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  1. Thats why I'm surprised, I was expecting to feel like you are. This is the first time in around ten years I've not been gigging 2-3 times a month, maybe I needed a break anyway.
  2. Optimistic me says I'll be gigging again in September. Pessimistic me thinks it will be next year. What has surprised me is how little I've missed it.
  3. 39 gigs for me split between two bands. 25 booked for this year with more to come hopefully.
  4. My gig was in a nice pub in Harpenden, this was our fourth New Years Eve there. Played three sets, 9.30-10.30, 10.45-11.45 and 12.15-1.00. A bit of dancing in the first set, lots of people up and dancing in the second set then in the third set it all went a bit mental ( in a good way ). All in all a fun night.
  5. spike

    Gig Fees

    All pub gigs, fee split either 4 or 5 ways, I got between £50 and £75 per gig. Last night I got £48 for some reason.
  6. Neither has the other band I play in, much to their annoyance.
  7. Our fourth New Years Eve at the Plough & Harrow in Harpenden. Always a good gig there.
  8. Ha! I've tripped up that step myself. On the other hand, the last two times I've played there I've been lucky enough to snag a parking space in the square. Those stairs up to the first floor are a killer though.
  9. That's what it looks like to me Replying to Mike2tone's post
  10. Played at a Conservative club in Enfield on Saturday night, no-one in the building was under the age of 50 ( including the band ). Turned out to be an enjoyable night but it made me feel old.
  11. Apart from The Odds, both The White Hart and The Rose & Crown in the old town have regular live music.
  12. Church Of The Cosmic Skull - Is Satan Real? recomended by someone on here
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