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  1. A very good point which illustrates how ridiculous it is to pay VAT on secondhand goods, especially when buyer and seller are not businesses registered for VAT.
  2. If you’re buying from an Italian retailer make sure they’re not charging local VAT in their price otherwise you effectively pay VAT twice (including UK VAT on the Italian VAT!). As they’re exporting the item no local VAT should be payable. Mrs V got caught out with this buying something from Germany. Brexit aware retailers (like Thomann) have arrangements to pay UK VAT etc., and the price you see on their website is exactly what you pay in GBP.
  3. “Escutcheon” So that’s what they’re called. Every day’s a school day. 😉
  4. I met Rob today to collect some Telecaster parts. Arranged to buy them yesterday and he responded very quickly. A very efficient purchase. Rob is a really nice guy and very helpful. Cheers.
  5. Did you forget The Clash though?
  6. Well, specifically wider Europe then (or whatever EV’s definition of Europe is these days).
  7. None at all. It’s just another way for the world to collectively stick two fingers up to Putin.
  8. Stewblack and the Xtensions? (I made that up 😉)
  9. Dave and the Orbits. https://www.discogs.com/artist/4329176-Dave-And-The-Orbits
  10. A bit too late but I just came across this video which is a good comparison. Not much in it although I do prefer the slightly warmer sounding ’63 version.
  11. Is there any noticeable difference between how they feel/play/sound?
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