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  1. They are similar to P pups in my view, but I think they have more mids and perhaps not as controlled as P bass pickups, but great character.
  2. Well the Vintera arrived and it's awesome. I needed to change the strings to some Labella flats, and that really brought it to life. The weight is just right, I've not weighed it but it's comparable with my lightweight ACG basses. And it sits well too, rests more horizontally than my other basses but it's no bother, so no neck drive issues.
  3. My Vintera is due to land tomorrow. I'll let you know what I think.
  4. I have switched my order to a Green Vintera instead, should turn up next month 🤞.
  5. Well, I think it's worth a shot, so I have one on order. I see GuitarGuitar and GAK have a bit of a discount on the price too.
  6. The ACG 26.5inch basses are awesome, I have these two from Alan and I absolutely love them. Big sound from such little basses too! I'm sure your sixer will be a cracking bass!
  7. Selling due to relocating - the house is sold, so now this one needs to go too, offers considered but no trades. Price reduction: £1650. Originally designed for Garry Tallent (Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band). The SPECTOR “Shorty" Short Scale (30 3/8”) bolt-on bass. Special Doug Wimbish neck design with narrower nut. Original Spector NS curved body style 30 3/8" scale, 22 frets, Deep Socket Neck Insert for maximum sustain and stability Graphite Reinforced 3pc Bolt on Rock Maple Neck Pau Ferro Fingerboard, 16" radius Brass nut width 1.5" Black Hardware, Custom Hipshot A style Brass Bridge Gotoh GB70 Tuners Dunlop Straplocks. Body: Lightweight Swamp ash Satin finish Aguilar PJ pickups Aquilar OBP3 active preamp Controls: bass, treble, mid (with push/pull frequency select), volume, volume Weight - 3.7kg Collection preferable, postage at extra cost.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. The red silk makes them look similar to the La Bella I have on my ACG but mine are smooth and not half rounds. What colour are D'Addario half round silks?
  10. I am a huge fan of short scale basses. I have 30" and medium scale basses but now I am fan of 26.5" basses from ACG Rob Allen Mouse ACG headless 30" Spector Shorty and now ACG Micro Krell (26.5")
  11. Yes, I spec’d that one for Alan to build me. The nylon wounds strings are amazing and it feels awesome. Love Finns.
  12. Nope the Krell is a guitar shape that’s evolved into a bass. So it’s sits well for seated and it’s balanced for standing playing.
  13. 115 - 50 strings, the tension feels right and it’s the easiest bass I’ve played (and I’ve just sold a Rob Allen Mouse)
  14. Actually when I'm done, all I will have are two 32" basses that Alan's made me and this new one. I'm beginning to think that 32" is the new 34" (particularly Alan's basses) and this 26.5" is my new 30".
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