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  1. It's very good that you're being this considerate. However, when you discover that your new neighbours are nocturnal and bagpipe enthusiasts, you'll probably wonder why you went to so much effort.
  2. I like it for mixing, but I'm less keen for tracking. They usually have a couple of offers a year where you can pick up mixbus for £19 and the 32c version for around £89. It does help if you've got a fairly large monitor to use with it, as others have said.
  3. There have already been criticisms on their Facebook page, despite them fairly clearly pointing out there wasn't anything they could do.
  4. I had notification from UPS that a parcel of Playmobil (not for me this time) was delayed and would be delivered tomorrow. It arrived today, although the tracking system was showing it as still held up at Standford... My fretless has just shipped from Thomman, so that's going to be another adventure.
  5. This was £132 on the 29th November 2020. I have no idea what the final price is going to end up being.
  6. Sounds like he's just down the road from me.
  7. Musicman pretty much only build to order (or at least that used to be the case), so if a store hasn't got one on order with them, there's going to be a fair wait.
  8. Yes that's the part I play in our band.
  9. I'll give it a shot. When my November order finally gets here, that should keep me ticking over.
  10. Yep, perfectly happy with that thanks. Even if it is just "assembled" the people doing the assembly are in jobs, paying taxes and supporting their families.
  11. I try to buy British wherever possible. I completely agree with your comments about the attitudes shown by a lot of the people on those groups. There is one account on twitter who seem to think that wanting to buy British also equates to hating "them foreigners in the EU" and wanting to be fed Katie Hopkins style right-wing tripe.
  12. I missed out on a bargain sansamp from some bloke called Mick on Facebook.
  13. I think it's a supply chain thing. If memory serves, there's a Fender (UK) setup, which handles importation, distribution, repairs and the like.
  14. I know that they (MusicMan) don't allow their US dealers to sell new instruments out of country, which makes me wonder if they'll now enforce the same policies between the UK and the EU.
  15. I wonder if we're going to see MusicMan being another brand that Thomann won't be able to sell to the UK?
  16. We've got a few in at the moment, the first being 23rd May, so it's a case of hoping for the best.
  17. Definitely my best purchase of 2020, lockdown and youtube inspired. Hopefully one day I'll be able to upgrade to the masterbuilt version...
  18. I ordered a 3/4 scale guitar from Thomann on 08/12. It sat with DHL for a week, before it was returned to Thomann, for whatever reason. They re-sent it via UPS 17/12 and it arrived 19/12, so they are trying to get stuff shipped. I think some of the couriers fly freight in, as opposed to driving it over.
  19. There's Pete Cornish as well: http://www.petecornish.co.uk/index2.html Far from cheap, but built like tanks.
  20. It's back at Thomann apparently 😔
  21. I've ordered a 3/4 electric, for the youngest child from there. It was due to be delivered by DHL, the tracking showed it as leaving the shipper on Friday, to one hub in Germany on Saturday, then on to another hub today and it's now showing as being returned to the sender...
  22. We had a studio session yesterday, recording for a stream to go out in the New Year, which is the closest thing we've got to a gig. I thought I'd bring out the big rig for it...
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