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  1. One of jobs is to hand-deliver approximately 1000 magazines to the same addresses each month. I have noticed a marked increase in new cars on drives, extensions being built, new bathrooms, new kitchens and general house and garden improvement projects. It’s a skip rat’s paradise! From talking to my neighbour, who’s had a hot tub and new decking put in, I think folk who have the cash (or credit) have spent their holiday and going-out money on other things.
  2. Presumably with Randall amps?
  3. I have successfully sold basses and other gear through Facebook. I’ve posted on the music/gear groups specific to my geographic area, that way I’ve been able to do face-to-face business. I’ve not dealt with one of ‘those’ basses though, no doubt the whole process could become more complicated!
  4. This is a very interesting thread. I’d heard of the concept of custom-build buyers remorse but not read specific descriptions of it. My custom-build from @Andyjr1515 worked for me because I wasn’t looking for an improved version of something that already existed. I wasn’t looking for, say, ‘a Fender Jazz but even better’. I wanted a specific, maybe unique, combination of features, light weight being the most important. I’m glad to say I was, and continue to be, fully satisfied.
  5. Thanks for posting that. I played the song live for the first time last year when I did a dep job for a covers band. I enjoyed it, and more importantly, so did the audience. Always enjoyed Stevie Winwood’s music. As well as the vocals and keyboards he’s no slouch on the guitar either.
  6. I think a lot of us share your pain @TRBboy. 😉
  7. ‘You’ll have to pay for your own drinks’.
  8. I’ll say, yes, at the age of 62 I’m open to new music. But, a lot of what I hear sounds like recycled ideas. However, is it really possible in the field of popular music to produce something new? There’s a comment from Steven Potter, the great playwright, which had always impressed me. I paraphrase, but his view was that a writer is like a farmer always ploughing and tending the same ground. He, or she, can repeat the same actions year after year, but the output is always unpredictable and unique.
  9. I reckon everyone who’s seen it would have it Stew! It’s a beauty.
  10. The bass is now with @andyonbass and nestled securely in his cab 😊
  11. This is pretty much what I use mine for. I have short scale Stagg acoustic bass and I find it perfect and hassle-free for learning new material or composing. For me, they’re well worth having even if they never leave the house.
  12. The current plan is that I will pass the bass over to @andyonbass tomorrow near Burton on Trent and he will be taking it down to Swindon. Many thanks to @T-Bay for his offer of a stop-over in Tamworth but the amended plan should move things along quicker.
  13. Yes, that’s fine. Shall I contact @andyonbass ?
  14. Ok, here’s the latest update. All being well, I shall be handing over the bass to @T-Bay on the outskirts of Tamworth on Wednesday morning.
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