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  1. Still interested based in London…
  2. Liked the ray but they’re all good, is all about the playing (which is excellent btw)
  3. carlitos71


    Hola Adam! welcome and mind the GAS… this place is dangerous for that!
  4. Thanks for sharing! they have a couple of more Albion cabinets at good prices: https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/brands/albion wonder if anybody here has any experience with Albion…
  5. Weird! They usually come in pairs…
  6. Nice board! Have you posted it on the ‘show us your pedalboard’ thread? Interested to know how you patch it and use loops…
  7. Just ordered a set, great stuff! when is the all valve 400w bass head under £200 with matching lightweight cabinet basschat rig coming out?
  8. Could be Interested but based in London…
  9. Ok thanks, Seems like to key is to be logged in as It doesn’t show when not… cheers!
  10. I think this is cover in other topics, surely @Quatschmacher is the man to answer ✊
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