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  1. What is the collective term for a bunch of bass players? I’ll start with… A bottom of bassists.
  2. Gotta say I didn't expect Italian violins to come into the discussion. To be honest if I could afford it I would buy a 1961 Fender Jazz (my birth year) but I can't afford one so that's not possible. My one regret over the years is selling my Early 80's Gold Jazz bass with gold plated fittings back in 1990 for £300 - not really for the money aspect but I just loved that thing, but was a young man with bills to pay.
  3. I also own a Warwick Corvette Rockbass Short Scale 2017ish and like the middle growl but prefer the feel of the long scale Squier,
  4. I’ve owned an early 80s Fender Jazz Bass, an 80s Status and an 80s Jaydee and they all sounded good when new. What I’d like to know is, is it really worth spending the huge amount of money these bases command nowadays? I’m kind of seduced into the idea of buying a genuinely road worn 60 or 70 Fender Jazz but I’m not convinced it would sound much better than my current Squier Classic Vibe 70s Jazz. Please enlighten me.
  5. Gen 1 Compact on bottom and Gen 3 Super Compact on top.
  6. Would you consider arranging delivery of the bass to London? thanks
  7. I picked up a secondhand Warwick Corvette Rockbass Shortscale for £300. It’s made in China but has the same hardware and electronics as the crazy expensive German ones. I absolutely love this bass and find it very versatile in terms of tone. They retail new around £700. I would also consider the Chowny SWB1.
  8. I’ve got a PF500 and I think it’s a bit lacking in volume and headroom. I’m now using an Ashdown ABM500 (second hand for £195) through a compact and a super compact. It is heavy but it’s got volume and headroom way above the PF500. I recently played a large hall without pa support and it filled the venue turned half way up on the master volume.
  9. I’ve got a Warwick Corvette Rockbass (short scale) which is just fantastic. It’s got the same hardware as the very expensive German models and can be picked up for £300 - £350 secondhand (£700 ish new).
  10. Vox headphone amp about £39. Plug into your bass and pop on your headphones. It’s got a small phono input for an MP3 player It can mix the level of bass v mp3 and can also play a few basic drum beats. Use one all the time.
  11. Hi Dave I’ve got an Ashdown ABM 500 Evo ii and an Ampeg PF500. The Ashdown is way superior in terms of tone, heft and it has a tube preamp to give a little grit. The Ampeg like many class d amps is ok but a bit tonally bland and lacks the headroom of the Ashdown. My advice - get Ashdown to repair your amp or look for another ABM.
  12. The instrument I wish I’d learnt Bass. There’s nothing cooler than being the bass player in a band, and I also think, on reflection, it would have suited my personality. You get to be on stage and part of the band, you’re holding this fantastically sexy instrument slung down around your thighs, you can strut about a bit and be funky with the drummer but, essentially, you’re in the background and everyone is looking elsewhere. I would have liked that.
  13. What's the best sounding bass recording? - not the bass line but the sound of the bass itself. IMO my top three would be Chuck Rainey on Josie by Steely Dan - nice slightly farty, warm and round Paul Denman on Smooth Operator by Sade - middly and punchy Martin McAloon on Appetite by Prefab Sprout - crunchy I'm interested in listening to other bass players tones that you folks like.
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