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  1. Warwick Truss Rod.

    Well I have reinstalled the rod the other way around, restrung and tuned then gave the truss rod a quarter turn anti-clockwise to tension it while putting a bit of forward pressure on the neck and it appears to have done the trick. I suppose it is only like using a two-way rod. I will keep an eye on it for a while to make sure I have not overdone it.
  2. Warwick Truss Rod.

    My '91 Thumb Bass has always had a very low action, could be considered too low but it never gave me any problems. I never had cause to adjust anything other than the nut and the bridge when I first bought it new and set it up to suit me. Last night I did a stand in gig with a band that tuned to E flat, I did that but felt there was some slight buzzing from the lower tension strings. The neck relief appeared not to have changed so this morning I thought I would relieve a bit of tension on the truss rod. The head on the rod felt slack, could easy turn a quarter each way without feeling tight. Turning it over half a turn anti-clockwise it tightened up, turning it clockwise felt like it was just loosening it. I watched the Warwick video on replacing the truss rod and decided to remove it to inspect it. It is the one way aluminium rod. On looking at the way it worked turning it anti-clockwise tensioned the rod. So the thing is, there was originally no tension on the rod and there was very little relief on the neck with 45-105 strings on, shows how strong the neck is, but I need a bit of front bow. The question is, could I install the rod the opposite way around so tensioning it would increase the relief?
  3. New embassy (and also thunderbird) bass, Classic style!

    Received from Andertons yesterday. 'Unfortunately the supplier of the Epiphone Thunderbird Vintage Pro Bass in Vinage Sunburst (Stockcode EBTVTSNH1) is still unable to offer us an estimated delivery date and so we are unable to give you an accurate time frame for your order. We are regularly contacting the suppliers to find out if there is any new information and will keep you informed of any update.'
  4. New embassy (and also thunderbird) bass, Classic style!

    Andertons and G4M now giving December delivery dates.
  5. Jones at 69

    I first came across Percy Jones playing weekly in O'Connors Tavern with The Liverpool Scene in '68/'69. He was jaw-dropping then. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gmpQC2BNfg
  6. New embassy (and also thunderbird) bass, Classic style!

    [quote name='clivem' timestamp='1504348235' post='3364254'] I received the Epi T-Bird case I ordered from Amazon last week for my Classic IV. It was the tapered version, not the rectangular. [/quote] I wonder why the change. Could it be that the rectangular case did not fit all the Thunderbird models (sure I read this somewhere) and the new one does?
  7. New embassy (and also thunderbird) bass, Classic style!

    Andertons still have 15th October. Have any other shops listed them? Dawsons told me they will not be getting any.
  8. Compressor usage

    [quote name='steve-bbb' timestamp='1503059539' post='3355392'] have a dbx160a in my rig case is permanently on [/quote] Where is it placed, before the pre, effects out/in, pre-amp out/power-amp in?
  9. New embassy (and also thunderbird) bass, Classic style!

    Epiphone 940-ETBCS Thunderbird case. Googling for pictures shows two versions of this case, one rectangular the other tapered. Which is the current version?
  10. Googling for pictures shows two versions of this case, one rectangular the other tapered. Which is the current version?
  11. This is right up Blue's street

    Ethan Allen - [url="http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/whats-on/music-nightlife-news/liverpool-man-became-youtube-smash-8787316"]http://www.liverpool...e-smash-8787316[/url]
  12. Rechargeable batteries.

    Also make sure they are 9.6v, earlier ones were 7.2v and 8.4v. Some equipment cuts off when the voltage drops below 7v, that is why rechargeables were not recommended at one time.
  13. Rechargeable batteries.

    I have some Uniross Hybrio PP3 batteries but they don't seem to last long. I think it may be down to the charger I have not giving them a full charge.
  14. Rickenbacker Bass Gets Outed For What It Is

    So glad I saw this, he has certainly convinced me in to not ever buying such a piece of sh1t.
  15. No treble boost on MEC Pre-amp

    Did you get this sorted? What did it turn out to be?