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  1. The TRB 5P Neck through PJ pups et piezo
  2. Thanks Radius is ok, need neck profile and thickness. Cheers D
  3. Hi everybody New year and new bass. Just filling the configurator and deciding if it's gonna be a 5 strings Maruszczyk Frog or a Mensinger Joker B. So I do have a question for the ones owning a Yamaha TRB 5P. I tried one once and just love the neck. It just goes with my hands perfectly.... Love at first touch. So I'd love to have my new bass with the same neck profile dimensions and radius. Does somebody have the exact dimensions of the neck? Tried Google but didn't find any. Thanx for helping Dario
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. Hi Nicholas It needs 250mA , 9V dc center negative. A regular power supply will fit. I do have a Diago which out 2A at 9 volts and the grizzly is daisy chained with 5 other pedals , no noise at all and it works flawlessy. No particular power requirement , most of power supply can provide 250mA for one pedal. Cheers
  6. Hi everybody No need to describe this apart the fact that it is in a perfect shape with no velcro ...but no box. Shipping included Cheers
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Hi everybody Up for sale my beloved BB3000 A. Made in Japan 1983 , she have seen a lot and played more. As you can see in the pictures there are a lot of marks and a big one on the bottom that was hard. Some superficial cracking but it does not affect the integrity or the sound of the instrument. Electronics has been replaced with a set of Flametone P/J ( 400€ installed by Alessandro himself in Milan ) controls are Vol/Vol/Tone/Tone and a miniswitch put you in P territory ( probably one of the best P sound I've ever heard IMO ). Tuners were replaced with brand new BB30000 original tuner which I've found by a collector in Italie. The original pups, controls and preamp are also included. Cleaned and tested by Mr. Flametone. Ebony fretboard , frets are fine , trussrod working like a swiss watch and a very straight neck. One of the best neck I've ever put my hands on , fast and sleek a slapper paradise. The girl was played a lot and she hass seen tons of stages , the marks are there , in the pictures . Need a detail just let me know ! Shipped with an ordinary gigbag in a tank proof box. I will accept a trade with a very light Mensinger Joker B 32" 5 Strings or a NOBLE PREAMP DI Partial trade possible with : FAIRFIELD THE ACCOUNTANT CIOKS DC7 Becos Stella Comp Empress Bass Comp 3leaf Audio PWNZOR Darkglass Luminal Source audio C4 Source Audio Hub
  9. Nice little board , curious about the power solution and about the little behringer box down on the right !!( a splitter maybe ??) ... and GLWTS !!
  10. Hi everybody I am going to buy one of these 3. Any advice? I will use it direct to board with In ear monitor or to drive a powered monitor which has replace the bass Amp for me. Has somebody tried the new PSA 2.0? The midi capability would be a big plus for me but it seems more guitar oriented. Thanx in advance D
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