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  1. If sale falls through let me know 😊
  2. Did these basses not come fitted with an EMG pickup? I may be wrong on that? Do you still have the plastic control knobs? Thanks. B
  3. Thanks for the response. Hopefully no additional charges this end, but have emailed direct to confirm.
  4. Has anyone ordered from this shop recently as I'm trying to find out if I will be charged VAT when bringing the guitar into the UK? I think they are based in the Netherlands, but I have heard mixed reports of no VAT charged? Can't see anything on the website to indicate that? Looking to order a bass at £2000+ so don't want any surprises when it arrives 😂
  5. Sold many basses on basschat.co.uk but this sets the record!!!
  6. The bass is as new, zero signs of wear, use or damage. Stunning bass, but sadly the neck profile is not to my liking. £849 RRP. Selling at low price to move on, but can't stress enough, the bass is as NEW. Will be securely posted in gig bag. Please note, I only post to UK addresses. £15 for postage. Message for more details. Brian
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Does anyone know the neck pocket size for this bass? Thinking of picking one up and replacing the neck with a status graphite jazz neck. Not sure if it will be a match?
  9. Anyone know if there are direct fit replacement pickups for this bass? EMG? Preferably white.
  10. Can someone recommend somewhere that would offer a bass refinish at a cost effective price? Looking to get one of my basses finished in silver flake. Please don't recommend doing it myself as it would end up a disaster 😂
  11. Thanks for info, but does anyone know of someone i could send bass body to who could build me a neck and fit it to bass? My budget is £250. Most companies online only offer full custom bass options not just neck.
  12. Looking for a jazz bass neck that fits a neck pocket of 63.42mm can anyone recommend??
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