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  1. Too modest Kev. You played a good, solid set. A very enjoyable afternoon.
  2. This is the way my band has gone. The floor space taken up by an electronic drum kit, compared to an acoustic one, is a big plus in a small room.
  3. I understand and generally agree Blue, but I think sometimes you have to do the bad gigs to get the good gigs. In other words, the band needs to be out there and seen regularly. It also keeps the band sharp.
  4. I've had some success using both JMB and facebook. But, in my experience nothing beats getting out into the real world: going to gigs, networking, taking to strangers even!
  5. I just need to switch amp. My regular gear is a Barefaced Midget T, Obbm cables and my custom bass made by @Andyjr1515. All let down by an admittedly very effective Markbass LmIII. @Happy Jack, the I'm backing Britain campaign had a theme tune minor hit sung by Bruce Forsyth. If you can't recall it - it sounded pretty much how you'd imagine. 😝
  6. Took a trip over to Tim on Friday and bought a lovely short-scale acoustic bass off him. Lovely fella who lives in a superb and under-rated part of England. My mission is to get Tim to the next Mids Bass Bash. Deal with confidence
  7. Very sensible, and this sounds like the way to go for you. Playing festivals and multi-band set-ups, which is what I'm doing mostly, I always take my own (lightweight) rig. Even though it stays in the boot most of the time. Experience has taught me that you can't rely on the PA or supplied back-line promised by the promoter.
  8. Anyone there this weekend? I'll be going for the first time on Saturday. I'm staying with friends who live near Cockermouth.
  9. It's a cajon Blue. Very popular this side of the pond. Our man has rigged up a foot pedal so it gives a decent kick-drum sound as well as the hand strikes.
  10. A very pleasant afternoon at the Derbyshire food and drink fair at Kedleston Hall. Full back-line and pa supplied and sound engineered by a competent crew. A well-oiled audience and we got paid too. My Swift Lite Bass made by our own @Andyjr1515 was almost the best looking thing on the stage.
  11. @KevB doing a McCartney on @grandad's Hofner.
  12. Well, another great Bass Bash. @jebroad and his amazing mum did us all proud with the venue. Lovely to catch up with old friends and make new ones too. Thank you @Andyjr1515 for your fascinating presentation - and the lift too! After enjoying playing @grandad's Mustang and Hofner Beatle bass I won a short-scale gigbag in the raffle. I think the Fates are telling me what my next purchase might be...
  13. I was in Monmouth for the weekend last month. I'd have come to see you (with three others) if you'd put a gig on. 😀 Although it was the Wales Grand Slam weekend to be fair, so as four Englishmen we might have been the only ones standing. As for me; next gig is the Derbyshire Food and Drink Festival at Kedleston Hall. May 18th. Not our usual type of event but the promoter contacted us and it's a paying gig. In real money too, not designer pork pies.
  14. I could have written exactly the same comment. The slim neck profile and light swamp ash body makes the deluxe the perfect precision for me.
  15. Welcome Chris. Yes, there are several manufacturers that offer small, light-weight cabinets that can handle 200w and more, and are loud and rich in sound. I use Barefaced but others are available. If you are anywhere near Derby you're very welcome to come and try. Alternatively, I'm sure there'll be a friendly Basschatter near you who'll do the same.
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