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  1. Yeah, it’s lovely. it’s a dangerous thing looking at vintage stuff on Reverb. Whilst I was having a look I saw an immaculate 1960 sunburst for just short of £15k. Fortunately it’s out of my league both financially and on the “I don’t deserve it” fronts. 😂
  2. Looks like the name adds about a £5k premium.
  3. The company I work for uses SAP Concur for paying expenses. I used it once and then steadfastly avoided doing anything that involved claiming expenses again. They also use a system called Coupa for managing supplier payments which is a total pile of crap, completely unintuitive and almost unusable. Systems like these are a PITA.
  4. I’ve also got the Adagio flats on my bitsa p bass and they’re great. A really warm smooth sound with the tone rolled off a bit. Having said that, I think the KiOgon wiring loom with 1uF cap is a contributory factor.
  5. Velarian


    Phew! you nearly scuppered the whole thing, Ratner style, just then 😂😂
  6. Just watching this, I’m about 25 minutes in and loving it 😊
  7. Cheers, I’ll go and take a look at that forum.
  8. I’m curious to know if Logic runs on an M1 MacBook Air with out any obvious limitations? I was holding off to see if the new MacBook Pros with upgraded M1 chips might be a better bet but with them starting at £1,900 I just can’t bear parting with that sort of money. Given the fanfare that greeted the first M1 chips when they were launched and all the talk of them blowing Intel chips out of the water, I’m assuming that even an entry-level M1 device should be up to the job.
  9. If you’re changing the pickups why not consider changing the wiring loom too? For around the same price as high mass bridge (which I wouldn’t bother with) a VVT with series/parallel switch in the tone pot will add an additional tonal option and a new loom may help with the noise too.
  10. Wasn’t it a chorus on wherever I lay my hat? He used an Octaver on I’m gonna tear your playhouse down which is a different sound.
  11. Come to think about it, I’m pretty sure it was that track that persuaded me to have my Precision bass maple fingerboard replaced with a fretless ebony board, which I still have and I’m still learning to play that bass line. 😂 In hindsight I regret doing that. I’d have been better off leaving it alone and buying a fretless Stingray instead. I’d be feeling rather smug now if I’d done that. 🤷‍♂️
  12. It’s worth listening to the Paul Young albums from that period, No Parlez and The Secret of Association. Lots of classic Pino fretless playing. I’m pretty sure it his playing on these albums that sent his career in to the stratosphere; suddenly everyone wanted a piece of him after that.
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