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  1. Back in the early days , when there was no internet , music teachers were either non existent or prohibitively expensive , and the local WHSmiths did not stock any bass books , you learnt from records . I owe a debt of gratitude to Alan Lancaster and the rest of the band , as I could play along to my brothers Quo records and feel like i was playing in a band , far better than just plunking away on my own . I later progressed to the Adam Clayton school of bass playing , and 30 years later I still enjoy jamming along with both bands . ( but I don't worship them )
  2. Just bought Benedicts Squier medium scale bass , great communications , and very helpful . The bass was well packed , had all the original parts included and promptly sent . A great reminder of what a good place the Basschat marketplace is, honest ,helpful and trustworthy .
  3. Hi there , perhaps the tax laws have changed , but I thought that re-importing an item back into its country of origin was exempt from tax . Worth a look ?
  4. I seem to recall Macaris had a " bass cellar " where all the bass guitars where downstairs in some dark dank part of the shop . When I lived in London in the 80's I visited Denmark street very regularly , all shop staff treated you with contempt unless you had the signature long hair / tattoos / denim / record company interest . It's a shame that another retailer is gone , but with poor customer service and poor value for money , is it really a surprise?
  5. I picked up. JV Strat quite a few years ago and it will never leave , Custom Shop strats have come and gone , but the JV is still the guitar I pick up. Another future collectable? , how about the Yamaha BB 1200/2000 range . I have had 3 1200's , I stupidly sold them in pursuit of the ideal Fender P bass , but as Joni Mitchell sang , " you don't know what you've got , till its gone "
  6. Emerson / Lake / Palmer . Have to agree with the Police and Rush . Mr Big are pretty tight too .
  7. Just received a Gator amp bag , well packed and promptly sent. Many thanks for the smooth deal . Martin.
  8. A Squier Classic Vibe Mustang bass in March lockdown , I was furloughed for 12 weeks , so I thought it would be a good sofa bass. An Ashdown 30watt Stubby from Ashdown when they were selling them off at half price in May , still haven't really given it a bit of welly yet as all gigs were cancelled. Secondhand ground wound strings for Mustang bass.
  9. For me , the Amy Winehouse /Ronson version of Valerie . Good bass stuff in Lemonheads Mrs Robinson ( Simon + Garfunkel ) Previously mentioned , Clash - I fought the law .
  10. Nice bit of maple on that neck , MM always seem to get great Birdseye for their necks . Any details on defret ? ie , done by luthier or not ? The white pick guard just sells it to me so much more . Thanks , Martin .
  11. I have played with a few guitarists who were capable bass players . On occasion when we do an instrument swap for a bit of fun , they always play with picks , plays lots of fancy fills and runs , and are always very pleased to hand the bass back after a song or two . ( which is kind of reassuring for me )
  12. My parents bought my two sisters fairly basic classical guitars , I used to "borrow" one of the guitars and their instructional books to try and teach myself basic chords and strumming techniques , my sisters weren't really interested in playing them , so I had unlimited access to a guitar . My parents weren't really supportive about any of my activities , I used to race kayaks to a high level , they were suprised when I came home with a medal . But on the other hand ,they never curtailed me , I was given freedom to follow my interests . My dad said he would have bought me a complete set of golf clubs if I showed interest in golf , but no help for anything musical at all.
  13. On the plus side , at least you got an answer , and quite a cheerful one as well .
  14. Pointy headstock heaven , yes , I wanted one as well . And a Yamaha Motion bass as well ( and a BB1200 , the list goes on )
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