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  1. Update: I acquired one of these CAB 67s and took it out for what turned out to be a pretty loud gig with relatively hard hitting drummer last night in medium-sized but loud room. It kicks hard, and has a great sound stage, making the bass sound a feel 3D. I had to turn the bass knob way back on the amp compared to how I use the Greenboy F112 (amp is an SVT 7 Pro) because I was relatively close to the back wall, but it was easy to get a clear sound. I didn't really have to think about it all night, which is what I want from a setup. I got the Ampeg warmth and baked in sound from the amp, and a good responsive, even reproduction from the cab. It is heavier than some cabs, but the three handles plus the wheels made it easy to move around. At 24kg it's really not difficult to lift up or carry one handed for short distances, for example over a doorstep. Even though it's taller than an F112, it takes up a similar amount of space in the car, and I was able to fit the cab, amp, pedal board and cable bag into the boot of my Leon fine just as usual.
  2. Can't decide if you're being sarcastic or not, but my F112 is seriously impressive!
  3. I already have a Fearless F112 which I do really enjoy, just wondering if the PJB would have any advantages, whether they be tone, volume, punch... The cabs are not dissimilar in size, and the weight of the PJB is still very manageable.
  4. Thank you for your replies. Regarding F112 vs Cab 67, the combines surface area of the 6x7” drivers is about 70% more than the F112’s, and only 20% smaller than that of a 4x10. I know surface area isn’t the only spec to consider, but this cab does pack a lot of speaker area into a small(ish) space.
  5. Dear all, I just saw this new Phil Jones Bass 6x7" cab, but can't find any info about players' experiences with it. I'm currently running an Ampeg SVT 7 Pro into Greenboy F112 with good results, but I'm just curious about this cab from PJB. Do you think it would be an improvement in any area over the F112 or just bigger and bulkier?! Thanks in advance for your help. James p.s. I also posted this on TB but as of yet, no replies.
  6. Sold! Was a nice preamp. If you dan find one, go for it!
  7. Are you gigging (corona aside) or is it just for playing at home? If the latter, I’d be looking to get a decent small combo (1x10”) or so like a Genz Benz Shuttle 3.0 10T. I used one for many years (live and for practicing) and with the tilt back feature you can get a really full, lively and bright sound. I loved that little thing. Loud, too! If you’re only buying a cab for use at home, a lot of the suggestions above are too big and will just dominate small rooms.
  8. Good call. I’ll open it up and have a look. The NAD amplifier I use with the CD player had a few dry joints. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the reply! Sounds about right. I’ll look into it and see if there’s a diagram etc. Normally NAD have pretty well written service manuals and even a relative idiot like me can work out what’s what.
  10. Hi everyone, Not really bass related, but I’m not a member of any audiophile forums so maybe an amp expert or similar can shed some light on my issue. I have an old NAD 5240 CD player and it takes 10-20 minutes to warm up before it will work. For the first 5 minutes there’s no sound, then it starts to come to the amp, but it’s very distorted, and gradually the distortion fades and then it sounds good and works as normal. During the warm up phase it’s def playing the CD. I’ve ruled out the RCA cables, and I’ve tried the fixed and variable outputs and it’s the same issue with both outputs. Any idea why it may be doing this? I opened it up today and there is some soot/discolouration on the inside of the case above where the puts are and in a couple of areas. Nothing on the board looks obviously burned out. Once the CD player is running properly it’s a little warm above those areas (case on) but it’s not hot. Thanks in advance for any tips! James
  11. There are plenty of things out there which are a better buy nowadays. I used to have the full Yamaha rig: BBT500, 2x10, 4x10. Don’t miss it. I don’t remember the cabs being light weight!
  12. I can’t comment on the bigger AER combos but my AER Amp One is shockingly loud and deep sounding for its size. Don’t look at the specs, try one. I’m sure it’s fit for purpose! If you go down the separate amp and cab route, I can recommend the Greenboy Fearless F112. I’ve got one and it has a wide and very even response, and is really all the cab most people need. Check out the Bass Whisperer’s youtube review to learn more.
  13. My Ampeg SVP-CL - Warwick Hellborg 500w rig was pretty monstrous. It was also extremely heavy, so I sold it. If I ever got a roadie, this would be my setup for sure.
  14. Cab sounds good. FYI the 5th note of the main riff should be a b5 (Bb) not a 5 (B) like you guys are playing it.
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