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  1. Hiya. in Derby we have Chris Bainbridge who is a renowned specialist in hand surgery and treating hand difficulties. Although he has no specific experience of musicians, to my knowledge, I have a friend in precision engineering (Rolls Royce) who had been able to continue in his career thanks to Dr Bainbridge. http://www.hand-surgery.co.uk
  2. That's a wise choice Blue. I find opportunities are much harder to find if you're not active and you're out of sight and mind. My take is that 'something' is always better than 'nothing'.
  3. Limited parking and not that easy to find. PM me if you want any mire info.
  4. I played with the blues trio last night in a small brewery in Burton on Trent. This was for a birthday party. The brewery has a dedicated stage area, decent PA and a competent sound engineer, plus a tap room/bar. The Tower Brewery. The man whose birthday it was said, "there's a tab at the bar for you lads, enjoy yourselves." A night to remember.
  5. It was seeing 'Bomber' Hodgkinson with Back Door in the seventies that made me decide to try and play the bass guitar (still trying!). I saw him with Back Door about 5 times but the best gig was when he did a tour with Alexis Korner. Just the two of them, playing blues and jazz and obviously having a great time doing it.
  6. I remember trying that out at a Bass Bash a couple of years ago. Afterwards I had to whip myself with my empty wallet until the GAS subsided
  7. I've got to agree with you Nathan. Your comment about the weight of your Aguilar is relevant though. I have gradually moved over to light weight gear. Not only because of my age and increasing feebleness but it seems to get harder and harder to get decent parking anywhere near urban venues.
  8. That's a shame Kev. But you could always turn up late with the silverware that your team has won, full of champagne. Maybe 😉
  9. Ah man, didn't know you were at The Smithfield. I'll have to catch you next time, The outside river terrace is a much nicer place to play. It gets busy in the summer too.
  10. I can recommend Newtone strings. They are a small, specialist British company, local to me. The MD, Neil Silverman is a bass player himself. I now don't buy any other strings. Contact them and talk about what you're looking for.
  11. Welcome to Basschat. Take a look at the Build Diaries section (under 'Gear'). Prepare to be amazed and inspired!
  12. Definitely try before you buy. I had a Mexican Fender Jazz V and it was seriously 'average'. Heavy too. I moved it on, and now very happy with a Yamaha TRB 5.
  13. Amicably, always - even if it means gritting your teeth and forcing a smile. If you burn bridges with people you burn networking opportunities. It's a small world in someways and I've had things passed on to me from former bandmates. I'm not sure that would've happened if we'd parted company in a sour manner.
  14. A nice end to the story. Or is it? Be prepared for negative comments from band members. When I whipped out my Countryman Uke bass the guitarist said "that looks a bit naff on stage". My reply was, "what, more than your fat belly, dad jeans and red trainers?". I'm not in that band anymore. 😉
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