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  1. James Blunt - You're Beautiful - early on he says something like "I saw you with another man...but I've got a plan" and only a few lines later he's lamenting that "...I don't know what to do" - always grates on me.
  2. There is a very good BBC Sounds podcast about the Hurricane story - well worth checking out imho.
  3. I have tried to give Dylan the listening time he's due but I just can't get on board with him - I've been listening to this album over and over hoping it would be better than the JFK track - some of the lyrics are just too lame - there are some that have a bit of chemistry in them - I just feel he's not making any effort with the structure of his songs, the melodies - it seems to me he's just going with his thousand year old voice and a monologue and hoping that is enough to win people over. On this showing I really don't think he *currently* can hold a candle to Tom Waits who also has that lived-like-a-drunken-hobo voice in addition to great story telling, wit, imagination and imagery in his songwriting.
  4. @kevin_lindsay @TheMaartian @Stub Mandrel Seeing as it got mentioned here I've also listened to that Numan Savage album - it's dystopian as I'd expect but it hangs together like a film score - quite surprised and impressed with it - even if his vocals have been tapered with (and I don't know how much) they sound pretty good to me. I was more of a John Foxx fan tbh but this is a strong album. I saw him (+full band) with his daughter (on TV) singing a while back - I reckon this might have been the album he was playing from. I've picked up more ideas for great music to listen to on this forum than anywhere else I can think of.
  5. It's at the darker, sparser end of droning ambient - I like everything by this one man band - Sleep Research Facility - probably not very well known tbh. If you want to suspend your thoughts and go to sleep with something on I use music like this:- https://coldspring.bandcamp.com/album/deep-frieze-csr72cd
  6. I don't hear this on the radio that often but heard it a few days ago.
  7. This song - as I remember seeing them live at B'ham NEC in the 90's - spine-tingling live "I saved my money"
  8. I looked on the map for La Creuse and thought it looked close to where my sisters lives but once I'd zoomed in on google maps it turns out it's 2hrs away - France is such a massive place - she also gets the cows problem - not that often - once every couple of years maybe less but I don't think she ever gets compensated anywhere near as nicely as that. She's just outside Benest not far from Ruffec.
  9. Looking for a cassette head cleaning tape - when was the last time you did that!? I'm making a real effort to learn Spanish at the 3rd or 4th attempt and have finally cracked the back of it and I'm now finding it a fascinating time sink - I've never got anywhere near this far before but I have some books, book/tape resources I bought from charity shops in the last 10 years that I'm now trying to use - I have one tape player in a "tiny music centre" that never gets used these days and ought be thrown out TBH but wisely I think, I had a look at the pinch rollers and the drive pins and they are covered in rust - I've tried cleaning them up with IPA and a cotton bud but they don't really look that much better - this is the sort of thing I used to do regularly in the early 80's. I'm really not confident the tape player isn't going to chew my tapes up - I'll just have to listen out for that sound of the sound being throttled and dragged down a hole when I try it - shame I haven't got any other tapes in the house to try it out on.
  10. Busy trying to think of something to procrastinate about...
  11. Finally managed to get this (Lana Del Rey - album ‘Norman f***ing Rockwell!’ ) - and it's interesting - the hit-me-make-me-bleed-maybe-I-deserve-it-maybe-I-like it lyrics won't suit everyone - there's a lot of artistic input in the lyrics, music, recording, production - no wonder it got positive reviews - I like some of the squidgy lead synth lines.
  12. I'm also listening to everything I've got by Tommy Stinson, Bash & Pop etc
  13. Duolingo Spanish - doing a couple of hours a day atm.
  14. More monologue than music but the man has talent.
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