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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Hi Nicholas It needs 250mA , 9V dc center negative. A regular power supply will fit. I do have a Diago which out 2A at 9 volts and the grizzly is daisy chained with 5 other pedals , no noise at all and it works flawlessy. No particular power requirement , most of power supply can provide 250mA for one pedal. Cheers
  3. Hi everybody No need to describe this apart the fact that it is in a perfect shape with no velcro ...but no box. Shipping included Cheers
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. Hi everybody Up for sale my beloved BB3000 A. Made in Japan 1983 , she have seen a lot and played more. As you can see in the pictures there are a lot of marks and a big one on the bottom that was hard. Some superficial cracking but it does not affect the integrity or the sound of the instrument. Electronics has been replaced with a set of Flametone P/J ( 400€ installed by Alessandro himself in Milan ) controls are Vol/Vol/Tone/Tone and a miniswitch put you in P territory ( probably one of the best P sound I've ever heard IMO ). Tuners were replaced with brand new BB30000 original tuner which I've found by a collector in Italie. The original pups, controls and preamp are also included. Cleaned and tested by Mr. Flametone. Ebony fretboard , frets are fine , trussrod working like a swiss watch and a very straight neck. One of the best neck I've ever put my hands on , fast and sleek a slapper paradise. The girl was played a lot and she hass seen tons of stages , the marks are there , in the pictures . Need a detail just let me know ! Shipped with an ordinary gigbag in a tank proof box. I will accept a trade with a very light Mensinger Joker B 32" 5 Strings or a NOBLE PREAMP DI Partial trade possible with : FAIRFIELD THE ACCOUNTANT CIOKS DC7 Becos Stella Comp Empress Bass Comp 3leaf Audio PWNZOR Darkglass Luminal Source audio C4 Source Audio Hub
  6. Nice little board , curious about the power solution and about the little behringer box down on the right !!( a splitter maybe ??) ... and GLWTS !!
  7. Hi everybody I am going to buy one of these 3. Any advice? I will use it direct to board with In ear monitor or to drive a powered monitor which has replace the bass Amp for me. Has somebody tried the new PSA 2.0? The midi capability would be a big plus for me but it seems more guitar oriented. Thanx in advance D
  8. I do not need them...but it would be interesting...pictures do not speak in term of sound 😎
  9. Wrong questions are questions that are already answered !!! really 2.3Kg ??
  10. exactly what i thought...he must be playing an heavy stingray 😃😃
  11. 4.5 kg it's on the pretty heavy side for me ...guess my shoulders are way more in bad shape than yours !!😅😅
  12. Will trade Imperial with Fairfield The Accountant !!
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