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  1. A bit of rough stone. The striking edge of a matchbox. A nail file from girlfriends bag.
  2. Where is the green and red/yellow wire going?
  3. This has reminded me of the cracked skin on my hands when working on construction sites in the '60s when this was what most workers used... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Optima-GSL-30300200A-SNOWFIRE-Ointment/dp/B001RYOOPA
  4. Not a Jaco fan but I did like his playing on Ian Hunters album of which this is the title track...
  5. Wrongly. Never remove the protective earth connection, the chances are it could end up being used on some faulty equipment.
  6. One to argue that tungsten watts are brighter than led watts?
  7. I've just changed the PP3 in my go-to Warwick only 'cause I had some new ones and I had put the date on when installed, it was July 2015 and it was still tasting salty. It'll find a use in something else.
  8. The pivot hole being so near the edge, the roll pin being an interference fit and the pressure of that big spring does not a good design make.
  9. After my estate car biting the dust last year and only having an MX5 with the passenger seat removed to fit a small cab in I miss having this behind me. I do a dep job with a band with a van occasionally so it gets the cobwebs blown off.
  10. Agree, if I stand 50 feet away from my cab it does not sound as loud as standing next to it.
  11. The 12Ω and 8Ω cabs in parallel will give you 4.8 Ω.
  12. But has it been stolen if Gibson still have it?
  13. The noise when turning the master volume control whilst playing is still there but doesn't affect the sound otherwise. May be a 'design faultfeature'. One thing I have noticed is that I have to use the -15db setting (never use the pad on my other amps) as without it even with the gain low it clips very easily and sounds compressed/squashed (compressor off), is this the 'Dynamizer Technology'? Overall I am happy with the amp and will be keeping it. It is now my mini rig, paired with a recently purchased TC RS212.
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