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  1. Love those AM knobs! Would you mind linking to the seller so other of us RH750 owners can join in? Love your colour palette too!
  2. I'd agree with @Delberthoton this one. In my 40+ years of playing I've owned probably 50 or so basses, from budget through to boutique. I've had seven basses built for me and to my specification - every one different. Whatever the number or combination of types of pickups and tone controls or preamps I've always managed to dial in 'my' sound to each and every one - to a great extent making every one sound 'the same' in the process. There'll have been very slight variations, I guess, but they have all ended up there or thereabouts and certainly no one but myself would have detected any. I play with my fingers and the old adage that tone is in the fingers is, I feel, something of a truism. Or at least it is in my case! Personally I've heard more difference between amps than I ever have with basses.
  3. @ChavSpanial - the person you're looking for is our very own Prostheta. He made the repro BB noisekiller for my recent Zoot ZB-1000 bass - a fantastic sounding bass. Here's a link to a current auction on ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/264696877010?hash=item3da129cfd2:g:CBIAAOxyBXNSU-Jh I'm sure you'll be able to contact him through Basschat too if you want to ask him any questions etc.
  4. If anyone was still interested I've changed the video. No waffle, just 3 mins of scrolling through the variety of sounds available. Relevant blurb is now in the accompanying post instead.
  5. Ha ha - so sorry! It was only after I posted it and realised it had been cut (in half) that I also realised the first two minutes were of me waffling! Now I sort of know what I'm doing in terms of recording and uploading I'll try and do something a bit more, er, focused and replace at some point over the weekend.
  6. Apologies but it only appears to have uploaded about half of the 6 minute video. NO idea what went wrong there - but you get the idea anyway. It's VERY flexible.
  7. Some of you, I know, were following the build thread for my Zoot ZB-1000, built for me by Mike Walsh and finished back in January. Due to various supplier and Covid-related complications it was only several weeks later that I took delivery of it. I think one or two of you were interested in what it sounded like and - albeit very late in the day - I've finally got round to demo-ing it for anyone who is still interested! It's quite a lengthy vid as it has 21 core sounds courtesy of the 6-way varitone switch and the series/single/parallel switching for the pickup. So, if you'll forgive my somewhat ropey playing, here is a new vid, with no waffle and all playing. I play through the 6 positions of the varitone switch firstly with the pickup in parallel mode, then single coil, then series, and finally in those 3 positions with the varitone switched out completely. Signal is taken (pre-amplifier) from the DI on my TC RH750 and recorded on a Focusrite Scarlett Solo.
  8. Thanks @BlueMoon - they definitely look as though they could be worth investigating further. Thank you.
  9. Good Lord - really?! I am out of touch! I think the originals are milled aluminium, aren't they? The ones I'm talking about are cast resin. They have the gradations etched but these aren't highlighted in white as on the originals. If that's all there is out then I guess it's a seller's market.
  10. I'm looking for a set of this for a rather special new build I've commissioned from Mike Walsh (Zoot Bass). There's a guy in the states who makes them but the cost ($65 a set) including delivery, VAT (in all likelihood) and import duties makes them very expensive (as £65/70 expensive!). I'm sure someone will suggest posting to the Wal Facebook group, and I will do that, but can anyone here recommend anything similar? Thanks.
  11. Mike Walsh used to supply them when he had The Bass Merchant some years ago. I seem to remember they did some ridiculously light gauge sets - and I say that as a user of light strings.
  12. Just had Dylan's Nux Loop Core off him. Great comms and posted out at the earliest opportunity. A great advert for buying and selling on Basschat. Thank you.
  13. Have there been any tone prints to add some dirt effects made available yet? I'm holding on until it covers all of the very minimal effects requirements I have (Octave, Chorus and Overdrive).
  14. Thanks for the reply, Al. I'd like to avoid a multi-fx if possible (despite the quite significant advantages you point out) as I find it easier to get my head round dedicated units. I sold a B3-N not too long ago for this reason - I liked the stuff it did that I wanted it to do but found the multitude of other stuff it did that I wasn't particularly interested in a distraction. I ended up with 3 separate pedals for octave, chorus and overdrive instead, at significantly greater cost but - for me - far greater user friendliness. I shall 'research' the Nux Loop Core Deluxe. There's a non-Deluxe version I found for sale in the marketplace but the ad was placed a while ago and may not have been updated.
  15. @DylanB - is this still available? I'll have it if so. Thanks, BC
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