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  1. Hi, Bought these as project basses, but have decided to move them on. MB4 scratch plate replaced. £70 MB5 has no scratch plate £80 SOLD £15.00 each to post.
  2. Can anyone recommend direct replacement bridges and pickups for these 2 basses? Has anyone done this? Also does anyone know if a standard Stingray 5 pickgaurd would fit the MB5?
  3. As Status are no longer selling replacement Jazz necks, can anyone recommend another manufacturing selling in the UK?
  4. GB4 coming in a little over £1100. I expect the GB5 not to be far off that. Hopefully the Elrick is under that price point
  5. Very interested to see the price's against these.
  6. Maybe it's just me, but I think finished headstocks on maple fingerboards just don't look good?!? Thanks for all the info!
  7. Oh, and does anyone know if the pickups can be replaced with soapbar pickups from nordstrand, Aguilar etc?
  8. I plan to pick up a new squire contemporary bass once realeased but one thing......does anyone know a way to remove the paint off the headstock?
  9. It will be very interesting to see what price these basses come in at based on the quality of the hardware alone! Sadly for me the 5 string won't be an option as it looks like another 19mm string spacing😭
  10. I will be surprised if it comes in over the £1k mark. I have put on hold my next bass until more details are released😄
  11. Not much info yet but take a look at the new Cort basses!
  12. Sadly I cannot find anywhere stocking this bass as it may have been a very limited run
  13. Just seen this online! Bass looks incredible! Just a shame I can't find anywhere online in the UK/ Europe stocking it 😭
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