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  1. This thread is a really useful discussion of a specific subject that is critically important for our ‘business’. Please, let’s not get it locked by the mods because of it descending into another bun-fight.
  2. Another very satisfied HB shorty P owner here.
  3. It just goes with the territory. It suits me, I’m not good-looking and I enjoy being anonymous. I don’t think even top-class bass players are generally recognised by the listening and watching audience. If they are, it’s because of their status as singer or front-person. Like Macca, Sting etc. I’m a firm believer in the wisdom of Martin Ace, long-time bass player for Welsh rock band Man. “If you’re bothered about being overlooked, ignored or misunderstood you’ve probably chosen the wrong instrument.” Look at it this way. If the audience don’t notice we’re on the stage surely they can’t put any mistakes down to us. 😂
  4. Only one thing so far, a book. It’s had some very good reviews.
  5. Ooooh, good call. I’ve seen them about a dozen times over the last thirty years and i don’t think I’ve seen the same line-up twice. The current bass player, Dave Sturt, is a member on here but I’ve not seen a post from him for a while.
  6. Well, here’s some drumming. Rejoice by Tony Allen and Hugh Masekela. Afro beat Jazz.
  7. I second this as a choice. I was very impressed with mine. Don’t be mislead by the low price (£79 + postage (before Jan 2021 though)). If you’re anywhere near Derby you’re very welcome to come and take a go on mine.
  8. I love it when a story ends well, both the move and the new bass. Don’t we need a few more!? Thanks for the photo as requested. Ironically, we had sunshine too - only it was -1 degree with a hard frost. Enjoy the Hofner and France.
  9. I’ve used one for the last couple of years. I don’t use any pedals so it makes set up and managing floor space a lot simpler. I do like to take it off once I’ve tuned up because I think they look a bit ugly. But, sometimes I forget, and d’yer know what? No one, in the band or audience, has noticed or said a word. And the gig fee had been exactly as expected. What Philistines.🤣
  10. Given your budget I recommend scanning the Basschat amps for sale section. Also Facebook groups which can have some real bargains. My ideal top-tip is the Roland bass micro cube. Tuner, effects and rhythm/drum patterns included. However the cheapest price I can see new is £210.
  11. Glad the move went to plan. For your NBD post could we please have some sunny and cheerful French scenes in the background? It’s a bit grim over here 🤣
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