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  1. In the 40+ years I've been playing I've never needed to file a nut to accommodate different strings. E strings has varied between 90 -105 and G from about 35 -45. Never had any issues (or maybe I was too stupid to notice them!).
  2. Is there any way of adding any drive effects via Toneprint or firmware updates, does anyone know?
  3. Thanks all, I appreciate the comments, insights and recommendations. Based on price and the demos I've seen online it's currently a toss-up between the Joyo American Sounds and TC Mojomojo I think.
  4. I respectfully refer the contributor to my recent Sale thread: 😁
  5. The trouble I don't really, except for not needing anything that approaches the mayhem end of the spectrum. The context will be original rock/pop originals that combine different genres, some veering towards a reggae-ish sound and others being a bit more REM-alike. It's really to add a bit of grit and dynamics on the odd chorus here and there.
  6. Excellent - thanks. I'm looking forward to doing some 'research'.
  7. Thanks for the recommendations, folks. Don't think I'm looking for a heavy distortion, so probably subtle to 'pronounced' but not so far as death metal territory.
  8. I'm putting a small pedal board together to use with my (very) old band - after a couple of decades of talking about 'getting the band back together' this Covid malarkey has actually galvanised us into action, and we're planning some virtual rehearsals. The pedal board so far consists of a Boss OC-5 Octaver and EBS UniChorus. I want to add a distortion pedal to complete the set up but the huge choice has left me a bit bewildered - to be honest, I don't really understand the distinction between overdrive and distortion though I sense there is one to players who are more au fait with effects generally. I just want to add some dirt to passages of a few songs rather then use it to create 'my sound' or anything. I don't want anything boutique or esoteric and don't want to spend more than £100. Any suggestions for me to consider? Thanks.
  9. It does - enormously, thank you. Looks like I just need to buy an RCA-1/4" Jack lead then. Or find that damn mini jack - 1/4" converter I had lying around somewhere. 😀
  10. Can anyone tell me how I can interface an old cassette deck with my PC to enable me to preserve some (very!) band stuff? My PC presently outputs to a Cambridge Audio amp and then into an old pair of Rega speakers. I've tried connecting the tape deck to its usual input on the amp, which had a dedicated tape in/out section. Obviously the Out would usually go back to the tape deck to use that for recording so I've instead connected that via a RCA - mini jack lead into the blue input on the sound card at the back of my PC. I'm trying to record into Audacity. I've got some sound but at too low a volume to be usable. I've increased recording level into Audacity to only slightly below maximum and the quality is still poor. Anyone got any ideas? I've a Tascam Audio Interface too if that counts for anything. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for linking @Teebs - I'll read through your thread too. Some great experience and advice already. 👍
  12. Thanks all for the replies. I shall investigate forthwith!
  13. One for the hive mind this - are there any video meeting platforms that permit simultaneous audio from the different inputters to enable live, remote jamming? I've used Zoom and Teams through work, neither of which I think have this function (Zoom definitely doesn't and I've usually zoned out of the work teams meetings so haven't established whether it does or not). I've seen what look like multi-participant performance videos with everyone in different locations but I guess they could be recordings where the additional players 'bounce' onto the original video, could they? Thanks all. (Mods - if there's a more appropriate forum for this please move as needed.)
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