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  1. @bartelby haven't heard that for along time - I've got that track on a CD somewhere - their 1st *I think* - so long ago. Always good to be reminded.
  2. @LukeFRC I liked the slight huskiness in her vocals on the Deezer sessions - shame there isn't a single YT vid that shows the whole performance.
  3. Tangerine Dream https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tangerine_Dream#Members
  4. Taylor Swift - Folklore - she's been honing her craft as a songwriter for a long time - this album is a bit of a surprise to me as I've not listed to any of her albums until this last week or so. Mirrorball and August are also great tracks off this album.
  5. King Crimson - Lizard 40th Anniversary remix - still a strange, complex and difficult album - still - a lot easier to digest than Islands
  6. Jim White - Wrong-eyed Jesus - strange and beautiful album. If you like Tom Waits perhaps, Jim White is an easy step to make. I was listening to Smoke Fairies but not really feeling it but they put me in mind of this Jim White album.
  7. I'm in need of these YT channels - it's hard not to come across Scott Devine but I've enjoyed the clarity and emphasis on teaching (i.e. not showing off their own skills) of Yonit Spiegelman (she teaches on-line on a platform called LessonFace) : e.g.
  8. Destroyer - absolutely terrible name that does the band no favours - no wonder no one I know has ever heard of them (largely a one man band - Dan Bejar - but he keeps denying it) - several albums are really great IMHO and hold together so well as whole albums - Kaputt has washes of synth, strange noises mixed in on top of a standard rock band sound along with sax & flute - it's a complex rich sound - so many different styles and influences - it's a summery and hazy album. It's a toss up if Kaputt or Poison Season is the better album - I'd recommend both.
  9. I thought it sounded like a cover of Bowie's Heroes to begin with.
  10. You couldn't dream this stuff up. Brilliant. As always.
  11. Selling England by the Pound -actually enjoyed most of it - haven't heard it for a long time - I'm not saying it sounded fresh but I was surprised how relatively little of it sounded truly dated - I just listened to it on my mp3 player while out walking the dog today. Being an ELP fan originally I sometimes find Tony Banks chordal keyboard work a bit uninteresting TBH (his lead lines aren't too bad imho) but there are so many great melodies in both the music and the vocal lines and some great performance moments from PG. Even though I have the remastered recording I still find the sound quality and even the mixing a bit disappointing.
  12. My ringtone is Radioactivity from The Mix
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