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  1. It’s hard to beat that black/black/maple look IMHO.
  2. I have a chrome version of the Gotoh bridge on one of my basses and it’s a perfectly good quality piece of kit, as are the machine heads I have on another bass. In both cases better than the Fender equivalents they replace.
  3. And now they’re back! It’s like the Hokey Cokey 😂
  4. I’ve just noticed that the marketplace section now has thumbnails in the topic listing. I really like that. 🙂 Edit: now they’ve disappeared ☹️
  5. I’ve just noticed that the marketplace section now has thumbnails in the topic listing. I really like that. 🙂
  6. BTW the MIA bass edges my MIM bass for feel.
  7. I have a 2008 AM P-bass with an S1 circuit. Whilst the S1 switch is rather pointless as it just makes it sound thinner, not what you want from a P-bass, the answer is simply ignore it and leave it disabled. It will still be the same as a standard passive circuit. If it really bothered you, you could swap it out for one of @KiOgon’s passive wiring looms for not a lot of money.
  8. Thanks, I had 2.1 turned on. Changed it back and I can now see everything. Shame though because I really like the colours and the light feel of the 2.1 theme.
  9. Is it just me missing something or have the asking prices in the titles of posts in the marketplace section disappeared? I’m sure they used to be on a second line in the header but there’s only one line now. If the price is not on the end of the first line or mentioned in the body of the post I’ve no idea what the asking price is.
  10. How long the bass is from the bridge to the nut. https://www.studybass.com/gear/bass-guitar-buying-guide/bass-scale-length/
  11. I have the fretless version of this bass which I bought because I wanted a cheapish fretless to mess around on. It’s well made and because it’s active with two pickups there are lots of tonal possibilities. It’s better than a lower-end squier I would say and should be a perfectly good instrument to get started on. The neck is quite narrow which makes it easy to get around. However this feels totally different to a Fender which is more old-school in feel. It’s horses for courses though and I’m not familiar with the bass you’ve been practicing with so it’s probably best to get your hands on one first to see how it compares to what you’re used to.
  12. Just replaced a tortoiseshell pick guard with a black one 😉
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