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  1. Can't see anyone adding further to this thread as BassBunny has said all you need to hear. .
  2. Righty tighty (i.e. tensioning the neck away from the strings so the are closer to the fingerboard) Lefty loosey (releasing tension on the neck so it becomes more concave). Only ever do 1/4 turns or - as Hellzero says - things can go south quite easily. You can check relief by stopping the E string on the first and last fret. The middle of the neck is usually around the eighth fret and there should be about a credit card width space between the bottom of the string and the fret. Much more and you need to tighten the truss rod slightly, much less and you need to loosen it.
  3. Slight tangent this, but can anyone point me in the direction of a decent (physical) guide for using either Logic Pro X or Garageband? I've a Macbook Pro I originally bought to run theatre lighting software but - like many of you - have been 'inspired' by lockdown to do some home recording. I quickly lose the will to live trying to wade through online Help to find out how to turn the metronome up on Garageband so I'd really like a physical manual I can refer to more easily...before I lose the will to live trying to find out how to turn the metronome up in Garageband. 😀
  4. Welcome aboard. There's quite a community of us in Chester and its environs and quite a variety of gear too, so if you ever fancy trying a particular piece of kit don't hesitate to put the call out - someone local might have it covered.
  5. Mmmm, nice. What's the top wood on this?
  6. 4 pages and no mention of John Wetton. You philistines!
  7. Myself and my good friend, Les, are popping over from Chester on the Sunday. If anyone sees a shortish, fattish, middle-aged, bald guy, er 'improvising' on basses outside most normal people's financial grasp, it could well be me.
  8. Love my RH750. I think the TC reputation suffered unfairly as a result of 'Wattgate' but make no mistake - this is a top, top amp.
  9. Generally string spacing on a 4 string would be 19-20mm (at the bridge, string centre to centre). That sort of spacing on a 5 string could make for a neck that was potentially too wide for some players so many 5 string basses tend to be 17-18mm. What works best for you is entirely down to what you personally find most comfortable. I've only got small hands and only play 4 stringers but tend to look for a spacing of about 17 - 17.5mm if possible. I think I've seen some of Mark King's Status basses were 16.5mm.
  10. Ref: Amyl and the Sniffers - I'm guessing this is what passes for female empowerment in 2019?
  11. 3 pages and no one's mentioned 'Stairway to f**king Heaven' yet? What's wrong with you people? It's like you never been into a guitar shop in the late 70's/80's!
  12. Mike Walsh of Zoot basses fame is based in Witham (well, Silver End actually), a gnat's fart off the A12. That's the custom fretless he made for me on the Home page. http://www.zootbass.com/
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