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  1. Bass Culture

    Bands that wont learn covers properly.

    I was looking forward to last year's Christmas works do as we were booked into somewhere with a band on. That was until I heard said band launch into their tired rendition of 'Johnny B. Goode' quickly followed by 'I Saw Her Standing There', in which the bass player decided Macca had missed a trick by not slapping his way through it. I wanted to throw a chair at him...
  2. Bass Culture

    *SOLD* Hartke HC33 Chorus

    And me to you...to me to you etc. ☺️
  3. They are. The only reason I'm selling mine is because I already have a Purple Chili 1x10 cab and my gigging days look as though they may well be behind now.
  4. I have for sale my Barefaced 110. This is in excellent condition, having never been gigged, only used at a handful of rehearsals and otherwise sat in the back bedroom of our non-smokers household. You all know these are the absolute dog's dangles when it comes to lightweight, easily-transportable and gig-able small cabs that actually put some bass out. For some they offer a genuine one-cab solution. Full specs from the Barefaced website are here: https://barefacedbass.com/product-range/one10.htm This really is in 'as new' condition. I'm asking £275, which includes delivery to mainland UK. I can supply pics if needed but it basically looks exactly like the one on the link with no scratches, scrapes or wear marks of any description. Thanks, BC
  5. Bass Culture

    *SOLD* Hartke HC33 Chorus

    Hi Tobie, I'll have this. Would you care to PM me your Paypal details? Thanks, BC
  6. Bass Culture

    That Jeff Berlin tone

    Great tone, dreadful taste in stage wear...Reminds me of seeing Pastorius at the Capital Radio Jazz festival back in the 80's - his choice of sky blue M&S-type 'golfing slacks' led to a serious reappraisal of his place in my list of influences and affections.
  7. Bass Culture

    Basses You've Owned and Hated

    Have sanitised the mild swearing in my original post after the profanity filter rendered it as 'Sir Richard head III'. Brilliant! 😄
  8. Bass Culture

    Basses You've Owned and Hated

    This will be sacrilege for many here - and hate would certainly be overstating - but I never really clicked with my ACG Custom Finn 4. It was a bass I appreciated but never really loved and I always felt the filter pre-amp lacked a bit of personality and 'soul' (if anyone else wrote this I'd be shouting 'D**khead - how can a preamp have personality?!'). I tried, I really did, but I knew the game was up when it went back to Alan for a new neck to be fit and I picked up a Tanglewater Jazz which I added one of Kiogon's wiring kits to, to tide me over, and found myself unable to walk past it without playing it every time. Never had that with the ACG, unfortunately.
  9. Bass Culture

    What Strings Are Doing it For You?

    My first set of Newtone roundwounds (steelies, round core) went on my Zoot passive last night. Bloody fantastic! Had been using D'Addario nickels recently and forgotten how much I like the extra zing of steels. Very flexible (went for the 42-96 gauge), feel good under the fingers too - bit of 'feedback' but I've still got the skin there after an hour or so of playing last night. Early stages but I think I'll be getting more for my other basses.
  10. Bass Culture

    NBD: Zoot Custom 32" Funkmeister

    Ha ha - that must be some sort of record for brevity of ownership!!
  11. Bass Culture

    NBD: Zoot Custom 32" Funkmeister

    I had a play on this fiver when I was there. It's superb! Did it stay in South Wales or go back to sunny Essex with, Mike?
  12. Bass Culture

    NBD: Zoot Custom 32" Funkmeister

    Well, drove down to South Wales on Saturday to collect this from Mike and meet up with Daryl Cook, the friend he was staying with. The weather was fantastic so the drive was really spectacular. Daryl turned out to be a lovely bloke and a great player himself. Mike was in good form too. The bass itself is simply superb. The East u-retro is very powerful and, in truth, probably overkill for my usual 'set and forget' preferences. But, because it's so powerful it does enable me to dial in precisely the sound I'm after. Tiny tweaks can have significant impacts on tone so I'm finding I really do have to be careful. But the playability of the bass - my God: it's simply fantastic, an absolute dream to play. And it looks so fabulous when I'm not actually playing it I find myself just staring at it! Anyway, if anyone is considering a custom build I would strongly urge you to think about a Zoot, and I'd be happy for anyone who wishes to, to pop round to Chez Bass Culture to try mine as a 'taster'.
  13. Bass Culture

    NBD: Zoot Custom 32" Funkmeister

    A few more snaps for those interested: