you go .
  12. Similar thing happened to me , I was "released " from a band that still had one large gig to play , rather than throw my toys out the pram , I just sucked it up and played the gig and took the money and run . I'm in a new band now , but more importantly ,I m still very good friends with one of the previous band members , who is a great singer / guitarist who has helped me out by recommending me to other musicians looking for a bass player .
  13. I find playing acoustic guitar (classical ) keeps my interest in music alive . Another vote for acoustic guitar .
  14. Good choice . Sultans of Swing - never tire of it . More than a feeling - Boston , I know it's cheesy , but great riffage . Its my life - Talk Talk . Still love the bass line.
  15. Hi there , is this still for sale ? Just wondering what the tape on the side is covering? Cheers Martin.
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