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  1. Big shout to @Quatschmacher who was kind enough to offer a live tutorial on the C4 software and shared some invaluable tips on using it last night. Thanks a lot, much appreciated!
  2. Guys! You are forgetting Peter Hook and the Light! Come on..
  3. I’d be worried about keeping those nails nicely trimmed...
  4. Nice setup! How are you finding the AFX station? Have been considering one...
  5. Would be great to hear what you make of the Elektron samples
  6. Thanks for sharing, will look out for it!
  7. Ohh... don’t really need one but it matches perfectly my Warwick Streamer stage II...
  8. Great revival! I’ve been wondering about the dwarf...
  9. Chickened out... went for £400ish
  10. Thanks for tips, checking them out
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