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  1. Does this win the record for the longest dormant thread prior to resurrection - 9 1/2 years?!
  2. Big shout out to Veijo at Rautia for this - I know he's got a pretty substantial backlog he's working through but it looks as though the bass will be finished in time for my trip down south at Christmas. I've heard so much about these pickups, I'm really looking forward to hearing it installed, especially in combination with Mike's recreated Varitone 6-way selector and the Prostheta Noisekiller pre-amp. Thanks @Cosmicrainfor posting the update.
  3. There's links to the spec sheets for the three different Lusithand preamps here: https://www.rautiaguitars.net/multi-coil-bass-pickups.html About half way down the page.
  4. Yes, now I've seen the finished capping I'm very happy with it myself.
  5. Seems Mr Walsh has been a hive of activity recently! Thanks for these latest updates @Cosmicrain. I find the build process so fascinating. Especially seeing as I have nothing like the skills needed to ever do anything like this myself. It's really starting to come together and is meeting the brief exactly as I hoped.
  6. I've never noticed before the precision with which the tuner holes line up with the neck laminates. Such fantastic attention to detail. It's the same on my other Zoots too.
  7. Well done - really enjoyable read and an excellent piece of writing. Thank you for taking me back to my youth!
  8. It's been a while since my last update, mainly due to Covid-related delays. Anyway, after some months waiting for the outstanding Hipshot order that my custom stuff was on, it finally turned. Can you spot the obvious mistake anyone? Anyone who answered 'they've only sent you 3 f**king tuners for your 4 string bass gets a gold star! Anyway, that was a few weeks ago so hopefully the missing one will show up before too much longer. Which gives me time to throw in some of the latest work on the headstock, which we're capping with a veneer to match the body wood. Here goes: I don't know yet if the capped head stock is going to look classy or simply 'a bit much'. Time, I think, will tell...
  9. 350/360 no good? Same pre-amp section as the 650, I think (could be wrong though, I'm trusting to memory).
  10. Thanks stewblack, always good to have options.
  11. At least there's the option to send the money as a gift and avoid the fees, I guess.
  12. Interesting - thanks. We'll have to bear that in mind should the wait prove too long from Rautia then.
  13. No sooner do I post those than another few are sent through!:
  14. Mike's been a very busy bunny recently, it seems. He kindly sent me another batch of progress photos, so here we go: Starting to feel like real progress now. Still at the mercy of deliveries from the States (Hipshot hardware) and Finland (Rautia pickup) though, so here's hoping they won't be too delayed. Exciting times!
  15. True to form, this is going to be fabulous.
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