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  1. In the Bassman, Quilly? I put a new set of JJ 6L6s in it not long after I had it which must be about 4 years ago now. It doesn't feel like it's gone weak or soft in that time. When I bought it, it had a pair of what I assume were it's original US (GE or maybe Sylvania) valves alongside a pair of no-name Chinese or Russian tubes. I replaced the Chinese pre-amp valves with tall plate JJ ECC803 and the driver / inverter with a JJ '81 at the same time the 6L6s went in. It doesn't see extreme use or mega hours (these days, at least) so it doesn't have a tough life - it mainly sees studio work currently.
  2. Chances are, if the centre dome is small as per the picture in the third post, the driver is original. I have a spare original Celestion for my 1153 that doesn't have the lettering. It might be worth trying to take a picture and see if there's a sticker on the magnet? The original driver should be a 'C15H' with 'custom made for trace elliot'. They're a variant of the then current K series drivers and were far from an exceptional spec but were very sweet sounding - I still love mine.
  3. You've seen it before but I love this B&W pic of the 135 / 215 complete with the trays on the Squier bass for a vintage vibe..
  4. My recently acquired RBX 765A - goes nicely with other Yamaha bits including various bits of outboard, my DM2000 digital mixer, several 02R digital consoles and my lovely '89 / 90 FJ1200.. πŸ˜€
  5. Ha, thanks! ❀️ I'll keep the thread posted on the WA - I'll put a big analog mix together over the next week and report back. As for the VLA, they're one of my favourite hardware units. I had an issue with one as it had been modded (poorly!) by it's previous owner but my repair chap sorted it and has been spot on since. They have a certain character which I particularly like although they work best as a 'smoother' rather than a 'smasher'.. πŸ˜ƒ
  6. Good to know, they're perfect so when they're done, I'll stick another set on - I usually use Fender, Warwick or Elites..
  7. So, I bit the bullet and WA's version of the famed SSL Bus compressor now sits proudly in my group compressor rack. I haven't had chance to get into it as I only put it in the rack yesterday but initial impressions are very good both in terms of sonic performance and build quality.
  8. Looks like it might be put on recording duty tomorrow so will report back then. πŸ˜ƒ
  9. It's been a while since I bought a bass (probably 10 years give or take) so when this superb Yamaha came up within this lovely community, I decided something modern (allied to my Warwick and Jazz basses) would sit well. Arriving safely this morning, it turns out that it's well set up and sounds fantastic so I'm over the moon with it. Many thanks to @Delberthot
  10. My 'new' Yamaha RBX765A has just arrived safe and sound. The Yamaha was just as described (and exceeded my expectations) plus Derek was a pleasure to deal with - a straight, honest and genuine member of this lovely community. πŸ˜ƒ
  11. Series 6 models were introduced around 1988 / 89 and remained in production until the more advanced SM / SMX range replaced them somewhere around 1993. If you pop the top cover off, there's often a hand written sticker or QC label on or around the transformer. I found my SMX was built in July '98 this way - see the one of the pictures about half way down the first page. The 200w output stage will have more than enough power to see you through most situations - especially if you use two cabs with it.
  12. Your TC M1 is still a great unit despite it's slightly vintage status - I own two and still use them regularly.. I've never struggled to get an appropriate and great sounding from the M1 but found they really shine with bigger 'soundscape' type reverbs. They're equally at home in both live and studio situations although it has been a while since I've used them live. Staying with the TC theme, I also have a HOF 2 pedal that I use exclusively for 'shimmer' type reverbs. I have several vintage Yamaha SPX 90 units too which are good for a certain sound as well as some slightly newer REV500s which are far more realistic and a very capable unit. On the software front, I rather like the Valhalla plugin although the native D-Verb in Tools and Silver / Platinum Reverb in Logic have some pretty good starting points too. I've found the pre-sets need a bit of tweaking but they certainly are more than useable. Regarding brass, you might find a degree of short delay (~170ms and low feedback) allied to your favourite reverb is a winner. Personally, I've found the delay can really help it 'pop' in a mix even if it sounds a bit off when in solo.. Most importantly, experiment and see where it takes you.
  13. I still love my SWR Goliath Jr MK3s - they sound fantastic. I don't do enough gigs for the weight to be an issue plus they're still the lightest cabs I've owned anyways. πŸ˜€
  14. As this thread approaches ten years old (mental, I know!), I thought I'd share the latest pictures from the move over to Sun St. The studio is almost complete and ready for action with the Mac, MOTU interfaces, the A&H ML5000 and GL3000 not to mention the big Yamaha DM2K.. I've still got the two 'dual Unity' 02Rs at home of which one is part of my home recording setup and the other on standby for external jobs - it recently did a recording job at a local theatre without fuss or fault. The third now lives at a local venue..
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