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  1. Are you saying I look like him? Not one I've had before to be honest.
  2. Here's one from our band Facebook page, I'm the beardy midget at the front.
  3. I'm a CE&I Engineer (Control, Electrical & Instrumentation).
  4. Were you playing at Bob's country bunker?
  5. Absolutely. Any artist that points out how they're going to be affected by this will be portrayed, by some, as liberal elites who don't respect democracy. At some point I'm sure they'll wheel out Roger Daltry to say it won't be a problem*. *For bands with a tour budget the size of his.
  6. I consider it a win if I can just get in the right key for the song!
  7. I thought about him, but I'm not sure he qualifies on either point. 😈
  8. The Shuker PJ recently listed in the for sale section is definitely trying my resolve. If I had money, I'd be in real trouble...
  9. Have you checked the pan of each channel? E.g. if the xlr's are going into channels 1&2 is channel 1 panned left and 2 panned right?
  10. He's probably wondering why his YouTube hit count has suddenly spiked...
  11. I'm a late addition, but I'll give it a go. This arrived on Friday, but was ordered in 2019 (just). Hopefully I'm elligible...
  12. When I'm playing with the band, I rarely take any money. Recording costs are high and I have a modestly good job, so I don't really need it.
  13. Our band very much has a leader, he writes all of the music (the drummer now provides the majority of the lyrics) and determines the musical direction. It works pretty well, all of our opinions are listened to when something comes up, but we all know that the final decision is his. I think we're all ok with it, although there are occassional spats beteeen him and the other singer, nothing major though. As for the o/p, that's a pants thing for the band to do, but as others have said, forget about them and move on. There will be better things on the horizon.
  14. Ok, so duplicating the existing output, as opposed to an individual mix? Is the XR12 compatible with the powerplay system?
  15. I thought the headphone output could only monitor a selected mix, such as L/R, or one of the bus channels? Are you running FOH sound as well, or are you splitting it for someone else to do? If you're splitting things, you've also got the main L/R that will be available. As far as wireless systems, I've recently tried an MEI 1000, which can take 2 individual channels into 1 transmitter. We have 2 receivers and they have a "focus" mode, which basically allows you to select almost all of one of the input channels (there is a little bit of the other channel still, so you need to spend a bit of time finding what works best).
  16. How can you ever try a bass in a music shop if you don't slap?? 🤣
  17. Last gig of the year for us in Northwich, playing at the Salty Dog. Really good, albeit somewhat small, crowd, who were very appreciative. They've asked us back and there is also talk of a couple of other gigs off the back of it. On a personal note, as my 4th outing with the band, I'm starting to get into the swing of it and enjoy myself. Previously I've been fairly nervous, leading to the inevitable few mistakes, whereas today I made the same mistakes with much more confidence!!
  18. You could do a sweep and analysis a couple of minutes prior to your set starting, but it is absolutely time that you could do without worrying about as a band. We're lucky in that we have people with the interest and skill/experience who will do that for us. Reading again what the OP said, all of this is just "icing" without adressing the main concerns. If there is a need for on-stage monitoring, you need to think of what you and the drummist want. If you have enough aux sends, then iem could be the way to go, with you di'd into the main system. You may find some use in having the kit (kick and overhead L/R) fed into the mix, if only to improve your iem mix. If you haven't got the luxury of individual mixes, then you may need to think of supplying enough backline to make you both happy.
  19. For the money, it would be much cheaper to get a reference mic and run some test tones through the system. Alan Parson's test cd has 20hz to 20 khz test tones, although there are more modern solutions available. *edit to add REW is the system we've used at our theatre. It takes a couple of seconds to run a frequency sweep, which then gives you a room/system response, together with some PEQ settings. We've also used it to EQ some on stage monitors, to remove dominant frequencies and identify which could be problematic with respect to feedback.
  20. It's better with something that has poor aerodynamic performance, to reduce the likelihood of significant damage to the violin player.
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