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  1. +1 for Celestion and their 'Dr Decibel'.. I've found them very helpful in the past.
  2. 1502DT is the usual 'bass guitar' BW - they often crop up cheap on here.. The specs are a bit JBL 140-ish if I remember correctly.. Hope you solve the flapping.
  3. I've had my Streamer LX5 (5 string, bolt neck with twin jazz pickups) for nearly 20 years - still love it to this very day. They're distinctive with plenty of note definition so are particularly good at keeping you something like present in the mix both live and in the studio.. Love 'em..
  4. Keep us posted on that comparison.. I love my 135..
  5. Yamaha digital family by VTypeV4, on Flickr Yamaha digital family by VTypeV4, on Flickr Just a quick snap of small, medium and large.. The DM will go down to the studio tomorrow and hopefully be in service by the evening; the 02R (dual unity) will stay here at home and the 01V will likely go to the school to as it's small and handy..
  6. Hey Mike.. The Cluny was cool - he'd got it set up lovely especially the parallel vocal group with a TL Audio 5021 inserted. The other outboard was equally impressive with Drawmer 441s on the 'normal' channels and DBX 160s on the vocals, XTA Eq units on L/R & wedges plus Lexicon FX units - best analogue setup I've ever used. The RCF boxes were nicely setup with plenty of horsepower on tap although the room would benefit from a little treatment. As for the DM, it's very impressive to say the least. I've only used it on an acoustic night (3 channels - it'll do 96!) but it'll go into service at the studio hopefully later this week (I'm waiting on some Y splits) as there's a live album waiting to be mixed. It's like an 02R but on mega steroids with a gazillion more options, channels, routing facilities and fx - like I said, very impressive - can't wait to get this album started on it! 😀
  7. These were a true 'classic' - always loved the absolute brawn them - especially the black / steel grille versions.. Not entirely sure what they're worth these days but I'd expect to pay upwards of £500 as suggested above. Also suggested above is reference to the cabs - the 4x10 actually sound good but both are heavy and probably worth ~£100 each at best - probably less..
  8. Thanks for the replies, gents.. I think there's little difference between all the '4 valve' Trace power stages going back to even the Quattra let alone the V-Type ranges although I'm happy to be corrected on that point.. Regarding the V-Types, the original all valve head and MK1 V4 are essentially the same thing bar a few cosmetic differences - I don't believe there's any electrically. My V4 is a different kettle of fish, however as the MK2's are a hybrid of the V8 preamp (which has a valve type compressor and a gnarly diode gain boost facility) and the 4 valve power stage. Arguably they could be seen as the MK1 being the smaller sibling to the V6 and the MK2 the smaller relation to the V8..
  9. So I've chosen to make some changes at the studio - this is part of it.. Yamaha DM2000 V2. DM2000 Home by VTypeV4, on Flickr
  10. Depends on the type of class A/B amplifier.. If it's an all valve affair or has a valve output stage (Boogie 400+, SVT CL, CTM100 etc) then the answer is usually a firm 'no'.. The valves / output transformer need to 'see' an electrical load to prevent damage / meltdown. Some may have an internal dummy load / output mute to facilitate no speaker connection but this is not that common - check the spec. On the other hand, if it has a transistor output stage (as per Ashdown ABM, SWR SM, SVT 3 etc) then it will be fine - I used to use my old Trace 400SMX as just a pre-amplifier stage for recording many times. No idea what a sled is but I hope this helps..
  11. I've got the 266XL on the duty at the min but being terribly honest, it's not really up to it.. As for the FMR, I also spotted the RNLA in their range and found a few people using those as a buss compressor. They're apparently 'thick with lots of character' which generally works well.
  12. I put this on the SOS forum and got some decent replies but I thought I'd float it here too and see what came - cheers in advance.. Ever wanting to improve the setup at the studio, I'm looking add a hardware L/R buss compressor. Ml5k lamps mid by VTypeV4, on Flickr I currently have 4x DBX 166XL on the 8 audio subgroups which do their job very well. So far - in no particular order - I've considered the following: DBX 166XL DBX 1066XL Drawmer DL251 Studiomaster VTX2 (Behringer - not so sure about this?) TL Audio C5021 Art VLA pro2 Art Levelar TL Audio Fatman Focusrite Platinum Penta TC Electronic Triple C In addition to these, over on SOS, it was suggested also that a consider the FMR RNC and RNLA. I also have a spare DBX 266XL knocking about so might give that a whirl in the short term. Any thoughts / feedback for these or any other suggestions welcome..
  13. Loved mine - only sold it to pay for a mixing console.. GLWS. 😀
  14. Never had a T&B but I jump the channels on my Fender Bassman 135 all the time - you'll be fine with the Selmer..
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