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  1. Interesting! how did you turn image into WAV?
  2. I was half joking. Mastering is a dark art, good luck
  3. Or get a mastering engineer who knows what they are doing! Just saying…
  4. GLWTS these basses are incredible, I have the fretted version and it is super playable versatile and superb quality
  5. Welcome to the chat! what sort of music do you play? what gear do you use?
  6. I have some much admiration for people who build their own instruments! Nice work
  7. I’ve had one bass (Warwick Streamer II) for almost 30 years - I did get a couple of basses shortly after joining basschat - but was not playing them and moved them on. I understand people who collect basses but I don’t really see the point… I can get lots of sounds out of my one bass and really used to it - find it challenging to play any other… Don’t really gig much these days but if I did perhaps I would consider a spare but…
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