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  1. I tried a Fender Bassman 135 today..

    I'm quite sure I'm gonna buy it so I took an arty shot at work this eve.. 135 rigger by VTypeV4, on Flickr I'll stop bleating on about it now - need to get that cab built now!
  2. 12" Drivers for custom enclosure..

    Thanks for that, I did some calculations in my head hence the VB discrepancy. I'd considered the standing wave / resonance potential but the solution suggested here seems the perfect fix. Thanks again chaps.
  3. I tried a Fender Bassman 135 today..

    As mad as it sounds, friendly is a great description - smooth and fat (phat?) but still defined.. And the cab covers, even better, they're genuine SWR!
  4. I tried a Fender Bassman 135 today..

    135 and V4 by VTypeV4, on Flickr What I took with me on Monday.. Glass and Iron!
  5. 12" Drivers for custom enclosure..

    Thanks Stevie. The box is a kind of 'inbetween' size - originally I'd considered a 2x15 but the drivers were such a tight fit even diagonally positioned, I decided against it..
  6. I've got a half built enclosure that was originally going to be a very compact 4x12 for guitar. It belonged to a friend but he lost interest in the project and I've had it ever since. My plan is to slightly re-engineer it as a 2x12 + HF and have it as a 'vintage looking but modern sounding' bass cab. It measures 27 x 27 x 14 internal inches which gives around 180 litres (ish) box volume. I'm happy to make it vented or sealed - which ever suits the chosen drivers best plus it doesn't need to flat down to 38Hz, a usable response down to about 65Hz is more than adequate for my requirements. I'm trying to voice the cab similar to my existing SWR cabs by having a slightly 'dull' sounding 12" that rolls off at about 2kHz (or lower) causing a slight dip before the HF component picks up at 3.5kHz. I already have a passive HPF from a Hartke cab that is 12dB / oct at 3.5kHz. Normally I'd crack out my copy of Eminence designer but I've recently changed computer and it doesn't like it. Real shame as I've lost all the updated T/S specs from Eminence too. My preferred speaker is usually Celestion as they seem to have the performance / price point just about right plus my experience with them has been very positive through the years. I'm happy to consider models from all companies if they're suitable and not horribly expensive. Can anyone offer any driver suggestions / sealed / vented / tuning frequency as a starting point? Power handling is not a massive concern either - The biggest amp it will be driven with is a 200w valve amplifier plus I'm not trying to kill anyone at 50 feet! Many thanks, Matt.
  7. I tried a Fender Bassman 135 today..

    Well, I took it to rehearsal last night as planned. I paired it with my two SWR Golly Jr, the NE-1 and LMB-3 but couldn't take the Warwick as I'd left the gig bag at the studio so took the Jazz bass instead.. I thought the amp would 'cave in' and sound loose at rehearsal volume and that'd be it - I even took the V4 as a back up. It seems I was wrong. It stayed tight, punchy with fat compression on every note and it sustained this over a wide volume range. At elevated volume, the Jazz bass sang with the harshness and clank I'd experienced the day before all but gone.. It's one of the best bass sounds I've had with the Jazz - the Squier / Fender / SWR combination pi$$es all over the Peavey combo at the studio. The only thing I didn't test was it's line out which I understand is power amp derived so recording without a mic might be good. I'll have to get a load box so I don't have to maul a cab for a recording session. As a last point, it doesn't have the 'big horsepower' of my V4 (I'm not starting a Class D / compact war!) but it has more than enough to keep up through what I would consider average sensitivity cabs. I have a half built cab knocking about so I might have to load it with an efficient pair of 12" and a compression driver but that's another story.. I think it depends on the application but in my case, agreed. I've read many a thing about the Fender EQ but it's interactions at various settings kick up some 'interesting' results..
  8. I tried a Fender Bassman 135 today..

    I've done a bit of experimentation this afternoon.. First of all I tried various ways of plugging the NE-1, the LMB-3 and linking the channels. To my surprise, all the different combinations I tried didn't seem to make a great deal of difference although linking / blending of the channels throws up some great tonal options. With the Fender tone controls being interactive, they are in equal measure both intuitive and frustrating although a little experimentation yields a lovely sound. The controls react differently than those on the V-Type (although they're based on the fender circuit) but their overall characters aren't a million miles apart plus the fact the Fender has the controls twice makes things interesting.. Secondly, I found running the gain controls quite hot (about 7 on the dials) suits my sound best. They don't distort (even on 10) but they do compress very smoothly and naturally which gives the amp a really 'solid' sound helping every note to be defined. I don't know what brand of valves are in the pre-amp or how much of their own character is being imparted on the overall sound but it works. Lastly (and to my surprise) I felt the Bassman responded better to the Warwick than the Jazz bass. It could be that the Squier needs new strings really but the low-mid growl of the Warwick was really flattered by the smooth character of the Fender. The Jazz sounded a little 'hard' but reducing the mids on the EQ just made it sound too scooped with too much upper mid clank. Even altering the the centre frequency of the NE-1 didn't seem solve it. Don't bet me wrong, it still sounded fine but it just wasn't as good as the Streamer. I'd like to think new strings will solve it and put them both on equal terms.
  9. I tried a Fender Bassman 135 today..

    Well, as mentioned, I managed to borrow said amplifier and it's much better through my SWR cabs rather than the Ashdown in the shop.. Bass 135 by VTypeV4, on Flickr Bass 135 by VTypeV4, on Flickr It sounds great but I'm gonna take it to rehearsal tomorrow for an 'in the deep end' test..
  10. Any TE gurus on here?

    [quote name='P-ZARN' timestamp='1510006520' post='3403270'] Looks like the AH150 so almost certainly 150W [/quote] Almost certainly, the 250w / 350w (MK5 only?) and 500w models were the slightly larger (3u) box and had the UV strip light too..
  11. I tried a Fender Bassman 135 today..

    I think my 60 watt custom amp would give it a run for it's money in terms of perceived volume - I know it's only ~3dB in theory but.. They do look really cool and the sound is great - I really should try it through my cabs. I understand the cabs show their age too - the 4x12 more so than the 2x15. Some of the double fifteens came with dual JBL D/K140 which were undoubtedly better than the usual Jensen? / Utah? / Oxford? / Eminence? speakers of the day despite the enclosure not being ideal for them. I can find very few reports of anyone suggesting the 4x12 was anything like good as a bass cab. Most threads talk of it being heavy and awkward, of it shaking itself to bits and the drivers being far from up to the job. If I do end up buying the head, I'll keep an eye out for the 2x15 as it's a bit more compact plus I expect finding drivers suitable for it would be much easier than for the 4x12. My re-coned Goodmans seem to work really well in a small sealed box so they could be an option plus they're era appropriate. I'm getting ahead of the game here but, well, you know!
  12. I've long had a bit of a 'thing' about these (and the '100') but there's never been one local to try.. Until today.. I've read any number of threads about them on the internet and as ever, everyone has a different opinion about their character, qualities and shortcomings so as per the norm with these things, it's best to try myself. The example I played earlier today was what I believe to be a later unit with the black as opposed to silver faced control panel. It apparently has had some work done recently including some new caps and a set of new valves all of which it was in need of when it arrived at the music shop. It was plugged into an Ashdown MAG series 410 which had seen better days and I used two different jazz basses during the half hour or so I played the amp. I started by plugging into the 'Bass channel' which was OK but with pretty much the same settings, the 'Normal' channel just sounded better. I can't quite put my finger on it but it just felt warmer and better defined although the 'bright' switch didn't do a great deal. As obvious as it sounds, the whole thing has that oldskool Fender thing going on which was tonally lovely. Every note had a softly compressed feel to it which added to it feeling fat and warm. I imagine linking the channels and using my NE-1, it would have been perfect and no doubt very similar to my V-Type Trace. The Trace Elliot V-Type pre-amp is based on the old Bassman circuits. Where I felt the amp fell down a bit was a lack of headroom. With the bass full up (passive - no fancy active circuits), the input gain on 5 and the EQ set T6, M8 and B8 plus the bright switch on and the master anywhere above 7, the amp began to break up nicely although I didn't perceive it to be particularly loud. I'm sure the cab wasn't doing the amp any favors but I'd also read of a few reports on forums about them not being particularly 'loud' for their (over inflated) rating of 135w - they're probably 100w realistically. Lots of forums suggested they were much better as a 'clean' guitar amp rather than being suited for bass. Despite this flaw, I really liked the amp and thought it sounded wonderful - I bet it'd sound ace through my SWR cabs or the K140 JBL cab I have knocking about. I might see if the shop owner would allow me to borrow it as I've known him for many years to try it with my cabs. I don't think it'd stand up as a gigging amplifier but as a recording tool it may be ideal.. Anyone had one, got one, used one or had any experience with this or the 100 model?
  13. MOTU AudioDesk 4..

    As a follow up to this thread.. I've used AD for a few projects over the last month or so and it has worked perfectly. It does have some limitations but all in all, it's a great bit of software. As suggested above, I did start doing an ITB mix after I'd completed my OTB mix but I just couldn't get it to sound right. I also put the files into a PT session and tried an ITB mix but I couldn't settle with that either - makes me wonder if those old Yamaha consoles I use have more going on than I think they do... I experimented with a few of it's bundled plugins some of which are pretty good - the pre-amp thing is very good indeed offering a comprehensive channel strip and a character section. The latter is the best part which when used sparingly gives a warmth and a little grit to help things 'sit' - I used it on my OTB mix on the vocal channel. The modulation (chorus, phase, flange etc) are serviceable too, nothing overly fancy but they do the job well enough. I felt some of the reverbs were a little lacking being a little false and harsh but I wonder if it's a MOTU thing as the inbuilt reverb in the later 828 interfaces is similar. Maybe it's just a design characteristic or that I'm just that used to the Yamaha and TC styles but either way I wasn't a big fan. The software allows third party plugins to be used although I can't remember which format which may be handy although I haven't got that far with it if I'm honest. I'll report back as and when I do some more..
  14. Mastering software/plugins

    +1 for Ozone (I have version 6) and T-Racks - I still have an ancient copy of this when it was T-Racks 24 as well as a modern version..
  15. Yamaha 02R Digital Mixing Desk..

    It'd all been going too well lately hadn't it? I think I've had a PSU fail in one of the 02Rs at work - nothing lit up except the meter-bridge which was cycling through what looked like a self test routine. There's a thread on another forum of another console doing the same thing which turned out to be PSU / connector related so fingers crossed it's nothing horrendous or too expensive. I'm dropping it off for repair tomorrow. The console isn't the same one that failed before, it's the 'other' one that came from London via eBay. It has a couple of sticky faders so I'll get the repair man to address this too.. For now I swapped the cards and O/S chips over into the 'spare' console that was used for tracking on Monday so everything is at least usable at work.