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  1. Hi everybody For sale this beautiful and really great sounding Elwood 5a L. i've bought it here some months ago because I needed a 5 string for a last summe tour which never happened;Bass was barely played ( 4 or 5 gigs with it ) so it's in as new condition. For sale because I am going back to 4 strings . Alder body with flame maple top. 3.7 kg , pups were originally Bass Culture but I've had Adrian at Public peace replace them with Haeussel ( 100£ upgrade) , preamp is a 2 bands delano. Dunlop strap lock installed. Come with his Gigbag. Insured shipping is included in price. Not really looking for trades , except for a nice and light JB or Jazzus 4 strings and some money my way. [attachment=256129:20170502_115416.jpg] [attachment=256130:20170502_115427.jpg] [attachment=256131:20170502_115435.jpg] [attachment=256132:20170502_115457.jpg]
  2. [quote name='hamfist' timestamp='1499718796' post='3333166'] nut is a narrow 43mm - I loved that when I tried one out ! [/quote] aand the weight ?
  3. Bump ..3 montly payments is still an option !!
  4. I am in France , Paris's suburbs
  5. Some people interested but it seems most prefere an active bass. So I 've decided to re install the Delano preamp.
  6. [quote name='ChazzJEUK' timestamp='1493802316' post='3290709'] Does the neck have Carbon rods to reinforce it? [/quote] I don't think so , checked on public peace website and there is no word about carbon reinforcement...so I suppose the answer is NO
  7. Hi No trades on this one. I am ordering a MARUSZCZYK Custom 32". What do you mean by reinforced neck ?
  8. Hi everybody Bought this here on BC about 3 weeks ago. I've been to Public Peace last week and decided to go for a custom 32" Jazzus or elwood. That's the only reason I am selling this very light, comfortable, well balanced and really nice sounding bass. Pick ups are haeussel et I had the preamp taken out because I play passive. The preamp ( DELANO ) is obviously included and the original gigbag. Any question let me know For those of you with a very nice feedback I can also offer a payment in 3 times. Now , next month, the month after. Price in € is 1100
  9. Hi people I am finally completing my board and i do need som midi cableS It seems the shorters available are 30cm long so I am looking for someone who can built shorter than that Impossible to find in France...maybe in the UK ?? Thanx dario
  10. Just a simple question guys...truss rod is inverted in Adrian's basses....did I understand that right ??
  11. [quote name='Marc S' timestamp='1491482142' post='3273387'] Anyhow, looks a nice bass GLWTS [/quote] Thanx Marc
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