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  1. I was wondering how you were getting on, both bass and injury-wise. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and hopefully warmer weather won’t be too far away. I seem recall a few years ago we had a cracking week one March where the temperature was pushing mid-twenties celsius. It would be nice to repeat that. Wishful thinking I know, but I like to live in hope. 😊
  2. Notwithstanding that we maybe talking about trademark infringement rather than copyright, isn’t this analogous to YouTube dealing with copyright claims? People regularly post content who’s IP is owned by others. The owner can notify YT and they oblige by taking the content down but if there is no challenge then it stays up. I think, In the case of BC, if there was a clear notice setting out the basis on which Rick adverts can be posted (i.e. genuine items only) and someone then posts an ad in contravention of those terms then BC could not be seen to be soliciting such content. It would be incumbent on the Rick people to serve a cease and desist notice and as long as BC reacts to such requests then I can’t imagine any court awarding punitive damages. Companies regularly serve cease and desist notices and might only take action if the notice is not acted upon. This would put the onus on the Rick people to police this rather than the mods of the forum. N.B. This is in no way an informed legal view, just what seems sensible to me.
  3. Don’t forget the earthquakes.
  4. I have a Nu-X Mighty Plug which has amp sims and effects and allows a device like an iPad or phone to connect via Bluetooth to stream music to play along to. It also has built in drum loops and a metronome. https://smile.amazon.co.uk/NUX-MP2-Might-Plug-simulation/dp/B084JB519R/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?crid=3SQTP6200GS5O&keywords=nux+mighty+plug&qid=1642512957&sprefix=nux+mihht%2Caps%2C1001&sr=8-1 I can’t comment on the best headphones to use but I don’t think Bluetooth headphones would work very well as there would be latency between your playing and what you’re hearing. With a device like the Nu-x which plugs directly into the bass it’s only a short headphone lead anyway so it’s not really a problem.
  5. The bass has now been relished with a £50 higher starting price! Cloud-cuckoo land.
  6. Looks like it could have started life as a Squier Tele but it’s heavily modified. Two of the pictures are actually a p-bass, perhaps the back of the dodgy one?
  7. Make sure the seller isn’t charging local VAT in their price to you otherwise you’ll end up paying VAT twice. If it’s for export they should supply ex-VAT. As far as I’m aware the courier will act as an agent for HMRC and you’ll pay them. In other words, they won’t deliver the item until you’ve paid them for all import duties, VAT, oh and probably their admin fee for processing all of that!
  8. I came across this guy a couple of weeks ago listening to the Pat Metheny track Minuano. I found his incessant analysis a bit annoying though, but I guess that’s his USP. He was listening to it with a friend of his and she was just really enjoying the music and getting off on it. Listening to this track is more of an acquired taste but on some other, more mellow stuff he’s done he made me laugh when he pulled out either a bong or a pipe and smoked some weed. 😂
  9. If anyone goes to have a look at the album cover to remind themselves of what the fuss is all about, could they also be charged with making a copy of an abusive image? Quite ridiculous but one to avoid I should think!
  10. The right-angle jack plug is described as “offering a smooth form fitting profile”. It looks like this might be somewhat proprietary and I wonder whether other right-angled jacks would fit properly. The cable could become a single point of failure and replacing it could be problematic. I’m not entirely convinced about this particular bit of the design as it doesn’t seem like they’ve thought through all of the use cases. Time will tell I guess.
  11. Was just looking at this in the email they sent out. I’m just wondering how this will work with systems like the Waza Air and Nu-X Mighty Plug. Presumably they’d have to plug in to socket #2? Feels like it would be ungainly?
  12. I’ve been using Transcribe by Seventh String Software. However, I just had a look at Anytune Pro and Transcribe doesn’t seem to offer anything additional.
  13. Version 2 has side mounted jacks.
  14. Could it be unlocked but just that the sliding bit is stiff or seized?
  15. I got mine from G4M. Ordered at 1pm and it arrived before 9am the next day. Great service and a good price too.
  16. The TC Unitune is very effective and, at around £20, very good value.
  17. Assuming you already have other basses and that you can get the new one into the house unseen, then I’m a big fan of the hidden in plain sight trick (think of the scene in ET where he’s hiding in the closet amongst all the kids other toys when the mum looks in 😉). If an extra bass appearing is too obvious then use the ‘Colditz ghost prisoner’ technique where an existing bass is hidden away, say in a previously empty case (this works best if it’s the same colour). Then look for an opportunity to introduce the extra bass, for example when the wife has bought something extravagant. My wife’s penchant for expensive handbags provides me with good opportunities for this. When she says “what have you been buying now”, I just say “a new handbag dear”. Checkmate. 😂
  18. Note to self: must listen to some Yes stuff in that case. 🤔
  19. I went through this with some Jazz Bass knobs and got it wrong, twice! The first thing to establish is what are the pots you’ve had fitted. More specifically, the diameter of the shaft and are they solid or split shaft. If split shaft, how many splines? If you count the splines on each side you should add 1 per side to account for the spline which would have been where the gap is. Once you know the spec, it should be easier to find the right knobs.
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