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  1. VTypeV4

    Mic'ing a grand piano

    I've had success with a SM/Beta 91 taped to the soundboard underneath and a stereo pair (X-Y) of SM57s in the top although i suspect this a little beyond the plan for your setup. A '58 in the top is probably better than nothing - best of luck..
  2. VTypeV4

    Marshall vba valves

    £450 seems rather expensive to me.. I've had good service from Watford and Hotroxx in the past. I would like to think that neither company would mislead you into buying something that wasn't appropriate for your VBA. The last two sets I bought were a quartet of EHX brand KT88s (same as the 'new Mullard' branded ones) in early 2016 (I think) for the Trace which came to around £130 delivered and the the others were a quartet of JJ brand 6L6s for the Bassman 135 about a year ago for something like £80.. As suggested above, check everything else first - I played the FX loop game with a Trace Elliot V-Type Combo 4808 many years ago so. It drove me mad but the fix was pennies.
  3. VTypeV4

    Ashdown CTM vs Trace Elliot V-Type

    Sorry to drag an old thread up but it seemed appropriate as I finally have my answer.. Whilst away in Brighton the other week, inevitably with a bit of time on our hands, some of the band found our way into the rather large GAK music shop. As expected, I quickly found myself nosing around the bass section and spotted a CTM100 so couldn't resist but attempt to satisfy my curiosity once and for all. It was plugged into a compact(ish) size single-fifteen also of Ashdown manufacture and the young lady in the section passed me a cheap Tobias 4-string to use. As suggested in this thread, it would be rather different than my Trace Elliot V4 despite the Trace/Ashdown lineage and the none too dissimilar control layout. What I hadn't quite expected was how similar it was to my vintage Bassman 135 - it had that fat warmth in the low mids without too much 'clonk' to it. The Trace by comparison has a more 'top and bottom' character and a different voicing throughout, it genuinely being a different beast altogether. It's difficult to draw direct compare/ contrasts without the same speaker / guitar at either end but suffice to say, I rather liked the CTM. The only other observation I noted on the sonics were that the CTM felt to have a tighter feel / control of the speaker cabinet when compared to the Fender 135 - something that the Trace Elliot exhibits too. I plugged the V4 into the JBL loaded 2x15 I usually use with the Bassman to see how the response was different a few weeks back and the big Trace has far more authority over the speakers even at low SPLs. Some might suggest the Bassman will always be working harder than the Trace due to the power differences but I expect the CTM which is arguably least powerful (I'd be very surprised if bassman makes it's anything like claimed 135w) would be. Overall, I liked the CTM - it was well built, had a character that I could connect with and it's power I'm sure would be more than adequate for me gig with. Lovely amp.
  4. VTypeV4

    Yamaha 02R Digital Mixing Desk..

    Another trip across the water into France this time at the St Brieuc Ink Mas Fest.. France 18 by VTypeV4, on Flickr Long Tall Texans - Rockabilly / Psychobilly band on after the Theatre of Hate set.. France 18 by VTypeV4, on Flickr Yamaha CL5 for FOH which was super - it felt like an LS9 on super steroids and as all Yamaha's do, it felt like a Yamaha which made me very comfortable with it after only a few minutes. They also had a Soundcraft Vi series on stage for monitors.. Back to the 02Rs, the ML and GL this week and next before yet another set of road trips around the country - who knows what I'll be presented with. 😀
  5. VTypeV4

    Yamaha 02R Digital Mixing Desk..

    So a little more touring this week.. Toh 18 by VTypeV4, on Flickr M32 at Patterns in Brighton - rather liked this one. Clear, hands on and nicely made. Toh 18 by VTypeV4, on Flickr Toh 18 by VTypeV4, on Flickr Toh 18 by VTypeV4, on Flickr Over the water in Belgium at Het Depot a rather tasty Soundcraft Vi4! Toh 18 by VTypeV4, on Flickr And the biggest challenge of all, an A&H PA12 - so very complex! Ha! Joking aside, it's a good product and well on top of the job at the rehearsal space..
  6. I liked my Trace 1048H until I tried the Peavey 410TXF - it was so much more 'me'.. Flatten your EQ then dip the 1K (1K3?) and 2K (2K6?) sliders a little (or a lot) - the old Celestion drivers can sound a bit hard around this area IME. The 1K should help reduce the boxy / hard thing and the 2K should help get rid of the harsh / ice pick bite. Leave the pre-shape switched out (for now) and if you need a bit more top, add 5K - don't be afraid of that - see how you go from there.. Lastly, reduce the 50Hz slider as it's all boom - if you need bottom, add at 100hz instead..
  7. VTypeV4

    How was your gig last night?

    I'm back in as of Weds, so yup, see you on Saturday! 😀
  8. VTypeV4

    Yamaha 02R Digital Mixing Desk..

    It's been a while since I've posted here - my 02R's, the ML5K and GL are all still in service and are happily working in their respective roles however, I've not touched them for a few weeks. I've had life chaos to contend with but more importantly, I've been away with a well known, hard working '80s group Spear of Destiny. Here's some pix.. Qu 24 Falkirk by VTypeV4, on Flickr Qu 24 Falkirk by VTypeV4, on Flickr Qu 24 Falkirk by VTypeV4, on Flickr Qu 24 Falkirk by VTypeV4, on Flickr Qu 24 Falkirk by VTypeV4, on Flickr Qu 24 Falkirk by VTypeV4, on Flickr Qu 24 Falkirk by VTypeV4, on Flickr Qu 24 Falkirk by VTypeV4, on Flickr So no 02R's this week but (and I may be accused of being a snob!) but I did observe that I much prefer my ML5K over the Soundcraft MH2 I used last Thursday. Although not a direct comparison - I suppose an MH4 would have been closer but I just felt the A&H was more 'complete' and better implemented. And fave console of the week? The iLive - really well laid out, clear to view, easy to use and manipulate and a close second, the VI, I felt a bit of lineage between my old 328XD with things being horizontally presented.
  9. VTypeV4

    How was your gig last night?

    Ace, I expected little else from him. Hope to see you soon Tom.. Totally love EFSB, love the guys from the band - I've depped bass with them on more than a few occasions too so they're always on my 'good' list, ha..
  10. VTypeV4

    How was your gig last night?

    Glad it went well @cheddatom I'm sure Liam did you proud in my absence.. 😀
  11. What a super collection - lovely.. 😀
  12. +1 for the Behringer XM1800 / 8500 models..
  13. VTypeV4

    Valve amps, how many watts?!?

    If the speaker spec says 98dB / 1w / 1 meter, this means that if you drive it with 1 watt and measure the sound pressure level at one meter from it, it should record 98dB. But remember, Watts are a logarithmic scale so if we double the watts up to 2 then the same speaker should achieve 101, double them again to 4, we get 104 and so on.. The maths above will be: dB = 10Log (P1 / P2) dB = 10Log (100 / 1) - put the numbers in ie the two wattages we wish to compare dB = 10Log 100 = 20 - twenty is the difference between the two expressed on a log scale dB = 98 + 20 = 118 - add the log calculation to reference SPL and there's the answer There's a simpler way also - every time you multiply the watts by 10 then the dB calculation goes up by ten so one watt to ten = 10dB and then the same again: 10 to 100 is another 10 dB but that only works for 10 log calculations.. Hope that helps..
  14. VTypeV4

    Valve amps, how many watts?!?

    I have happily gigged my Bassman 135 (probably ~100w really) with it's matching 2x15 load ed JBLs. Those old drivers are probably more efficient than some of the modern ones mentioned above. I also gigged my old 60w head with a Trace 4x10 and 1x15 many years back in a 10-piece soul outfit - that was a bit marginal but it was definitely did a great job. I don't have to compete with a 4x12" or a heavy handed drummer though so as ever - YMMV.. On the other hand, my 200w Trace V4 and pair of SWR 2x10" have never run out of steam with that combination.. Again - YMMV. Best of luck with whatever you choose..😀
  15. VTypeV4

    Trace Elliot commando 15 help.

    Yep, this! Ha! 😀 To the O/P, would you be willing to pop the chassis out and take a pic? It may be DFA control..