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  1. One question about weight...I am very happy with my new/used BB1025 and one of the reasons is that is a light bass...around 4kg. Fellows bass player here in France keep telling me that I am lucky because all the Yammy 5 they tried or own were more around 4.5kg..;and more. So what is your experience with weight ? is mine an exception ??
  2. Well guys....you were just RIGHT !! Arrived this morning...beautiful neck , lite , very very punchy and a nice and tight low B. Will sure change the knob configuration in a V/V/T ..;I like to mix the 2 pick up and choosing the balance. Capacitor and tone will also be changed..;but this are really minor adjustement to my taste and habits. Considering how much I've paid for it it's a nice bargain. The neck feels just fine and the pups sounds really good rich and powerful.
  3. From Nordstrand audio Website The NJ4 will leave you breathless with the splintering snap and grind of its hardwired midrange that can only be tamed by the norepinephrine of its euphoric high end. This is a vintage style single coil pickup made with 60s era correct Heavy Formvar wire, a choice of alnico III or V magnets, and wound with a programmable CNC winder that simulates a vintage hand wound pattern. The combination of the HF wire in correspondence with the simulated hand wind produces the pickup's lowered resonant peak, which is the source of the hypnotizing ambrosia that is the NJ4's divine high end. Between its high and low end frequencies, this pickup produces a full-bodied sound that replicates the drive synonymous with 60s vintage tone. Technical Details: Single coil 4 string jazz-type bass pickup Standard Alnico V magnets (Alnico III as an option). Available with an alternative 70s wind, featuring enamel wire and a lower wind count than the traditional 60s wind. In choosing this particular specification, the player can expect a more aggressive, enhanced top end with a tight bottom. Drop-in J replacement pickup. Available in black plastic covers. Laser cut bobbins wound with Era Correct Heavy Formvar wire, or plain enamel for 70s wind. Wax-potted to contain any unruly frequency that may attempt to desecrate your desired tone Fender replacement. 130€ shipped with box.
  4. Board has been moved to the appropriate section 160€ and you get both ORBITAL and HH 3 trades i might be interested in are SOLIDGOLD FX FUNK LITE SOLIDGOLD FX 76 OCTAFUZZ (The small one ) SOLIDGOLD FX ELECTROMAN IRON ETHER XEROGRAPH DELUXE IRON ETHER SUBTERRANEA SFX MICRO THUMPINATOR
  5. Moving to the appropriate section Up for sale a TEMPLE AUDIO TRIO 28 BOARD + BAG + Extra Mounting bracket + AC Mains Micro Module ( One of the holes in the board was cut a little to let an AC chord pass - details in pictures ) included are 13 custom patch cables and 2 custom MIDI cable 30cm ) Drop price at 170€ shipping included , the board is new , bought Mai 2017 , never gigged . trades i might be interested in are SOLIDGOLD FX FUNK LITE SOLIDGOLD FX 76 OCTAFUZZ (The small one ) IRON ETHER SUBTERRANEA RON ETHER XEROGRAPH DELUXE SFX MICRO THUMPINATOR I do live in France .
  6. DUAL EXPRESSION SOLD !! Time to put some order !!
  7. funkydario


    Just trade filters with Chris. Easy smooth and fast !! Thanx man !!
  8. I do love Bare Knuckle P , put once on my beloved and too soon gone Bacchus Vintage Series BPB62 and it just kills. If I remember correctly it was the '58 , not sure to be honest. They made 2 version and mine was the more punchy version. Remember I've made some 60's Fender PB owners goin nuts when we compared my 330€ used bought Bacchus with their pre or post CBS P's. That Bass was a special one...BK pups helped to sound really amazing
  9. The different size of pups put the upgrade in an another completely different perspective...financially speaking. I'll stay with the yammy pups...saving for another bass with Nordy PJ ...because i am in love with this sound !!
  10. Yes i will definetly do give it a good trila period...thanx you all for the advices !!It's a 1025...so i would have to ask carey Nordstrand for a custom housing...long and not cheap i guess !!
  11. 1025 is already bought , used for 450€ . The problem is that I will use this bass with a Top40 dance band and the sound engineer work alot for TV shows...;so he put compressor everywhere...sometime i ask myself if he put compressor also in his food and sex life ..;anyway...the minimum buzz or hum is just made it BIGGER !! We'll see
  12. ORBITAL and DUAL EXPRESSION still available !!
  13. But anyway Danny you are right , will wait for the bass to arrive and decide what to do after. Send also a mail to carey , maybe i can get a custom size enclosure.
  14. Thanx guys , I have nothing against Yamaha pups but these 2 videos made want to replace them. 1st - Hum problem with the bridge pickup 2:40 2nd - Just love this sound..Nordy PJ5
  15. Hi everybody , just bought a 1025..;anyone knows the pups size ? willing to put a Nordstrand PJ set but need to know the size before placing the order. Bass will be delivered to me end of the week...trying to buy me some time .. thanx
  16. Hi everybody I've just bought a used Yamaha 5 strings BB1025 , bass is on the way and i will receive it by the end of the week. I am planning to put a nice set of Nordstrand on it and i have asked the distributor in italy but cannot find any information about the pup's size ? I know I will have the bass by the end iof the week and it's just a matter of waiting ...but I will need this bass very soon and I'd like to gain some time if someone has the information... Thanx D
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