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  1. I’ve just received a beautiful mandolin bought from Brian. It’s exactly as he described it and was very well packed for delivery. A fine Basschater who you can do business with in confidence.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Interesting. Conversely, I’ve felt that a couple of bands I’ve been in over the years have been spoiled by some members insisting on playing all the time on every song. Leading to a total loss of dynamics and an overall stodgy sound. There was one particular case of a second guitarist who scrubbed away on chords on all 6 strings all the time in every song. I had a discrete word with the band leader about how I thought we could be even better if we...(trying to be a diplomat). The answer I got was - you can’t expect people to pay all that money on gear, practice etc. and stand around not playing. 😳
  4. Was that the Bells of The Bells Catalogue fame? As a youngster up in the sticks me n’ my mates used to drool over that. I bought my first half-decent instrument from it mail-order. A Columbus Strat copy. About £30 in 1973 if I remember correctly.
  5. Ah yes, the Golden Days of wireless. It does something long-lasting to your head though. About a month ago, for no discernible reason, the song ‘My Bruvver’ by Terry Scott came into my head. Scary.
  6. Although I played the original to death when it came out I now much more prefer listening to Dub Side of the Moon by Easy Star All-Stars.
  7. Oh, there was plenty of drivel around then too, believe me. 😀
  8. He’d probably agree with your assessment of his voice! If you read his autobiography ‘Born to Run’ he’s pretty honest about his talents.
  9. Oh, do tell please! I’m thinking along the lines of ‘you were better when you played with Miles Davis.’ Or, ‘you’re a great guitarist but why don’t you just play a nice tune?’
  10. I’ve just videoed myself reading the next chapter of a Treasure Island. I’m doing it a chapter every couple of days. Then I’m going to upload it to the messaging system of the primary school I work at (Teaching Assistant). The kids love it and I get to really ham it up.
  11. That’s very nice, well done. Do you play in a Jefferson Airplane tribute band?
  12. I’d echo the wise comments from the guys above. If it was me I’d be taking a close look at the pubs and places they play already. So similar to Gary Mac. The load-in, load-out, travel, late night hassles are going to be there wherever you play.
  13. Having followed him for yonks I think he has an ultra-dry sense of humour which the average music journalist just doesn’t get and therefore thinks he’s aloof. I suspect he’s good company on the quiet.
  14. Yes, it’s a good show. The trouble is it clashes with the Craig Charles Funk and Soul show on R6Music which, for me, is the wireless highlight of the week.
  15. So true. I’m reminded of a very sour obituary of John Martin I read. “During a long career he only produced one album that can be regarded as a classic”.
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