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  1. Just a thought but I am fairly regularly excited by bass FS posts only to find that the object of my lust has one too many strings (and 5 players I'm sure find the same thing). Would there be any merit, do we think, in splitting FS threads in '4 strings FS' and '5+ strings FS' (for example? If there's no great appetite elsewhere then it's obviously not an issue others less OCD than myself share!
  2. Reading this thread has really taken me back. I remember seeing Whitesnake at the Hammersmith Odeon as was in about 1980/81, I guess. Neil Murray - you were definitely on bass. What a band! The only album I now own though is 'Live...In the Heart if the City'. One of the very best live albums - right up there with 'Live and Dangerous' in my book. And the live version of 'Fool For Your Lovin''! I doff my cap to you, Mr Murray - what a player!
  3. Mick's just bought a Hartke Chorus off me and now joins the list of brilliant BC-ers I've had the pleasure of doing business with. Top banana.
  4. Many thanks, Ped. Cheers, BC.
  5. Just had a search for my own feedback thread - which I last found about a month ago - and it appears to have gone walkabout. Usual title - 'Feedback for Bass Culture'. THanks.
  6. What's the story on the gloss finish? Was that an original - custom - option or has it been refinished at some point? Thanks.
  7. We're all holding it in for fear of looking like Teacher's Pet in front of our fellow players!
  8. BUMP for price drop. Really can't go any lower than this - I'd be practically giving it away. So, any takers for a very low cost way of experimenting with a bit of Chorus in your sound?
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