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  1. That's a very bass player friendly set of dimensions!
  2. I'm running a Surface Pro 4 from 2015 (the tiny screen in the pics) with a dock that has two MiniDisplayPort outputs. Runs the extra screens without any fuss at all. There's the occasional bit of scaling confusion when you drag something from one screen to another but for the most part it's worked effortlessly with no noticeable impact on performance so far.
  3. I've just built myself a studio desk at home as I'm doing more post production mixing now we're not allowed to gig. I was given the bay window space, with the strict directive that it wasn't to protrude in to the room. Think I've squeezed as much out of it as I can here! The two end bays under the monitor shelf are sized so that I can add rack strip if I want to fit kit in there in future. Going to build a small guitar rack to hold two or three off to one side too.
  4. I was looking at this, chucked in the extra tenner to get the full Lindell channel strip, seemed like a good deal! Haven't tried it yet but it might break my habit of using Waves SSL E Channel on absolutely every track 🤣
  5. I've got about 8 AKG D5 in my mic stock, they're belters for the price. However, regarding this whole phantom power issue - I can categorically tell you that no matter what someone at Roland may have told you, an SM58, or any other dynamic mic, does not require phantom power and engaging it will make literally zero difference to the sound your mic makes. Phantom power is for dynamic mics and active DI boxes that actually require that DC voltage to function. Applying it to mics that don't need it shouldn't damage them, but also shouldn't alter their performance in any way, with the exception of some old school ribbon mics, which will be toasted by it.
  6. I got the red one from Kenny's Music for a tenner. There was a thread in here at the time and half the forum seemed to buy one. Was a few months back, don't know if they're still stocking them at that price now!
  7. Good to see your collection still being put to good use, glad the DM has proved a worthwhile investment! I'd highly recommend the SQ. I'm a big dLive fan, and you can see the lineage in it. Sounds wonderful and is incredibly powerful for the price and size. Was a bit of a punt getting a new console given the state of the industry this year but already had a few jobs in that I couldn't have done without it (without paying to hire in) so I'm feeling slightly less regret as each week passes! How's this year been for you?
  8. I got one of those little Yamaha things with the daft name (Sessioncake?) that everyone here was jumping on a while ago. Handy little box for practicing, although I've not used it as much as I thought I would.
  9. I thought this thread was going to be about spotting notable bassists on public transport!
  10. Sad times this month, finally parted with one of my 01v, and the second is up for sale! I have got this little beauty in now though - picking up a bit of streaming and recording work in the absence of any gigs so it made sense to stop hiring in and get something more capable!
  11. Might be late to the party, but if you want to do it with off the shelf parts yourself and spare the expense of custom, you could use Neutrik Powercon rather than C13, then you can get everything in standard D-type panel mounts, with the added bonus of a power connector that can't be accidentally whipped out of your rack.
  12. I used to have a 6u with an SVT3, rack tuner, wireless, and a 1u power distributer/rack light, only had to plug in power and the speaker cable and I was good to go. Then I got a Genz Benz Shuttle that could fit in a gig bag pocket and sacked it all off 🤣
  13. The kick pedal is usually centre of the rack on the electronic kits, so the snare is usually sitting roughly equidistant between the kick pedal and the hi hat pedal, which is about right. Putting the snare centre would be like sitting it on top of your kick drum!
  14. This won't work!! So, MIDI connections don't actually carry any sound. They just send instructions between devices. For example - if I connect a keyboard to a sound module using MIDI, when I play middle C on the keyboard, it sends a message to the sound module telling it to play a middle C. No sound goes down the cable, just instructions. It can be used to allow one piece of equipment to play sounds on another, or to control settings/functions, change patches etc. You can get MIDI fader controllers that can control the faders in you recording software, or MIDI pads that can play the drum sounds in your sampler. It's a language to allow your pieces of equipment to talk to each other. Your USB keyboard is talking MIDI to your computer, but over a USB connection. You can't connect MIDI to a mic input, or to anywhere else that sound comes in and out. You can only connect a MIDI port to another MIDI port.
  15. If he's a beginner drummer, I'd get his tutor (or of he doesn't have one, a sensible drummer) to come round and help with the layout of the kit. Electronic kits allow for things to be positioned much closer together and in different spots than you can manage on a real kit, and I've seen plenty with pedals, pads and cymbals in positions that bear no relation to a real kit. If you can get the kit set up in a way that's reflective of a "real" one, it'll make the eventual transition to acoustic drums much easier and stop him picking up bad habits/bad posture by playing in the "wrong" place.
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