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  1. Great bass! No luck so far. Status, D'Addario and Labella don't do that length.
  2. Ive been looking for one of these, congrats @Basilpea I couldn't find one, so I opted for the one that marked as sold on Rob's site - walnut with a f hole. I can't wait. I really think these are something special.
  3. Nope, they will have to be a bit shorter than that, but I will email and see if they can get custom lengths. Thanks.
  4. Thanks. Tried them but no, I have asked for some flatwounds when they start making them.
  5. I'm looking for tapewounds for my short, short scale fretless bass (26.5 ACG bass). Labella don't make strings that short, does anyone have any suggestions how I can string 30" strings or where I could get shorter ones?
  6. Looks amazing. I recently bought a Mike Lull P430 and I can't say enough good things about them, they are incredible! GLWTS.
  7. I am, but not very often. Thinning the herd, so sales only, thanks.
  8. Tricky - not really, comparable with a Rob Allen Mouse from a handling perspective. The slim neck and compact size just makes it easy to manage.
  9. Cheers Mike. Happy New Year to you too!
  10. Sounds just like the link posted by Eude. And it's in much better hands than mine, with this fella.
  11. 3.5kg on my scale. Super playable, a nice warm tone with the Labella nylons.
  12. Thanks. I just have to do it from time to time.
  13. Actually they are Newtone 115 (e string) strings made specifically for this scale bass - UK made, readily available and don’t cost the earth. I will include a spare set in the deal. I'm keeping the fretless version of this bass.
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