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  1. Usually a frazzled voice coil caused by a thermal overload - bass boost + clipping amplifier come to mind. You may be lucky and find one of the tinsel leads which run from the terminals on the frame down through the cone to the coil itself has failed / split - I've got a few more years out of a couple of Peavey Black Widows by repairing the tinsel on drivers which would have otherwise been scrapped. Take the driver out of the box and do a visual inspection then check the speaker with a multi-meter set to continuity across the terminals. If you don't have a meter, you can use a battery and see if it clicks / moves. Take some pics of it out of the enclosure and report back when you've done the above.
  2. Laney Richter bass cab. Who'd have thought.

    I had the the slightly newer, larger box TXF version. It sounded awesome but weighed 8000 tonnes..
  3. There's an old TNT 130 at our rehearsal space - the real old one with the parametric mid, not the graphic EQ - which is from the 1980's. We ditched the Scorpion speaker (which sounded a bit flat) and put a newer Celestion in (after trialing a JBL) and it for what it is, it kicks donkey. It's a bit 'clangy' but has plenty of power for it's rating and is more than usable in a gig situation - I used it at a wet / muddy show during summer last year as I didn't want my Trace or SWR boxes covered in muck! It'll never replace the Trace or the Fender but I'd happily use it again if I needed to.
  4. Laney Richter bass cab. Who'd have thought.

    I think my Ashton 410 had these - part of the lower end Tru-vox / TF series and they worked great in that too. They haven't got an exceptional spec but there's something pretty sweet sounding about them.
  5. Me too, above and beyond - I'm not even a customer and I'm being offered support on a product that they didn't even build. Superb.
  6. This, absolutely.. I've said this before but other than the odd exception of the smaller companies (TKS, Barefaced to name a couple), none have a presence let alone a real person here. The fact that Ashdown do - a multinational company - is something to be applauded. From a personal and slightly selfish perspective regarding my own gear - the Trace Elliot company that built my V4 haven't existed in over 15 years despite the brand still being around. I'd probably get more knowledge from Ashdown regarding it rather the current Trace Elliot. The Fender company that built my Bassman have gone through many changes since it was built during the CBS times and it seems unlikely to offer much support regarding it. And lastly, my SWR cabs were made by a company that also no longer exists. In conclusion, I have no real direct manufacturer contact for any of my gear which would, sometimes be really helpful..
  7. Amp voltage and power suppy question

    Oh dear.. You might be lucky and it's just taken a fuse (internal or external) out or maybe it has some sort of protection circuitry. Worst case, it's fried the PSU and everything else..
  8. New Combo Day - Trace Elliot Content

    I was close, I said '92!
  9. New Combo Day - Trace Elliot Content

    They're usually built reasonably tidy inside - nice layout, neat cables plus pre and power stages on their own boards. I became quite intimate with the inside of my 4808 combo as there were a few ropey solder joints on the pre-amp board. It had the later 320w Clive Button power stage after it's former 'Bi-Polar Bear' gave out with it's previous owner. The later power amp was very good and as ever, plenty loud and clean..
  10. New Combo Day - Trace Elliot Content

    Good luck, looks a nightmare!
  11. New Combo Day - Trace Elliot Content

    And the 1084 - 8x10 although it's 4 ohm so you'd have to pull the internal speaker on your combo. You'd need to recover from the hernia and back surgery first of course as they were 84Kg! All good - hope it works out for you if you choose to add.
  12. New Combo Day - Trace Elliot Content

    Be sure to post some pics when you do! Trace 1153, most have the same driver as your combo - most have the front mounted ports too although some earlier ones have them mounted behind the grill and the box is slightly shallower (front to back) - probably identical size to your combo. Some also come with an HF component but there seems to be fewer of these about. There's also the option of pretty much any other Trace cab from the era too as they're the same width, 1048H (4x10 + HF), 2103H (2x10 + HF), 1153 (compact 1x15), 1518 (large 1x15), 1818 (1x18 - same size as 1518 & 1048H)..
  13. New Combo Day - Trace Elliot Content

    The access for the combos is usually on top but the screws are covered by little plastic inserts you'll need to pop out first - my 715 and 4808 were like this.. With these out the amp should simply slide out but be sure to disconnect the speaker connection too.
  14. New Combo Day - Trace Elliot Content

    Ha, you could knock holes in a wall with it! It was as perceivably loud as the V-Type 4808 (300w / 4x8") I'd had previously. My V4 is a monster..