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  1. Ported v sealed

    I believe the O/E Trace drivers were both variations on standard Celestions of the day - I owned both the 2103H and 1153 for a time.. The 10" is a 16 ohm C10H - a variation on the old BG10-80 model albeit with a larger magnet which may (or may not) change the spec compared to that of the standard model. And the 15" is a C15H which is essentially K15T / H with a slightly different cone / dust-cap and possibly a few other detail changes - again how much difference over a standard K series it is, I don't know. Celestion are generally pretty helpful with their older range - I've had plenty of info from them in the past so hopefully somewhere in their archives are the T/S specs for these older units.. As for the tuning of the Trace cabs, I can't recall the depth of the port - I think they're 8" maybe 10" deep by 4" dia although someone would have to check if they wanted to run the numbers accurately. I seem to remember something in one of the old manuals about there being bungs available to block one or both ports to alter the characteristics of the cab. Both open 45Hz, one open for 35Hz or maybe the other way round? Seems a bit daft to tune so low - neither cab would do anything close to 45Hz (from memory at least) let alone 35 although they were both great sounding boxes. As for the Berg cabs, I can't comment as I know nothing about the model or the drivers they use..
  2. I have a little VC30 2x10 guitar combo that sounds lovely - it's nicely made and conveniently portable..
  3. I gigged a borrowed Laney rig about ten years ago and it was pretty kick-a$$ to be fair. I think it was the same head as pictured above (300w / graphic EQ / compressor) with matching Celestion loaded 4x10 and compact 1x15 - very impressive. I can't remember why I'd borrowed it, maybe my Trace combo at the time was in for repair or something but I was very happy with how big and tight it sounded and as such always stuck in my mind..
  4. Trace Elliott

    I've said a few times but for me the pick of the bunch was the 400SMX - power for days and somehow better than the 600 IMO! The more compact sized heads pack plenty of power too - the 300SMX was my fave of those..
  5. Fender Bassman 135 black/silver frame

    Thanks! I still have the original knobs but I thought the black / white / silver colour combination was a winner. It's heavy but sounds fantastic.
  6. Fender Bassman 135 black/silver frame

    I'm not sure about my cab but my amp is an '81 - possibly the first year of the Black Face style 135.. Matching 135 grill by VTypeV4, on Flickr Most of the silver face versions I've seen have the silver grille cloth but I've seen a few black grille ones too although not with the ali trim. They probably went through a transitional stage around that time? Sorry I can't be more definitive..
  7. Hiwatt

    I used one a couple of times - it was given to me as a 'this is knackered, you can have it' kind of deal. I promptly fixed it and had it working but it wasn't the best as the amp was very rattly where it screwed to the enclosure. Some dampening by our old friend gaffa tape went a good way to curing it. It wasn't particularly loud either although it would just about stand with a drummer but I personally wouldn't have wanted to ever do a gig with it. On a positive note, the graphic EQ helped massively with tone shaping and the compressor worked reasonably well at lower settings plus the speaker is a Celestion (a cheap one, granted) which seemed to stand strong at all levels. I think £75 is almost the upper end of the market for one of these - for similar coin I'd take a Peavey TKO / TNT - but maybe your friend will get on with it and do everything he needs, hope he enjoys it.
  8. The 'inspiration' for the Reeves and Mywatt amplifiers - Hiwatt - claimed 400w from 6 valves as did Trace Elliot with the V6. There may be some number juggling but can't imagine there's much in it under real world conditions..
  9. Usually a frazzled voice coil caused by a thermal overload - bass boost + clipping amplifier come to mind. You may be lucky and find one of the tinsel leads which run from the terminals on the frame down through the cone to the coil itself has failed / split - I've got a few more years out of a couple of Peavey Black Widows by repairing the tinsel on drivers which would have otherwise been scrapped. Take the driver out of the box and do a visual inspection then check the speaker with a multi-meter set to continuity across the terminals. If you don't have a meter, you can use a battery and see if it clicks / moves. Take some pics of it out of the enclosure and report back when you've done the above.
  10. Laney Richter bass cab. Who'd have thought.

    I had the the slightly newer, larger box TXF version. It sounded awesome but weighed 8000 tonnes..
  11. There's an old TNT 130 at our rehearsal space - the real old one with the parametric mid, not the graphic EQ - which is from the 1980's. We ditched the Scorpion speaker (which sounded a bit flat) and put a newer Celestion in (after trialing a JBL) and it for what it is, it kicks donkey. It's a bit 'clangy' but has plenty of power for it's rating and is more than usable in a gig situation - I used it at a wet / muddy show during summer last year as I didn't want my Trace or SWR boxes covered in muck! It'll never replace the Trace or the Fender but I'd happily use it again if I needed to.
  12. Laney Richter bass cab. Who'd have thought.

    I think my Ashton 410 had these - part of the lower end Tru-vox / TF series and they worked great in that too. They haven't got an exceptional spec but there's something pretty sweet sounding about them.
  13. Me too, above and beyond - I'm not even a customer and I'm being offered support on a product that they didn't even build. Superb.