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  1. I guessed as much before I looked her up - I might differ in an opinion about the primary problem but honestly who can say - I spent nearly 3 years in an eating disorders support group (specifically for "carers" of people with eating disorders - not the actual sufferers - they had their own meetings run at the same place) and it was two cases of a daughter (with anorexia) with a heroin addiction and a wife (with anorexia) and an alcohol problem that I found too traumatic to hear about on a regular basis - what I heard at the meetings used to play on my mind too much after the meetings that it actually caused me to stop attending. Good to know she has managed to bounce back and is still making music.
  2. Yes (thereabouts) - it's not as simple as anyone would like it to be - it's a mental illness through and through and a strange one. She is in a small minority who have made a good, possibly very good "recovery" from having been in a really terrible state. She is in a good place now - happy in a long term relationship and in her work , back exercising normally (still likes to run up mountains), eating healthily and working as a hospital doctor - no one would know about the illness to look at her BUT she does have to manage certain things in her life and that will go on for many years I think. Anyone who wants to talk or ask about anorexia can PM me if they like - there is nowhere near enough support available.
  3. I burned the Royal Albert Hall Killers gig to DVD (broadcast on TV a few years ago) - it was a corker. The song works for me. A friend loaned me (gave to me I think!) the latest CD Imploding the Mirage and I agree with him - it's dire - lots of familiar elements but it just doesn't get off the ground for me. I did read that the guitarist Dave Keuning didn't want to spend all his life on tour and wanted more family time - all credit to him imho for that - I think he is still involved with the band but there seems to be a lot more keyboards and electronics and a distinct lack of guitar riffs. Still - they are still one of the most popular live acts around.
  4. The latest Killers album is dire! Can't believe how bad it is.
  5. Having had a daughter who got sucked into the vortex of anorexia - I find this uncomfortable watching - no idea who she is but once you've tried to care and support someone with anorexia you start to see there are many of them around. I'm not complaining in any way about your post though - it's just my reaction - it's a hell of thing for all concerned to get through.
  6. Anouar Brahem, an oud player: one of my favourite musicians - he makes some very atmospheric, at times, meditative, music - this is from 1991 I can recommend Blue Maqams (2017) and The Astounding Eyes of Rita (2009) and many other of his albums.
  7. @meterman @upside downer - clearly I have no wizarding skills - I feel like a right muggle now.
  8. What on earth is going on with that acoustic - it's upside-down and strung normally - I'm really thrown by that. World Party - under-rated and forgotten about.
  9. Also listening to Vivaldi RV807 - only discovered in 2005! Scholars continue to search for and succeed in unearthing long lost scores as many are known of, but are known to be missing. This is not the best audio quality (there are CD quality versions on YT) but it's more entertaining to watch than an album sleeve.Not exactly rock'n'roll but it probably was, in it's own way, back in the day...
  10. I was never in to Lloyd Cole when he was around in the 80's but I looked him up a couple of years ago and dip into his stuff now and again. I only came to listen to him again after laughing at a misheard and misremembered lyric ("You're my favourite salty animal") which stuck in my head so much that I put it in to a song I was writing when I was struggling for something (when I found out what the song was called (Old Wants Never Gets) I found the actual line was "You're like to think you're a solitary animal").. anyway - nothing to do with this track Jennifer She Said - I like all Lloyd Cole demos and B-sides albums.
  11. I saw him 3 times over a period of 10-12 years and he was like a candle - gradually melting and loosing his shape - his voice was once all husky, twisted barleycorn and rye - then slightly hazy and inebriated - and finally just one long incomprehensible slur. I can remember going home on the bus once elated after one gig after he sang Over The Rainbow for an encore - it was so beautiful and uplifting I could hardly speak - you could have heard a pin drop - it was like a magic spell being cast on the audience.
  12. I had the chance to go and see them - this gig - but because they didn't fit in with the other music I was in to I was too cool to go I kick myself because people were talking about how great they were for what seemed like months after and my mate, who invited me, came back with this mirror badge.
  13. I was looking for an Aria Pro II bass as I have one of their electrics - I love the feel of the neck on that and rate it - I bought a 32" Fernandes bass in the end which feels great in my hands too but I would have been interested in this a year or 2 back - I did find a couple for sale but - I don't know if it's coincidence at the time I was looking or something more meaningful but they were, like most interesting basses I found, dotted around the coast - do bass players emerge from coastal areas or do they move there? GLWTS.
  14. I saw the Banshees in 1978 and I reckon it was around that time that I ran in to Discharge in Clay Records in Hanley Stoke-on-Trent - I walked in and they grabbed me and threatened to beat me up unless I got out - I was like Who TF are you? We're Discharge, they explained!, and I said I've heard of you but they still threw me out - I thought it was a pretty cool experience at the time - the shop was only about 2ft square anyway. I'd been threatened with a flick knife by short-arsed punk in a bowler hat (lol!) at the Banshees gig because I was "looking at his lapel badges" so TBH the Discharge incident was just one of those things that happened at that time.
  15. YouTube live stream of the Perseverance landing 20:48 GMT contact with atmosphere 20:52 parachute deployed 20:54 Powered descent 20:55 Wheels down IF it goes to plan.
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