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  1. Looks like this thread was started by originator: - A bit spammy I think. Nothing like engaging with the forum beforehand eh?
  2. So, I’m sat in the pub having a pint and a bite to eat whilst reading this and there’s a bloke at bar talking about Benny Hill. Weird eh? 😂
  3. AFAIK they didn’t actually remove any bass amps/cab sims but they did away with the dedicated bass mode which had preconfigured bass settings. They did this in favour of having 7 program presets available for both guitar or bass to use however you choose with the various amps cabs and effects available. The downside of this is that the new default program settings were guitar focussed and not that great IMHO. However, with a little experimentation you can create program settings suitable for bass. EDIT: It looks like there is now a Mighty Plug Pro available. Not sure what that adds to the existing unit.
  4. I wonder if these issues are caused by the mixing console being optimally positioned in both distance from the stage and the height so that it sounds spot on there, but as soon as you move off-axis the effect of the crowd and room change the balance of frequencies? I'm reminded of a situation in a small room where just a couple of feet lower that than the optimal position produced a significant uplift in low-mid/bass frequencies. You would think that the FOH team would have someone checking different positions in the audience to provide feedback to the main desk, although I guess that might be easier said than done in a densely packed venue.
  5. I was at a local garden centre yesterday and they had ‘Get a Grip on Yourself’ by the Stranglers blasting out which amused me but this sounds much cooler. 😎
  6. How about Alesis V25 or V49? They have full size velocity sensitive keys. However, they have a usb midi connection rather than the traditional din connector.
  7. @Linus27 are you still looking for an unlined fretless jazz?
  8. Looks like a neck through. The bottom edge looks like it would be really uncomfortable to play sitting down.
  9. I tried to fit a Fender licenced replacement neck (which came from and had fitted a US precision) to a squier affinity body. The neck pocket on the body was a couple of mm narrower than the neck so not all “Fender” parts are the same spec. I figured this might have a deliberate move to discourage people from fitting Fender branded necks to Squiers and passing them off as fenders.
  10. Just bought a lovely black/maple US Precision from Brian. Excellent comms and Brian got it shipped to me safely and really quickly. Brian was a pleasure to deal with. Many thanks.
  11. I’ve bought briansbrew’s black/maple precision as I’m a sucker for that combination and for that price I couldn’t resist. 🙂
  12. I didn’t openly declare any intention to be GAS free at the start of the year but I’d privately told myself I mustn’t spend any more money on gear. Unfortunately I’ve failed and a new (to me) bass will be winging its way to me shortly. So, the only saving grace is that I’ll have to invoke the one-in, one-out rule to maintain the status quo.
  13. I’m very tempted but have a potentially dumb question. Being on the other side of the imaginary Irish Sea border, does it have any tax implications for delivery to England?
  14. I would recommend getting a simple multimeter as they’re useful for checking/trouble-shooting a few things. They’re available from places like Screwfix and Halfords etc for less than a tenner.
  15. Mr Stone has probably belatedly worked out that a popular Christmas hit is a good recurring boost to a pension income and is desperately trying to increase the popularity of his own creation. I notice the YouTube video now has 2m views and will no doubt increase from that as a result of this story. Seems like a dangerous strategy to me though to sue Mariah Cary on such a tenuous link. If he looses the costs bill will likely bankrupt him!
  16. I found myself wondering how complicated it must have been managing the foldback mixes for the various artists and support musicians.
  17. I thought the lighting and graphics were excellent and suited the immense platform of the event. I think if you were halfway down The Mall that’s all you would see.
  18. Steely Dan Are you reelin' in the years? Stowin' away the time Are you gatherin' up the cheese? Have you had enough of mine
  19. Bee Gees, How Deep is Your Love - You come to me on a submarine.
  20. It sounds like you’re more or less sorted but I was going to suggest the Nu-X mighty plug as a low cost, small and light device to practice with. The accompanying app for your phone/iPad streams any backing track via Bluetooth and it also has drum loops and effects built in. If you’re now looking for drum loops to play along with, take a look at the SBL Groove Trainer. It’s a free app with loads of great sounding drum loops, a metronome and tuner. https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/sbl-groove-trainer/id1571452765
  21. “Pre Fader Listen” (or “Pre Fader Level”)
  22. Are you wanting to record the bass along with the backing track or just play along with the backing track for practice purposes?
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