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  1. A good night at the Slaughtered Lamb. It was our first trip to London town, so a small, but select number in the crowd, nine of who threw things at us, so a bit of a win.
  2. The QU is a great desk and one of the easiest to transition to after a lifetime on analogue. In no time at all, you'll love it. At a guess, I'd say that you zeroe'd the gain whilst using the ipad/tablet control. It's stupidly easy to do if you keep your finger on the wrong thing for too long.
  3. The 3/4 sized Yamaha classical is very good and costs around £100. I bought one for my (then) 6 year old daughter. It was a little bit of a stretch for her, but not too oversized and she soon grew into even, so much so that she regularly plays the full sized classical we have at home. If your son is having lessons through one of the school schemes, they may be able to hire you an instrument for a few terms, to give you an idea of what "feels" right. From what I've seen of my daughter's practice, the initial stages are more based around scales, arpeggios and melody based pieces, rather than full on chords, so the flat fingerboard may not be that much of an issue. "The guitarists way" is a good introductory book and came recommended to me by the singist/guitarist in the band I'm in, who's also a full-time guitar teacher (although not my daughters, I wouldn't want to inflict that pain on him!!)
  4. It's just a personal thing. I needed to buy a p-bass style instrument for my current gig and chose to get a vintage 'relic' finish p-bass, as I thought it suited the vibe of the band better than a new finish. If I get another, I'd probably look at a 'relic' from Jon Shuker. My main bass is a 5 string MusicMan Bongo, which sounds great, but doesn't fit the image.
  5. I have an Alto TS212s, bought just before the 3 series came out at a price that made it too good to miss. It's good for our requirements and I'm sure the 3 series is even better, especially when paired up with some Alto tops. However, as you already have the RCF 310 tops, I'd really try to get the RCF sub. I used the 702 and 710 combination for a gig and they were very good.
  6. Late to the party, but played on Saturday night with the originals band. Went really well as far as I can tell. Main singist was a bit unhappy with his voice, but it was a supportive home crowd who didn't mind/notice. Next up is a trip to London village on Nov 17th.
  7. I'd really be thinking about saving up a little more and going for the xr18. I know you don't have a high channel count (at the moment) but the xr18 has more functionality and will give you more usable outputs for monitoring.
  8. Next/first gig is today - Wigan Diggers festival...
  9. oooh, there's a controversial statement!
  10. I use a pair of TS312's as FOH and occasionally monitors, dependent on the situation. They work pretty well for the money and if you can stretch to a sub as well, it's better. A DJ friend of mine has a pair of TS315's and he loves those, so if you can get the chance, try a side-by-side of them to see what's better for. For all-round, it may be that the 15" gives you the ideal solution. Having said that though, what is it you don't like about the Barefaced kit? I'd have thought it might be better to stick with what you already have, rather than taking the hit on them.
  11. CPC/Farnell are usually pretty good for these: http://cpc.farnell.com/pro-power/ppw00024/lead-dc-power-2-1mm-plug-to-plug/dp/PW03423
  12. I'm just about to pull the trigger on a VT1 EQ DI (via ebay, sorry about that, but I've got some vouchers to use). The headphone out and line in are definite plus points for me, with the psu being less of an issue. I quite like the existing colour/paint schemes, but I can see why some people may be put off. Having said that, Pete Cornish only ever seems to bother with stickers on a basic enclosure.
  13. The correct number to own can be expressed as n[sub]T[/sub] + 1, where n[sub]T[/sub] = number owned at sample time T. Therefore, if I own two bass' today, the number I should own would be three. However, having purchased this bass today, the correct number to own would become 3 +1. Too many would be represented as n[sub]T[/sub] + 2. In my particular case, the number of guitars owned is inversely proportional to the level of musical ability I possess.
  14. jimmyb625

    MM Reflex

    If you think that's complex, the 'GameChanger' has just been released.
  15. jimmyb625

    MM Reflex

    [quote name='Grand Wazoo' timestamp='1334770137' post='1621014'] I have owned a MM 25th Anniversary 5 strings model HSS which is what the Reflex was renamed to after the 25th anni period ended. What it is, it's a very nice bass, heavy, but with loads of sonic variants, you can have active / passive / series / parallel and a wide number of pickup combinations because every single pickup has an on off button. The neck is not different from a stingray 5 and it has 22 frets not 24. The wood for the body is ash with a centre mahogany tone block that runs from the pickup cavities to the neck joint. Things I disliked about that bass was the string retainer on the headstock which made string changes a real pain in the rs and the weight of it. Things I liked were the smaller body with no top horn looks like a single cut eddie [email="[email protected]"][email protected][/email] type of body the lack of a top horn made it real comfortable but it need to be at least 2lb lighter as it is a ship anchor. Personally I preferred the Big Al which was a lot lighter, and with a very nice and resonant mahogany body. [/quote] I completely agree about the string retainer, to me it just looks really badly executed and a last minute 'add-on'. Do you remember the prototypes they were showing? None of them featured the retainer and the headstock looked so much cleaner. I've never seen one in the flesh, is the body smaller than the Bongo? I know on the guitar version, it was slightly up-scaled from the Axis, which put me off a little, as I'm a midget, so the smaller body suited me more. I think I prefer the Big Al as well.
  16. You could also try CPC/Farnell, or RS components (but they'll probably be expensive compared to others)
  17. Great post! Some really valid points there, especially about learning on the old plywood acoustics. Those were the days!
  18. I wouldn't have thought you'd need to bond this, as like you say, it's in an ABS rack. Probably the only thing to check is that you've got an earth connection via the plug in the usual way.
  19. [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1319229945' post='1411717'] Really? IME Mine don't go any more out of tune than my wooden-necked basses. [/quote] Fair enough.
  20. [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1319223010' post='1411606'] Wimp! Nothing wrong with the weight or balance any of my Kramer aluminium necked guitars AFAIAC. [/quote] Yup! I also found that it had more noticeable tuning stability issues following temperature changes.
  21. Have you noticed all of these guys are playing it sat down? I had one of the old Kramer Aluminium neck guitars, you needed a transit van full of rsj's to support it if you were ever foolish enough to try and play it standing!
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    Not strictly... They make a whole range of gear, the pedals are only a (relatively) new addition to the range. Over the years they have made their name by providing lower cost items for use in many musical situations (quite a lot of PA based gear etc etc). Their pedal range does bear a certain "similarity" to other pedals on the market, not just Boss.
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