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  1. Ah, you've got my good friend Liam (the young Scouse lad behind the desk in some of your photos) on sound with the Nitelites boys - you're in good hands!
  2. Nice Lead/equipment/pedal board bag

    The old adage about something being too good to be true.... Just looked this site you as I wasn't familiar with it, many many tales of woe, payments taken and items not received. Proceed with extreme caution!
  3. Saying hello to the main band?

    He's a notorious prick though. Never heard a single person who has encountered him in a personal or professional capacity have anything positive to say.
  4. DI box - anyone used of these?

    +1 for Orchid. Absolutely the best bang for the buck. £25 quid for the little Micro DI if you don't need to link through to an amp (perfect for keys, acoustic etc) or £35 for the Classic DI if you need a link through and a couple of extra features. Hand built in the UK for the same price as the mass produced cheap stuff. Can't go wrong!
  5. Power Amp for Stage, Preamp for PA???

    Having his core tone come from his board means it's consistent at, for example, festival shows or fly gigs with a hired backline.
  6. Sampling.. but is it proper music making etc?

    If you ONLY use samples from preexisting pieces of music, and assemble them in a different way to create something new, that is creative by definition. Sometimes it's done lazily, sure, but no more so than lazy songwriters knocking out obvious progressions/cheesy lyrics.
  7. Done this on functions - so long as you manage your expectations and don't expect earth shattering bottom end, you'll be fine. Whilst my preference is a system with subs, I have a client who are a function band agency who just book a basic package of 12" tops and a couple of wedges for their bands. Have had 7 piece bands with brass, keys, multiple vocals and you can make it work if you do it sensibly and don't expect monster levels from it. Done it with various boxes including HK Actor DX, Yamaha DXR, Thomann's own brand Achat Pro 12M, Mackie C300z and others. Not my first choice and not what I spec for my own bands, but it's certainly possible to do.
  8. Backdrops - worth it?

    This has double the maximum weight loading of the Thomann one too, so potentially a better buy if you're planning to rig some lighting from it too.
  9. Would the Marshall ms-2 micro amp be ok for bass?

    And I see the profanity filter doesn't like the word "ar se". It's a bit overly keen, isn't it?
  10. Would the Marshall ms-2 micro amp be ok for bass?

    I have one of the little micro amps and the sole purpose I use it for is when I'm touring as a backline tech, to sit inside my guitar tech workbox as a "check this is in tune/working" speaker. It'll make a sound something like a guitar, but it's very limited and I'd imagine anyone playing guitar through it regularly would get quickly frustrated. It sounds like absolute derrière with a bass!
  11. Performing Rights Royalties

    You don't get a penny for playing covers. If you're a registered PRS member you'll get paid if you're playing originals, so if that's the case, yes, you'll get £6.
  12. GAK/Gibson EB 5-string/£399

    Well, I really want to buy one of these now. Nice one. I've managed to go YEARS without buying any basses, but there's been a growing itch to get hold of a five string and this is so tempting! Don't want to add to my credit footprint as we're in the middle of a mortgage application, but if that comes through this week, there might be some sweet "Buy Now, Pay In 12 Months" action on the cards here!
  13. Live bands compress bass - since when?!

    Not everyone uses them on their pedalboards, but almost everyone will be compressed. A lot of amps will compress naturally anyway, and, at small club gig level and upwards, it'll almost certainly hit some sort of compression somewhere between arriving at the mixing desk and departing from the speakers.
  14. Yamaha 02R Digital Mixing Desk..

    I can see where he's coming from - I've got a channel down on one of my 01v, but for the price they can be picked up for, it's barely worth paying an hour of bench time with a repair tech. Might as well just keep stockpiling cheap ones as and when they appear!