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  1. Bass Culture

    Most popular roundwound material

    Tried a few Nickels in recent years but, more recently, thought I'd give the Newtone SS Diamond strings a go. That's it, search over - I've got them on my passive, active and fretless basses now. Maybe those formative, early playing years with Roto Steelies just left too much of a mark.
  2. Bass Culture

    Yamaha TRB 4 Preamp Replacement

    If budget can extend a bit further I still think of the John East circuits as the Rolls Royce of preamps. I have a fretted Zoot with an East Uni-Pre and fretless with a Noll. Similar (active) controls - Bass and Treble cut and boost and a mid cut/boost with sweepable frequency. I've no idea why but I prefer the East by quite some margin; it just sounds more musical to me.
  3. Bass Culture

    Zoot Funkmeister 32”

    Saw this in the flesh yesterday - looks fabulous.
  4. Bass Culture

    'Thermally modified' woods

    Question from an ignoramus here - are 'torrefied', 'roasted' and 'thermally modified' all one and the same thing?
  5. Bass Culture

    Shuker, ACG or Sei Basses for a custom build?

    The other thing I'd suggest is concentrating on the fundamentals (for me these are playability and sound, yours may differ) and talk to your chosen luthier about his suggestions for best delivering them. This might mean you need to be open to considering different woods, perhaps, or maybe pickups or preamps/tone controls. My earlier custom basses were two pickups, coil tapping/phase reversal, three-band active EQ - the whole shebang - all of which I would carefully play with for all of about half an hour after I got the bass home, before sticking all the controls in a position from which, thereafter, they would never deviate. Now, my favourite Zoot is passive with the simplest control array possible. Heaven!
  6. Bass Culture

    Shuker, ACG or Sei Basses for a custom build?

    As others have said, there are quite a few options. I own three of Mike Walsh’s Zoot basses and out of literally dozens I’ve owned over the years - including ACG, Roscoe, Overwater (why no mention for them yet?) and Les Evans customs - they are my favourite. In that they are the basses that have delivered my personal preferences most completely in one package - but that’s as likely because they are the most recent and I now have a much better idea of what works for me and what doesn’t. They are also the best value for money. I couldn’t say they were ‘better’ than the others though, because the concept is almost fatuous between the list of exceptional makers mentioned so far - you’d be happy with any, I’m sure. I suspect the Sei will be most expensive because of Martin’s circumstances (location, customer base, overheads etc.) but that doesn’t they will be ‘better’. If this is your first custom spec, one thing I will say is this: it’s almost 100% certain there will be something about the finished instrument you will do differently if you ever commission a second. Enjoy! 😉
  7. Bass Culture

    Zoot Funkmeister 32”

    Looking sweet. Beginning to regret not having blocks on my last Funkie. This is getting the brain going about a new build myself.
  8. Bass Culture

    Feedback for Dodgnofski

    Can only add to the tsunami of praise heaped upon Tim by previous buyers and sellers. He had my BF110 off me a couple of weeks back and was a delight to deal with. Took the slight delays I had in dispatching in his stride and was unphased by a minor issue with the cab itself. Top guy and a pleasure to deal with.
  9. Bass Culture

    Feedback for Tobiewharton

    Recently purchased a Hartke Chorus pedal from Tobie. Excellent communications throughout and pedal was dispatched, well packaged and in excellent condition, as promptly as you could hope for. Yet another sound as a pound seller in the long tradition of Basschat.
  10. Bass Culture

    Bands that wont learn covers properly.

    I was looking forward to last year's Christmas works do as we were booked into somewhere with a band on. That was until I heard said band launch into their tired rendition of 'Johnny B. Goode' quickly followed by 'I Saw Her Standing There', in which the bass player decided Macca had missed a trick by not slapping his way through it. I wanted to throw a chair at him...
  11. Bass Culture

    *SOLD* Hartke HC33 Chorus

    And me to you...to me to you etc. ☺️
  12. They are. The only reason I'm selling mine is because I already have a Purple Chili 1x10 cab and my gigging days look as though they may well be behind now.
  13. I have for sale my Barefaced 110. This is in excellent condition, having never been gigged, only used at a handful of rehearsals and otherwise sat in the back bedroom of our non-smokers household. You all know these are the absolute dog's dangles when it comes to lightweight, easily-transportable and gig-able small cabs that actually put some bass out. For some they offer a genuine one-cab solution. Full specs from the Barefaced website are here: https://barefacedbass.com/product-range/one10.htm This really is in 'as new' condition. I'm asking £275, which includes delivery to mainland UK. I can supply pics if needed but it basically looks exactly like the one on the link with no scratches, scrapes or wear marks of any description. Thanks, BC