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    New Old Bass Day and a very early 50th Birthday present (which I still firmly believe is a typographical error). This is a '73 model, like me, which came from the good folk of BassBros. Overall, it's in pretty good condition (unlike me) and I think the only non-original part is the volume pot, but I'm not overly fussed by that. The frets are quite worn, but I've not noticed a significant problem with it in the very short space of time I've spent with it so far. Worryingly, it looks as though inheritance claims have already been made, so if I'm found suffocated at some point, there may be a clue as to the culprit...
  2. I once made the mistake of getting into an online "discussion" with someone who was a true believer in the benefits of using a ridiculously expensive USB cable. An utterly pointless exercise, at one point they argued that because the digital signal was electrically based, in a "type of waveform" (their words) the quality of cable made a discernible difference to the sound quality... 🤦‍♂️
  3. Fools and their money and all that good stuff. I feel it's especially important to get the very best quality, so I'll be ordering one of these: https://www.mcru.co.uk/product/cad-usb-cable-ii/ I think I'll use it for my printer.
  4. It sounds like he doesn't understand the function of the QC and modelling in general. Best just to take a breath, chalk it up to experience and run the on-stage amp as loud as is physically possible.
  5. As much as I don't really like to criticise the sound operators, this one sounds like they don't really know what they're doing. A pair of xlr's into the desk sounds ideal to me.
  6. Possibly, but it would depend on how well I knew the person who wanted to borrow it. For instance, I've lent my 5 string to our drummer for some recording he did and the guitarist/singer has my Vintage (brand) precision on long loan as he's been asked to do some bass lessons at the school he teaches in. I also have a Sue Ryder precision that I've lent out in the past. I'd lend some people my Warwick, but only if I knew them, but in the OP's situation, it's doubtful I'd lend it, but I'd offer one of the others.
  7. I'm the world's greatest bass player. Not only is this an unpopular opinion (certainly in my band), it's also verifiably not true.
  8. I've heard people say they've had mixed results trying it, so haven't bothered too much with looking into it. I've gone down the route of using 2 tablets, one for the main mix, the other for sends. If I ever do miss the physical surface too much, I'll take along the QU24, although it's definitely not as easy a load to shift.
  9. I'll see if our lot are up for it. Any particular style of music?
  10. The X-Touch is a really good add-on for the X-Air, I wish Allen & Heath would do a similar thing for the QU-SB.
  11. I'd choose whichever bass I found the most comfortable to play. If you're playing live, the audience aren't going to be listening for the exact same sound as heard on the original records.
  12. Played The Half-Moon in Putney last night. Great venue, although there wasn't much of an audience, which we put down to a choice of: It was a Thursday night It was well outside of our local area People don't like us Aside from that, it was a really enjoyable evening, challenging as the drummist wasn't there, but good nonetheless.
  13. You could split the DI out. I use a behringer 8 channel splitter, but there may ne single splitter units available. The line out should work as well. I think with the mei1000 you can adjust the L/R volume levels at the transmitter. I did an ampless gig last night using the same KZ/Behringer combo as you and overall it worked pretty well, but I would have preferred control over my mix, as there were a couple of moments when I struggled to pick out what I needed.
  14. I completely agree with you. I've been lucky enough to do some decent sized festivals with the band I do tech stuff for. There's no way I would go to one now as a punter, I'm too old to be queueing for communal toilets! 🤣
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