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  1. A few points to think about from my experience. Where and how are you going to store it and consequently transport it? This may affect your purchasing decisions if space is tight in a vehicle or house/flat. If you’re working to a budget don’t forget to factor in mics, stands, cables, power extensions etc. The bill can get big very quickly. Who’s going to run the PA when it’s in use? I think, in a rock/pop setting, getting a good sound out of a PA is as much a skill as playing one of the instruments. Someone has to be interested, learn how to do it (if they don’t know already) and take control of the mixer. There are lots of good bargains around in used gear. Good luck!
  2. I had a very similar experience with Robert Cray at the Leicester de Montfort about seven years ago. Lounge-suited blues lite. It was a big disappointment as I’d seen him on what might have been his first UK tour in 1985 and then he and the band were really cookin’.
  3. I find the trickiest situation is when I dep or play with an established band and they play a song I know well ‘differently’, maybe to my ears wrongly. I’ve learned over the years to be diplomatic, say nothing and learn their version. That way I get called back.
  4. Sounds great. I’ve only been to Hastings once. The old town and beach is brill’.
  5. Good to hear from you. Wishing you all the best for the next few weeks.
  6. I’m just enjoying a coffee after putting the folding chairs out in the sunshine. My daughters will be around for a garden picnic later. I wish everyone the Easter family joy I’m going to have today. 🌞😘
  7. I think the venue and type of music you play will be factors. For example, playing blues in a real ale pub would tend to suggest middle-aged to older males.
  8. Really? Charlie Drake, ‘my boomerang won’t come back’ and ‘please Mr Custer, I don’t want to go’ among other great hits. I loved him, but for some reason he always made my little brother cry.
  9. This is why I like listening to the radio. I get to hear things I’d never know about otherwise. In these days of cookies stored on our devices and playlists it’s difficult to ‘listen without prejudice’. Like Owen in the OP I was snooty about music as a youngster. Now I’m old I’ve come to the belief that there’s no good music or bad music. There’s just music we like and music we don’t like.
  10. That’s one of my favourite albums. Miles’ playing is relaxed and majestic. It perhaps indicates how much extra pressure there was for him normally as band leader.
  11. Good choice, I’ve got that one. I can recommend one of his lesser-known albums, Jack Johnson, as well worth a go. In many ways it’s a ‘guitar’ album as Miles gave a lot of leeway to John McLaughlin.
  12. I’ll come along and bring my Swift Lite bass, made by our own @Andyjr1515, plus my Harley Benton short-scale P bass.
  13. “Yeah, but they do on the live version on YouTube “...... And so it goes on.....🙄😂
  14. If you need a hand with anything let me know. I’m just up the road from you.
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