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  1. Beautiful bass, has me completely besotted.
  2. Well, a few things have happened since the arrival of my prize gear. My computer died, Death by Blue Screen. Fortunately I bought one of them warranty things that we usually ignore when making important purchases and it worked. I took delivery of a brand new replacement computer. It arrived as a new "empty" computer. So I had to have a friend of my son James Jnr, ya know, the one who destroyed my prize D'addario mug (more about that to come) install my copy of Windows 10 on my new computer. Now he has to try and retrieve as much salvageable information as he can from my old computer to bring me up to date. Now the important bit. I took delivery of another package from D'addario. It was a cardboard box and when opened, inside was a lot of packaging and another smaller cardboard box. I remembered my childhood birthday parties when we played Pass the Parcel and I was there once again, hoping that I could get to open the next bit of wrapping before the music started again. In silence I unwrapped the copious bubble wrap around the next box and quickly began to open that. I saw some polystyrene and swiftly lifted the lid to discover a polystyrene cube and nestling in the cube in its own fitted packaging was my new D'addario mug. Yes, yes, it was mine. Oh sweet bliss. My life is now complete, thank you D'addario. On Saturday I went into Rimmers Music in Leyland to meet with Adam from D'addario. He was doing a re-string day, I had one of my son's guitars re-strung by the team. I didn't need any personal restringing, I have quite a lot of new D'addario NYXL 45/100 bass strings. Adam and I had a lovely chat and It was so nice meeting with a member of the D'addario team. Once again thanks to D'addario for all that has happened recently and it was nice to touch bass with you (Did you see what I did there) [i]touch bass. [/i] Oh BTW I have gigged my Aguilar amp and remain still shaking from the excitement.
  3. [quote name='D'AddarioUK' timestamp='1486137402' post='3229564'] That post alone is worth a new mug, hopefully this one will last a bit longer ; ) [/quote] Oh my, I am so excited. I have been drinking from an old cracked mug since her demise and Yorkshire Tea, my favourite brew just wasn't tasting the same. My D'addario mug brought all the subtle flavours of that brew back into my life. Thanks again. James
  4. Hi ead, Thanks for your perceived compassion regarding the sad loss of my D'addario mug. She was dearly loved for the short time that she was in my life, mostly warm and full of Yorkshire Tea. She knew my needs and wasn't even ill. She passed not knowing who Abraham Laboriel was and how much I admired his bass playing. My son is also still quite devastated at his carelessness which brought about the swift and sad demise of such a lovely mug. We will all miss her. The Yamaha Bass is active, I would imagine that the very wide range of settings that are available would make this instrument most suitable for any genre and as I have already mentioned I will be using it in the studio shortly. She will be gigged before then. Now, "Better or worse than a F***der?" That would have to be honestly answered after a suitable period of playing the instrument. My Fender Precision Bass Special is great for recording as it naturally sits very nicely in the mix. My Fender Jazz is my performance workhorse as it has power and range of tones and can be subtle yet able to cut through in live gigs. My Aria Pro II (Bat Ear) is the bass that I fall back to occasionally. I have had her since new, some forty years. She is now battle scarred, Was fitted with a new Kent Armstrong soap bar pickup many years ago and in the late eighties she was stolen then recovered some ten months later after being found for sale in a local music shop. Since I restrung her with D'addario NYXL 45/100 strings a year ago she has found a new lease of life and a freshness. I love her neck. BTW. Before I won all these amazing goodies from D'addario, all my basses were strung with D'addario NYXL strings except my Gordon Smith Custom Fretless and my son has D'addario strings on his acoustic and two of his electric guitars. James
  5. Thanks ROConnell. I needed to do a bit of setting up before I could play the Yamaha bass but it but it is now sweet and the 5 way toggle settings make it very versatile. I will be recording with it in a couple of weeks time. [u][b]MORE IMPORTANTLY[/b][/u] !!!!! My son has just broken my prized D'addario mug. His buddy came around to rehearse with him and he was making a brew for us when he dropped it. So, Pot, ceramic or bone china, it is no more. I am gutted and thirsty as I had disposed of my trusty but aged brew mug when my prizes arrived.
  6. [b][font=times new roman, times, serif]It's Mine, it's mine. I write this as I enjoy a brew in my new D'addario mug. Wow, never won anything like this before. Took delivery last week and the team at D'addario were just great to communicate with. Thanks so much to everyone who made this happen for me. [/font][/b] [b][font=times new roman, times, serif]​Still going through everything that arrived in the three big boxes and my son has nicked some of the gear. He is a guitarist and thinks the Route 66 pedal is more suitable to his needs, he reminded me that I am just a bass player and he has never seen me use any pedals. Then he see's that there are other goodies that appeal to him. I guess it is gonna be Father/Son sharing time.[/font][/b] [b][font=times new roman, times, serif]It does remind me that "You gotta be in it to win it".[/font][/b] [b][font=times new roman, times, serif]Thanks again D'addario.[/font][/b]
  7. [quote name='davidblane' post='1308257' date='Jul 18 2011, 07:10 PM']It is with great sadness that I am having to sell my beloved bass, you can see it on gumtree [url="http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/34-double-bass/84229475"]http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/34-double-bass/84229475[/url] Cheers Dave[/quote] What's the deal please. James
  8. Hi, I am James from Lancashire, been playing xxxxxxxx years. My first bass was a Framus Star Bass, that may give you a clue. I own. G&L ASAT (Leo Fender) signature bass, Yamaha 5 string, Aria proII four string, Gordon Smith custom fretless bass, made for me in 1975, serial No 00045, they got real good after that (lol) and a nameless double bass. My sound system is Line6 bass pro rack head, QSC RMX 1450 driving Glockenklang duo 2x10 and Glockenklang uno 15 speakers. Roots are Blues and Jazz but love almost all styles and genres. Just love music, it has been my life. Good to be with you.
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