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  1. Jewellery certainly used to be siezed for examination and valuation, I would think it still is. Depending on what is brought in and by whom, customs will sieze and either destroy, or charge import duty.
  2. I think it's a good idea, however, as all of his emails seem to start off with "Hey Groove-hackers" I very rarely get to read the content.
  3. I don't think that's entirely the case.
  4. Maybe he does, but his criticism of Polly will guarantee that he'll never have any mention now on the official Pink Floyd sites.
  5. I fought the good fight for as long as I could, however there will be something winging its way to me shortly. Sorry for letting the side down, I will slink off shame-faced into the night...
  6. Not surprising unfortunately. They went through a restructure/change of ownership last year, which saw a number of stores (3 I think, including the original Warrington one) closing. It's a shame to see it happening.
  7. Our little theatre seats 100. If we had to go by the 2m social distancing requirements, I'd estimate we could have 10 in there. It wouldn't cover the production cost (licence is around £70 minimum per performance, although it varies greatly).
  8. I suppose it will come down to the financial viability of opening, whilst having a reduced occupancy.
  9. I think cinemas and theatres will be the last places to return to normality. I'm on the committee of a small, amateur theatre and we can't see any way of staging productions until this thing has gone. There is no viable way that we can have an audience and still maintain any form of distancing (unless we stream it). We're in a fortunate position in that we own the building and have some money in reserve and also that we don't have staff wages to pay, but I'd imagine that some smaller, pro venues will fall.
  10. Ha! Yep, I did exactly the same thing with my relic Vintage P Bass. It was quite a surprise at first to find that some of the "bare" wood was actually a colour. It's still a great bass for the money though.
  11. I *think* what may have happened is that the original price Thomann used (discussed on another thread where it was found that they'd now priced everything in £) was based on the exchange rate in Feb. This was approx €0.84 to £1. In mid-March, this went to €0.94 to £1and at the start of this week went to €0.88 to £1, so if they're calculating the prices manually, this would explain the difference. It's one of those times where the exchange rate is working against importing to the UK and I agree with your reasoning why.
  12. That's really good to know. Thanks.
  13. Hmmm, well the rockbass version was £899 on Monday and £915 on Tuesday...
  14. Does anyone have any experience with these? After watching his series of YouTube play-along's I've found myself quite tempted by one. So far, I can only find them on Thomann, who conveniently raised the price the other day.
  15. You're still running cables though, whether they're mains feeds plus signal, or speaker cables.
  16. I've been debating breaking my gear abstinence and was watching a bass on the site. Yesterday (27th April) it was £899, today (28th) it's £915. The exchange rate has actually improved in our favour over the last month, albeit only slightly, so I can only presume that the pricing is manual. I'd also make a guess that it isn't a fast-moving item, so I wouldn't think their cost price has changed. Oh well.
  17. I saw our B/L yesterday, from a distance of 2m. We've been offered a festival for mid-August, which we're going to accept, but in reality we're expecting that it'll be cancelled. We're not expecting to be gigging this year.
  18. There's one here, which is a big reduction on the original price: https://www.promenademusic.co.uk/Musicman-Cutlass-Bass-Diamond-Blue
  19. Wasn't that the Mason Williams follow-on track?
  20. It's also worth having a look at Vintage as another great value for money bass in your price range. There are also some good reviews for the Sire basses https://www.jhs.co.uk/brands/vintage/vintage-basses
  21. We discussed an online gig, but it sounded too difficult!
  22. I do the tech work for them, sub- mixing and monitoring. They're called UNE. Car-fest North was with the band I play in, Fine Lines.
  23. Glastonbury cancelled, Car-fest North and South combined into one festival at the end of August, which we probably won't get.
  24. Our IoM gig next week has been cancelled. I've also heard that they are imposing a 14 day quarantine for visitors from the mainland.
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