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  1. Church Of The Cosmic Skull - Is Satan Real? recomended by someone on here
  2. My office is next door to one http://diamondblackvinyl.co.uk/
  3. Other musos, whether in the band or in the audience, and it's mainly about how well they can hear it in the mix rather than the tone as such.
  4. But in the context of this thread, I'm the same player no matter which of my basses I'm playing but it's the Sadowsky that gets remarked on
  5. I've had a Sadowsky Metro for around four years now and it's been my main gigging bass ever since I got it. Here are a few thoughts - Build quality - very solidly built, fit and finish is as close to perfect as I've ever seen. Playability - marginally nicer than my US Fender Jazz, not really worth the extra cost for this aspect alone. Tone - Playing at home it's nice enough but lacks the character of my Fender, maybe it's too precise (clinical?). Gigging is a whole different matter, I regularly get positive comments about my how audible my bass is in the mix. A drummer I used to play with when I brought my Fender along for a change, " where's your blue bass, I can hear every note you play with that one". The singer in a band I recently joined "I can really hear the bass lines now, I couldn't before". In another band the singer's boyfriend who also plays bass came up to me at half time and said "How do you get your bass to sound so good in the mix?....ahh thats how, you've got a Sadowsky". There's more but I think you get the drift. How much of it is down to it being an active bass and how much of it is some sort Sadowsky magic I don't know, but for me it lives up to it's reputation.
  6. spike


    Exactly the same here
  7. Gigging is the whole point of it as far as I'm concerned.
  8. Have an objective for the rehearsal, whatever that may be. No point in rehearsing every week just because you rehearse every week ( unless that's the objective ).
  9. spike


    Saw a message from them on Facebook last night, apparently their hosting company has switched off their server. They said it would all be sorted by Thursday. Silvia beat me to it.
  10. For sale, Fender Jazz EliteProArtistDeluxePlayer series, rare Mongolian built version before production moved to Eritrea
  11. Would you believe it, just had a text saying my 1st June gig has been cancelled, venue has offered to rearrange and to be honest I'd rather not be competing with the football that night.
  12. I've read a few books on The Stones, including Stone Alone and I've come away with the impression that after they got rid of Brian Jones there were only two members of the band as far as Mick & Keef were concerned.
  13. On the floor or taped to the back of a PA speaker
  14. 'Vintage look' saxes are a thing.
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