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  1. Can someone recommend somewhere that would offer a bass refinish at a cost effective price? Looking to get one of my basses finished in silver flake. Please don't recommend doing it myself as it would end up a disaster 😂
  2. Thanks for info, but does anyone know of someone i could send bass body to who could build me a neck and fit it to bass? My budget is £250. Most companies online only offer full custom bass options not just neck.
  3. Looking for a jazz bass neck that fits a neck pocket of 63.42mm can anyone recommend??
  4. Problem is, I cannot find a neck that fits bass pocket!
  5. Does anyone know where or who makes Jazz necks with a radius of 12 or 14? I can find plenty of jazz necks with 9.5 but that's about it. Working on a bass build and need to find a neck that does not break the bank.
  6. Can anyone recommend a jazz pickup set with active or passive eq (Inc control plate)? Easy to install. Budget is £120.
  7. Looking to update my squire Jazz with new pickups (passive or active) including EQ. Can anyone recommend anything sold as a set? Budget is roughly £100(ish) I'm not that knowledgeable to buy Pickups and EQ separate so looking for an easy option where someone has paired them up for selling. Hope this makes sense.
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