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  1. Yes thanks, all good. It was good to meet yet another sound member of the great low-end community. My satnav sent me through parts of Sutton Coldfield and by Sutton Park. Wow, it looks like there’s some serious money around there!
  2. When a bit of cash in my wallet from a few recent pub and party gigs meets a very tempting listing on a local Facebook page this is what happens. A Mexican made Mustang, a very subtle sonic blue. Plus an alternative pickguard. Even the cat looks smitten 🤩
  3. I think you’ve dodged a bullet there. I spent a few years in that type of band. A lot of the modern worship songs are musically dire. If you have no underpinning religious faith I think it would have been excruciating. All my just personal opinion, of course.
  4. To be fair, a lot of the fellas I see playing in pub bands have a similar physique!
  5. Great pictures. I like your dapper style too. No [email protected] hat. 👍
  6. Getting ‘out there’ and networking has always worked for me. Open mics, jam nights, gigs. Chatting to people and letting it be known I’m looking for a band. The longest-lasting band I’ve been in started when I approached a solo singer-guitarist at an open mic and asked him if he’d ever thought about playing with a bassist. The caveats to this method are I’m not too picky about which genres I’ll try and also I live in an urban area with lots of live music opportunities close by.
  7. Average of £250 for a covers band pub gig here in the East Midlands. 2x45 minutes, band supplies PA and lighting. We’ve been getting that post-lockdown, things seem to have settled back to as they were.
  8. There is a well-tested solution to a similar problem. It may not be the practical choice for you, though.
  9. I can only speak from my recent experience in the north midlands. My covers band have been doing pub and party gigs in the last month or so and generally, people are behaving as if nothing ever happened. Across all age groups and specially where alcohol is consumed. We’ve got a pub gig tomorrow night and a good friend of mine wants to come. She’s got an underlying health condition and is consequently cautious so I’ve had to tell her that no one is likely to wear a mask or observe social distancing. I know she’d hate that, so I’ve been in the sad position of advising a fan not to come to one of our gigs. I can only stress that is my local experience of pub gigs - but if it’s anything like this in your area you’ll have to be pretty risk-tolerant to either play at, or attend, pub gigs at the moment.
  10. My Squier Tele Bass and Barefaced BigOne. ‘I couldn’t hear the bass’, said no one, ever. 🙂
  11. According to the Uncut October edition it is Dave Greenfield as the album was mostly recorded before he died.
  12. I will follow this one with interest. I have a full drum kit, minus snare drum, I would like to donate to a charity of this kind.
  13. We did a birthday party this afternoon in the large garden of a farmhouse by the side of the river Amber in Derbyshire. Lots of dancing in the marquee and excellent food supplied by an outside caterer. For extra fun we invited the daughter and grandchildren of the host up on the stage to join us for the last song. It’s the sort of touch that gets you an extra tip on top of the agreed fee. 😉
  14. So far, so good Tim. The covers band, who are getting the gigs have an age spread of 18 to 65. The oldies are double-jabbed and the youngsters want the money!
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