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  1. If you all wear gym gear, you'll be fine...
  2. Put one in the last place you'd look, that way you'll be sure to find it.
  3. The flu and covid figures are still recorded separately, it's the report itself which is combined.
  4. I think what everyone's forgetting, is that Roger Daltrey said it would be ok, so there's nothing to worry about...
  5. I've found the biggest problem (for me at least) is that it wants to do things in its own way, rather than the way I've done in the past. If the op hasn't used any workstation before though, I'm not sure it would be any harder to learn than any other system.
  6. Yet another Reaper vote here. Our slide guitar player was a bbc sound engineer and he rates it highly, after having used it at work.
  7. I tech'd at a socially distanced drive-in movie support gig on Friday and Saturday. The audience were all in their own cars and there was minimal PA support. Very strange experience, but great to be out again.
  8. Have you looked at an irig? I've not used the guitar version, but the irig-pre works great with my android galaxy.
  9. I'm pretty certain it's under enhanced rules, but it looks like venues can be open. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/blackburn-with-darwen-oldham-pendle-local-restrictions
  10. I'm actually not sure about this now. It looks as though the maximum group size is limited, but not the total number of people in an area.
  11. Looks as though gigs are off again. BBC News - Coronavirus: Social gatherings above six banned in England from 14 September https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-54081131 😔
  12. We're tentatively exploring a 3 night mini-festival at the theatre. So far, our pre-requisites are: "So, dates: Wed Oct 28 Fri Oct 30 Sun Nov 01 Audience max 30, with 4 max in a bubble. Signage to say masks to be worn in auditorium and spacing to be adhered to. Drinks to be pre-ordered either via text or something. Contactless payment for drinks FOH/BOH to be separated as much as possible. Toilets 1 in, 1 out 4,000,000 litres of disinfectant. " We're acting as the host, so the online/remote ticketing is going to be arranged by the organiser. Fingers crossed...
  13. When setting up, we used to use "The Race" by Yello, mainly because it was included on the Alan Parsnip soundcheck test cd. We'd run through the frequency sweeps before hand and try to balance out any dominant frequencies. (It's a pretty antisocial thing to do and a lot easier if the place is empty) After we'd done that, we'd then play anything we knew well.
  14. It will also completely change the atmosphere for the performances, which could make it a relatively joyless experience.
  15. I forgot to say why I was out. I don't think I can claim it as studio gear, but I have played it every day since it arrived.
  16. Yes, I would for the short-term. We don't rely on income from the band to live, although 2 members are music teachers so they have seen a slight drop. Some venues are in real trouble and if we don't do what we can to save them, it's highly possible they'll never re-open. As for people like sound engineers, lighting, bar staff, security etc. I don't object to them getting paid, as it's likely they will have been hit more than I have - especially the self-employed ones, which the live entertainment industry has a lot of.
  17. I know what you mean. I opened the fridge earlier and he was in there, telling me all about this great new course...
  18. He's a good friend of Sterling Ball, but doesn't have a financial interest in the company, aside from whatever agreement is in place for his signature model.
  19. Oh no, hang on a minute, that was an episode of Columbo 🤣
  20. I think I forgot to say why I was out. I blame subliminal YouTube marketing.
  21. Willie Nelson has been pretty faithful to Trigger over the years. There's a YouTube video of a guy "repairing" bits of it, which apparently happens quite a lot. Johnny Cash also had a guitar that he was so attached to, he didn't want to take it in the light aircraft that he crashed in order to kill his wife.
  22. "We don't need no education" I think you'll find that some understanding of a double-negative would be quite useful, unless of course you are calling for education.
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