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  1. Agent suggestions

    Burns-bass is right - if you're touting yourself to multiple agencies, you need unbranded promo. It's not at all unusual for the same band to be on multiple agencies under different names, to avoid the "why are this same lot cheaper on this other page?" scenario. You'd probably be expected to use a different name with the agency than you did for your direct business, at the very least. Unbranded promo means they can also easily overlay their own branding on to it when it's published on their site. With regards to your original question - I've always found Function Central the best to work with out of the bigger names. I'd say 90% of enquiries we'd get from them would turn in to solid bookings, whereas some other agencies would call with all sorts of spurious requests that never went anywhere.
  2. Hard case/Flight case for gear - advice needed

    The Trifibre Challenger series cases that EBS linked to are great. They're budget clones of Pelican cases, which are the dogs danglies, but I tour two Challenger cases that spend most of their lives rattling around splitter vans and bouncing off flightcased and they're rock solid. The 5015 model and larger ones come with wheels and a pull-out handle, and can be ordered with ready perforated pick'n'pluck foam to make a custom insert with, very handy indeed.
  3. Hysteria..a bass album, seriously

    [quote name='HowieBass' timestamp='1510155748' post='3404344'] I'm a bit surprised more hasn't been said of Kevin Bacon's bass playing for the Comsat Angels, especially prominent on 'Sleep No More' from 1981. Maybe one to cover sometime? [/quote] I think everyone is just sick of those EE adverts he does now.
  4. JMB ad - What's this all about, then?

    "Our website is currently under development and will be launched in time for autumn" I mean, they posted this in the second half of October. When does their autumn start?
  5. Yamaha 02R Digital Mixing Desk..

    Haha, that was short lived! There's an 03D in a Cash Generator near me for £180 if you're after another.
  6. Yamaha 02R Digital Mixing Desk..

    Good to hear! Along the lines of how I feel about my little stash of 01Vs. Handy, flexible and full of useful features considering the price point. Glad it's working for you!
  7. I've had some less than stellar experiences with Gee (admittedly a long time ago), as have various acquaintances over the years. If Liverpool is in range, look up Dan Whitelock-Jones, he's by far and away the best amp tech around here, and a lovely bloke too. Based in Aigburth, South Liverpool. Roland Lumby in Salford too.
  8. Yamaha 02R Digital Mixing Desk..

    Doesn't the 03D have a desperate shortage of mic preamps?
  9. IEC chassis mounted coupler

    +1 for Powercon. Rubber boot on the back into a plastic enclosure mounted inside the rack. Use block terminals inside to split the power, cable glands with flying leads out to the IEC inlet of your kit.
  10. DI box to convert headphone out - passive or active

    I've got mixed feelings about it. I think it's a very well featured piece of kit for the price, capable of a lot of useful stuff, but that's been very much hobbled for me by the connectivity issues I've had with it. I think it's (in principle) a great solution for small gigs where putting a desk in a FOH position is impractical, but reliability of connection has to be paramount in a device with no physical controls. Bear in mind that despite the excessive Soundcraft/Lexicon/Digitech branding liberally splashed across it, the Ui began life as the SMpro Umix - it was a fully developed product and Harman bought out the company to save them designing their own entry level tablet mixer. It just got a swish rebranding, but the interface and features are near exactly the same as the original SMpro version. This wasn't developed by Soundcraft in any way.
  11. Electronics don't just fail on 7 year old basses. All my instruments bar one have been with me longer than that, and all of them are more than seven years in age. The only electrical problems I've ever had are the mechanical failure of jack sockets, which is normal wear and tear and easily replaced. As for customs, it's a game of chance that I wouldn't like to lose. I brought a bass back from Australia when I was 19 and naive, luckily I didn't get challenged about it. The general rule of thumb is to expect charges of around an extra 25% when importing to the UK. Wuth regards to the value of custom instruments, a custom build from a small luthier is often hard to sell anywhere near its original cost. They simply don't have the name recognition, it's a much bigger risk in that respect. I'd feel safer about buying a production instrument from a known brand in these circumstances because they generally have a fairly stable market value and you'll be able to move them on for close to what you paid. Rarely the same for an obscure custom instrument, no matter how we'll put together.
  12. DI box to convert headphone out - passive or active

    Be aware that you'll need a splitter of some description. You'll get Aux 3 on the left side of the headphone jack and Aux 4 on the right. Also, I'd strongly recommend an external router. I've had horrendous reliability issues with a Ui16 over at a small production company I do some freelance work for.
  13. Took my little 300w 1x15 out for an evening with the soul band last night. Stingray straight in, no preshape and bypassed the graphic. Sounded absolutely bloody lovely. Makes me miss the monster stack I used to have!
  14. Cheap alternative for stage lighting

    [quote name='tonyquipment' timestamp='1502405167' post='3351303'] Try some ex dj stuff Fog machines Pyrotechnics Boom! Get cheap cheap! [/quote] As someone who has operated pyro professionally, I'd suggest not trying to do it on the cheap, and in fact not trying to do it at all without proper training, knowledge and safety assessments.
  15. STS are a great backline hire company in Manchester, based just behind the Apollo. They'll no doubt have a selection of P Basses in their stock if you need to hire one for a couple of days.