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  1. Cool! No, we were only booked for North, bloomin' drummer only works Saturday and Sunday morning, so it was a bit far for us to go for that one.
  2. We were supposed to play there on Sunday, but one of the band caught covid last week. They're starting to get better, but no smell or taste and a head full of wool, despite being double-vaxx'd Looks like a great crowd and you had good weather for it!
  3. We've had to pull our gig at CarFest North tomorrow, as one of the (double jabbed) band members has caught it. I think there will be a lot of last minute substitutes over the coming months.
  4. If you have the serial number, you can contact Ernie Ball and they'll tell you what bass it belongs to (if it's one of theirs)
  5. We've got an outdoor gig on Saturday at a local cafe, which should be interesting... After that, we've got a slot at Carfest North on July 25th.
  6. It did indeed go ahead. The audience were seated in marked areas on the field and were relatively well behaved (given the audience age and the fact that it was a folky festival, the mosh pit was relatively under utilised). Hopefully, there won't be much of a peak due to this one, fingers crossed. On another note, Kendal calling has announced their cancellation today ☹
  7. Our Saturday spot is still going ahead. https://www.beardyfolkfestival.co.uk/
  8. I didn't check for the specific IEM's you mentioned, but this thread is a wealth of information for all things IEM related.
  9. However, those figures don't relate to musical instrument sales, despite the best efforts of the Basschat massive. Thomann already ship into the US, so they'll know what is worth their time and effort. With the ongoing struggles for the likes of Guitar Centre, they may be biding their time. Given that they've not set up anything with the UK yet, it looks like it might not be worth it for them. It's also causing problems the other way, as the recent posts from Andertons show. Pure speculation though.
  10. I would think they'd be looking at setting up US trades before the UK, as we're pretty insignificant in comparison.
  11. Solid core is more suited to a fixed installation, where it's not subjected to constant flexing. Your house is probably wired with it.
  12. I'm using these... https://www.russandrews.com/select-ks6068-speaker-cable-with-wbt0610ag-bananas-33739993131/
  13. From a personal experience, yes. If you're running just vocals through them, they should be more than adequate. If using the whole band, you'd need to pair them with subs (or a single sub). To make sure you're not trying to do too much with them. RCF is great, but more expensive and Wharfedale is good as well, although I don't have any experience with their active range. If you're looking at analogue mixers, they're available for pennies (slight exaggeration) but if you're buying with a view to expansion, make sure there are enough groups, or aux sends to handle the entire band if you want to go the way of IEM's or individual monitor mixes.
  14. Helpfully, I managed to share this after another broadcast!! There is a YouTube channel, which repeats the previous week's show, here:
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