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  1. Open E

    Ampeg or another Ashdown?

    Hi Dave I’ve got an Ashdown ABM 500 Evo ii and an Ampeg PF500. The Ashdown is way superior in terms of tone, heft and it has a tube preamp to give a little grit. The Ampeg like many class d amps is ok but a bit tonally bland and lacks the headroom of the Ashdown. My advice - get Ashdown to repair your amp or look for another ABM.
  2. The instrument I wish I’d learnt Bass. There’s nothing cooler than being the bass player in a band, and I also think, on reflection, it would have suited my personality. You get to be on stage and part of the band, you’re holding this fantastically sexy instrument slung down around your thighs, you can strut about a bit and be funky with the drummer but, essentially, you’re in the background and everyone is looking elsewhere. I would have liked that.
  3. What's the best sounding bass recording? - not the bass line but the sound of the bass itself. IMO my top three would be Chuck Rainey on Josie by Steely Dan - nice slightly farty, warm and round Paul Denman on Smooth Operator by Sade - middly and punchy Martin McAloon on Appetite by Prefab Sprout - crunchy I'm interested in listening to other bass players tones that you folks like.
  4. Open E

    The greatest bass lines to learn ?

    Try Josie - Steely Dan In France They Kiss On Mainstreet - Joni Mitchell Never Too Much - Luther Vandross
  5. Open E

    The bass centre wapping!

    In the late 80s got signed and I spent a whole wad of cash on a Status Series 2000, Trace Elliiot 350w Head and TE 1x15 & 4x10 cabs. All iconic 80s gear. They were kind enough to give me an ongoing discount deal on Elites. Wish I’d kept the Status.
  6. Ok folks, your advice please on the best strings for a warm funky sound (finger style - no slapping). Think Chuck Rainey on Steely Dan’s Josie or the bass sound on Rickie Lee Jones Chuck E’s In Love. I’ve currently got a Warwick Corvette Rockbass (Short Scale) with Fender light roundwounds on, going through an Ampeg PF500 and Barefaced cabs. Please don’t tell me to change my bass 🤓. thanks in advance.
  7. Open E

    Bass Combo

    Behringer 300 watt 1x15 bass combo. On board compressor, 7 band eq, sub octaver, phono (iPhone / cd) input, headphone output - very loud. £50 no offers as a great bargain.
  8. I always enjoy ‘The French Doors’ and also the French Beach Boys - ’Les Garçons de la Plage.
  9. Open E

    Lightweight Cab

    I picked up a Barefaced Compact 15 secondhand and it’s a mighty fine cab. Together with the Hartke HD112 it’s a big sound from a relatively small and lightweight setup. Thanks to everyone for the advice. 👍
  10. Open E

    Lightweight Cab

    Thanks Chris good to know you’ve tried an HD210 with an HD112 and had good results. I’m in West London.
  11. Open E

    Lightweight Cab

    Thanks - it would keep things simple. 👍
  12. Open E

    Lightweight Cab

    I’ve got an Ampeg PF500 head and a Hartke Hydrive 1x12 cab but need an extra cab for larger gigs. Must be lightweight, small and 8ohm. Max spend £400 - any recommendations? Thanks.
  13. I bought a BH250 head in Oct 2017 and all was ok until a few weeks ago when the amp stopped loading Toneprint fx. I have tried all of the usual things firmware update, different leads, volume & tone all up on bass varying distance of phone to pickup etc but it refuses to work. I have even tried uploading via a pc and again no deal. Any new ideas out there or does it look like a manufacture problem? Thanks Open E.