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  1. I've had great service from vibe-o-tronic as well, but as always, your mileage may vary...
  2. [quote name='Toasted' post='255373' date='Aug 5 2008, 01:41 PM']BYOC is a good place to start.[/quote] +1 I've just got the phaser to add to my guitar pedalboard. Really clear instruction and it will give you a good grounding of how these things go together.
  3. jimmyb625

    gig contract?

    A verbal agreement will still form a contract. At it's most basic, a contract is defined as a service or product given in return for a benefit. It could be argued that the benefit received by the band could be publicity, or free drinks etc, but there is still an implied benefit. Likewise, there is an implied benefit for the pub or club, whereby they can receive a financial benefit from increased bar takings. So, you could [i]probably[/i] win a case if it came to that, although you'd have to be prepared to fight for it.
  4. Musicman Bongo 5 HS for me. It's my only bass (at the moment) but I have one or two guitars as well. Oh well, no-one's perfect
  5. I think you could be right Hamster! Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas
  6. Afternoon all!! Newbie to bass here, but I've been playing guitars long enough to be better than I actually am. Just recently got a Bongo 5 HSP as a 'late' Christmas present, so now I need to set about learning how to play I've been browsing through the threads on amps as well, as I need to get something sorted, although at the moment, I'm going through my HiWatt. Any suggestions? I've heard that MarkBass goes well with the Musicman stuff.
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