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  1. Great post! Some really valid points there, especially about learning on the old plywood acoustics. Those were the days!
  2. I wouldn't have thought you'd need to bond this, as like you say, it's in an ABS rack. Probably the only thing to check is that you've got an earth connection via the plug in the usual way.
  3. [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1319229945' post='1411717'] Really? IME Mine don't go any more out of tune than my wooden-necked basses. [/quote] Fair enough.
  4. [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1319223010' post='1411606'] Wimp! Nothing wrong with the weight or balance any of my Kramer aluminium necked guitars AFAIAC. [/quote] Yup! I also found that it had more noticeable tuning stability issues following temperature changes.
  5. Have you noticed all of these guys are playing it sat down? I had one of the old Kramer Aluminium neck guitars, you needed a transit van full of rsj's to support it if you were ever foolish enough to try and play it standing!
  6. jimmyb625


    Not strictly... They make a whole range of gear, the pedals are only a (relatively) new addition to the range. Over the years they have made their name by providing lower cost items for use in many musical situations (quite a lot of PA based gear etc etc). Their pedal range does bear a certain "similarity" to other pedals on the market, not just Boss.
  7. It's not so much the change of mind, it's the complete "volte-face", where on one hand they describe it as: "an amazing instrument that is making a lot of competitors (both owners of other instruments and those who make them) green eyed and jealous" And then at a later date: "the rest is bloody boring and the pickup pan is really cack, no use at all" Fran, you don't like EBMM anymore, you make your feelings pretty obvious in every thread that ever comes up, but this isn't about you, this about Gareth trying a bass that he's said he's always liked the look of. I'm sure he's capable of making up his own mind about it.
  8. Oh come on Fran! [url="http://www.ernieball.com/forums/music-man-basses/45806-bongo-mr-sterling-ball.html#post755542"]http://www.ernieball.com/forums/music-man-basses/45806-bongo-mr-sterling-ball.html#post755542[/url]
  9. Check out from about 2.20 on here. Seems to have some pretty sweet sounds. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvSmcihNDHY[/media]
  10. So if the decorator had his radio on too loud for you, would you be ok asking him to turn it down?
  11. [quote name='Grand Wazoo' timestamp='1317982698' post='1396866'] No mate I didn't tell him to PM Sterling directly nor to make a fuss on the ebmm forum, I told him to pm Aziah and ask her to make him (big pooper) aware of the issue and that she and Sterling have to appreciate his action not to make a "furore" openly in the forum but to have a humble approach which shouldn't go unlistened and needs a prompt solution. [/quote] Ah, my mistake, read it wrong. I'm not sure that it's an EBMM problem though. From what Gareth has said and backed up by the serial number, the bass was made before he'd even ordered it, so unless there's some weird CERN type of faster than light communication going on, the bass hasn't been made to his order. Somewhere along the line it looks like a fast one is being pulled...
  12. You could also try to PM 'Ming' on the EBMM forum, he's taken over from Pete Lumney. As for Grand W's advice, personally I'd steer clear from sending PM's to Sterling, or starting any threads on the forum. You've been on there long enough to know why.
  13. [quote name='Shockwave' timestamp='1317912319' post='1396144'] I would seriously take this to the Ernie Ball forums... [/quote] That's like asking him to walk into a room full of hungry lions dressed in a suit made from meat....
  14. Why don't you try asking on the forum for a few more of the specs? They should have it in the database for colours and the like.
  15. Buying a mic should be no different to buying a bass, ie try it out with your voice. The SM58 is hugely popular, it has the classic look, quite a pronounced high frequency kick and the ability to double as a hammer whenever needed during set-ups. Other worthy contenders should include models from: Sennheiser AKG Rode Audio Technica Beyer As for stands, Studiospares usually have some good deals and are pretty good for the price.
  16. This: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBgMGuEf87Y[/media]
  17. Hi, I've taken the Ashdown combo from Craig. Great guy to deal with, really friendly and helpful.
  18. Sunday, had my best two gigs ever. Admittedly they were my only two gigs ever (on bass), but I didn't get stabbed and there were still people left in the room at the end, so result!
  19. As of yesterday morning, there were still 3 in my local SR store. Red, Dark blue and light blue, or whatever the proper names are.
  20. Is there a PMT up that way? They usually carry some EBMM, although it can vary. I think I saw one in the Manchester branch, if you wanted a train/tram ride out.
  21. [quote name='TomKent' post='1156120' date='Mar 10 2011, 01:23 AM']It's 300 output (valve tripling what it says) and I've never in any live function, session or even arena gig had to crank it above 7. I'll give the guitar sites a go, though, thanks. [/quote] eh? If it's a stock DR103, it's 100W rated output. They sound louder than equivalent rated solid state amps though. You might have some luck on [url="http://www.zychal.net/"]The David Gilmour Forum[/url]
  22. There was one in our local shop last Thursday, might have a wander down tomorrow..... This is what peer pressure is isn't it? I don't even need one!!
  23. Nice one Fran! I had one of those yesterday as well, Happy Days!! [quote name='Grand Wazoo' post='1128644' date='Feb 15 2011, 05:54 PM']There ain't no after tax! that's what I got for them taxing me too much over the financial year April 2010 to April 2011, that rebate it is 100% mine. I have a nice salary, but my job is one of huge responsibilty. The funny thing is I never noticed I was getting taxed so much, so the taxman must be onto a good scam. now that is a job i'd like in my next life. [/quote] Check your letter again though, mine was for tax year 2009-2010, so yours may be as well. I had a feeling something was due, as I'd been made redundant in 2009, but had forgotten about it. I'm pretty sure there'll be another on coming my way this time next year as well!!
  24. First Bass Owned: Bongo 5HSP 'Go To' Bass: Bongo 5HSP 'Your' Bass: Bongo 5 HSP
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