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  1. Hi Kev, we didn’t get the gig until Wednesday as the band booked for the night had to drop out. The place is called The Latch Lifter, an old chapel turned into a pub. You’d like it and a it’s a good venue to play. Our next booking is 21st September. I’m glad you’ve started back on the trail. Hope your planned trip to Greece happens too!
  2. Played at a busy pub in Ilkeston on Friday. Zero mask-wearing among staff and customers but luckily I got to stand right by the side of an open doorway. The crowd were definitely up for it and we got the welcome group of well-dressed, well-oiled women on a night out to lead the dancing. It looks like @oldslapper and I had the same weapon of choice!
  3. It doesn’t fit very well with the mythology, but Phil Lynott was born in West Bromwich and didn’t move to Dublin until he was 8.
  4. I hear you brother. I’ve come to the conclusion that often I have no real control over my sound. So I concentrate on note choice, locking with the drummer, groove, all the things I can control. Like a lot of us I’ve paid big money to see and hear players who are considered masters and their sound has been totally y-fronts. So I’m not going to lose any more hair fretting about it.
  5. It’s a tough one Stew, but eventually I came to trust the feedback from “knowledgeable” people out front rather than my own opinion. Who do you want to please? Yourself or the audience ? Ideally both, I’d say, but if there’s a choice which one will lead to more bookings?
  6. In my experience there’s a bit of the opposite also being true. My family were classic, white working class and they were very supportive of any musical aspirations I had, seeing it as a legitimate way to make a life and living. In the mid-seventies I was lucky enough to get a full grant and university place at York. When I started to try and find people to play with and bands to join I was struck by what appeared a class divide. The kids from the posher backgrounds (loads at York at the time) seemed to have been actively discouraged from getting into music. My perception was that it was seen a frivolous activity that just got in the way of a ‘proper’ career path. Me, I was quite happy to be the oik playing the pubs of Tang Hall for a share of the £30 for the band.
  7. A wife and a mistress. But which will be which? 🤪
  8. All the very best Blue. I’ve missed your regular posts and look forward to hearing again about the USA music ‘front line’.
  9. Nice choices Lozz. I’ve got a Precision Deluxe I bought new in 2003 and I’m interested to know what choices you’ll be making when deciding which one to play. Back on topic, I bought a Harley Benton short-scale P bass. It seems to cut the mustard at the rehearsals we’ve had so I’m looking forward to taking it out for a gig.
  10. Good to hear from you Blue. We’re starting to open up again over here for both rehearsals and gigging but it’s baby steps. I think most of us are mentally prepared for it all to get locked-down again if the situation demands it. Welcome back
  11. Don’t get hung-up about age. In my covers band, three of us are in our sixties, one in his early thirties and one (female drummer) is eighteen. As far as I can remember the only people to have mentioned it is us, when we make jokes on stage. To be honest, musicians who make a thing about age are not likely to be people I’d want to spend time with.
  12. I think you’re taking a wise course. My take is that I’d rather play music I’m not a fan of rather than not play at all. Not least because when you’re out there being seen and heard it’s surprising what doors can open. I was playing year before last in a indie-style originals band when, after a set at a small festival, I got the offer of bass duties in a rockabilly band! Sadly, I was too busy to accept.
  13. My tip would be to go along to pub open nights and talk to people. Over the years I’ve met loads of musical collaborators that way and I’m still doing so in my 60’s. As a caveat, I live in quite a densely-populated area and have lots of choices of small towns and villages with active music scenes. It may be sparser for you.
  14. Nice one Stew. Do you now add GAS Engineer to your cv?
  15. I use a PJ Bass Cub combo for practise and small gigs. Quality gear, in my opinion.
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