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  1. As usual Andy, a work of beauty. To my eyes the back of the guitar is more attractive than the front. If the owner feels the same way, and wants to show it off, there may have to be a dynamic variation of the ZZ Top 'flip your guitar' routine. πŸ˜³πŸ˜€
  2. I bought a Boss BR-80 micro recorder that I found totally exasperating. My dumbo brain found it far too fiddly. I've since then made myself a little rule - beware something that has a user manual bigger than the item itself. I gave the thing away to a young chap who'd got the patience but no money to buy one himself and got a Zoom H2 to replace it. Much better.
  3. A birthday party gig with the acoustic blues trio. The client had seen us by chance at a gig we played earlier in the summer and he came up to us afterwards and booked us. The location was his big house high above Matlock with stunning views of the surrounding hills. It was a bit breezy but he was very accommodating and gave us a a big conservatory to play in. We went down very well, had full run of the food and drink (hog-roast) plus at the end of the night the biggest payout we've had so far this year. The load-in wasn't great because of some steps and a steep driveway but you can't have everything.
  4. You're very welcome to come and have a go on my EUB. You haven't said where your're from. Surely nowhere is that embarrassing? I'm prepared to admit I live in Derby πŸ˜€
  5. As far as I know, their paths never crossed, but I'd love to hear an album with Jaco in a Miles Davis band.
  6. Too true Dave, and for guys (and gals) in their 60s and upwards they probably started even earlier than 18 years of age. It's similar to an ex-pro footballer who lives near me. He left school at 15 to play professionally and when he retired at 35 he had no other skills and blew his modest savings on a newsagents. He now lives off state pension in spite of winning medals with Derby County. I could never begrudge old stars trying to make a living especially when you consider some of the people who've made a killing in the music business.
  7. For me it was the first Back Door album with Colin Hodgkinson thrapping his Precision. I was a student at York at the time and had the good fortune to see them play live at the Lion Inn , Blakey Ridge up on the moors. They were almost a house band.
  8. I've always been impressed by the Japanese Fenders. A bit of tlc (re-string the g and a new volume knob for starters) and I reckon you'll have a very nice bass.
  9. Cheers Andy, very generous in your praise. I wonder if you, or any other builders, rethink your builds after hearing them in action.
  10. I am the the very proud owner of a bass made by @Andyjr1515. Because he's a close neighbour of mine he has the opportunity to see me play it live. This has made me wonder, what goes through your mind - you builders- when you see one of your creations used? Critical? Proud? Disappointed? I'm interested to hear.
  11. Yeah, why not? It does get a bit messy when there's alternative bands all claiming the 'legacy' with various ex-members. Maybe that's a new thread - amusing and sad at the same time.
  12. That looks great. Were you on a floating platform? I'm trying to imagine what happened when one of those big site-seeing vessels went past! πŸ„ 😳
  13. Thanks for pulling the thread back on-topic Tom! Saturday night I depped for a covers band in busy and appreciative pub in Belper, Derbyshire. Two X 1 hour sets of pop, soul and rock including a few Motown numbers. I played my Swift Lite (Andyjr1515 custom build) much to the delight of my shoulder. The on-stage sound was a dream. An excellent drummer (ex-cruise liners and show-pit player) and really good monitoring made it a joy. I had to work hard and up my game but a great gig and a nice payment at the end. The band have asked me help out again so a good result.
  14. Too modest Kev. You played a good, solid set. A very enjoyable afternoon.
  15. This is the way my band has gone. The floor space taken up by an electronic drum kit, compared to an acoustic one, is a big plus in a small room.
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