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  1. However, those figures don't relate to musical instrument sales, despite the best efforts of the Basschat massive. Thomann already ship into the US, so they'll know what is worth their time and effort. With the ongoing struggles for the likes of Guitar Centre, they may be biding their time. Given that they've not set up anything with the UK yet, it looks like it might not be worth it for them. It's also causing problems the other way, as the recent posts from Andertons show. Pure speculation though.
  2. I would think they'd be looking at setting up US trades before the UK, as we're pretty insignificant in comparison.
  3. Solid core is more suited to a fixed installation, where it's not subjected to constant flexing. Your house is probably wired with it.
  4. I'm using these... https://www.russandrews.com/select-ks6068-speaker-cable-with-wbt0610ag-bananas-33739993131/
  5. From a personal experience, yes. If you're running just vocals through them, they should be more than adequate. If using the whole band, you'd need to pair them with subs (or a single sub). To make sure you're not trying to do too much with them. RCF is great, but more expensive and Wharfedale is good as well, although I don't have any experience with their active range. If you're looking at analogue mixers, they're available for pennies (slight exaggeration) but if you're buying with a view to expansion, make sure there are enough groups, or aux sends to handle the entire band if you want to go the way of IEM's or individual monitor mixes.
  6. Helpfully, I managed to share this after another broadcast!! There is a YouTube channel, which repeats the previous week's show, here:
  7. If people do the Sky tv thing, there's a series on Sunday afternoon which goes under the heading of "All about the music". One of the programmes included is "Live from the Edge", which is a series of streamed gigs recorded at the Edge recording studio in Cheshire. It was put together by a group of touring tech's, who've obviously been out of work for a year as a way to showcase new and unsigned bands. I'm declaring an interest in this, as our band has recorded a session there, which hasn't gone out yet, but will be at some point in the future.
  8. I cut my teeth mixing sound for musical theatre with a few amateur companies. 2 1/2 days of get-in, room balancing, pit setup, tech rehearsal, band calls, dress rehearsal and the rest. Almost invariably you'd get the comments from some audience members that it was a lot of equipment to use just for playing back a recording. It was quite a compliment, although they didn't realise it at the time... How we woud laugh when the actors decided to miss a few pages of dialogue and totally mess with the cue list!! As for what I do when I'm playing, I have enough to worry about making sure I'm playing the right song, never mind obsessing about whether or not the audience appreciate the nuances of my slap-dash tonal choices. By the time it's mixed with the other 6 people in the band, all the audience will ever hear is dum, dum duh dum anyway.
  9. There is in the UK as well: https://www.sentencingcouncil.org.uk/offences/magistrates-court/item/going-equipped-for-theft-or-burglary/
  10. The text is virtually identical to the original ebay listing, so that's been copied and pasted. Ebay listing at the top, Facebook at the bottom
  11. Yep, I went across to the US with a group of people sometime around 1996 I think. One guy was heavily into photography and bought a huge amount of camera gear. He reckoned that the money he saved from buying just one lens was enough to fund the trip and the rest of his purchases!
  12. A quick glance at wikipedia shows: "Nothing compares to you" - Skinhead O'Connor "Killer" - Adam Ski and Seal "World in motion" - New Order "Ice Ice under pressure Baby" - Vanilla Ice Cream Amongst others. It also brought us those modern day classics "Hangin' Tough" by the New Kids on the Block and "Turtle Power" by Jumping on the bandwagon/Partners in Kryme
  13. You might need a fretless 5 string... 😈
  14. The seller seems to have vanished and there's no sign of the bass in ebay's completed item search. Hope you get it sorted.
  15. It's very good that you're being this considerate. However, when you discover that your new neighbours are nocturnal and bagpipe enthusiasts, you'll probably wonder why you went to so much effort.
  16. I like it for mixing, but I'm less keen for tracking. They usually have a couple of offers a year where you can pick up mixbus for £19 and the 32c version for around £89. It does help if you've got a fairly large monitor to use with it, as others have said.
  17. There have already been criticisms on their Facebook page, despite them fairly clearly pointing out there wasn't anything they could do.
  18. I had notification from UPS that a parcel of Playmobil (not for me this time) was delayed and would be delivered tomorrow. It arrived today, although the tracking system was showing it as still held up at Standford... My fretless has just shipped from Thomman, so that's going to be another adventure.
  19. This was £132 on the 29th November 2020. I have no idea what the final price is going to end up being.
  20. Sounds like he's just down the road from me.
  21. Musicman pretty much only build to order (or at least that used to be the case), so if a store hasn't got one on order with them, there's going to be a fair wait.
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